Pick 5: Can You Choose From These 15 Steamy Ladies?

It would be considered incredibly rare if you (or us) were to get lucky enough to land any of the steamy celebrities we have presented before you in the following pages. What we have compiled is 15 of the steamiest celebrities we could think of in the past decade, and created a game for you that best resembles a ‘would you rather’ format. It will be difficult (to say the least) to choose just 5 of these stunning beauties, but that's what we're asking you to do. Picking your favorite shouldn't be hard, picking second best may be a little more difficult, but you’d be hard pressed to narrow down to just 5 of these 15 gorgeous human beings.

From nostalgic beauties like Megan Fox, all-time greats like Scarlett Johansson, and curvaceous models like Kate Upton, challenges like these are bound to leave you scrambling and swapping choices without any resolution. Are you a blonde or brunette guy? Do you love foreign beauties like Mila Kunis? No matter what your criteria may be, we’re willing to bet that you cannot narrow down to just 5 without serious deliberation. Get out your pens and pads, take out you judging caps, grab some popcorn and get ready to (and try your best) pick only 5. No matter what 5 you choose you're going to be set in terms of bombshells of the greatest variety, all we ask is that you try not to get too frustrated when you have to inevitably eliminate some of your favorite beauties.


15 Scarlett Johansson

What would a collection of the 5 best steamy celebrities be without the household name of Scarlet Johansson? It’s hard to imagine what your top 5 would look like without her, but we’re pretty confident that you will choose her so we’re not that worried. Lately known for her dominating roles in Marvel’s: The Avengers, and her outstanding role in Ghost In The Shell, Scarlett Johansson has turned into the steamiest female protagonist we have seen since Angelina Jolene’s Lara Croft. 'Scarjo' has been one of the greatest pieces of ‘eye candy’ we have ever had the pleasure to stare at, so we have all the confidence in the world that she’s going to make your top 5; how could she be left out?

14 Megan Fox


During the height of the Transformers series Megan Fox was widely considered the steamiest girl alive, and for good reason. Perhaps the modern-day Megan Fox might not be the same as the nostalgic bombshell that she once was, but we’re willing to bet that if you had to choose just 5, Megan Fox has to be in the conversation. With her slender physique coupled with the most devious and seductive eyes in the game, she has to be a serious contender to make your list. As a celebrity that does the ‘lip bite’ better than anyone in the world, she has the ability to lure us in and keep us hanging on for more. In a world of instant gratification and ‘what have you done for me lately’ posted on everyone's forehead, it might be easy to forget about Megan, but when you think about it, she has to make it...right?

13 Jennifer Aniston

Old enough to be any of these young beauties' mother, Jennifer Aniston has had a career that goes unrivalled by any other male or female celebrity in the modern era. She has thrived for decades in succession, dominating popular culture for her incredible talent and her undeniable beauty. She has had her fair share of headlines, most notably her scandalous divorce with Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston has personified the saying “there’s no better revenge than success”. It’s hard to imagine the world without Jennifer Aniston, and while we’re on the topic, it’s impossible to imagine a top 5 you have chosen in which Jennifer Aniston has not made it somewhere near the top. In all honesty, you must admit to yourself that Jennifer Aniston is one of the most natural beauties that has graced us with her presence.

12 Kate Upton


If you have even considered a top 5 list that doesn't involve Kate Upton than we might just have to stop the entire illustration altogether right now. This Sports Illustrated superstar has been dominating the model platform for what seems like forever, and after just one viewing of her incredible spreads, we’re not sure anyone can honestly turn in a top 5 ballot that doesn't include this blonde bombshell. Kate Upton has remained relatively ‘low profile’ considering she is widely seen as one of the prettiest and most curvaceous human beings of all time. She has for a long time been dating MLB superstar Justin Verlander, but just for sake of argument, Kate Upton cannot possibly be left out of even such a slender and tight choosing of bombshells.

11 Selena Gomez

Most recently involved with the drama of the highest degree, Selena Gomez has been able to lure in the affection of Justin Bieber, so right away she has stolen the man that the entire world would kill her for. She must be pretty darn attractive to land what is widely consider the most ‘beautiful’ man on the planet, but since those ties have been cut, that leaves her wide open to take part in the crazy theoretical drama we have created for you. Selena Gomez embodies the perfect frame and persona that is precisely what the male dogma seeks to attain, and she has proven herself time and again in being incredibly sought after; even by the most domineering of celebrities. Whether you include Selena Gomez in your top 5 or not is on you, we now that she’s going to make our list, how about yours?

10 Sofia Vergara


Having dominated conversation for years about her incredible curves and her accent that is enough to cast a spell on the most cunning of males, Sofia Vergara is the real deal. How you can get away with squeezing her out of your top 5 is beyond us, and we might not take you seriously if you do, but that onus is on you we're afraid. Sofia Vergara has most recently catapulted her fame even more so with her humorous and devious character on ABC’s Modern Family series. Hailing from Colombia, Sofia Vergara has personified the foreign bombshell’s that immediately captivated us from the moment they entered center stage. Her incredible curvy physique, and set of twins that has started more conversations than the controversial presidential election we have just undergone leaves us in awe that her name could even be considered to be left out of your top 5.

9 Vanessa Hudgens

This beauty first burst onto the stage with the Disney hit High School Musical, has blossomed into one of the most drop dead gorgeous women in popular culture today. She has been a star that has stood out in a heap of glimmering jewelry, she has dominated red carpet events, used her incredible voice to leave us in ‘awe’, and a top 5 ballot that doesn’t include Vanessa Hudgens is incredibly suspect by our account. She is innocent, adorable, and is practically begging for your vote to land herself in your top 5. Most recently she has been spotted in a gorgeous dress during Fight Night in Las Vegas for Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather. She is the perfect candidate on this list to bring home to your mother, she’s sweet, gorgeous, and unbelievably talented.


8 Amber Heard


Haven't you heard? Amber Heard is the spitting image of the blonde bombshell who was cheer captain at your high school. Formerly married to superstar Johnny Depp, after a highly publicized divorce, she’s back on the market. Amber Heard is a young and talented actress with the ability to appear much older than she actually is, and just to spark a bit of provocative nature to the argument, she came out as bisexual at the 25th anniversary of the GLAAD event. This young actress has reportedly started dating Elon Musk, the mastermind, and entrepreneur responsible for bringing Tesla to the peak of success as of late. Amber Heard has definitely spent some time with some incredibly successful gentlemen, but to use that against her and exclude her from the top 5 is preposterous...or is it?

7 Kaley Cuoco

Kaley Cuoco is probably number 1 on your top 5, and she’s absolutely the ‘safest’ choice out of all our celebrities. She’s undeniably the steamiest and most impressive of the blondes that have joined out debate. She has been the topic of conversation ever since her emergence on The Big Bang Theory television set. She has been the center of quite a bit of controversy, but most importantly she has been in the center of all things gorgeous. If you are even for a second considering excluding Kaley from your top 5, then you better have a personal vendetta against her or she must have dumped you on the kindergarten monkey bars. If any of the former allegations aren't true, then there's absolutely no acceptable reason why she isn't number 1 on your list.

6 Mila Kunis


Russian bombshell Mila Kunis has turned heads for years, she possesses some of the most devious eyes in the game right now. When you first started choosing your top five bombshells you probably imagined where Mila Kunis would fit in, and with good reason, there’s not a complete ‘top 5’ without the Russian actress included somewhere. Her petite frame and domineering gaze is something that cannot be challenged or disputed when talking about some of the most beautiful women in the game right now. Mila Kunis possesses a fierce demeanor and persona that attracts us just about as much as her looks do. Even though she has been together with Ashton Kutcher for years, just for the sake of argument, we don't think you'll be able to exclude Mila Kunis from your top 5, and you better have a good reason if you do decide to move along without her.

5 Kylie Jenner

What would a debate and controversial topic be without one of the famed Kardashians? In all seriousness, Kylie Jenner is the cornerstone of any 5 beauties that you undoubtedly have chosen; any list without her is simply invalid. The youngest of the Kardashian Klan is likely the most beautiful, and possibly the curviest. Whether you agree with her personality, her divisive character that is run on fame and money, or just downright dislikes her older sister, Kim, in order for you to treat this contest with any seriousness; then including Kylie is a conversation that has to be had. Kylie Jenner is incredibly good at marketing as well, she has cultivated almost unthinkable amounts of money from her fashion brands and clothing lines. Including Kylie in your top 5 will certainly attach a fair amount of capital alongside it.

4 Margot Robbie


If you haven't seen The Wolf Of Wall Street, then why are you participating in this contest? You should be watching that movie with your undivided attention. Like most normal people, when you saw the movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio you paid little attention to him, more than likely you were absolutely star struck by the Australian beauty that is Margot Robbie. She plays the most devious and independent bombshell, and we can only hope that she is half that character that she so modestly plays on screen. Margot Robbie is absolutely an essential piece to any list of 5 that can be possibly imagined, she has the innocent look of ‘the girl next door’, while simultaneously playing a Duchess of sorts, ready to tackle the world with young Leo. Any list that doesn't include Margot Robbie is an incredibly suspect one.

3 Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes has long been considered the steamiest “exotic” chick in the movie industry. Whether or not you agree with that assessment, we think that you’d be hard pressed to dismiss her from your top 5. She is incredibly curvy, she has spunk and is quite often spontaneous, and she’s incredibly easy on the eyes. From her definitive roles in movies like Hitch and Place Beyond The Pines, Eva Mendes has the unique ability to play an incredibly formidable female role that is both innocent and fierce. We feel that any top 5 submissions of these beautiful women would simply not be complete without the insertion of the gorgeous Eva Mendes. We haven't seen a lot from Eva Mendes lately on the movie scene, but we’re willing to guess that we will be seeing her quite a bit after the submissions of your top 5.

2 Rosie Huntington-Whiteley


Ever since her incredible role alongside Shia LaBeouf in the dominant series The Transformers, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has emerged on the scene and kicked us all on our rear-ends. This Victoria’s Secret bombshell model is starting to gain some serious notoriety, and not just from our eager audience to stare her down. She also had appeared in blockbuster hits like Mad Max, and we’re only assuming that she’s going to be making an appearance on your top 5. In all honesty, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has to be included in your top 5, she’s young, steamy, curvy, and gorgeous, she checks all the boxes that are required in our estimation, but that’s up to you. If you’re able to negate a near perfect Victoria’s Secret model from your top 5, then you must have incredibly high standards, but then again so do we.

1 Katy Perry

What would any competition about choosing steamy young women to be without the insertion of the legend Katy Perry? She has consistently been involved in the topic and although she has caused some controversy as of late, we don't think this is enough to dismiss her in this competition. Katy Perry has held a spot in most of our hearts over the past decade, as a cornerstone in our childhood and all the way up until present day; and for good reason. Katy Perry has an incredible set of twins up top, and she possesses some of the most devious eyes in the game. Any serious and credible submissions of the 5 women that are the most ‘necessary’ to any gentleman (or women) has to include Katy Perry...right?


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