People Say These 10 Celebs Were Jerks In School (And 10 Sweethearts)

When we look at worldwide famous celebrities today, it's hard for us to imagine that they too were once completely normal, ordinary human beings that went to school, did their homework, got bullied and got into trouble.

Celebrities often like to remember their past through rose-colored glasses, and no celebrity has ever confessed to being a bully in school. Yet, if you look at certain Reddit threads or browse the internet, you’ll learn some interesting facts that are sure to shock you and perhaps even change your opinion about a certain celebrity.

Often, celebrities that seem sweet today were just straight up awful in school. With an ironic twist, these same celebrities even sometimes claim that they were the ones being bullied, rather than the other way around. But of course, there are some celebrities that we consider sweethearts, who have always been down to earth, friendly, with no one to say a bad word about them.

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20 Jerk – Ariana Grande Was A Bully

via twitter.com

The singer Ariana Grande may seem incredibly sweet and down-to-earth but according to her ex-classmates, she is anything but that. Even though Grande has claimed that she was bullied in school, her ex-classmates have declared that it was, in fact, Grande who bullied other kids.

One Redditor has said that they “currently go to the same school Ariana Grande graduated from. I know a lot of people who were in classes with her, and my sister was in the grade above her. One of my friends said she was a real obnoxious b****, and apparently bullied some other kid on the bus."

Another Redditor has confirmed the above statement, adding – “Going off what the friend said she would always pick on kids she thought were inferior to her and would always hang out with the snobby entitled rich girls. Apparently, she once managed to frame a kid for trying to beat up one of said entitled rich girls."

19 Sweetheart – Blake Lively Was Down To Earth

The stunning actress Blake Lively seems like a nice person so we’re not surprised to learn that she was also known among her classmates as a nice and down to earth girl.

One Reddit user who went to school with the actress has said that they “went to high school with Blake Lively. Had a few classes with her throughout 3 years. She was also my TA for one of them. She was pretty cool. I always ended up seated next to her so it became kind of a running joke through the years. She seemed down to earth and not stuck up. I dated one of her friends for a couple of months.”

18 Jerk - The Rock Was A Douche Because He Made It Big On The Football Team

via dailymail.co.uk

Have you ever seen a photo of Dwayne The Rock Johnson when he was a teen? If not, have a look at the photo above – in it, The Rock is sixteen years old. If you find that hard to believe, don’t worry – you’re not the only one. Apparently, The Rock looked really old for his age. He has said – “I attended multiple high schools in 4yrs. Hawaii, Nashville, and Pennsylvania. Everyone thought I was an undercover narc. True story.’

So was The Rock a jerk or a sweetheart at school? Well, according to one Redditor, while The Rock was a nice guy when he first transferred to Freedom High School in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, he eventually became “a huge douche to everyone because he made it big on our football team.”

17 Sweetheart – Ryan Gosling Was Sweet And Shy But A Bit Mean When He Was Younger

via imagemag.ru

Young Ryan Gosling was certainly not shy or quiet. If anything, he was rather devious. When he was six years old he apparently watched a First Blood video which inspired him so much that he brought a set of steak knives with him to school and began hurling them at his classmates during lunchtime. Of course, the principal suspended him immediately.

Later on, Gosling ended up being home-schooled for a year which kind of changed his personality. When he re-entered school he was shy and quiet – “My sister in law grew up and went to school with Ryan Gosling. She said he was very sweet and kind of shy. Everyone was apparently surprised when he got in The Mickey Mouse Club and was on TV.”

16 Jerk – Demi Lovato Was A Bully

via twitter.com

According to Reddit, the singer and actress Demi Lovato was an awful bully in school even though she has claimed that she was the target of bullies herself – “One day, this girl who was popular starting saying, ‘Demi should kill herself’ and it resulted in a suicide petition that got passed around and she had other classmates sign it.”

However, one Redditor has said – “She was always super popular and had a reputation for being a bully. Some girl was always crying over something she did.”

Another Redditor added – “I know someone who was horribly bullied by Demi Lovato in middle school for being a lesbian. It got around to her parents, who are super religious, and she got out into one of those conversion therapy camps for teenagers. She's still struggling with issues stemming from that and in therapy. F*** Demi."

15 Sweetheart – Ashton Kutcher Was Very Chill

via buzzfeed.com

Can you imagine the actor Ashton Kutcher being a jerk? Neither can we. That’s because being a jerk is not in his DNA. Kutcher has been a sweetheart ever since he was young and thankfully fame has not changed him.

Those who went to school with Kutcher remember him as a “super chill guy”. One Reddit user recalls – “My cousins lived near Ashton Kutcher and went to school with him for a bit. He also worked at a restaurant with my aunt. They all say he was a super chill guy and a sweetheart. My aunt has run into him a few times when he's been back home and he's always been really nice. So that's cool.”

Of course, no one was surprised to learn this. As one Reddit user put it – “Even his appearance just yells ''help old lady cross the street'' kind of person.”

14 Jerk – Adam Sandler Was A Smart Aleck

via Flickr.com

While the actor and comedian Adam Sandler was not exactly a jerk in school, his ex-classmates remember him as being an annoying wise-*ss, always making inappropriate comments.

One Redditor has said – “My older cousin was in the same class as Adam Sandler in high school, and also went on a blind date with Sarah Silverman. Nothing too revelatory here, but he says Sandler was pretty much like he acted later on in his movies. He was the kid in school who wasn't necessarily a jerk, but was kind of a wise-*ss."

13 Sweetheart – Emily Ratajkowski Was Very Down To Earth

via themustang.com

The stunning model and actress Emily Ratajkowski seems pretty down to earth which is quite a rare quality among world famous models. However, Ratajkowski’s past classmates have confirmed she has always been sensible and friendly.

One Redditor has said – “I was roommates with Emily Ratajkowski for a 5-week art program. It was in San Francisco, I was 17 and she was 16, we shared a bunk bed and dorm room. She was nice, a great artist, kind of valley girl-ish, but pretty down to earth actually, very pretty girl. She actually had kind of a tough time making friends within the program, like she wasn't interested in doing so. She had a skate rat boyfriend from back home that came to SF during the program, so she kind of just did her own thing with him all the time.”

12 Jerk – Chad Michael Murray Was Always Full Of Himself

via aol.com

Some people love the actor Chad Michael Murray, while others hate him. On the surface, he seems pretty down to earth if a little obnoxious. However, it seems that his ex-classmates certainly dislike him.

One Redditor has revealed that Murray was always full of himself, even in high school – “Chad Michael Murray went to my high school, he's always been a douche. He's always been full of himself and sees everyone else as below him. He assumes everyone loves him and wants to please him.”

Another Redditor has confirmed Murray’s obnoxiousness – “My cousin Amy used to model with him- that's how he started out- and he hit on her like crazy. Even after he got famous, he'd email her. He really thinks all the girls want him.”

11 Sweetheart – Taylor Lautner Was Super Chill But Became A Jerk After Graduation

The actor Taylor Lautner seems like a pretty down to earth guy, doesn’t he? While in high school that seemed to remain his reputation, after graduation, his personality shifted.

One Redditor has said – “Went to school with Taylor Lautner. Super chill guy I was actually surprised to see him get so famous.”

Another Redditor confirms the above statement but also adds the part where Lautner became a somewhat of a jerk after graduation – “Friend of mine also went to school with Taylor. Said he was fine, but cheated off her in math sometimes, but they would have friendly conversation and joke around also. But once graduation happened he was done with everyone and ignored them when they tried to say hi."

10 Jerk – Carmelo Anthony Was Extremely Arrogant And Knew He Was Special

via emaze.com

The professional basketball player for the Oklahoma City Thunder of the National Basketball Association (NBA), Carmelo Anthony, always knew he was special. As such, he was always quite arrogant, even in high school.

But unlike other celebrities who were considered jerks in high school, Anthony’s arrogance has been forgiven due to his talent. According to one Redditor, Anthony “was kind of a slacker/class clown type and definitely had an arrogance about him but not in a "that guy is a d*ck" way, more like he knew he was something special. And obviously, he was. Our basketball team as a whole was amazing to watch. They were SO good and had such an amazing rhythm as a team. But even with them being so good, Carmelo was clearly a stand out among all of them so it didn't surprise me in the slightest when I first heard he went pro.”

9 Sweetheart – Margot Robbie Was Pretty And Determined

via news.com

The stunning actress Margot Robbie was known for her good looks even in high school. But unlike most pretty girls, she never used her looks and position in school to bully others.

One Redditor has said – “Apparently she was known for being pretty - and somewhat popular but not one of the super popular people that everyone went crazy for during school productions.”

Also, you know the story Robbie has spread about how she used to wear Harry Potter glasses to look like him? Apparently, that’s not true, or at least isn’t true according to Reddit – “There are these backstory rumors that say she was so into Harry Potter she wore glasses to look like him, but both my partner and sister are like, 'No that's bulls*it.' So I think she has these origin stories that are trying to make her seem more relatable to nerdier/geekier fans of hers, but it's all just promo stuff to make her seem more relatable.”

8 Jerk – Tom Cruise Was A Liar

The actor Tom Cruise seems like a nice guy even if he does hold some weird beliefs. However, according to Reddit, Cruise was actually very weird in school and lied all the time.

One Redditor has said – “My sister's best friend's mom went to high school with Tom Cruise in NJ. She said he was dirt poor, weird and lied a lot. In her words, "short little chubby thing would follow me around" she said his teeth were all fu**ed up and when he said he was taking acting classes everyone thought he was bullshitting because he lied all the time.”

Another Redditor aptly added – “Pro tip: liars make good actors.”

7 Sweetheart – Ian Somerhalder Was Really Chill

via pinterest

The actor Ian Somerhalder, best known for playing Damon Salvatore in the TV series The Vampire Diaries, may be a jerk on screen but he is certainly no jerk in real life. In fact, Somerhalder’s ex-classmates remember the actor as a very chill person who avoided being the center of attention.

One Redditor has said – “Went to the same high school as Ian Somerhalder. Everyone said he was really chill and no one believed him when he said he had a modeling contract. It was more so the fact that it was a pretty small town and you didn't hear of a lot of people getting modeling contracts. He was also a good student and didn't bring attention to himself.”

6 Jerk – Chris Colfer Bullied Other Kids In School

via youtube.com

The actor Chris Colfer, best known for his role as Kurt Hummel on Glee, seems like the sweetest person ever, doesn’t he? And since sweet people are often the target of bullies, none of us found it surprising when Colfer revealed that he was bullied in school.

However, according to Reddit, Colfer himself was not a very nice person in school and could be a bully himself – “I went to high school with Chris Colfer. That kid on Glee. He was a jerk to me during classes and he claims to have had a terrible high school experience because he got bullied or something. F**k that guy.”

5 Sweetheart –Chris Pratt Was A Super Nice Guy

via The Inquisitr

The actor Chris Pratt, probably to this day best known for his role as Andy Dwyer in the TV show Parks and Recreation, seems like a real sweetheart. So it comes as no surprise that Pratt was just as sweet in high school as he is now.

One Redditor has said – “Chris Pratt. Super nice guy. If memory serves me right, he was on the football team and in drama club.”

Another Redditor added – “He got along with everyone; nerds, jocks freaks, etc. He was super popular AND nice. A rarity at that school. It was a fu**ing suburban hell hole. Along with Chris, I went to school with 4 murderers.”

4 Jerk – Taylor Swift Was A Huge Bully

via mtv.com

Taylor Swift claims that she was never popular in school and that no one really liked her. However, according to Reddit, the reason no one liked Swift was very simple: she was just not a nice person.

One Redditor has said – “Taylor Swift went to middle school with one of my best friends. Apparently, she was actually a huge bully who played up the whole "rich girl" persona. She also locked my friend in a locker. He's the nicest guy and I have no reason to think he'd make this up. To this day he will never listen to or buy one of her songs because he says she's a liar and bully who only got famous because of her rich father. Part of the reason she moved was because "no one liked her" but no one liked her because she was just apparently an a**hole.”

3 Sweetheart – Natalie Portman Was Already Well-Known For Her Acting But Didn't Have A Big Ego

The actress Natalie Portman made it big when she was still in school. However, despite her success, she remained as down to earth as she had always been, much to the delight of her classmates.

One Redditor has said – “I went to high school with Natalie Portman. I was a sophomore and she was a senior when she made her breakthrough in The Phantom Menace. I never talked to her or anything, but my friend's older brother kinda knew her (took a few classes together). He said she was always pretty cool and never had a big ego. She also signed his yearbook, which he sold on eBay for a couple grand a few years after graduating.”

2 Jerk – Justin Bieber Was Always Arrogant

Many fans have been disgusted by Justin Bieber’s recent behavior. And you can see why – while at the beginning of his singing career he seemed extremely lovable, with time he turned into a huge jerk who has complete disregard and lack of respect for his fans. Some say that fame and money have spoiled Bieber and turned him into the person he is today. However, Redditors claim that he has always been a jerk.

For example, one Reddit user has said – “Justin Bieber was always an a**hole. Money didn't spoil him. I saw glimmers of hope from time to time, but I think it was just having sketchy Stratford parents (despite how the media paints his mom) that screwed him. He didn't have many friends, he was a bully, and teachers hated him. I should clarify I went to school with him from grade 6 to 8 given after that he dropped out and really became big.”

1 Sweetheart – Karlie Kloss Was Down To Earth And Kept Her School And Modeling Lives Separate

The stunning model Karlie Kloss is another one of those models who is extremely nice and has always been so. According to Reddit, even though she was already modeling while in school, she managed to keep her modeling life and her school life separate.

In addition, she was very down to earth, despite gaining fame at such a young age – “Karlie Kloss was a year under me in high school. I didn't really know her well but one of my best friends was really close with her. She kept her normal life and her model life pretty separate and was always super sweet and down to earth. I coached her younger twin sisters in softball and their parents were really good about supporting all their kids equally even though Karlie was clearly the one going places. Major props to her for not turning into some stuck up b*tch but even more props to her family for keeping her grounded.”

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