Pastor Daddy May Not Approve: Where These 15 Characters Of 7th Heaven Are Now

Some of the cast turned out perfectly normal, but some Pastor Eric would definitely not approve of.

One of the most wholesome shows of the 90's and early 2000's was 7th Heaven. Every family watched it together, learning about the dangers of drugs, alcohol, and sleeping around. Everyone had a favorite Camden kid, and everyone had some that annoyed them. Many of us, as wholesome as the show was, actually had crushes on some of the siblings. For those of you who don't know, 7th Heaven was a show about a reverend, his wife, and seven children. They went through all sorts of struggles together, but in the end, they were family. This was one of the few shows acceptable for Christian children to watch. It had references to many things that were "not okay," but it always put them in a negative light and helped viewers to learn how to conquer these things, rather than revel in them.

But what if I told you that more than a few of those very wholesome goody-two shoes were not exactly so wholesome anymore? What if the wildest ones were the calmest these days, and the best of the best were wilder than Britney Spears in 2004? So, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but the truth is, not everything is as it seems. Some of the cast turned out just normal, or even more normal than normal can be: Christians, down-to-earth, with perfect families of their own. But others? Well, let’s just say that Eric Camden, the minister father, would not be pleased in the least if he could see them now. So let’s take a look at exactly what these fifteen characters from 7th Heaven are now.

15 Mary – Jessica Biel


Mary Camden-Rivera was the eldest daughter of the Camden family. She was one of the main characters for the first six seasons of 7th Heaven. She was a pro basketball player and dreamt of being in the WNBA. She was the sporty tomboy that so many viewers had a crush on, and she was just 14 when the series began. And why wouldn’t they? She was played by Jessica Biel!

Well, Carlos Rivera would not approve of Jessica Biel now, nor would Pastor Eric. Just this year, she started a show called The Sinner, which follows a young mother with very violent tendencies. She doesn’t know why she hurts her child, nor why she is “intimately” incompatible with her lovers. But more than that (SPOILER WARNING): she "does it" with her own sister. Jessica Biel has starred in R-Rated films and posed in barely-there shoots, but this takes things to an entirely new level.

14 Martin – Tyler Hoechlin


Martin Brewer was the very intelligent friend of the family who eventually married Ruthie. He lived with them for a while as a child, while his father was fighting in Iraq. His mother died when he was young, and he was left alone when his father was drafted. The Camdens kindly took him in during high school. He was so intelligent that he graduated a year early, and turned down baseball scholarships to further his education. Regardless, he was a really solid baseball player, and he decided to go to college a year early instead.

So where is Tyler Hoechlin now? Oh, just playing in movies like Hall Pass and playing roles called “Hot Cop Clark Russell” in The Sticks. Oh yeah, and most recently, he was in the new Fifty Shades movie, Fifty Shades Freed. What does Ruthie have to say about this, Martin? Huh? What do you have to say for yourself. Fifty Shades? Is this for real?

13 Matt – Barry Watson


Matt Camden was the eldest Camden child and main star of the show for the first six seasons. He only left the show because he was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma, a lymphatic cancer. But on the show, he was the best man out there. Sure, he was the wildest one of the bunch, but all of the girls had a crush on him. He was flirtatious, mischievous, and got into situations he really shouldn’t have. But when it came down to it, he was a really good kid. I mean, he eventually became an OB/GYN. Yeah…

To start off, let me tell you that he is now cancer-free, thankfully. And believe it or not, out of all of the kids, he was the one that stayed the most wholesome. He now stars in primarily Christian shows/movies. But, just recently, he guest starred in the hit show Masters of Sex, so maybe he’s exploring now.

12 Ashley – Mila Kunis


You may not remember Ashley in 7th Heaven, but she was Ruthie’s best friend in multiple episodes. I think that Eric should have kept an eye on her because Ruthie was a good girl. You may not remember Ashley, but you also probably don’t remember that Ashley Benson, Mary Kate and Ashely Olsen, Kaley Cuoco, Katie Cassidy, and many more beautiful stars of today were also on the show. But Mila Kunis was the most memorable. She was adorable, and was only twelve years-old.

Today, she’s more than just cute. She stars in movies like Black Swan, Friends With Benefits, and Bad Moms. Need I say more? She has posed for Maxim and other very, very risqué magazines, and she has no problem posing nude. Like I said, maybe she wasn’t the best friend for someone like Ruthie. However, she is now a role model for girls all over the world and is more successful than the majority of actresses today.

11 Simon – David Gallagher

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Simon Camden was your average 10 year-old boy of the 90s' at the start of the show. He liked dogs, he didn’t like girls, and he wanted his own room. He was generally responsible and knew how to make money. Out of all of the kids, he was the best with money, often lending the others what they needed. What he was not good at were relationships.

Unfortunately, he hasn’t been in the spotlight much through the years. His only reoccurring role is in the Kingdom Hearts game, which he has been in since 2000 as the character Riku. So we don’t really know what he’s been up to, but we do know (rumor has it, at least) that he has dated Megan Fox, Shannon Woodward, and Playboy model Jillian Grace. All three of these girls have posed in very little clothing, or likely in the buff. Let’s just say that Eric Camden would definitely not approve of any of them.

10 Roxanne – Rachel Blanchard


Roxanne Richardson is Kevin's partner, a police officer who makes Lucy very jealous for a while. However, they later become close friends, having girls' nights out and talking about old crushes, husbands, and other similar girl things. A while after, Roxanne leaves the police force and joins the army in Iraq. She didn’t play a major role in the series, but it was definitely enough to remember her.

Roxanne is played by Rachel Blanchard. Rachel Blanchard’s newest show is one that the Camden kids would not be allowed to watch. It’s called You Me Her, and it focuses on a couple… or rather, a threesome in a romantic relationship. In fact, her other hit show, Children’s Hospital, is rather dark as well, and is much bloodier than a show with that name should be. You know what? Pretty much all of her shows, including Peep Show, would be blocked in the Camden household.

9 Kevin – George Stults


Kevin Kinkirk is one of the main characters of the series in later seasons. He is a former police officer that eventually marries Lucy. He’s a super nice guy that literally never does anything wrong. So obviously, he can’t be perfect in real life, right? Or can he?

Actually, he’s pretty clean-cut. He hasn’t been in the spotlight much at all during the last ten years, but he can be seen modelling on occasion. Also, he and his brother, who played Ben, starred in the wonderful Netflix show, Zoo. So, he really doesn’t have much dirt on him, but is he really as good as he appears on the show? Maybe, maybe not. He is rather private about his personal life and makes enough as it is without taking in larger, R-Rated roles. So, maybe George actually is Kevin. Maybe he’s exactly the man Lucy knew he could be.

8 Rose – Sarah Thompson


Rose was Simon’s most serious long-term girlfriend on the show. In fact, they get engaged and nearly marry until Simon backs out on their wedding day. In short, she pushed Simon, played games, and no one liked her except Haylie Duff’s character, who no one really liked anyway. She later won over Annie, but only because Annie is a very soft-hearted individual.

Aside from 7th Heaven, Sarah Thompson played in some edgy stuff, such as Cruel Intentions 2, Babysitter Wanted, and more. Speaking of Cruel Intentions, she’s currently working on a reboot as we speak, so we’ll see how that goes. Kissing other girls and posing nude in the shower are not things that Simon’s ex-girlfriend should be doing. Well, at least they never got married. He really doesn’t need to deal with that right now. Sarah isn’t that popular, but what she’s known for isn’t all that great for the Camden reputation.

7 David and Sam – Nikolas and Lorenzo Brino


David Camden was one half of the twins from 7th Heaven, while Sam was the other. They were the youngest of the children, and as kids, they didn’t play a big part in the series.

You may not know that the twins are actually quadruplets, though it was just the two of them on the show. They are rather inactive on Twitter and haven’t received any roles since 7th Heaven ended. In fact, as far as the internet is concerned, they don’t even exist. But the real reason they aren’t seen is that their mother didn’t allow them to act after 7th Heaven. She wanted them to have a normal life and let them decide what they wanted to do with it when they became adults. Heads up: they turned 18 this year. So we’ll just see how they turn out. As far as I can see, Nikolas Googles himself every day, so if you see this, Nikolas, let us know how you’re doing!

6 Cecilia – Ashlee Simpson


Remember Cecilia Smith in 7th Heaven? She was Simon’s most famous girlfriend aside from Rose. Well, remember that Ashlee Simpson played her? Wow! She was only eleven years-old when the show first aired. Now she’s digging into her 30's.

Ashlee Simpson, Jessica’s Simpson’s sad shadow throughout much of the early 2000's, did everything she could do get out of the shadow of her more famous older sister. This caused her to do things even she didn’t approve of. She acted, modelled, and more famously, became a singer. She was in relationships with Ryan Cabrera and Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz. She is now married to Diana Ross’ son and has retired from acting. Sadly, due to growing up and plastic surgery, she is nearly unrecognizable now. She’s still beautiful, but she doesn’t have that cute, scene look that was her signature. Hopefully the rivalry has stopped between sisters, or things could get really messy as they get older.

5 Lucy – Beverly Mitchell


Lucy was the very emotional, dramatic, and girly child in the Camden household. She was also the only child to appear in every single episode. I guess that makes her the main character. Although she has her ups and downs, she was one of the only ones to never get into anything that her father didn’t approve of. And she eventually married, stuck with the family, had children, and became a freakin’ reverend herself. She still seems exactly like Lucy on the show! Does that make her daddy’s favorite?

Maybe not. Beverly Mitchell has written books, has her own blog, and wishes to become a hit country singer. She is active on social media and is… still just as wholesome as Lucy. So maybe she is daddy’s favorite. Not every reverend’s child has to go wild. Just most of them, right? Okay, Lucy is really normal and down-to-earth. So, let’s move on to some… other Camden children.

4 Ruthie – Mackenzie Rosman


Ruthie Camden is the youngest Camden daughter. Her signature was knowing everything. As in, she’ was really smart and quite the busybody. But as she got older, she became rather responsible and well-rounded. Due to being the youngest, she felt that she was treated like a baby far too often. This led to her getting a tattoo and hiding it, as well as getting mixed up with boys that were not good for her. Not to mention, they were often incredibly selfish. However, in the end, she graduated from school early and did the right thing.

In real life? Mackenzie Rosman still doesn’t want to be treated like a baby. She is now known for posing in underwear on Instagram and in Maxim magazine. She admitted that she wanted everyone to know that she finally grew up. Calm down now, Ruthie. Lucy is likely rather ashamed, and you know that your parents have had heart attacks over you.

3 Sandy – Haylie Duff


Sandy Jameson is the very bad girl who slept with Ruthie’s future husband the day she met him. In turn, she had a child with him. What the mix up. She later became best friends with Simon’s fiancée. All of this mixed her into the family in really awkward ways. But believe it or not, she asked them to help her become not just a Christian, but a minister.

And now? Well, you all know Haylie Duff, Hilary’s sister. She’s pretty wrapped up in family life now. She is often seen on the Hallmark channel or in other decently wholesome films and series. But that sure doesn’t mean she’s beyond posing in rather provocative photos. She has been in more sketchy photos than her more famous sister, Hilary Duff. But no one is really complaining. She seems really… nice… and real. She calls herself a Christian, but says she’s definitely not religious, but rather spiritual.

2 Annie – Catherine Hicks (In Reverse)


Annie Camden was the loving pastor’s wife and mother of seven in 7th Heaven. She is strong-willed and went through a wild stage as a teen. But during the show’s present, she is the model wife, mother, and Christian. She was the one that everyone went to for advice, love, and milk and cookies.

To be honest, Catherine Hicks keeps it pretty clean most of the time these days. But let me tell you something: she was one feisty lady back in the day. So, to honor her in her young prime, let’s take a look at what she was doing before she married Eric Camden. Can we just start with the fact that she played Marilyn Monroe in the docudrama Marilyn Monroe: The Untold Story? Not to mention, she sure did star in a lot of risqué photo shoots. But boy did she look good, putting her daughters to shame like that in more ways than one.

1 Zoe – Katie Cassidy


Zoe is a poor, popular girl in 7th Heaven played by none other than Katie Cassidy. So, it turns out that, just recently, poor Katie Cassidy had some private photos leaked of her. This in itself should tell you that she is not the girl that Eric wants his daughters hanging out with, like many of their other friends.

Before she became an actress, her dream was to become a model, and boy, does it show. She may be known for playing in Arrow, Supernatural, and The Flash. But in reality, she has had some really steamy photos taken of her. This explains why she’s one of the most searched models of today. Sure, she plays in some really amazing shows that are geared towards guys right now, but that’s not exactly why she has so many fans. She may have been poor and hungry as Zoe, but Katie is now a very rich, successful, and beautiful young woman.

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Pastor Daddy May Not Approve: Where These 15 Characters Of 7th Heaven Are Now