Oops! 15 Times Celebrities Were Caught In Their Spanx

Spanx are an essential part of red carpet outfits. When stars twist themselves into their revealing and tight fitting clothing, Spanx are usually needed. This shapewear smooths out lumps and bumps to provide a sleeker silhouette. Yes, Spanx may not be too hot looking, but they make your body look hot. While the need for shapewear is understandable, no one really wants to be caught wearing it. Unfortunately for these stars, they have been caught wearing shapewear.

One of the biggest culprits in the Spanx slip game is a dress with a high slit. Some stars grab their Spanx, without taking into account the high slit on their skirt or dress. This results in the sexy slit looking, uh, not so sexy as beige shapewear pokes out. Stars also have trouble getting out of a car. Maneuvering getting into or out of a car without flashing your Spanx is clearly difficult. There’s also the wind factor. If a slight breeze blows up their skirt or dress, the world sees their Spanx. And, of course, the paparazzi is there to always capture these embarrassing moments.

Stars really shouldn’t be embarrassed, though. Having a Spanx slip is unfortunate and can ruin the illusion of the outfit, but wearing shapewear is totally normal. We all do it. In fact, it makes these stars more relatable in a way. Yes, Beyoncé may be one of the most perfect human beings ever, but even she wears shapewear just like the rest of us. That’s pretty cool.

Below are 15 stars who accidentally flashed their Spanx.


13 Emma Watson


You can file this one under: People Who Don't Need To Wear Spanx. Emma Watson is a 26-year-old beauty, who has never once been the target of fat shaming. She rose to prominence at a very young age for starring as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter films, then went on to appear in films such as The Perks of Being a Wallflower, The Bling Ring, and Noah. It was actually at the premiere for Noah that this photo was snapped.

She’s been in the public eye since 2001, but has never went through an awkward stage. We'd honestly love to know her secret, because Emma Watson is always flawless. She’s also been quite slim since her breakout role, leading us to wonder why Watson thinks she needs Spanx. But, whatever. We all use them, even Emma Watson, who was once the face of Burberry... which means that models wear Spanx.

You can see Watson in the upcoming Beauty and the Beast. She stars as Belle. Yes, even Disney princesses wear Spanx.

12 Taylor Swift


Remember that time Taylor Swift performed at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show? She literally looked like a Victoria’s Secret Angel, y’know, because her legs are about 100 feet long. Well, Swift may look like a Victoria’s Secret Angel, but she still uses Spanx.

During a concert in St. Louis, Swift’s skirt flipped up to reveal her Spanx. On the Spanx slip, Swift said, “We have wind machines for a few songs in the show and they weren’t supposed to be on during that song. I walked over thinking it wasn’t on and it just kind of blew it up a little bit.”

Yeah, it definitely blew up a bit. Swift shouldn’t feel too bad about the incident, as she’s not the only singer on this list. Wardrobe malfunctions are basically part of the deal when you’re performing on stage. If you're a singer and you wear Spanx on stage, you should pretty much assume the audience will see them.

13. Beyoncé


Like we said, Taylor isn’t the only singer on this list. Even Beyoncé has fallen victim to the Spanx curse. While performing in Times Square, Bey’s dress flipped up to reveal her Spanx. Honestly, Bey didn’t look all that worried about it. She’s Beyoncé, after all. A pair of friggin’ Spanx can’t bring Queen Bey down.

Beyoncé recently announced she’s carrying twins in an epic Instagram photo. When we say epic, we aren’t even exaggerating. The photo quickly became the #1 most liked photo on Instagram. Currently at 9.9 million likes, Bey's photo well surpassed Selena Gomez’s former #1 most liked, which has 6.3 million likes. Yes, Beyoncé is also the queen of Instagram.

If Beyoncé, Queen of Instagram (and everything else in the world), can wear Spanx, we can all proudly wear Spanx too.

11 Khloe Kardashian


You couldn’t see an article about celebrities showing off their Spanx and not think Kardashians, right? They are the queens of Spanx. And, we totally get it because Spanx are the shit.

In this photo, Khloe Kardashian is rocking a red dress with a high slit... a slit so high that it shows off her Spanx. From the looks of the photo, Khloe appears to have just got out of a car and probably needed to readjust her dress. Getting out of a car or sitting down is exactly how some of these Spanx slips happened. It's a dangerous game when you're wearing Spanx.

In the past, Khloe was criticized for her weight and often labeled “the fat one," which was pretty cruel. However, Khloe has since focused on her weight and her health. She’s made lifestyle changes regarding nutrition and exercise, which have helped her gain the hot bod she sports today. Of course, she might still wear Spanx because even celebs with the hottest bods need a little help from time to time.

10 Kourtney Kardashian


Next up is oldest Kardashian sister, Kourtney. Even though the Kardashian family has been vocal about their love of Spanx, it’s surprising to see Kourtney sporting them. Of the sisters, she has always been the thinnest and has avoided any negative commentary about her weight. At only 5'0", Kourtney doesn't have a tall frame, but has always managed to stay super thin. While Kim, Khloe, and Kylie sport curvier frames, Kourtney seems to be the odd one out. She's just... tiny.

The mother of three has also been vocal about her post-baby body and the work it takes to get back in shape. Seen here, Kourtney seems to be grabbing one of her children from the car. She’s flashing some Spanx, which we can assume she’s sporting because she just gave birth. If the new mother needed some Spanx to feel comfortable, more power to her.

9 Kim Kardashian


Kim K would obviously have ended up on this list. She’s been extremely vocal about her love of Spanx and has even sported them on Keeping Up with the Kardashians. In a post on her app, Kim admitted, “Sometimes I wear two pairs of body shapers on top of each other—especially when I am heavier, I def double it up.”

That's right, Kim K will sometimes wear TWO Spanx at once. If you think one pair is constricting, just try on two pairs of Spanx. Kim's organs are probably in pain. But, this is Kim Kardashian, who has always been willing to go through pain for beauty. The reality TV star even promotes waist trainers, which are basically corset-like wraps used to make your waist thinner. Again, Kim's organs are probably in pain.

Kim K has been spotted in Spanx several times. But hey, they totally smooth out her body, creating the hourglass look she’s famous for.

9. Spanx In Rome


Alright, this is the last Kardashian post. We promise.

This one was just too good to not include because it feels like she’s showing off her Spanx. Her hand placement looks like she’s literally pulling back her dress to reveal her Spanx, right? Hey, maybe she is. It wouldn’t be the first time Kim did something a little embarrassing to get media attention. When your job is literally being talked about, you need to create buzz-worthy situations. Flashing your Spanx while at an opera in Rome is certainly buzz-worthy. Whether on purpose or not, we couldn’t not include the Spanx in Rome.

Also, Kim looks hot AF in that white dress, so Spanx are clearly doing their job. Say what you want of Kim Kardashian, but she always looks fierce. Also, shout out to Kanye for standing by as Kim snaps her selfie.

8 Katy Perry


Yet another singer who fell victim to the Spanx on stage curse – Katy Perry. The 32-year-old pop star has even been vocal about her love of Spanx, saying, “I almost always wear Spanx. I like to say I train watching CNN but I don't. So I'm like, 'I guess I'm not fitting into this dress for these couple of months.'" You have to love a star who is upfront about wearing Spanx. Way to keep it real, Katy Perry!

Favoring Spanx over working out while watching CNN hasn’t stopped Katy from finding a man. Recently, she’s been linked to Orlando Bloom. The two seem to really get along. In fact, Perry revealed that the biggest issue in their relationship is simply that Bloom lives in Malibu. In an interview with WWD, Perry said, “My boyfriend lives in Malibu and getting used to that [drive] was, like, ‘Are you kidding me? What kind of life is this?’” LA traffic... it’s one of the few problems that Spanx can’t fix.

7 Selena Gomez


Selena Gomez’s Spanx look completely awkward, and that's because she clearly doesn’t need to be wearing them. Usually Spanx will be tight to the skin, since their job is to basically suction everything in. Gomez’s Spanx, however, are loose on her skin. This means that Selena Gomez pretty much doesn’t need her Spanx. She could be using them to keep her undies from showing, though. This would be a great tactic, since we’ve already seen that outfits are likely to fly up during performances. Still, those Spanx look awkward.

She showed off these Spanx at the 2011 Jingle Ball concert in California. This did little to hurt her reputation. The 24-year-old is rumored to be dating The Weekend. She is also the most followed person on Instagram, with 109 million followers. We’d say she’s bounced back just fine since her Spanx show.


6 Lindsay Lohan


Lindsay Lohan, you beautiful mess. It’s been a while since Lindsay Lohan has graced a red carpet event, mostly because no one knows what will happen if they invite Lindsay Lohan to a red carpet event. Before her spiral, Lohan was a red carpet staple and positioned to take over Hollywood. This photo was taken at 2008’s MTV Movie Awards, a time before she had gone full-blown LiLo. It’s a pretty typical Spanx slip. The wind blew her dress up and whoopsies, Spanx central.

2008 was a year that could have gone either way for Lohan. In 2007, she had two DUIs and was on probation. In 2008, she tried to make a comeback and people were actually still rooting for that comeback. However, after movie flops and more party girl issues, it seemed that Lohan was over for good. Will she ever be able to climb her way out of Hollywood’s blacklist? Only time will tell.

5 Kristen Stewart


Here’s another celebrity we’re surprised to see wearing Spanx: Kristen Stewart. The actress has been slender since she blasted into stardom with Twilight, but we guess that even the thinnest girls can sometimes use the help of Spanx. It’s also surprising that Kristen Stewart wears Spanx because she’s been billed as the Hollywood Cool Girl for so long. Stewart even joked about this cool girl persona during her SNL monologue. She always seems like she's too cool to be bothered, right? Well, even cool girls wear Spanx.

While on The Tonight Show, Stewart crossed her leg and revealed black Spanx underneath her dress. We have to give her props for color coordinating the black Spanx. They really do seem to go with the dress. More recently, Stewart hosted SNL and wore a black Spanx bodysuit, paired with a mesh skirt. She was literally showing off her Spanx… and it totally worked. If you wear ‘em, flaunt ‘em.

4 Eva Longoria


Eva Longoria is 5’2” and probably weighs a whopping 90 lbs, but she still sports Spanx like the rest of them. Spanx aren’t just about weight. They manage to straighten and smooth your silhouette, which is something everyone can use help with – yes, even if you are as tiny as Eva Longoria. Longoria’s Spanx were spotted when she was exiting a car. We have to admit, exiting a car is hard to pull off without a Spanx flash. You have to be very careful.

The 41-year-old actress rose to fame with her break-out role in Desperate Housewives, which ran from 2004 to 2012. Since Desperate Housewives ended, Longoria has started producing projects as well, making her a Hollywood heavyweight. Not bad for a girl who worked at Wendy’s while she was growing up. She started from the bottom, now she's here... wearing Spanx.

3 Jennifer Lopez


Jenny from the Block wears Spanx… a lot. J.Lo apparently loves Spanx, quite possibly even more than Kim Kardashian loves Spanx. A simple Google will reveal several photos of the J.Lo flashing shapewear by accident. Even if she has used some under-the-clothes help, J.Lo’s body is still in amazing shape for her being 47-years-old. Yes, J.Lo is 47, and she's still hot as ever.

J.Lo has had mega success in both the music and film industry. She’s had such hits as “Love Don’t Cost a Thing,” “If You Had My Love,” and “Waiting for Tonight.” Her greatest hit may be “I’m Real," but that's mostly because of the iconic pink velour tracksuit she wore in the music video. We can all thank her for the Juicy tracksuit trend that followed.

J.Lo also starred in films such as The Wedding Planner, Enough, and Maid in Manhattan. We can all forget about the disastrous Gigli.

2 Blake Lively


Blake Lively may have worn a bikini for 97% of The Shallows, but she still wears Spanx under her red carpet looks. Yes, even Blake Lively’s body, which was shown off on the big screen, can use some help from Spanx. That’s how marvelous Spanx are.

In this photo, Lively made a mistake that many women probably don’t think about. We’re always afraid of flashing our shapewear from underneath our dresses and skirts, but what about a see-through dress? Lively is flashing her Spanx from her back area, a feat that not many women do.

Of course, Blake Lively is still one of the hottest women in Hollywood. She's so hot that she dated Leonardo DiCaprio and married Ryan Reynolds, so she can flash her Spanx if she wants to. In fact, if Leo dated someone who wears Spanx, maybe Spanx are sexy?

1 Spanx At The White House


Yes, one more of Blake Lively because she flashed her Spanx at the White House. The White House, guys!

Because Ryan Reynolds is from Canada, he and Lively were invited to the White House State Dinner in honor of Prime Minister Trudeau. Lively was generally praised for this look she wore to the White House. It’s like a fancy robe, but she pulls it off because she’s chic AF. However, Blake, you must beware of the slit. The slit will get you if you’re not paying attention. Eagle-eyed paparazzi snapped a photo of Lively exposing her Spanx.

One more times: Spanx at the White House!

Listen, if Blake Lively, Hermione, and Queen Bey all wear Spanx, then there is no shame in wearing Spanx. Wear your Spanx proudly, women!


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