15 Pics Only People With Dirty Minds Will Laugh At

Think you’ve got a semi-perverse mind, or know someone who does? Next time someone astonishes you for having a dirty mind, you’d do well to remember this.

Ed Cooke came up with a fascinating theory about the 'naughty' imagination. At the mere age of 23 he became a Grand Master of Memory. His success comes from his argument that our brains are wired to remember bizarre and debauched mental images like nothing else. It’s quite simple really, he believes that shocking images are more easily remembered. Makes sense, right? For example, if you’re memorizing the order of a deck of cards, by placing the representative images in a path throughout the house you are 80% more likely to remember the order than trying to do it without.

Most of the difficulties people have with memory are not that they forget completely, but they have difficulty recalling that particular memory. The key to finding the memory is to make it as bright and attention-grabbing as possible. So, stop being ashamed of yourself and start putting that dirty mind of yours to good use, who knows what it could help you to achieve. Why not give it a whirl and see if it works for you?

If you see something naughty looking at these images, then your brain is 27% more filthy than the average person.


15 A Feast For Your Eyes

When I see advertisements like this I always wonder to myself if it was purposefully orchestrated or it just happened to look like something else by mere coincidence. What do you think? If it was purposefully put together, hats off to them, it may not be the most tasteful advertisement I’ve ever seen, but it's definitely clever marketing. As Ed Cooke argues, the human brain is automatically wired to be drawn more to debauched images as opposed to regular ones. So chances are if you saw this in your local takeaway place, my guess is that it would be among the top sellers. Don’t blame the marketers, blame your sick and twisted human brain. If you see nothing sinister whilst looking at this you’ve clearly lived a very sheltered life, my advice would be to leave this page as soon as possible – you're clearly in the wrong place.

14 He Seems To Be Enjoying His Vacation


This is a classic case of being in the right place at exactly the right time. It’s one of those photos that no one will have clocked when it was taken, but when you get back home and are scrolling through the pictures with your family to show them what an awesome vacation you had, your weird and slightly perverse uncle will point out what is happening in the background. Do you see it? When you do, you won’t be able to unsee it. It took me a while to get this one, but when I did it had me in stitches. Notice the guy on the left seemingly taking a little rest by the stand? Well, as your eyes travel south you’ll see what I’m talking about. This is the best photobomb I have ever seen. She looks like she is really enjoying that mouthful, and he has no idea!

13 A Well-Endowed Slide

On the topic of questionable things affiliated with children, this would be another one. Seriously, what were the creators thinking? I mean a child is obviously too innocent to know any different, but I guess it is one way to keep the moms in the park. I bet they have right mothers meeting as they watch over the kids playing. It surely is a very well-endowed slide, and I struggle to look at it for too long because it makes me ashamed of my own manhood. Seriously, no wonder many women have stupidly high expectations. The slides are outshining out all us men these days, time to take them down if you ask me, who’s with me? If this slide was in my neighborhood I wouldn’t even let my children play on it. It’s just wrong. I am surprised the seniors in the area haven’t complained to neighborhood watch.

12 Tickling The Pink


Have you ever been innocently scrolling through Amazon or eBay looking for a new laptop case when you suddenly find yourself looking at someone... tickling the pink? No, we are not talking about those explicit pop-ups that have the tendency to pop up in the most public of places. We’re talking about intentional product placement. That’s what happened to this guy. He was searching the depths of eBay when he came across this. What a way to grab someone’s attention! With so many people on Amazon trying to sell you the moon, you really do have to think outside the box to grab someone’s attention – this provider got it spot on. I wouldn’t be surprised if this person was one of the top sellers on eBay, I couldn’t ignore this product even if I wanted to. It is one of those images that makes you do a double-take and leaves you feeling ashamed of your questionable mind.

11 Disney Really Needs To Hire Someone New For Their Animations

We need to talk about Disney. I am not sure how I feel about this, largely because Disney programs are supposed to be for children. Up until recently, I used to love Disney, heck, who didn’t!? If your childhood didn’t consist of Sundays sat in front of the TV with your favorite Disney movie on, you need to go back and relive that, because you missed out. I’ve seen a number of things on YouTube about the more sinister side of Disney animations, and if you ask me there are far too many ‘coincidences’ for there not to be some truth behind it. This is just one of many, believe me. A quick search on Google about Disney’s subliminal messages will bring up an entire archive or visually questionable images that were imprinted in our brains from a young age. Scary really! Take a look for yourself and let us know what you think.

10 Right Between The Buns


No wonder there are two men queuing up for a slice of the action. I mean, hot dogs are obviously delicious and probably the reason that many Americans are obese, but if I saw this in street, count me in. My guess is that this saucy little food truck isn’t going out of business anytime soon. Hot dogs are loved all over the world, and maybe the reason is that there is more to these elongated snacks than first meets the eye. Think about it, they are meaty and delicious and are usually accompanied by some sort of sauce or dressing. Coincidence? I think not. I will never look at one of these things the same from now on. Next time I see a woman stuffing her face with one of these things, I won’t be able to look at her without my mind being in the gutter. Who can blame me? I’m only human after all.

9 Nature Just Doing Its Thing

Mother nature is a wonderful thing. Without it none of us would ever exist. It works in wonderful ways and sometimes we can’t explain it, I guess that’s the beauty of it. I blew me away the other day when I learned that a woman’s menstrual cycle is directly relatable to the moon. It’s true, "scientific research has documented that the moon rules the flow of fluids, ocean tides, as well as individual body fluids, and even affects the unconscious mind and dreams"! Who knew? How crazy is that? You learn something new every day. Basically, nature ROCKS! Don’t underestimate it, it’s the source of all life. If like me, you have a slightly perverse mind you’ll also see that it seems like the tree’s in this park are trying to create their own life. They really should get their own room, there are children around for god’s sake.


8 Nothing To See Here, Just A Cute Fluffy Pup...


7 When 3 Fingers Just Isn't Enough

I love chocolate, but I think I love it even more after seeing this! This is too funny, I would definitely buy this chocolate bar for my wife if I was to see it in the store, just out of pure hilarity. It would be an awesome social experiment to see if she even noticed what it said, and what I was thinking as I handed it to her, or if she would just brush it off and gobble it down before she had a chance to realize. She probably would notice, her brain is just as filthy as mine, if not worse. That’s why I married her ;) Whoever designed this packaging deserves a medal if you ask me. I love people that go above and beyond to create an impact and whoever did this definitely did that, I can’t stop laughing. Who even decided to call chocolate bars fingers anyway?

6 A Very Ornate Handrail


I genuinely feel so sorry for the people who own this lavish house with the ornate railing. Can you imagine spending all that money on the house, and then one of your relatives comes around to point out the obvious, that the details look like…you would be mortified right? Or at least your wife would be, I’d probably just find it amusing. My wife would be tempted to tear it down there and then. I bet whoever made this iron railing did it on purpose hoping that whoever ended up wouldn’t notice at first but one day it would hit them and they would never be able to ignore it again. It just gets worse the more you look at it. My guess is it would be pretty expensive to replace, this place looks huge! Surely, it’s got to be a mansion or something. I mean, come on, look at that staircase!

5 An Abstract And Very Questionable Structure.

I’m not being funny but how do you even get away with putting that kind of structure in a public place? I can’t even pee in public without being punished by the cops for indecency. This world is so messed up, don’t you agree? These days’ people call anything art, and whoever created this clearly knew what they were doing. I know art means it’s open to interpretation, but my mind only sees one thing, I don’t know about you? If my mom was to walk past this in the park she'd probably gawk at it and tell me how beautiful it is. Personally, I think it’s a bunch of garbage as if people get paid to create stuff like this. Maybe I chose the wrong career path. Is it too late to change direction? I might start making random structures with junk bits of wire and start calling it art.

4 If It's Bible, We Should Obey It


I don’t often agree with religion, but I can get down with this. This little piece of gospel is enough to get any man to convert. It makes sense really, it’s probably a very wholesome statement, I mean you should never give anything your half-hearted attention, but only one thing crosses my mind when I read this. It’s quite humorous. Maybe Jesus did have something valuable to teach us after all? I might just take a leaf out of his book. I’m sure the ladies would love it. It’s statements like this that might actually get me to read the Bible and see what all the fuss is about. Maybe it’s a little like Disney and is filled with explicit subliminal messages. There’s only one way to find out, that’s my reading material for this weekend sorted. It seems like it’s always the seemingly innocent sources providing all the elusive naughty content.

3 Not The Coolest Wheel Spinner I've Ever Seen

Most men are into the cars, am I right? So why on earth did anyone let these wheel spinners exist? They should be banished from existence; they are hands down the ugliest wheel spinners I have seen. The only person I would ever let drive around with these attached to their wheels would be my wife, just out of pure hilarity. She probably wouldn’t even realize. At least you wouldn’t be able to see them when on the move, but as soon as you park the car up, you’re in for some major embarrassment. I can’t even look at them that long, they are offensive to my eyes. What were they thinking! They would make a great April fool's joke, I might try to get my hands on some for the 1st of April and switch my best friend's wheel spinners with these and wait for him to notice, that would be hilarious.

2 Mischievous Maoams


This is another one that doesn’t quite sit right with me. Maoam candies are supposed to be for kids. But have you ever given attention to the actual packaging of the sweets? Next time you come across these things in the shop take another look and pay close attention to the little characters featured on the front of the candy. It’s quite shocking really, and I often wonder how big brands like this manage to get away with such clearly perverted cartoons. Surely, they have some kind of board where the graphic designer’s work has to be approved? Clearly, people working for Maoam are not paying any attention whatsoever, or simply do not care or get paid enough. Maybe I should send them an email pointing out the obvious, my guess is that they will try their best to pay me off in candies. Take a look at the frolicking behavior for yourself.

1 Hot Shower Heads

You can’t even go to buy a new shower head these days without being confronted by some kind of sexual innuendo such as this one. Did you know the human brain is tarnished with over 500+ graphic advertisements every single day? Many of these adverts change the way we think and are the reason for some of the things we choose to do. Who wouldn’t buy this shower head, it gives off all kinds of pleasurable vibes. I don’t know anyone that doesn’t enjoy taking a shower at the end of a long hard day, add a pretty woman into the mix splashing her face with ‘water’ and you’ve got yourself a best seller. This is the kind of thing that would put me in stitches walking aimlessly around the store. The name ‘squirting shower’ is just the icing on the top of the cake for me. Comedy gold!

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