Only Olivia Culpo Could Make Sweatpants Look Fashionable: 20 Photos That Prove It

Olivia Culpo first caught our eye after winning the Miss Universe 2012 pageant representing the United States. Since then, the 25-year-old Rhode Island native has racked up over 2 million Instagram followers and is making a name for herself in the world of fashion and film.

It goes without saying that Culpo has become one of the top fashionistas in the game. Just scroll through her Instagram and you'll see the brunette beauty posing in a number of outfits some people wouldn't have the guts to wear. From bright red co-ord airport outfits to crop tops that show off her six pack abs, this girl knows how to flaunt her style. But besides rocking some of today's hottest trends, Culpo definitely knows how to wear a pair of comfy sweatpants and we just can't get over how this starlet can make a pair of frumpy and baggy pants look so good.

This list of twenty photos highlights some of Culpo’s best looks while rocking a pair of sweats. Whether she’s going out to brunch with gal pals or catching a flight to Los Angeles, Olivia Culpo is looking killer in her comfy wardrobe.

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20 Are PJs At The Airport Acceptable?

Photo Via: looklive.com

Is it a fashion faux pas to wear what looks like pyjamas to the airport? It doesn't seem to matter to Olivia, who kills it in this matching tan colored set with a pair of slip on shoes. She looks extremely comfy in her outfit, which is from designer Thakoon Panichgul with Nicholas Kirkwood mules, which go for an insane $425. Culpo also rocks her favorite purse designer, a small belted Celine bag. Even her luggage matches her outfit and that fur jacket that's hanging from it screams fashion diva. In this photo, Culpo was flying from Los Angeles to New York City, so you know she wouldn't forget to add that extra fashion flare with her fur coat.

19 Stella McCartney Pants: Nascar Anyone?

Photo Via: pinterest.com

Okay, so Olivia Culpo wasn't exactly going to a car race in this photo, but her checkered sweats sure make us think so! Posing for the camera on what looks like a fire escape, Culpo wears a simple white tank top and high-waisted jogger sweatpants with checkered sides designed by Stella McCartney. Can you check out her shoes? She's rocking a pair of Proenza Schouler boots that retail for close to $1,000. Culpo definitely knows how to make a statement in her all-white comfy gear. Her pants alone cost her $880! It's okay to say that if Culpo can make sweats look this high-fashion then it's alright that she spend the money to make it look so.

18 Just Your Typical Look For A Stroll Down NYC

Photo Via: dailymail.co.uk

While us regular folk are climbing out of bed in our pyjamas to grab a cup of coffee from our favorite coffee shop around the block, Olivia Culpo has to make a statement while getting her morning Joe. The former Miss USA was taking a stroll in New York City in her Cotton Citizen tank top with a knot to show off her toned tummy, pairing it with chic silk pants from Redemption that look very comfortable. Of course, if you're Culpo, you have to complete the look with killer heels. The actress wore a pair of peep toe heels from DSW and was heading to the shoe company's photoshoot. Or was the real photoshoot happening down the NYC city streets?

17 Looking Red Hot

Photo Via: looklive.com

Who else can pull off this all red workout outfit better than Olivia Culpo? The model's good friend Morgan Stewart, who you might recognize from Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, teamed up with fitness brand Touche LA to design coordinate gym outfits in a ton of colors. Stewart's latest color hues range from peach to pink, but this fiery red looks exceptional on Culpo. If you want her exact leggings, you're going to have to dish out $92! Even in a simple sports bra and leggings, this actress knows how to catch anyone’s eye, and red is definitely her color.

16 Masters Chic Airport Style

Photo Via: looklive.com

Being famous means traveling a ton and if you're Culpo, there's nothing better than having a mini photoshoot at the airport. While it's best to fly in comfortable clothing, Culpo always puts a twist on her looks. The star knows how to master chic airport looks and this one is just one of many airport looks we would all love to have. If you want to make your basics look good, wear a pair of killer looking boots! Here, Culpo wears an all white-cropped sweater from Cotton Citizen, showing off her toned stomach with a pair of white sweats also from Cotton Citizen. Rock a pair of over-sized sunglasses and you're good to go!

15 Bare Face In Turks And Caicos

Photo Via: pinterest.com

If you don't know much about Olivia Culpo, she was once linked to Nick Jonas, from The Jonas Brothers, but has moved on to bigger and better things (aka New England Patriots wide receiver Danny Amendola). These two stars couldn't look any hotter together and if you follow the actress on Instagram, you saw that she took a really fun trip to Turks and Caicos with her man. But, before she took her second trip to the beautiful islands, she flew with Revolve and a bunch of other stunning women back in May of last year. Here, she looks like she just woke up in her fabulous hotel in a pair of black sweats and large pullover, which reads "Airplane Mode," and had a friend snap this awesome picture with a background that looks like a tropical dream. Culpo still manages to look amazing in this baggy look.

14 Yoga Pants Or Bust

Photo Via: twitter.com

Olivia Culpo knows how to stand out even at a New York City marathon. The actress and her pal, fitness guru Jen Selter, participated in the SHAPE Women's Half-Marathon back in April 2017. Culpo, Selter, and eleven other noteworthy women were celebrated for making a difference in their respected industries. Culpo definitely stood out in her all white workout outfit, which was also from friend, Morgan Stewart's Touche LA collection. She paired her look with Nike Air Vapormax Flykit sneakers in dark grey. The photo shows her holding one lucky dog after she completed the race.

13 Cozy And Effortless Look At LAX

Photo Via: hawtcelebs.com

How does someone turn cozy loungewear into streetwear? Ask Olivia Culpo. She has amazing airport style and this one is no exception. Photographed at LAX and holding onto her passport, Culpo wore a stylish two-piece tracksuit with blue piping with a simple black t-shirt and comfy sneakers. Looking barefaced, she opted to not wear any sunglasses, proving that she looks incredible without makeup. She completed her look with her black Celine tote and matching luggage. Even though the star looks like she just pulled out a pair of sweats and matching jacket from the bottom of her closet, think again. The Alexis Trei Jacket goes for $495 and the Zanni Pants will cost you $473.

12 Stoop Kid

Photo Via: looklive.com

Here the beautiful brunette is rocking an all red outfit again and making a face that says, "Don't you dare try and sit on my stoop." Olivia Culpo sets herself apart from other celebrities in Hollywood because she makes daring decisions when it comes to fashion. Not anyone can pull off this look, but Culpo does it right and doesn't need to wear five inch heels to look good either. The starlet wears a Haney jumpsuit that goes for a whopping $1200, and pairs it with classic Nikes and a Tumi Mini Satchel in Coconut. With her hair braided back and her mean mug, no one wants to mess with this girl.

11 Star Style Always On Point

Photo Via: hawtcelebs.com

So Olivia isn't really rocking a pair of laidback sweats in this photo, but she does look extra comfy in her leggings and of course, a cropped sweater to show off her killer abs. With a Starbucks drink in hand, it looks like Culpo is either heading to the gym to meet her fitness instructor or meeting friends for a quick bite to eat. Either way, the pageant queen looks flawless and only she can rock a pair of white Alo Moto Leggings for $110 this good. And it looks like Culpo always finishes her relaxed outfits with one of her favorite high end purses and large, sun shielding frames.

10 Airport Photos Are Always A Must

Photo Via: twitter.com

You might have figured out by now that Olivia Culpo is the queen of taking selfies at any airport she goes too. Here she wears an I.am.gia hoodie with red stripes on either side and matching sweats with what looks like leopard print boots. Culpo takes risks when it comes to her clothing style and that's what is making her the new 'It' girl in fashion. Her sweater runs for $110, which is actually not that bad for Culpo, who from the looks of the above posts, spends a ton to look comfy chic. We're even jealous of how cool her luggages are. Hopefully she didn't get into too much trouble taking a step up on the luggage carousel, but for this picture, it was definitely worth it.

9 Wears Sweats To Dinner Dates

Photo Via: pinterest.com

Olivia Culpo is making wearing sweats an okay thing to wear when it comes to having dinner with a loved one or a group of friends. The middle child from Rhode Island posted this shot on Instagram back in 2016, and captioned it, "When you're feeling lazyyyyy in comfy sweatpants but your friends force you to go to dinner ... here's my solution tonight!!! #ComfyPantsfortheWin #justaddApump." Her solution to wearing black heels definitely worked in her favor because she looks ready for a night out on the town. With a long draped coat, cute clutch and make-up on point, who would even notice that Culpo is wearing the same sweatpants she's been wearing all day?

8 Rooftop Fun

Photo Via: looklive.com

Even wearing a cool pair of Moto leggings, Olivia has to wear some kind of heel to complete her look. Again, we get these aren't sweatpants, but only Culpo can make wearing workout pants look hot. In this photo, where she looks like she's hanging out on a rooftop, Culpo is wearing Alo Yogo Moto Leggings that go for $110 and her five-inch heels are from designer Gianvito Rossi and cost an insane $1205. But, if you're looking for this look for less, you can always try Forever 21 for a pair of similar Moto leggings and Steve Madden for a pair of white boots just like Culpo's.

7 Turning Heads In Mustard Yellow

Photo Via: looklive.com

Doesn't this outfit just scream comfortable? Forget the sweatpants for a second and look at how stunning Olivia Culpo looks in this mustard yellow jumpsuit from Victoria Beckham's collection, which costs $2230. Paired with a pair of black heels and cute box-shaped purse, the star really knows how to make heads turn. Culpo looks happy as she smiles and poses for her picture. She also gives her outfit a rock and roll vibe by pairing it with an All Saints leather biker jacket, which you can find for $620. Not everyone has the body for a jumpsuit that kind of looks like prison-wear, but Culpo makes it look stunning.

6 Keeping It Comfy In Joggers

Photo Via: pinterest.com

Joggers count as sweatpants, right? Culpo literally looks fantastic in every color, especially white. These joggers look super relaxing and she made them look sophisticated at whatever event she was at when this photo was taken of her. She pairs her cool, drawstring joggers with gold, open toe heels and an orange blouse. Pairing your comfy joggers with a pair of great heels can really change any look. We're probably guessing she took off her heels after this event and put on a pair of sneakers, slides or mules and still looked better than ever.

5 Wears Sweats During Paris Fashion Week

Photo Via: pinterest.com

Even during one of the biggest fashion weeks of the year, Olivia Culpo is seen strutting the streets of Paris in cool loungewear. During Paris Fashion Week in 2016, the star mixed a perfect blend of comfort and fashion. She wore a knit sweater with matching sweats, but they were more than just your average comfy sweatpants. The added twist was the large slits in the legs, which Culpo took full advantage of while being photographed. She paired her ensemble with grey heels, a cute white clutch and grey framed sunglasses. She was definitely the most comfortable person at the show.

4 Rocking Sweatpants At Promotional Events

Photo Via: pinterest.com

How adorable does she look in this photo? Culpo decided to show off her tummy (we’re not surprised) while at a Reebok promotional event, wearing nothing but a webbed sports bra, black sweatpants and sneakers. To complete her look and make it more high fashion, Culpo added a black coat and kept extra warm with a large blue fur coat. Completing her look, the actress pulled her hair into a tight bun, which made her look like she just got out of the gym. If you're interested in her cool looking sports bra, you can check out Reebok for more information!

3 The Checkered Pants Make A Return!

Photo Via: gotceleb.com

Culpo must love her Stella McCartney checkered sweats because she's been spotted wearing them more than once! Here she is again at the LAX International Airport, but this time she's styling her pants with black boots, a simple black long sleeve, a conductor style hat and a black fur coat. We won't mention the price of these sweats again because we're pretty sure it'll leave you speechless, but at least Culpo is making use out of them and wearing them more than once. She looks super chic in this photograph while she clutches her vintage Chanel purse.

2 Sweatpants With Pearls? Why Not

Photo Via: pinterest.com

Have you ever seen sweatpants with pearls on them? Here, Olivia Culpo steps out in a matching sweatshirt and sweatpants attire with pearls on both her sweater and at the ankle part of her sweats. Just like her Paris Fashion Week pants, Culpo's have large slits at the sides, giving her a sexy look. Not only is this sweat suit adorable, Culpo knows exactly how to style it. With white heels and her hair up in a ponytail, the star looks ready for a night out or a comfy night in with her girlfriends. Her off the shoulder sweatpants suit is definitely something you don't see everyday when you're looking for a cute pair of pants and sweater combo.

1 We Saved The Best For Last

Of course we had to save the best for last. Olivia Culpo has all eyes on her in this look while she attended the launch of GHD Hair North America Nocturne Holiday Campaign on October 5, 2017 in New York City. The beauty was spotted in nothing but a black bra, white long coat, which was left opened, and matching tailored white pants. Culpo added a pair of white heels to her ensemble and decided to style her hair in loose waves. Let's be real here, Olivia Culpo is an absolute goddess and one of Hollywood's most fashionable people. No one can argue about that!

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