Olivia Wilde And 19 Other Fit Celebs We Didn't Know Love In-N-Out

A lot of us outsiders looking into the celeb world put these celebs on some kind of pedestal. They just seem to be perfect in every which way and seem to have it all. Pretty much every celeb has the looks. They all know how to appeal to the masses and look great in front of the cameras. Another thing most of them have in common is that they’re all super fit. They want to last long in the industry, as long as possible, and they want to look good doing it. Looking after their health and fitness is one way of achieving that. A lot of celebs, more specifically those in the acting profession, have said that their health and fitness lifestyles are due to them knowing that their work is going to be captured on screen, pretty much for ever and ever. They therefore want to but also feel the need to look good for their own and future generations. Over the years there have been a number of celebs who’ve made being super fit something of a lifestyle choice. Their names are synonymous with that whole lifestyle.

Because of these star names, a lot of other celebs have jumped on the health and fitness bandwagon. The result is a celebrity world where the guys are walking around like Adonises, and the women like sultry goddesses. Because they’re in such good shape, a lot of people may have this perception that all they eat is pretty boring food that’s deemed to be healthy and will keep them looking good. Some celebs are machines and are able to do this day in and day out. Or at least that’s what they want us to believe. But most, as they should, enjoy a treat once in a while, and they do this by getting their junk food fix. When it comes to junk food, there are plenty of outlets to choose from. But I’m sure many would agree that nothing beats a bit of In-N-Out. It’s rated as being one of the best, most-loved fast food chains in the world, and there’s a reason for that. A lot of celebs seem to think so too. These fit celebs love to get their fast food fix by paying a visit to In-N-Out. These are 20 of those fit celebs you didn’t know were obsessed with the fast food chain.

20 Priyanka Chopra Declared Herself An "In-N-Out Girl"

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Priyanka Chopra is a big name in the acting profession. To US audiences, that might come as a surprise, because she’s only been in a few shows and films on the Hollywood scene. But in her home nation of India, in Bollywood, she’s a woman who’s revered like a goddess and is most certainly one of the best actresses around. She’s also one of the hottest, and is certainly one of the fittest. “Priyanka Chopra Baywatch Diet” was a common sentence typed into search engines across the globe when that movie came out. Priyanka does put a great deal of importance on her fitness regime and her diet. But she’s also someone who isn’t consumed by that lifestyle. She’s a very easy-going woman, and so if she fancies a bit of junk food, she won’t admonish herself for thinking about burgers and fries – she’ll just go out and get some, and normally she gets everything from In-N-Out. Priyanka actually celebrated winning her People's Choice Award in 2017 with a visit to In-N-Out. She’s actually a familiar figure at her local restaurant and is quite pally with the staff there. "They're like, 'Yeah! you're an In-N-Out girl!' And I'm like, 'Yeah, I am!' There's solidarity in junk food. You don't understand! There's loyalty – we have to stick together," she once said.

19 Danica Patrick Has A Thing For Burgers

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Danica Patrick is an athlete – sure, she’s a racing car driver, so some of you might scoff at the term “athlete,” but she is classified as such nevertheless. She’s done a tremendous amount for women in stock car racing, and is rated as being one of the hottest athletes in the world. A lot of athletes wouldn’t dream about posting pics of themselves scoffing an In-N-Out burger. They’re role models, and some take that position very seriously. Burgers aren’t exactly the healthiest food type, and they aren’t what you’d expect an athlete to eat when they look as good as Danica does. But the thing with In-N-Out is that you can go down the healthy route if you fancy a burger. As opposed to getting a load of carbs in your system by having fries and a burger bun, In-N-Out provides the option of going for a lettuce wrap. That’s what Danica’s done in this instance – she seems to be the only one who’s done so amongst her buddies. That’s a responsible athlete right there.

18 Emma Roberts Loves Eating In-N-Out While Getting Her Makeup Done For Events

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Emma Roberts has been spotted eating In-N-Out a few times. The American actress and singer is a massive In-N-Out fan, and loves getting her chops around their burgers whenever she can. That might come as a surprise, because Emma really does possess a tremendous figure. But due to her busy schedule, it’s fair to say that she burns a whole lot of calories and is always on the go. She’s also pretty young at the age of 26. All those In-N-Out days could yet catch up with her. She won’t be eating as many In-N-Out meals when she’s 30! But for the time being, In-N-Out is Emma’s fast food chain of choice. She eats their food when out and about, but evidently a favorite thing of hers is to order a takeaway when she knows she’s going to be sitting in the makeup chair for some time. That’s one way to pass the time!

17 Angelina Jolie Likes To Treat Her Six Kids With In-N-Out

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When you’ve got six kids to take care of, sometimes a quick and easy treat is in order to keep them satisfied. Angelina Jolie is rated as being one of the hottest and fittest celebs in the world, but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t frequent fast food chains. She’s health conscious, but still loves to indulge her kids. With the amount of cash she’s earning, you’d think that she has personal chefs, someone to cook all kinds of meals for herself and her brood at home. But sometimes, all that’s needed is an In-N-Out meal. It’s going to satisfy six kids, and it’s cheap and tasty. Okay, so the fact that it’s a cheap meal probably wasn’t the reason she went to the fast food chain store. She arrived at the Hollywood store in a giant chauffeur-driven SUV, and gave the restaurant worker a real shock when she rolled down the window to discuss meal options.

16 Nina Dobrev Hits Up The Restaurant After Hollywood Events

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29-year-old Nina Dobrev is famed for her role in the drama series, The Vampire Diaries. The Bulgarian-Canadian actress has made her mark on the Hollywood scene, and has appeared in several hit feature films. Hers is a recognizable face, and so when she went to In-N-Out, you can imagine the shock on the restaurant worker’s face. Even if the restaurant worker wasn’t aware who Nina actually was, what she was wearing must have provided enough a shock as it is. It’s fair to assume that there aren’t a whole lot of people who frequent the fast food chain in a glamorous Elie Saab gown. People looking at her must have thought that she’d hit up the wrong type of restaurant. But on this occasion, she wanted something quick and tasty to satisfy her hunger, and a fancy meal wasn’t on the cards. "I couldn't help it, I had to... gown or not," Nina later wrote.

15 Paris Hilton Was Stopped By Police Officers On The Way To In-N-Out 

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Paris Hilton is known for being a glamorous socialite, fashionista, model, TV personality, and I could add plenty more to that list. She’s the type of woman that people generally either love or hate. She’s got the looks, and she’s got the body too, She really does possess the entire package. Obviously, Paris takes care of herself in the diet and fitness department – that physique wasn’t acquired by eating In-N-Out burgers. But Paris has a penchant for fast food, specifically In-N-Out, and sometimes it’s just best to satisfy those cravings. Paris has frequently been spotted visiting In-N-Out chains. She often visits late at night and dresses down so as not to be spotted and attract attention. Inevitably though, people did realize that Paris was around and managed to snap a few cheeky pics. She loves In-N-Out so much, she was even stopped by cops for speeding in her attempts to try and get a burger after a long tiring day of shooting. That’s how ravenous she was for an In-N-Out burger!

14 Maria Sharapova Posted This Hilarious Photo Of Herself Chomping Down On A Burger 

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Maria Sharapova is renowned for being one of the hottest people in tennis. Ever since she won that first Grand Slam title, what seems like many moons ago now, she’s been raking in the cash, not only through prize money, but through sponsorship deals and through various other business ventures. At one point she was one of the most marketable, highest-earning female athletes on the planet. She’s very business savvy. She knows what works and what people want to see. But it actually surprised a lot of people when she came out with her Sugarpova brand, which is essentially what it reads as: a candy business. Maria likes her treats, loves her fast food, and wants to seem relatable to others by sharing this aspect of her life with her fans. She’s been spotted at In-N-Out a number of times, and just adores the fast food chain. Maria even posted a pic on her Instagram of herself munching on an In-N-Out burger – most stars wouldn’t dream of posting such an image! The fact that she was wearing diamonds and four-inch heels must have added some glamor to proceedings, though.

13 Kendall Jenner Posted This Selfie Of Her With An In-N-Out Cup

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Due to her being a model and all, it’s quite surprising that Kendall Jenner loves to frequent In-N-Out. There’s this perception about models that they’re stick thin and eat nothing but lettuce. Evidently this perception is slowly changing. We do actually know quite a bit about Kendall Jenner’s eating habits, and it doesn’t make pretty reading, or viewing. Watching her and her sister grow up on TV, on their family’s reality TV show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, we know that there are all sorts of treats in the Kardashian-Jenner household, and Kendall loves scoffing her face with them. But when she wants to take a trip out of the house to get her junk food fix, In-N-Out is the only place to go. Sure, she’s only quenching her thirst in this pic, but it’s been reported that she does much more at the fast food chain, and munches on all sorts of things when she’s on the go.

12 Dwayne Johnson Loves In-N-Out For Cheat Meals 

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When you think of fit celebs, you think of Dwayne Johnson. He’s the epitome of fitness, and is someone who lives and breathes the bodybuilding lifestyle. That means eating a huge number of meals a day, consuming a crazy number of calories so that he can fuel his gruelling workouts and bulging muscles. These calories don’t come from junk food either; well, not all the time. Occasionally he throws in a cheat day, and when he does, he goes all out. You’d have thought that due to the amount of time he’s been bodybuilding, and the number of cheat days he would have had during this time, that he must have tried In-N-Out at least a couple of times. But nope, Dwayne only tried In-N-Out for the first time last year, but was instantly converted. His wife and daughter fancied a late-night treat, and twisted his arm into taking them. He couldn’t stop gushing praise about his experience, the great staff, and of course the amazing food. He promised he was going to be visiting In-N-Out more frequently, destroy multiple burgers and take his cheat meals to another level. The In-N-Out eateries around California need to stock up!

11 Olivia Wilde Hit Up In-N-Out With Jason Sudeikis After The Oscars 

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Olivia Wilde rose to fame due to her role in the medical drama TV series House. She’s since gone on to taste plenty of success, both in the movie industry, and in her other ventures, such as her modelling endeavors. She has though been rather quiet in recent years, and that’s because she’s gotten married and has popped out a couple of kids. She  has put more focus onto her family life with her hubby, Jason Sudeikis. But before the star couple became parents, hitting up an In-N-Out chain for some late-night munch was one of their favorite things to do. It’s actually pretty amazing how many celebs love going to In-N-Out after a fancy occasion. It seems as if after spending hours getting all glammed up and trying to look all sophisticated and glamorous, all some celebs want to do is slump down in the back of a car and go to an In-N-Out. That’s what Olivia and her hubby did after the 2014 Oscars, and she just had to post this pic of her not so fancy – but delicious all the same – feast on Twitter.

10 Kim Kardashian Takes A Break From The Atkins Diet With In-N-Out

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Kim Kardashian, and the whole Kardashian-Jenner clan, for that matter, are renowned for looking glamorous and fit pretty much around the clock. That’s the LA lifestyle, the effect living in front of the cameras has on you. We know they eat healthily and train religiously. Kim certainly does – she has to in order to keep that famous curvaceous physique lean and svelte. But the In-N-Out effect means that even the fittest celebs can’t say no and have to indulge themselves in a treat now and again. Kim loves treating herself to fast food now and again. She’d just lost a ton of weight, had gotten in shape and was on the Atkins diet, but had to give in to her cravings for a tasty and calorific In-N-Out meal. In-N-Out is also one of her pregnancy cravings, and she frequented the fast food outlet a lot when she was expecting.

9 Rita Ora Always Fits In-N-Out Into Her Schedule When Visiting The US 

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English singer and actress Rita Ora is known for being trim but curvaceous at the same time. She’s got the type of figure women would love to have and the type men want to have next to them. Rita possesses that superstar personality too, is very relaxed, down to earth, and comes across as a very light and breezy person. It’s part of what’s enabled her to gain worldwide star appeal. After hitting the big time in the UK in 2012, all the world’s big artists have wanted to work with her, record labels have wanted to get her on board. That means Rita’s had many trips to the US. When she hits American shores, Rita loves nothing more than hitting an In-N-Out chain. She’s not preoccupied with looking glamorous – although she effortlessly manages to pull it off anyway – but just wants to satisfy her cravings and make a pit stop before getting on with her hectic schedule. She must be thinking it’s a pity there aren’t more of those restaurants in the UK!

8 Aziz Ansari Celebrated Winning A Golden Globe By Getting An In-N-Out Burger 

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A lot of you might know that Aziz Ansari has an obsession when it comes to all things food. In his show, Master of None, we get to see Aziz explore this obsession, dining in many of New York’s fine eateries, and even taking a trip to Italy to explore the food culture in the great culinary nation. He’s a food aficionado, alright. But even those who have fine palates appreciate the satisfaction a fast food meal can bring. For Aziz, when the cravings hit, there’s only one place for him to visit, and that’s In-N-Out. Whether he’s dressed up in a tuxedo or is playing it casual in a pair of sweatpants, Aziz is always prone to a bit of In-N-Out. And obviously, judging by this pic, he doesn’t care about attracting attention to himself. He’s a comedian after all, so probably laps it up, as he did that meal. Aziz had just won a Golden Globe for best TV actor in a comedy and decided to celebrate by visiting In-N-Out, along with his Golden Globe. That’s what you call celebrating in style.

7 Arnold Schwarzenegger Loves The Californian Classic Fast Food Chain

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Talking about fit celebs, there’s no one that personifies the term fitness quite like Arnold Schwarzenegger. The guy was and always will be a bodybuilding legend. He was untouchable when posing on stage and is responsible for bringing bodybuilding to the mainstream. The guy’s actually been untouchable at whatever he’s tried his hand at. Be it bodybuilding, acting, or politics, Arnold turns whatever he tries into a success. It’s the very nature of the man, a true global phenomenon. In terms of his fitness, we all know how he stepped over from bodybuilding into the acting profession and how ultimately it was his physique that helped him achieve that. What’s more remarkable is that as the decades have rolled on, he’s remained in tremendous shape. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t enjoy the odd treat now and again. As a Californian, it would be mightily hard for him to resist eating at In-N-Out. He doesn’t resist and has been seen eating at the chain a fair few times. Being health conscious, he goes for the lettuce wrap, but when it’s from In-N-Out, it’s still a tasty treat.

6 Brie Larson Ate In-N-Out With Katy Perry At The Golden Globes

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28-year-old actress Brie Larson achieved fame as a teenager, but her acting career really took off in the last few years with her role in Room. She won a ton of accolades and awards for her performance, and it’s a movie that’s propelled her into Hollywood. You’d have thought that after having her first major taste of superstardom, that Brie would celebrate in style, perhaps go to a fancy restaurant with her buddies or something of that nature. Perhaps she did after winning one of her many awards during that illustrious period in her career. But after winning her Golden Globe Award, Brie evidently wanted to stay and hang around the venue. She’s said about that event, "My favorite moment was after I went back to my table after winning a Golden Globe, Katy Perry had a round of In-n-Out Burgers for everybody – hot and fresh. I've been feeling like I've been in a dream."

5 Padma Lakshmi Treated Herself To A Burger During The Emmys 

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Padma Lakshmi is a woman with many strings to her bow. She’s a model, author, actress, TV host, and an executive producer. Perhaps what she’s most famed for is her modelling exploits. Padma really has posed in some stunning pics over the years. But it’s fair to say that quite a few people have heard of this Indian beauty because of her foray into the cooking world. She’s released cookbooks, other books about the culinary arts, and is seen regularly on TV hosting cooking shows such as Top Chef. We can therefore safely say that Padma knows a thing or two about cooking and about great food. It just goes to show that even the experts hold In-N-Out in high regard. Sometimes it’s all they want, as Padma puts it. She posted that during the 2015 Emmy Awards, all she could think about was munching on an In-N-Out burger, sugary brioche bun and all. She didn’t deny herself that delicious treat.

4 Anna Kendrick Celebrated At The Oscars After-Party With A Tasty Burger 

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Anna Kendrick has got to be one of the most loved actresses around. That’s because she doesn’t take herself too seriously, loves being in the limelight and just has fun with it. She’s a really down to earth character, and isn’t going to hide or change who she is for the sake of her profession. Her fans love her for it, and wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s refreshing to come across an actress who possesses an attitude like Anna’s. Oh, and let's not forget to mention the fact that she’s stunningly beautiful as well. Anna really does possess the entire package. Due to some of the things she’s put out there over the years, some of the things she’s done and said, being pictured munching on an In-N-Out burger – although it’s something a lot of celebs wouldn’t be caught dead doing, especially in that attire – is pretty minor for Anna. After all, she wasn’t going to deny herself just because of the cameras. There was In-N-Out at the Oscar’s after-party in 2014 hosted by Vanity Fair, and Anna dove right in. It’s the little things that make an occasion grand.

3 Cara Delevingne Says She Absolutely Loves In-N-Out

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Fashion model extraordinaire Cara Delevingne is only 25, but has already taken the modelling world by storm. She’s one of the world’s most famous models, and has made the most of her opportunities too, venturing out in the acting profession, becoming an author, and getting involved in fashion design. She’s a highly influential woman, someone who has worldwide appeal, not just because of the nature of her photoshoots, but because she’s another celeb who’s very open, very down to earth and doesn’t hide certain aspects of her life behind closed doors. For example, once upon a time, if a model who walked runways and catwalks was picture munching on a burger, they’d face a tremendous amount of backlash. Times have changed but Cara wouldn’t care anyway – if she wants In-N-Out, she’ll have In-N-Out. It’s a treat for the native Brit when she visits US. shores. She posted this photo on Instagram with a caption that declared her love for the fast food chain. It’s impossible to suppress the urge!

2 Miley Cyrus Is Always Spotted At In-N-Out 

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Boy, have we seen Miley Cyrus blossom over the years. We’ve seen her grow up from a child star to a teenage sensation on the Disney channel, to the singing superstar she is today. It’s as if someone flicked a switch, and before we knew what was happening, she was up on stage in very little clothing dancing and swinging about on a wrecking ball! She’s certainly changed over the years, and many people think that it hasn’t been for the better. One thing that certainly hasn’t changed in Miley’s life is her love for In-N-Out. Throughout these transformations, her love for the fast food chain has remained strong. She’s been spotted there many times, and as expected, always has fun on her visits and creates quite a frenzy. There are videos circulating the net of employees losing their minds and being utterly star struck seeing Miley cruising through the drive thru. There’s another instance in which apparently, she got to eat for free. That’s star treatment for you!

1 Even Beyoncé Enjoys Indulging In An In-N-Out Burger 

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After being on tour for ages, sometimes a girl just needs to chillax, wind down and enjoy some personal time. Beyoncé does just that, but she doesn’t exactly slob out. When one tour date ends, her mind’s already whirring, she’s already thinking about her next project. Ever wondered what Beyoncé does to get those creative juices flowing? She has a bit of In-N-Out whilst sipping from a flute of champagne. That’s chilling out in style for you. Beyoncé’s never shied away from telling people about her love for food. She’s a real foodie and certainly doesn’t live on a diet of lettuce and veg. She eats well and trains hard – the reason for her famous curvaceous figure. She also indulges in a little treat now and again, once a week to be more specific. Every Sunday, she has a meal in which she has whatever she wants. She’s admitted her food of choice is pizza, but this time she switched things up a bit and went for some In-N-Out.

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