OITNB: 15 Hot Photos Of The Girls Out Of Litchfield

Netflix struck gold in 2013 when they released the first season of their series Orange is the New Black. Based off the book of the same name, the show throws us inside of Litchfield prison where we meet several colorful (and gorgeous!) characters.

The women definitely know how to keep your eyes glued to the screen (especially when they're glued to each other!) but as you'll see on this list, showing off some skin is definitely nothing new for many of them.

In fact, one of the prominent characters in the show even bared it all for Playboy a few years ago. We've also included quotes throughout the piece giving insight on some behind the scenes information that any fan will be sure to love, including which character was supposed to only be in 3 episodes.

With the show being renewed for a 6th and 7th season and the 5th one scheduled to be released in early June, there is perhaps never a better time than now to check out the outstanding series; so why not start by checking out the women that make the show so popular? Bonus points if you can guess who earns multiple spots and which captivating inmate earned three!


15 Kimiko Glenn At The SAG Awards

We're sure Kimiko Glenn was glad that she was bringing her A-Game when she showed up at the SAG Awards back in 2015. After all not only was the show well-represented with Uzo Abuda recognized for her individual performance as Crazy Eyes, but Kimiko Glenn was awarded (alongside the entire cast) an award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series.

While Glenn may shine on the television screen, she also rocks out on the stage including holding the lead role in the musical Waitress which after earning rave reviews, will begin touring in October.

14 Laura Prepon In Tights


Laura Prepon may have plenty of roles in which she plays kind of a tom-boy (such as That 70s Show) but she was clearly comfortable embracing her womanly curves for the above photo shoot.

While you may appreciate the photo all the more if Prepon had decided to look straight at the camera, we're sure you don't have too many complaints about the outfit that she told to wear!

Prepon has admitted in past interviews that she is most comfortable when just hanging out in jeans and a t-shirt and while we're sure she'd still be able to look amazing when hanging out casually, you'll be glad to know this isn't the only sexy photoshoot of Prepon to make an entry on our list.

13 Taryn Manning In A Field

Appearing in over 60 episodes, you wouldn't be the only one out there if Taryn Manning's character Tiffany "Pennsatucky" Doggett is one of your favorites in the series.

Which means you may have had a heart attack earlier this year when it was reported by In Touch magazine that Manning was planning to leave the show in order to move away from New York and instead move back to Los Angeles so she can clean up her life.

Manning shot down the report on Instagram however with a post saying "It's always the ones with dirty hands pointing the fingers." along with the caption "#quit #never ILovemysquad! Silly magazines but still love ya! Xoxo

Sounds like as long as Manning can have her way, she won't be going anywhere anytime soon.

12 Taylor Schilling In Jail For Allure


Naturally, the women on Orange is the New Black are going to do countless interviews about the show, but Taylor Schilling has the distinction of being the only girl on our list to do a photo shoot inspired by the show. You can give credit to Allure magazine who took the captivating photos of Schilling back in 2014.

Though there is definitely a lot more makeup evident in the above photo than she'd ever get in prison, as fans of the show know, they're definitely no stranger to seeing her show off some skin.

But while you may love Schilling in part because of her willingness to bare it all, that's definitely not the only value she wants to bring to the world

"I don't feel bound by my face or my body. I don't feel like that's the biggest gift I have to offer the world. I feel like there are more parts of me to offer than that," said Schilling in a past interview.

At the very least the success of Orange is the New Black means she should have plenty of opportunities to show off her talent.

11 Ruby Rose GQ Australia's Woman Of The Year

Ruby Rose has had many moments of her life to be proud of, but one of her biggest has to have come back in 2015 when GQ Australia announced that she was their Woman of the Year.

Along with her role on OITNB, Rose garnered a ton of support in 2015 for her openness when discussing her gender fluidity saying in an interview with Elle,

"I'm not a guy; I don't really feel like a woman, but obviously I was born one. So, I'm somewhere in the middle, which – in my perfect imagination – is like having the best of both sexes. I have a lot of characteristics that would normally be present in a guy and then less that would be present in a woman. But then sometimes I'll put on a skirt – like today."

We're sure there are many people out there who benefit from having a strong role model like Rose.

10 Laura Prepon On The Beach


When Laura Prepon was talking about what she loves to do to relax, she mentioned how she is a huge fan of playing poker and often will play with her friends (who at least at the time, were predominantly male).

But given her large female ensemble on Orange is the New Black and the absolutely beautiful pose she has in the above photo, perhaps it will only be a matter of time before the cast and crew decide to have a beach day! We're sure if that was the case that the paparazzi would be sure to be close at hand.

After all, it's not like they'd be able to logically write one into the storyline. And while we're sure it probably took several photos and hours to get the natural "wind-swept" look that is captured above, it doesn't make Prepon look any less alluring.

9 Samira Wiley Showing Off Her Stomach

Samira Wiley owes a lot of her life to the success of Orange is the New Black and her portrayal of the character Poussay Washington.

Not only has the role landed her critical acclaim, including taking home a SAG for Outstanding Performance by a Comedy ensemble; but she also found love in the arms of Lauren Morelli who is one of the writers on the show.

The two announced their engagement in 2016 and officially tied the knot back in March. While you won't know for sure, something tells us that getting married to someone who helps with the scripts is probably a pretty good way to make sure your character sticks around!


8 Jessica Pimentel On The Red Carpet


Jessica Pimentel may look drop dead gorgeous on the red carpet, but when it comes to her character Maria on the show you better make sure not to mess with her.

After all, branding a swastika on another inmate – which her character does in season 3 – is definitely not something to be taken lightly. When talking about the dark tone of season 3, Pimental made sure to warn people about what is to come

"I don't see it lightening up anytime soon. I don't know how we can cheer this up, kids. [Laughs.]"

At least you've been warned!

7 Natasha Lyonne For Esquire

Natasha Lyonne may have first come to prominence for you when she made an appearance in the American Pie series. Which means at the very least she was no stranger to some seriously provocative scenes!

We're sure you also love that in 2015 when Esquire came calling that she was willing to show off her raunchy side with the above photo shoot.

During the interview, Lyonne mentioned not only how many fans are approaching her; but also how many women she'd be able to hook up with (if she chose to swing that way)

"I feel like the ladies really like me. I feel like I could just really clean up in that department should I decide to swing that way—even maybe to my own destruction, maybe even be an animal about it, because there would be so many opportunities. Like, if I were to go on a college tour, it might become a real nightmare."

It'll have to remain a fantasy in your head, however, as she's been linked to the hilarious Fred Armisen since 2014.

6 Laura Prepon Looking Captivating


If you're staring at the above photo and finding yourself getting drawn in by how gorgeous and in-shape Prepon looks, you need to know that it doesn't come easy!

"I spin and do a lot with medicine balls and bands, which is great for toning. And dancing. I love ballet; I'm also taking salsa lessons," said Prepon in a past interview when talking about how she manages to stay in such amazing shape.

While it's not clear what the nature of the above photo shoot was, we're sure you wouldn't be the only person if you're left with your jaw on the floor with how beautiful she looks.

Granted no matter how hot the photo looks, we're sure you also wouldn't mind if Schilling also made an appearance in front of the camera.

5 Taryn Manning For Playboy

Taryn Manning may be relevant to our list because of her character on Orange is the New Black, but that's far from the only accomplishment she's had. Including working on the television series Hawaii Five-O which is worth mentioning because in 2011 when Manning dropped her clothes for Playboy – it was that show that she was promoting.

You can trust us when we say we had to do our best to pick a safe for work (and cropped at that!) version of the above photo from her day in the mansion; as Manning definitely didn't hold anything back for the camera.

We're sure you wouldn't mind if Playboy came calling again, especially now that Manning's star power is perhaps bigger than ever.

4 Yael Stone On Two Occasions


Whether in black and white or in color, we're sure the two photos that we meshed together for Yael Stone will have the same impact of leaving you speechless.

Granted when you consider Stone gets herself in some seriously adult situations (including with Natasha Lyonne who is on our list) you may be used to being left with your jaw on the floor by Stone.

When interviewed about how it felt getting up close and personal with Lyonne, Stone admitted

"It feels the same as any other intimate scenes that I’ve done whether it be with men or women. It doesn’t make too much of a difference, but it’s so easy in the show because it’s a pretty comfortable set,” as well as

"Some of the early more intimate scenes I did like on the first few days of being on the set, and Natasha (Lyonne) and I didn’t really know each other, and we were having the most fun and she’s f-cking amazing. She’s hilarious and funny and easy to work with."

3 Ruby Rose In Black And White

The above photo may be in black and white, but we wouldn't blame you if you still aren't able to take your eyes off the screen for long. After all, Ruby Rose is not only an accredited actress but has also landed some great work as a model.

Yet prior to landing her role on OITNB, Rose admitted that she was nearing her own personal rock-bottom

"Imagine not getting any work for two years and then getting to audition for the greatest show in the world," said Rose when interviewing with Ellen. Rose also admitted that she was living on a blow-up mattress from Target under a year ago, helping really hammer home how quickly your life can change.

Don't discredit Rose's talent in making things happen for her though. She was originally cast in only 3 episodes before she was able to win over the people in charge and had her character expanded to 9.

2 Uzo Abuda Looking Ravishing In Red


Uzo Abuda may be known for playing the character with the nickname "Crazy Eyes" but perhaps with the above photo, you may be left thinking about how she can also look crazy beautiful!

The above photoshoot was done for The Coveteur magazine who were also able to interview Abuda about how she gets into character and learn that she loves to stroll around the set prior to shooting,

"I like to I call it inviting her in, so opening my body up... I like to feel physically loose, because I feel like this particular character is very physical. She uses her body in really extreme ways."

Just be careful complimenting Abuda in person or you may find her getting very physical with you!

1 Taylor Schilling For InStyle

Taylor Schilling looks gorgeous in the above photo shoot, but when you consider it was for InStyle magazine you better hope she was looking her best!

Schilling posed for them back in 2015 and is wearing a dress by Gucci in the above photo. Schilling has understandably done plenty of interviews about her character on Orange is the New Black, including opening up about how she wants her character to end up

"I'd like her to find a way to live that embraces all the things that she is and that she's becoming. She has such a small identity when she first went to prison and I'd like her to have a bigger sense of herself and self-acceptance. Romantically, I hope that whoever she ends up with aids that process for her."

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