Now Charlotte? 15 WWE Divas You Can See (Minus Their Trunks)

First off, we’re not going to take the easy route on this. Yes, there are women on this list who've appeared in Playboy Magazine, but that’s cheating. You came here to see your favorite women’s wrestlers -- called "divas" back in the day (you remember before mid-2016, right?) -- without their clothes on, and giving you a magazine seen by millions is too easy. There will be no Torrie Wilson or Sable on this list.

We’re also not going to give you any cheesy wardrobe malfunctions. Nothing is worse than click bait promising a topless female WWE wrestler, only to get a tiny wardrobe malfunction. Well, maybe cancer and nuclear war are worse, but not by much. There will be no Bella Twins or Stephanie McMahon on this list.

No, this list is for the ones who go the extra mile, the ones who have patiently waited years for hackers to figure out passwords and waste time going after more popular Hollywood starlets or are willing to sit through terrible straight-to-video films for that three-second clip of a young actress who didn’t think her fame would be found years later in a wrestling ring. This list is for you.

Charlotte and Victoria may be from two different eras in the ring, but their headline-grabbing photo leaks have come only days apart. Victoria doesn’t shock us. Charlotte still does. It leaves us scratching our heads and wondering who’s next. We know it’s not going to stop. First Paige. Now Charlotte? Here are 15 WWE Divas You Can See Minus Their Trunks Whenever You Want.

15 Maryse

With the exception of the mixed tag-team match at WrestleMania, Maryse hasn’t returned to the active wrestling roster of WWE, but an argument can be made she’s had a higher profile in the year she’s been back than at any time than she wrestled during her first stint with the WWE prior to leaving in 2010. She wrestled for a couple of years back then, catching the eyes of the WWE when they were still looking for athletic model types who might not have a problem dropping their top if the job called for it. After all, while she never appeared in the magazine, she was photographed for Playboy multiple times and did appear on the 2007 cover of the Girls of Canada calendar. Plenty of photos from those shoots exist online. She returned after WrestleMania in 2016, mostly to participate in Total Divas since people like Paige and Eva Marie seemed to be exiting, but in this current WWE, we don’t expect her to have many opportunities to be seen in bras and panties. Unfortunately, she’s seen more in movies with her husband, The Miz.

14 Lana

The WWE is teasing that Rusev’s wife will soon be part of the women’s wrestling roster on SmackDown. For fans of NXT, it shouldn’t be a huge surprise since she's spent most of her weekends over the last two years when she hasn’t been down with injury touring with the group to hone her in-ring skills. Reviews range from not-the-worst to OK. Let’s be honest, though. If she can keep up, her character work and her beauty will carry her. For fans of the Ravishing Russian who wish they could see more of the real-life CJ Perry prior to her wrestling days while she was still a struggling model and actress, she participated in an artistic nude photo shoot, and the outtakes can be found on the Internet. She also had a guest role on an episode of Banshee, a series from Showtime, where she went topless for a good 10 seconds.

13 Victoria

Much like her in-ring career, Victoria’s first picture leak flew under the radar because everybody was paying attention to the massive leak of Paige’s, which happened in the same couple of days. For the real-life Lisa Marie Varon, the photo came out in early April 2017, and it was just simply her without clothes sitting in a recliner. The second leak, which came out at the same time as Charlotte Flair’s, wasn’t as simple and involved a lot of explicit photos and a video. The one thing we can say is that considering the fact Victoria is now 46 years old and she’s been throwing her body around for the last 20 years, it’s held up remarkably well. Ironically, when Trish Stratus and Lita were always turning down Playboy back in the day, Victoria offered to pose, but the WWE always went with one of their blondes or one of their Diva Search winners. Well, Victoria, now everybody knows what they look like.

12 Paige

If Paige is ever allowed back into a WWE ring, it will show that there's no such thing as a sex scandal too big that would ever keep someone out of the ring. A bunch of still photos and videos of an explicit sexual nature involving other wrestlers and the NXT Women’s Title were hacked from Paige and released at the same time as several other well-known celebrities, including Amanda Seyfried and Emma Watson. This isn’t the only reason we don’t expect to see Paige wrestling for the WWE anytime soon. She’s also now engaged to wrestler Alberto Del Rio, who takes every opportunity to bash his former employer, and she’s got two strikes against her with the company’s Wellness Policy. The only thing going for her is that the company is co-producing a movie loosely based on her family’s life with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, but that doesn’t mean she ever needs to step foot in a ring again.

11 Chyna

Chyna Former professional wrestler and current adult film star Chyna celebrates the release of her movie 'Backdoor to Chyna' for Vivid Video at Supperclub Los Angeles Los Angeles, California - 22.06.11 Featuring: Chyna Where: United States When: 22 Jun 2011 Credit: WENN

It’s another example of a WWE diva whose several issues of Playboy she posed in you could easily just pick up to find out what she looks like completely naked from head to toe. But why would you bother to do that when she has such an extensive adult video collection? After leaving the WWE, but prior to her death in 2016, the real-life Joanie Laurer battled a series of mental health issues and addictions. When you have a decent body and were once famous, there’s almost always a market in p*rn, so Laurer did what she had to do. Once the novelty of seeing her have sex wore off in movies like “One Night in Chyna” and “Chyna is Queen of the Ring,” she actually started acting, taking on the role of She-Hulk in “Avengers XXX: A P*rn Parody” and “She-Hulk XXX.” She actually hadn’t made an adult film in three years at the time of her death.

10 Mickie James

If ever Paige wants to point a finger at the WWE and claim that they're hypocrites for not bringing her back because of her sex scandal, she only needs to bring up the name of Mickie James because it can easily be argued that James’s past is far more damaging than Paige’s will ever be. Before James -- then known as Alexis Laree -- became big, she had bills to pay and like some women with good bodies and flexible morals (or is it flexible bodies and good morals?), she turned to the world of adult entertainment. Her most notable work was a fully nude shoot that left nothing to the imagination in an issue of Leg Show and a series of sexually explicit videos. Odds are, her co-stars had no idea that they were performing with a future WWE champion, although there was a lot of tag-teaming, now that we think about it.

9 Charlotte

Maybe it makes perfect sense. She does have Ric Flair’s DNA inside of her after all, but Charlotte is not on the list of divas we thought would ever get caught up in a photo leak scandal. We’re guessing her password was "WHOOO!" The word making the rounds is that the photos of her taken in front of her vanity mirror were to track weight loss and were never meant for anybody’s eyes but her own, so it wasn’t a situation of sending them off to a boyfriend who would enjoy the sexy snaps. Nonetheless, Charlotte is now part of the growing pantheon of WWE women’s wrestlers who will forever be cataloged on the Internet with nude pictures available just a few clicks away. If she ever gets injured and is away for six or eight months, she really should go get her breasts redone. We haven’t seen a phonier looking set since Chyna had hers implanted back in the 1990s. You’d think plastic surgery technology might have improved in 20 years.

8 Sunny

If there was a how-to guide on the proper way to handle WWE diva stardom, we would take it, find a time machine, and go back to 1994. We’d find a young Tammy Sytch, just looking toward working the indie scene with her boyfriend, Chris Candido, and force her to read it. The two drug-free, talented kids looked like they could have anything they wanted in wrestling and quickly climbed up the ranks until they hit the WWE and ran smack into the Kliq. It didn’t go well for Candido, who moved onto other wrestling jobs, but his girlfriend stayed and became the most downloaded woman on AOL. It only went downhill from there. Fast forward 20-something years, and Candido has been dead for most of them and an overweight, alcoholic Sytch splits her time between jail, rehab, court, performing sex shows in Skype rooms, and doing whatever she does with her afternoons. There was plenty of p*rn along the way, too.

7 Kimberly Page

Steve Carell’s breakout role was undoubtedly as Andy in The 40-Year-Old Virgin, and even if the movie is about 30 minutes too long, it’s still one of the funniest movies made in the last 20 years. The tragedy of it being shown on basic cable, though, is that Kimberly “Diamond Doll” Page’s boob gets cut out, which is at least 20% of the reason for watching. Despite it being the largest movie role on her resume, the ex-wife of WWE Hall of Famer “Diamond” Dallas Page made the most of her speed-dating scene, coming off as charming and funny. It seemed much more natural than when she tried to extend that range serving as Dallas’s valet during large stretches of his career. She also posed for a Playboy Newsstand special with her ex-husband along the way. Thankfully, Dallas kept his clothes on.

6 Missy Hyatt

Sunny is credited as the first WWE diva, Miss Elizabeth was the “First Lady” of WWF in the 1980s, and the Fabulous Moolah is the grand dame of women’s professional wrestling, but a history lesson on the big names of women’s wrestling shouldn't be given without Missy Hyatt being part of the mix. She worked very, very briefly for WWF, but it never quite gelled, and her heyday came before WCW went national under Eric Bischoff. She was the first woman to really break through and show that a buxom blonde could portray an airhead but also be a cunning manager and decent announcer. When the territories dried up, so did the work, and cameos in ECW couldn’t pay the bills, so Hyatt opened an adult website, finally giving male fans what they wanted to see for years... maybe a little too late. The site closed not too long after it debuted.

5 Dana Brooke

Right now, in the WWE locker room, there are a bunch of ladies sitting around looking at each other probably wondering if they really needed to take all those naked photos of themselves in their bathroom mirrors. Most are probably saying, “At least I’m not Paige” because of the sexually graphic nature of her leak. Most are probably wishing they were only hit as bad as Dana Brooke, who revealed little more than the fact she has a tattoo of a bird on her butt. Aside from the fact that she isn’t wearing a thong in a couple of the photos, she doesn’t show anything more than you couldn’t have already seen had you attended one of her fitness modeling shows prior to her joining the WWE. We’re sure that it’s still an embarrassment that a naked photo got out, but she was covering her breasts, and compared to people she works with, she probably can still walk around with her head held high.

4 Melina Perez

Melina Perez is one of those models who clearly never loved wrestling and hoped it would simply be a stepping stone to other things. She followed her boyfriend at the time, Johnny Nitro, later known as John Morrison, later known as Johnny Mundo, into the WWE, managing him and Joey Mercury. It was clear the WWE was hoping for the kind of outcome they got when Trish Stratus arrived to manage Test and Albert, but it never turned out that way. Melina cheated on Nitro with Batista in real life, and that relationship fell apart, leading to Melina becoming a singles wrestler before eventually parting ways with WWE. Back in 2014, she was one of the first female wrestlers to get hacked when a topless photo of her posing in her bed was released onto the Internet. She tried for a few years to break into mainstream entertainment, but Celebrity Fit Club and Bad Girls Club didn’t spell the fame and fortune she was hoping for.

3 Maria Kanellis Bennett

Mrs. Bennett was a hacking victim, but with all of the hoopla of the bigger name wrestlers who were hacked and the fact that she had already done a Playboy magazine shoot and has appeared topless in an indy film, the hack largely went unnoticed by most mainstream wrestling fans, who may not even realize Maria is still working in wrestling. So while the former Celebrity Apprentice contestant can be seen in the buff in a variety of ways, we’re going to suggest you find an indy film from 2014 called The Opposite Sex. It’s got a few small names, but our favorite 10 seconds is when Maria, playing the character known as “Hot Mess,” tries to get her guy’s attention when all he wants to do is play games on TV. She stands in front of the TV without a stitch of clothing on. He barely notices, but we sure did.

2 Candice Michelle

Unlike Victoria, Candice Michelle seems to be welcome back at WWE events like the Hall of Fame Induction ceremony and even participated in a Table for 3 taping following WrestleMania in 2016, waxing nostalgic about her days with Michelle McCool and Molly Holly. Michelle was perfect for the time because she could wrestle -- or at least do what passed for wrestling back in the diva days -- but also had no problem with showing the necessary amount of skin. Prior to becoming a female wrestler, she was one of those women who popped up in Cinemax movies and shows like Hotel Erotica and Roommate Wanted, which were light on the acting chops but heavy on the extended softcore erotic scenes. We’d recap her performance, but the parts where she has her clothes on and seems to be struggling to remember her lines along with the other “actresses” are so tough to watch, we couldn’t make it to the end of any of her movies.

1 Gail Kim

At this point, it’s probably safe to say that Gail Kim is going to go down as not being remembered as one of the most talented women’s wrestlers of her era simply because she didn’t play the political game anywhere she went. Kim was always forced to play second-fiddle to the less-talented but more marketable stars in both TNA and WWE, which resulted in her bouncing between brands for much of her career. By the time she met celebrity chef Robert Irvine and decided to have a child, her fate as one of the supporting cast and not one of the stars was sealed. She does, however, have the distinction of having one of the most unique instances of nudity outside of wrestling. It’s not in a movie, in a Playboy magazine, nor in a hack. Kim was hired in 2005 for some topless modeling shots by a Korean cell phone company; they’re just your typical pin-up photo shots. Hopefully, the company sold a lot of phones.

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