Not A Gamer? These 20 Hot Twitch Girls Will Convert You

Twitch is one of those wonderful, new technological advancements that really let guys enjoy female gamers in a way they never thought they could. Once upon a time, guys thought female gamers were something like a unicorn: a mythical creature they'd only ever heard tell of (with the exception of that goth kid in the stairwell at school).

Now, gamer girls are everywhere! And what's more? They even have channels online where people can watch them do their thing. For some, surely it's second best to the grungy adult entertainment they watch in their basements. But there are those who have made it their primary, basement-dwelling viewing. And besides, there are some girls on Twitch who were once in the porn industry...and some who really seem like they would do well in it.

Now, the streaming service has tightened the reins on showing off too much skin, and essentially scoring viewers by becoming gaming strippers. But that doesn't mean those girls aren't still streaming. Those naughty ones, and many others continue to tantalize, and delight their viewers. Who said you had to show off a ton of skin to be hot? So here are twenty of the hottest gamer girls on Twitch today.

20 Clara Baby Legs


Here's a prime example of a Twitch girl who would pretty well bare all for her viewers' money. This is probably the most appropriate photo I could find of Clara. For the longest time, she would do nothing but game in bra and underwear. On her Patreon account, she would even do specific shoots for certain patrons. Of course several of those photos have been leaked all over the web. During her gaming she may have had one or two nip slip as well. When readying to stream Star Wars: Battlefront III, Clara was suspended from Twitch for dressing in a provocative "Slave Leia" outfit (from Return of the Jedi). It was stunning, of course, but nothing worse than she had done before. But of course their excuse was that it was a Disney property, and therefore not appropriate. But either way...just look at those eyes!

19 Lilchiipmunk


Surprisingly Lilchiipmunk has not even six million subscribers. Considering her dance moves, and sometimes almost stripper-like outfits, one would think that this gamer girl would have quite a few more audience members supporting her streams. I guess it goes to show that it's not just the look, or the tricks that get people subscribing on gaming streams. This Romanian-Vietnamese-Canadian has been playing video games for as long as she can remember. Her main streams are the ever popular IRL, and the over popular League of Legends. I still find it amazing, given her looks, her outfits, and her streams that this Lilchiipmunk doesn't have a much larger following. But she still seems to be making a career of it, so she must be doing something right.

18 CinCin Bear


With almost eight million subscribers on Twitch, and just shy of four hundred patrons on Patreon, this gal has got no issues making bank for her lifestyle. A big fan of Overwatch, and IRL, Bear has really hammered out a great swath of videos. She's also always got something fun to talk about too though. It's not just about gaming for her. It's a social experience of sorts. She also happens to be heavily into cosplay, as the scorching rendition of Tifa Lockhart (from Final Fantasy VII) above shows. And she does outfits from all sorts of games, and comics, and animes. So she may not have a huge variety of games that she streams, but given her great range of cosplay, she really knows how to harness an audience. And hey, if she likes setting up that camera gear, playing model, and editing some fantastic photos for all to see...who the hell are we to complain?

17 2MGoverCsquared


From Washington State, 2MG is a gorgeously inked up gamer girl. Some may be wondering about her name. She probably explains it best herself: "R=2(MassxGravityConstant)/c2 This is known as The Schwarzschild radius. This equation is used to calculate the Radius of a Non-Rotating Super Massive Black Hole. I took the equation and made it an expression." I'm not sure how she expresses a "Non-Rotating Super Massive Black Hole", but all the power to her (maybe Mia Rose has more experience with something like that?). Regardless, Battlegrounds, Counter-Strike, and Just Dance seem to be the most popular games in her streams. And surely everyone enjoys Just Dance. Either for her making an ass of herself...or because she's hot, and watching her dance is a huge bonus.

16 DingleDerper


Well...besides her very unfortunate gamer name, this gamer girl is certainly smokin', and loves to show everyone that fact. With over twelve million subscribers, this blue-eyed babe loves to show off in her bikinis, her underwear, and on her skateboard. And that last one has got to broaden her audience base intensely. If there's one thing that rivals gamer girl, it's skate chick, for sure. So to have both in one woman...she's got a sustainable career ahead of her, for sure. Her two main streams are for Counter Strike, and IRL. It seems most of these girls play all of the same damned games. If only some of them preferred to stream other games. Like if Tara Babcock actually streamed playing Atari games. That would be amazing. It's a wonder these gamer girls haven't gone retro with their streams. But of course, in the case of DingleDerper, she has nothing to worry about anyway.

15 Deer Nadia


Nadia makes it onto this article for absolutely nothing other than this fantastically frisky Black Cat outfit! This gamer girl loves to hear that she's cute (she says so in her bio). But more importantly, she doesn't necessarily want to impress the guys. She's always looking to impress their girls. "...when that bench pressing competition rolls around I'll be ready to impress your girl." She apparently loves all sorts of culture..."except Canadian because [she's] allergic to maple syrup." She plays all manner of video games, which really opens up her audience, for sure. She even does Game of Thrones cosplays. So she really can draw a crowd. And if just saying that doesn't sell you, then maybe stating that she's got just shy of nine million subscribers might. From the photo above...there's a very good reason for that...and it's funny...she didn't get in trouble for her Disney costume (since Disney owns Marvel).

14 Tara Babcock


Oh, this is not the first time Tara Babcock has graced the digital pages of TheRichest. And I dare to say it won't be the last time either. Nothing even needs to be said of her credentials, or her gaming ability. She is doing the hottest advertisement Atari has ever had (because there has never been any other sexy ad for Atari...ever). One shouldn't objectify her, but the badge one gets for subscribing to her channel for two years is cleavage, so...it's clear how she got her over seven million followers. A big of Don't Starve Together, Babcock does include a range of games in her over six hundred videos. There is one thread though, that links almost all of those videos. Unlike this photo above, she is overwhelmingly well known for showing off as much cleavage as is possible, without getting a ban from Twitch.

13 ZombiUnicorn


Originally a journalism student...and then a music student...ZombiUnicorn moved to Los Angeles to realize her dream of being a voice actor, and on-camera host. She at least partially realized one of those dreams. She does host her Twitch Channel. And she does quite well. Because now all she does is "make a living telling poop and fart jokes on the internet while playing video games or basically just being a big ham." At least most of these gamer girls are honest about how ridiculous their occupation is. There are guys who make a living from gaming, but they are missing a couple of things that the ladies have to really bring in the crowds. It's not like there are many male gamers who are showing off their six pack abs in order to get more views from women. But who cares? ZombiUnicorn is pretty smokin'.

12 ItsHafu


Another one of the cutest girls on Twitch, Hafu is a 26-year-old, Chinese gamer, currently residing in Nevada. She's been playing games for twelve years now! A vast number of her streams are for Hearthstone, so she has a bit more of a targeted audience. But ultimately there are those who just love to see a female gamer, no matter what they're playing. The above photo looks as though she's taking a bit of a break from games in order for a little snuggling. She is on her bed after all. And just look at those eyes. Deep, dark, and doe-eyed. Like most Twitch gamers, she's huge on selfies. I guess you have to be in order to sell yourself as an online gamer. But she goes one step further. She offers discount codes for gaming chairs, and other gaming gear. Here's a true business gamer.

11 OMGitsfirefoxx


OMG eyes! I mean OMGitsfirefoxx. This is an old school gamer girl. She got her start by playing games like WolfensteinDuke Nukem, and Commander Keen. And that was back when DOS was being used to run computers! Truly old school. Now she plays games like Counter-Strike, Overwatch, and IRL. She even does gaming talk shows on her streams, which are always at least partially amusing. It's got to be hard not being positive when your work is your play. And it's got to be hard (no pun intended) to not be positive when watching someone so enjoyable. And she doesn't even whore for money! "I'd rather you take a pretty lady on a date to Chipotle or do literally anything else with your month than waste your money on myself but if you're feelin saucy, there's some sellouty fox down there that says Donate like I'm a heckin charity or something wtf."

10 Lady Avi


Lady Avi has more than one million subscribers on Twitch! You know she's doing something right when. Of course the glasses, and the cleavage helps a lot, but what else could she be doing so right? It could have something to do with her nurse outfits, kitty costumes, bikinis, see-through white pants and shirt, and constant dancing to bounce around the two main reasons people follow her. She has even gone so far as to spill wine down her shirt, just to be able to somewhat sexily clean herself up. In spite of all of that though, I think the glasses are the most attractive part of this gamer girl. Klaudia (her real name) is a huge League of Legends fan. So much so that she was pretty top ranking for a long time. Something about a girl who can kick your ass in something is just intriguing.

9 Alinity


Alinity maybe beats every single streamer so far. Why is that? Because she has over twenty three million subscribers! She also does the nurse outfit, it seems. But there's a lot more to her stream. She also does ballet (albeit ridiculously). She posts beach selfies. Wears bikinis while streaming...hell she's even streamed topless before! And it doesn't hurt that she's got a cute little...kitty cat. Look how adorable! Sure, there are many who aren't cat people, but surely they enjoyed the stream where Alinity almost got crapped on by her cat. An interesting video to be sure. This Colombian-born Canadian really dug into World of Warcraft for a long time. Then hit Hearthstone, and League of Legends. And she's been streaming all of that for the past five years now. Five years, and more than double anyone else's subscribers!

8 Chanel Rooh


Chanel might only have just over thirty thousand subscribers, but that doesn't change the fact that she is gorgeous. And incredibly cute with those freckles. And she has some very good reasons to only have so few subscribers. She is both a graphic designer, and a full time student. So really, Twitch doesn't give her a career. That's just how she unwinds. Perhaps the idea being that if she's going to spend time gaming, she may as well do it while others watch, and participate. I think that's pretty damn admirable. And she doesn't typically go out of her way to use sex as a means for money. Sure, she does sometimes wear revealing tops, but it's not the norm. She even streams about things that have nothing to do with gaming! For example, when she moved into her new condo (which she didn't purchase with gaming funds), she streamed to help get ideas to decorate.

7 Dizzy Kitten


Dizzy is a twenty four year old Arkansas native with stunning eyes, and a really bright attitude. And that could be a big part of the reason why she has ten million subscribers. It has to be the eyes, and the attitude, because she's not got a lot of really risqué photos out there. And her usual outfits while streaming are pretty reserved. It's not like she's wearing turtle necks or anything like that. She just simply doesn't go out of her way to flash her chest to the entire internet in exchange for subscribers, and donations. It's got to be nice for her to be able to say that she doesn't make her money by whoring herself on a gaming stream. Oh and it might be cool to know that she only has one hundred videos. Which means that she has averaged ten thousand subscribers per video stream. IRL being the most popular game on her list.

6 LegendaryLea


Record breaker right here! Over thirty five million subscribers! Just to take a look at her, one can instantly see why that might be. But there's something a little more...interesting about her, and why she might have so many people making her the big bucks. She had an incident while playing Dark Souls. Shifting in her chair, or stretching...for whatever reason (maybe even just to be risqué), she lifted her leg a bit too high, and exposed some particularly private parts...making them very public. Twitch didn't very much like that. They banned her. Only for a short period of time, but she was still banned. So maybe her incredible number of subscribers is due to her being such a sexually deviant badass gamer. Studying to do her MCAT after graduation four years ago, she streamed to wind down after a long day...and then gave up her studies when she realized that she could make a career.

5 Emiru


It's not necessary to see this gamer girl's eyes, since they're not real anyway. Or rather, she does have real eyes, but she wears contacts, which cover what they really look like. According to her "yes, I wear contacts. I need them to see anyway so why not have fun with them." Sure, she's taught, and busty, but she's also only nineteen, and just out of high school. With only one hundred thousands views, Emiru is a pretty recent addition to the Twitch community. With intentions to study in the near future, we shall see if she sticks around with part time streaming. Or maybe she'll give it all up for her studies...or maybe she'll drop her studies like Legendary Lea, and stick with streaming. One can never tell, but it seems likely that this Chinese-German (living in Texas) could really make a pro go at this career. After all, she does almost solely play League of Legends.

4 SuushiSam


Sam is an incredibly adorable gamer girl. And she has one of the coolest dresses in the world...or the galaxy...or the universe for that matter (I hope you get the matter joke). Here is a gamer who doesn't use sex appeal. She doesn't really cosplay. She was at a gaming convention where she kissed Dizzy Kitten, but that's besides the point (and it was only a peck anyway). Now, to be fair, she's not heavily on Twitch anymore. At least not under this username. Her channel is now empty: even with one hundred thousand subscribers. But that aside, she is a huge nerd! Loves BioshockKingdom Hearts, anything to do with zombies, and she thinks Firefly should be brought back to TV. Now that dress makes perfect sense. She's somehow harnessing the power of the universe to will Firefly back on the air.

3 Cchristiee


You'd think, being Brazilian-American would make this gamer girl all the more sexually charged. At least, any stereotype would lead a viewer to believe that. However, Christie enjoys being silly far more than she does being sexy. She's already attractive. She doesn't need to do anything about it to prove that fact. If she's not gaming, with her bird perched on her shoulder (an actual bird, yes), then she's taking silly photos like the one above. The best part of the photo? The fact that she has Star Trek socks! How wonderfully nerdy is that? A Counter-Strike and League of Legends gamer, Christie has over four million subscribers. Her silly, fun-loving style is just the way to unwind after a long day of work. It might seem paltry because she mainly rages at League games...but she's nothing short of entertaining.

2 Sheever


Sheever is perhaps just one of the cutest gamer girls. She doesn't use her sexuality to make a name for herself. She is just a gamer, and happens to be really cute. From the Netherlands, Sheever (Jorien van der Heijden), really got into gaming with World of Warcraft. After four years of hammering away at the now declining game, she really dug into Dota (Defense of the Ancients). After casting a Dota tournament over five years ago, she was brought on board with GosuGamers. After they parted ways however, Sheever remained very much a popular gaming personality. She now does casting for all manner of tournaments. And as big as Dota is, she is even a panelist on streams, and in tournaments, to talk about the game, and gamers in great detail. So cute, and so smart, it's no wonder she's got over two thousand videos on her Twitch account.

1 Miss Mia Rose


Ok...so almost everything about this Twitch girl is exciting. And there's very good reasoning behind that. I mean yeah, there's something behind her eyes that is very alluring. But that's not the big one. She's got a wicked gaming chair, she plays a huge assortment of games...and did she get all of this from playing games? No, no. She got the money to start with all of this gear from her previous career. Mia Rose was a porn star. Maybe she wasn't a star, but she was big enough in the business, and has a plethora of videos out and about. Surely that must have been a huge draw for her audience. And given that she just hit her "dirty thirty", she probably got one hell of a boost in viewers. All of that aside though, she is actually a pretty damn solid gamer in her own right. So it seems there's something to be said of getting nailed by several guys in a day...you make a ton of money, and you can spend the rest of the week gaming!

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