Nicki Minaj Paid For Her Fans' Tuitions (And 19 Other Expensive Gifts Celebs Gave Their Fans)

It’s always a good thing to see a celebrity use their status, wealth, and platform to do good in the world; especially when it comes to those who are less fortunate than them. Not that it’s bad for them to flaunt and floss their diamonds, luxury cars and Givenchy merchandise (shoutout to the Kardashian and Jenner clans). We actually get a little hopeful that we can one day do the same one day. Still, it’s refreshing to read about the rich and famous gifting the everyday person with something unique.

Whether it was student loans or a Christmas gift that could change a life, the moments when celebrities show love to their fans with presents are always special. It doesn’t hurt when it comes with an expensive price tag the fortunate receiver could never afford. It’s almost like a reminder for us that celebrities know they’re real people that are so thankful for how blessed they are that they want to share it with others. There are few moments when it seems like a celebrity does it for recognition or an applause. Instead, their acts of kindness and expensive gift-giving appears to be genuine and appreciative for the most part. In some respects, it comes from celebrities who we would certainly expect to have a heart of gold. We have to admit we were a bit surprised by their generous spirits of some other celebs on this list. Either way, take a look at a list of celebrities who gave their fans some pretty expensive gifts.

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20 Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Donated 1,000 Pairs Of Shoes

Via: Pop Sugar

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are the epitome of a rich and famous Hollywood couple. From Kardashian’s businesses and ventures to West’s fashion line and mega-successful rap career, the twosome brings in an unsurmountable amount of cash every year. While they usually don’t talk about giving back to the less fortunate, they certainly do it. One of their most notable times was back in 2015. They donated 1,000 pairs of shoes to the Soles4Souls foundation. So, how did this come about? Kardashian took to Twitter to explain. “I’m up breastfeeding and watching this show Dish Nation,” she wrote. “I heard the cutest story of a girl who is trying to find 1,000 pairs of shoes to donate to this charity [Soles4Souls]! They helped her during Hurricane Katrina.” She then pointed out that she thought she knew the person who designed the Shoe of the Year. It was none other than Kanye West. She informed Twitterverse and the girl that they would give all 1,000 pairs she needed.

19 Nicki Minaj Paid For Her Fans' School Tuition

Via: Kuulpeeps

Anyone who has ever even thought about attending an institution of higher learning knows it will cost an arm, a leg, and maybe even a kidney, depending on the school of choice. Gifs and memes about loan servicer Sallie Mae are probably as relatable as they come. While Nicki Minaj spent her traditional post-college years topping the charts, she seemed to empathize with fans who couldn’t afford to pay back their annoying student loans. It started when she promoted a contest that surrounded the video for her then latest hit, “Regret In Your Tears.” She offered to sponsor a fan’s vacation, but one asked her if she could pay back his student loans instead. To that fan's surprise, she said yes to him and dozens of other students that could prove they had straight As. “Who wants to join THAT contest?!” she asked. Um, where do we sign up, Nicki?

18 Ed Sheeran Donated His Entire Wardrobe To Charity

Via: Billboard

Listening to his music, it’s not hard to picture singer Ed Sheeran as a sweet and loving guy. He proved that he is this and more when he donated his complete wardrobe to various charities and foundations in his hometown of Suffolk. Now, looking at Ed Sheeran, he doesn’t seem like the type of celebrity that shops at Gucci and Louis Vuitton on the regular. Still, even if he has 10 of the same hoodies and jeans, there’s no way they came cheap for the all-star singer. Let’s not forget he once covered GQ magazine. When it comes to his relaxed look, Sheeran has come a long way since the same publication labeled him the worst-dressed celebrity back in 2012. Sheeran once said of his clothing choices, “If I want to be smart, I can be smart. I just really don’t care. I dressed badly up until about six months ago when I met someone, who I’m currently with, who just bought me some shirts for my birthday and carried on getting me shirts. I’m just a little bit better dressed now.” There's nothing wrong with that!

17 Gina Rodriguez Gave A Fan A Dress She Wore To The Golden Globes

Via: Pop Sugar

Thankfully, Gina Rodriguez is just as amazing in person as her character Jane Villanueva on The CW’s Jane The Virgin. She’s also an amazing fashionista and one fan not only took note but was brave enough to ask Rodriguez a daring question. The fan approached Rodriguez via Twitter and told her she would be honored to wear a blue studded dress that Rodriguez wore to the Golden Globes that year to her prom. And the star responded! She took things a step further and let her know that while she didn’t own the blue dress, she did own the one from the year before, which also marked Rodriguez’s first time at the Golden Globes. Rodriguez was determined to give the fan her strapless black Badgley Mischka piece topped with a long chiffon hem. She was sure to exchange information with the teen and it’s safe to say it was a perfect fit.

16 Chris Hemsworth Gave A Fan Who Found His Wallet $10,000

Via: Frazer Harrison

The idea that honesty is the best policy led to a big payout for one truthful teen. It’s one thing to come into head-on contact with a star like Thor’s Chris Hemsworth; it’s another to find his wallet. Hemsworth accidentally left his wallet on a restaurant table, he explained during an appearance on Ellen in April 2016. He said he was sure it was a goner. Things took quite the turn when the teen who found his wallet returned it with a letter. He wasn’t afraid to shoot his shot in the note. He said his parents saw Hemsworth would be on Ellen and asked if they could have tickets. Hemsworth not only gave the family tickets, but brought the teen on stage with him to give him a special gift: a wallet of his own along with $10,000 to help him pay for college. Considering Hemsworth probably didn’t have $10,000 in his wallet, it might be safe to say the teen learned it certainly does pay to be honest.

15 Zac Efron Bought A Fan Who Shattered His Phone Screen A Brand-New Phone

Via: Pinterest

Zac Efron’s star power led to one super fan dropping his phone. But what Efron did next was something that left that special fan in way better shape than before. While filming the Baywatch movie, a handful of fans flocked to the High School Musical star. Efron snapped a photo with the fans but one guy accidentally dropped his phone. Anyone with an iPhone knows how this goes. The fan picked it up only to find that the screen was shattered beyond use. What did Efron do? He could have easily shared his condolences with the fan and went about his day. Instead, he purchased a brand-new phone for the fan. Us everyday people know that a new smartphone without a contract is not cheap. Efron also made his day and let the fan hang out with him on set. He shared the story on social media as well as a special message for his followers: “Be careful your with your phones…”

14 Simon Cowell Helped A Young Girl Pay For Her Extensive Medical Bills

Via: Business Insider

Simon Cowell has had no problem displaying his mean, rude, and outspoken side on shows like American Idol, X-Factor, and Britain’s Got Talent. But the guy certainly has a sweet side, too. Well, anyone who has watched the latter show knows he’s moved to tears more often than not these days. Interestingly enough, one of Cowell’s generous moments happened off camera. Kian Musgrove who was three years old at the time, needed to fly from the UK to the United States to see a cancer treatment specialist. Cowell caught wind of Musgrove’s family’s struggle to pay for the expensive medical bills. So, he donated more than $33,000 to the cause. When the family’s struggle got worse after their travel expenses, Cowell stepped in again and took care of all of their needs. Musgrove’s mother said she could barely believe it when Cowell called himself and delivered the news that he would be more than honored to help. We knew he had a heart down there somewhere.

13 Example Treated Several Fans To A Meal Before One Of His Shows

Via: Marc Andrews

Rap star Example, known for his hits like “Changed The Way You Kiss Me,” showed why he can be a good… well, example. He treated fans to dinner at a restaurant called Nando’s just before his concert in Glasgow. While Nando’s is known as a casual dining eatery, Example paid for 12 people to get their fill. It might be safe to say that was a pretty expensive meal for the rapper. He purchased 12 whole chickens, 30 sides such as chips, mash potatoes, rice, peas, and corn. Hey, it sounds like all of the guests had quite the balanced meal. Example not only treated the fortunate guests to dinner, but invited them to go on all six of his Britain tour dates. It looks like Glasgow was simply the meal for the day during the all-expenses paid trip. Example was in Scotland during his popular three-day tour, Ultimate Weekender.

12 Justin Bieber Surprised A Girl For Her Quinceañera

Via: BET

It’s no secret that a quinceañera is a pivotal part of a Latina girl’s life. But one hosted by Justin Bieber takes all the feels to another level. Bieber heard about a girl named Ashley, whose mom said in a video via Fox’s YouTube channel that Ashley was unable to celebrate her big day because she had been diagnosed with meningitis. Bieber took it upon himself to make sure she had one anyway in 2015. He kicked off the surprise when he popped up at her home with a handful of fancy and expensive dresses for her to choose from. He then took her to her party and saved a special dance for her as they swayed back and forth to his song “Pray.” The song had a special meaning for Ashley. “I listened to that song over and over in the hospital,” she said in a video clip. “It’s so inspirational.” Bieber went even further and gave a dad and a son with Down syndrome $50,000. Don’t stop believing!

11 Harry Styles Bought Thousands Of Dollars Worth Of Pizza For Homeless People In Los Angeles

Via: Gregg DeGuire/WireImage

Something like pizza can be taken for granted when you have the funds to buy it at any given moment. Harry Styles helped alleviate this when he spent thousands of dollars on pizza from none other than Domino’s to help feed the homeless in Los Angeles. He might not have publicized the moment but one of his good friends did. “I think that’s an amazing story,” they said during an interview with 95.5. WPLJ. Considering this took place back in 2013, his friend pointed out that Styles had only catapulted into fame a few years prior. He said he hoped this would be a way for their then new fans to get to know the real Styles. A spokesperson for the pizza franchise also commended Styles on his generosity. “All we really want to say though is thank you to Harry for involving us in such a cool thing that he did. My understanding is that Harry and One Direction have plenty of fans… but they certainly gained a bunch more today from us here at Domino’s.”

10 Taylor Swift Gave Dozens Of Fans Around The World Thoughtful Christmas Presents

Via: Wall Devil

Taylor Swift took her Christmas spirit up a notch back in 2014. She gave dozens of her fans gifts from all over the world that she actually wrapped herself and wrote personalized notes. It’s safe to say their responses gave them a Christmas they will always remember. One super fan received an expensive tea set from Japan. She added the note, “I thought of you when I saw this in Japan because you can drink tea using this. Or… whatever else you feel like drinking lol. #neverforget.” Another fan received a beautiful opal necklace set that hailed from Australia. One fan’s nighttime wardrobe will never be the same as she received an intense black robe with a drag on the back, with a matching fan, of course. Swift’s fans and even some of their parents couldn’t hold back the tears. Swift definitely channeled her Mrs. Clause as she spread Christmas cheer that year.

9 Beyoncé Gave 750 Fans $50 To Help Buy Christmas Gifts

via: mirror.co.uk

Let’s not forget the time Beyoncé balled out at Walmart on behalf of her fans just in time for the holidays. The Grammy-Award winning singer and pretty much queen of pop culture took time from her schedule to not just visit the popular superstore, but gave 750 fans $50 each to help them shop for the Christmas season. Don’t worry about doing the math, we did it for you. It equals to $37, 500. When you put it into perspective, she spent an entire salary to help out her fans and even those who happened to be in Walmart at the time. It doesn’t get much more expensive than that. What makes it even more interesting is that she did it in a city where they most likely were not expecting Beyoncé to make an appearance at all. She stopped by Tewksbury, Massachusetts just days before Christmas Day in the year 2013.

8 Martin Garrix Paid For A Fan's Flight So He'd Be Able To See Him Perform

Via: Scott Roth/Invision/AP

One fan, Chris McFadden, used the power of social media to get the attention of popular producer, DJ, and musician Martin Garrix. He told the celeb he would love to go see him for Garrix’s show in Amsterdam. The only problem was that he couldn’t afford the tickets. Garrix channeled his inner generosity and booked his return flight for him! McFadden broke down the fortunate encounter in an interview after he received lots of attention for his high-profile moment. “I bought the tickets when they first went on sale because I was afraid they would sell out, but I went to Szigent in Budapest in August and traveled America in September, and the flights had gone up 300 euros, and I couldn’t afford them anymore, so I chanced my luck with Martin.” Good thing he did because it certainly turned out well for him. Good for him for stepping out there!

7 Taylor Swift Helped A Fan Pay Her Student Loans

Via: CBS News 8

Taylor Swift isn’t just out here making Christmas wishes come true and Nicki Minaj isn’t the only star helping her fans pay off student debt. Many fans might remember Swift’s moment when she shelled out exactly $1,989 dollars to help a fan named Rebekkah with her debt after college. Of course, it was a reminder of her album, 1989 at the time, but any little bit is certainly a major help. Swift wrote a note for the lucky fan that reads, “Rebekkah, now you’re $1989 closer to paying off those student loans.” Swift might not have to deal with student loans, but at least she knows how pesky they can be. She also wrote a special message for Rebekkah that the fan read as she opened her gifts on a video later posted for YouTube. “I was thinking about you today and how you’ve been there cheering me on in the most thoughtful and creative ways,” wrote Swift.

6 Selena Gomez Gave Two Fans She Met At An Airport Tickets To Her Concert

Via: Pop Sugar

Anyone who has tried to score tickets to a Selena Gomez show knows they aren’t cheap. It’s almost right up there with the price of tickets to see Queen Bey, Bruno Mars, and her other peers. Still, that didn’t stop Gomez from giving a fan a pair of tickets to one of her biggest shows. Gomez explained via a post on Instagram that she met one of her younger fans at a local airport. She said the two were on the same flight so she gave her tickets to her show. “Hehehe, I kinda like my job,” wrote Gomez about the encounter. The girl was so tiny she could fit perfectly on Gomez’s lap. Gomez was heading to Vancouver, British Columbia for her Stars Dance World tour back in 2013. Vancouver was the first stop in Gomez’s tour that would hit 57 cities and last for quite a few months. What a way to kick off a tour.

5 Drake Gave A Fan An Expensive Watch When She Asked Him To Marry Her

Via: Bankrate

Rapper Drake isn’t only shelling out gifts to singer Jennifer Lopez and Rihanna. He made headlines after he gifted a fan with a watch that came along with a price tag of $2,000. The special moment took place during Drake’s performance in San Francisco for radio station Wild 94.9’s “Wild Jam.” He took a break from rapping his hits to giving the gift of a G-Shock watch complete with a shining diamonds in it. He said, “This young lady right here had this nice sign saying, 'Will You Marry Me?' I can’t marry you but I got a Christmas gift for you, okay? That’s for you, an official iced-out watch.” The fan was so excited she shared a snapshot of her blinged-out jewelry on social media. She might not have gotten his last name (fans know his real name is Aubrey Graham), but the gift came in as a close second.

4 Katy Perry Gave A Fan Her Favorite Pair Of Gloves

Via: Kevin Winter

Katy Perry is another A-list star who gave a fan a gift during a big concert. For Perry, it was a pair of her favorite performance gloves back in September 2015. Perry was rocking out a show for the Rock in Rio festival in Brazil when she simply tossed her gloves out into the crowd. For Perry, this was no light gesture. She had already been spotted wearing the same gloves for roughly 143 concerts! Apparently, she appreciated the energy of the audience so much, she felt like she didn’t need her precious gloves anymore. She later explained the moment on Twitter. “Was feelin' it so much tonight that I threw my gloves that I’ve been using for 143 odd shows in the audience! To whomever caught them… (you’re on fire).” She also used a super moon lunar eclipse that occurred the night before as the reason for feeling extra generous.

3 Justin Bieber Gave A Bunch Of Young Fans Gifts And A Private Showing Of His Movie

Via: Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP, File

We had to show Justin Bieber love again on this list because he truly is a celebrity who shows love for his fans. He puts in a lot of time and money to show how much he appreciates them. In another giving moment, his appearance with the Boys And Girls Club was nothing to scoff at. While attendees were most likely happy to have the crooner sing for them to begin with, he let them know they were extra special to him when he gave a host of gifts for the children at the screening for his highly anticipated movie, Believe back in December of 2013. He told the kids that he could relate to them, so he wanted to give back in a special way. “I remember growing up with not a lot. [I] grew up with, you know, no toys. And I wanna make sure each and every one of you has a great Christmas.” He even belted out a Christmas song during a mini concert that followed.

2 Paris Hilton Gave A Fan $5,000 To Help Him Pay His Medical Bills

Via: Jetss

We don’t typically see Paris Hilton doing things like this. Still, when she did it was huge. The socialite and millionaire celebrity gained a new type of attention after she “saved” a fan’s life. She gave him $5,000 to help him pay for his medical bills. Mike Oliveri met Hilton at a nightclub in Los Angeles. The two hit it off in a friendly way to the point where she gave him $5,000 days later. He thanked Hilton via video and said, “I met her about a week-and-a-half ago… I just thought she was a very sweet person. We became friends and she just sent me $5,000 and saved my life, literally.” He went on to defend the hotel heiress against the not-so-positive image she has had in the media. “There’s a lot of bad, horrible press about Paris. She’s not what everybody thinks she is. She is an incredible person. The media, the press, the tabloids – why don’t you just get a life and leave an amazing person alone.”

1 Ariana Grande Gave A Fan $15,000 To Help Pay Off Her Student Loans

Via: Radar Online

Ariana Grande possibly takes the cake for most generous celebrity. The “Don’t Dream It’s Over” singer shocked a fan in a big way when she gave her $15,000. Yes, $15,000! And what was this gift for, you ask? You guessed it, to help the fan pay off her student loans. Grande surprised the fan at her dorm with tons of cameras. Grande then took the student to the locker room where she gave her a small, brown envelope. The fan appeared surprised while her loved ones looked on waiting to see what was inside. She pulled out a check for $15,000 and was speechless. There was not a dry eye in the room. We have to say, while many of these celebrities opted out of college, it’s great that they can recognize the dire issues students face when paying for the education they’ve earned in hopes of a better life.

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