15 WWE Stars That Are Surprisingly Cool AF In Real Life

The WWE fanbase is certainly unique, fans take everything they see to heart and we’re sometimes so invested into the characters that we tend to forget that it’s all an act and they're just playing roles. No Roman Reigns doesn’t Superman Punch people in real life and no, Braun Strowman doesn’t randomly flip over ambulances. We get so worked up in some of these events that we forget; it’s all a damn work.

With the uprising of social media, the days of keeping a gimmick’s integrity is a lost art. Nowadays, you can follow any Superstar via social media and take a look at who they really are behind the scenes. In this article, we take the exact concept and apply it to some names you wouldn’t believe are actually pretty cool and dare we say, cool AF? Thanks to social media platforms like Twitter, SnapChat and Instagram, we were aided in making these decisions. The likes of shoot interviews on YouTube and WWE reality shows also helped along our opinions on these 15 WWE stars that we labelled: cool AF.

Enjoy the article and like always, be sure to share the link with a friend. Without further ado, here are 15 WWE stars that are surprisingly cool AF in real life. We kick off the article with a dude that recently broke a ring and flipped over an ambulance truck.... on television of course.


15 Braun Strowman

Since the early origins of the WWE, the company has been insistent on pushing a big man to the forefront. It seems like the next in line is Braun Strowman, who’s currently enjoying a monster push by the company. Although he plays the role of a feared heel on-screen, he’s quite different away from the camera and a pretty cool dude at that.

Numerous pictures have surfaced online pertaining to Strowman behind the scenes. The dude apparently has a great sense of humor and always seems to be the life of a party. He was recently spotted at Jericho’s New Year’s party, clearly establishing the big man as one of the “cool kids” in the locker room.

Along with that, Braun is said to be very cool with the fans he meets. Despite the fact that he’s a heel, Strowman still posts pictures with fans, particularly the younger ones. He might seem reckless on-screen, but he’s anything but that away from the ring.

14 Alexa Bliss


Applying for a job in the WWE online, perhaps nobody could have predicted the profound impact that Alexa would have on the company. The diminutive heel is on fire at the moment and dare we say, the most over female in the entire company. She continues to thrive nowadays making the jump over to the flagship program on Raw. You can expect her stock to only increase.

Obviously, her on-screen role is quite different to how she really is and according to Alexa, she’s the exact opposite. Bliss has thrived with her character by basically taking things that annoy her in everyday life and using them on-screen. In real life, Bliss is extremely down to earth and we’ve seen that chill side of her in various recent shoot interviews. Along with that, she’s an every day girl that just likes the simple things in life, like chilling back and watching an episode of Friends on Netflix.

13 Luke Gallows

Quite the story for Like Gallows who failed in his first run with the WWE. In fact, he flopped so bad that Vince forgot he even worked for the company. That might not be a bad thing however, judging by how bad his Festus character tanked. Nonetheless, he rolled with the punches and got better away from the WWE. His stock reached its peak in New Japan and by 2016, he was back in the WWE.

Since returning, Gallows has been well received by his peers. Many labelled the veteran as a locker room leader and quite frankly a joy to be around. We got a snippet of his real life demeanor on the show Ride Along when he rode alongside his tag buddy Karl Anderson, and let’s just say he seemed like one pretty cool dude sharing a plethora of stories from his past. Even guys like Chris Jericho have discussed some party filled nights alongside Gallows while overseas. All signs indicate that he’s pretty cool AF away from the camera.

12 Drake Wuertz


Yes, that’s right, NXT is even producing cool AF referees nowadays. Official Drake Wuertz has quite the history coming from a hardcore background. Many Superstars like Dean Ambrose, made the claim that he is cool AF and you wouldn’t think it based on how positive and humble the guy is behind the scenes.

His past is pretty darn sweet taking part in some of the most hardcore promotions in North American like Combat Zone Wrestling and Insanity Pro Wrestling. He feuded with the likes of Dean Ambrose with the Lunatic Fringe labelling him as one of the toughest opponents he’s ever faced. Thinking about his future, Drake traded in his brutal hardcore style for a job wearing the striped shirt down in NXT. He’s thrived so far becoming one popular dude with the fellows. Riding with the guy must be quite the treat given his humble attitude and likely, the many, many stories he has from his brutal hardcore past.

11 Renee Young

She was a long way away from working in the pro wrestling industry back in her younger days. Renee initially aspired to be a comedian moving to LA in order to pursue her dream. She later went back home to Toronto, changing career paths opting for a job in broadcasting. By 2009 she was working for The Score and a couple of years later, Young was employed by the WWE.

Since her signing, Renee continues to move up the ranks. We’re also getting to know more and more about the Canadian as she’s recently been added to the cast of Total Divas. Based on some of the recent content, we can say that she seems like one cool chick as she enjoys to party and let loose, while not stepping down to anyone, particularly Lana who she got into a verbal jousting match with recently. Oh, and she's recently married to Dean Ambrose, that alone makes her cool as AF.

10 Nia Jax


Nowadays, it takes quite a bit to crack the main roster, especially if you have a limited amount of experience. Nia Jax didn’t get the memo however, cause she’s already on the main roster despite the fact that she inked her first deal in 2014 with no prior experience. Once again, if you have the look, it won’t take you very long.

She plays the role of a dominant and fearful Superstar on screen, but away from the camera, she’s nothing like that. Her social media accounts have proven she’s cool AF working out with the likes of Sheamus, Charlotte and Titus. Nia also posts various pictures of herself alongside her family, likely making her very popular with the WWE given their family-friendly PG model. In addition, Nia is an amazing source of strength for bigger women as she encourages everyone to embrace their bodies now matter how you look. For all these reasons, we feel like the dominant female is pretty damn cool!

9 Kane

Looking at the veterans, Kane’s name usually comes up as a dude that’s cool AF. He’s been in the WWE since 1995 and despite his limited dialogue, he’s been proven to be quite the opposite away from the squared circle. Not only has Kane been labelled as hilarious, but his wit is apparently second to none. Some have made the claim that he’s the most brilliant mind in WWE history.

Those claims have been backed up recently as Kane has switched fields for a career in politics. Running for mayor, Kane has been shown to be a person of the people, something he’s been throughout his career, always stopping for pictures at airports. Make a quick search of candid shots and you’re likely to see Kane’s ugly mug in lots of the photos. It seems unlikely given his years of WWE work as a villainous heel, but the facts state that he’s a hell of a dude in real life.


8 X-Pac


We decided to add a throwback name into the mix and for that, we’ve chosen WWE alum and ambassador, Sean Waltman. Reason being, The Kliq normally gets a bad reputation from not only former wrestlers, but even the fans. The likes of Scott Hall and Kevin Nash have been ripped by others in the past for their carefree attitudes when meeting fans. Sean Waltman however, is a rare gem from the group who seems to be nothing like his Kliq buddies.

Whether it’s meeting a fan at a wrestling convention, or taking part in a shoot interview, Waltman just seems so darn respectable and cool AF with his plethora of stories from the past. He was quite the troublemaker back in the day, making his stories something you can listen to all day long. He’s had his personal demons in the past, but we can safely say based on his recent interviews that he’s back on his feet and doing much better.

7 Xavier Woods

Labelling Xavier Woods to be someone who’s cool AF took a while, especially on WWE TV. Before entering the WWE, Woods worked the indie scene along with a stint in TNA. He’d later ink a deal with the WWE and it took him a while to get going. After pitching the idea for The New Day, it seemed like the faction was destined to bomb with crowds booing them out of buildings every night. However, that would soon change and the group is now one of the most over acts in the entire company.

While he rose up the ranks, it seems like his personal life did as well. He’s quite popular backstage and his gaming channel UpUpDownDown has helped that immensely. Woods apparently even plays video games backstage during live events, now that’s cool AF. His YouTube gaming channel has over one million subscribers which is quite the accomplishment. Many Superstars are all about the business, but it’s pretty cool to have a guy like Xavier who’s passionate about other things like the gaming world.

6 Jimmy Jacobs


We included a referee before and we add to the oddness with another unlikely name that works behind the scenes as a writer for the WWE. Of course, we’re talking about former indie and ROH star Jimmy Jacobs.

Now, more so than ever before, the WWE loves to micromanage its talent. A plethora of writers are given the task to work with a certain wrestler and it's led to some mixed results thus far. However, a bright spot has been the contributions of the 33 year old Michigan native Jimmy Jacobs. The former ROH star is very well received backstage and has been praised by the likes of Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho, for being not only a brilliant mind, but also being labelled as cool AF. According to Jericho, Jacobs' writing is one of the best he’s seen in his entire career and that’s saying something. Ever wonder how "The List" came about? That was all the brilliant doing from the mind of Jimmy Jacobs.

5 Tyler Breeze

It was guys like Tyler Breeze that made NXT so darn cool; not only did he have an awesome gimmick, but boy, could he ever bring it in the ring as well. It seems like he was a star in the making but that all went to waste once he was called up to the main roster. He’s now a lower card player on SmackDown Live.

However, his in-ring success doesn’t undermine the fact that he’s one cool dude away from the camera. Breeze received a standing ovation from a room filled with his peers when it was announced that he was called up to the main roster. The ovation went down because he’s a really cool dude backstage, always willing to help those in need at the Performance Center. The show Breaking Ground proved that Breeze was always willing to help, making him come across as one cool dude who seems to be extremely down to earth away from his gimmick. With all that in mind, we hope he gets a character renewal at some point and goes back to his prior success.

4 Dana Brooke


With a background in fitness, the WWE singed Dana Brooke to a developmental deal. Many were shocked at the announcement of her main roster call up as we hadn’t seen all that much of Dana down in development. Nonetheless, she got the call up and hasn’t done much since, leading us to believe her real life character is what landed her the call up.

Brooke is very well received backstage and is said to be an absolute professional both in and out of the ring. Her work ethic likely sped up the process of her getting called up so quickly. She’s posted various pictures of herself with fans and children in need. Along with that, she seems to be very popular with the talent, taking pictures with the likes of Chris Jericho, Dolph Ziggler and TJ Perkins. Her on-screen character doesn’t seem to be the greatest, but it seems like there’s a lot more to the real life Dana who’s pretty darn popular with her peers, and dare we say, cool AF?

3 Charlotte Flair

Whether it’s busting out a triceps pose with Brock Lesnar or posing for a gym pic alongside Braun Strowman, it seems quite evident that The Queen is cool AF outside of the ring.

Along with a love for fitness (as she’s posted various cross-fit types of workouts online), Charlotte also seems to be quite cool when she’s her actual self. She recently did a Sam Roberts Podcast interview and even her voice appeared to change during the show. We got a deeper sense of who Charlotte really is and dare we say, she even came across as a bit shy? She was great in the interview proving to be quite humble despite the fact that she’s accomplished so much in such a short amount of time. The real life Charlotte appears to be cool AF, and someone most of us would love to grab a drink with or get a workout in with. That’s if the Nature Boy lets us of course. WOOOOO.

2 Stephanie McMahon


Given the fact that she’s played the role of a heel for the better part of almost two decades, this one might be hard to swallow or even, comprehend. However, judging by a plethora of former talents, it seems like Stephanie’s actually pretty darn cool.

Aside from her epic midnight workouts, Stephanie is also said to be quite the sweetheart behind the scenes, always willing to listen to what the talent has to say. The likes of Val Venis recalls Stephanie always having an open mind to his ideas, even when nobody on the writing team was willing to listen. We’ve also gotten more perspective on the real Stephanie through Total Divas; in one instance, she showed great compassion by giving Daniel Bryan the honors of presenting the Warrior Award to the late Connor Michalek. Steph proceeded to hug Daniel showing us, the viewer, her compassionate side that we hardly ever see on television.

1 Roman Reigns

This one might sting a bit, but it should be noted that we’re not calling Roman cool, but instead, labelling his real life “Joe” persona as pretty darn cool.

For those of you that aren’t aware, the wrestling community hasn’t received Roman all that well because of his “chosen one” status propelling him to the top rather quickly. His peers backstage however, don’t feel the same way as he appears to be one of the most popular dudes behind the scenes. Away from his Roman gimmick, his peers know him as simply Joe, a cool, quirky, funny and down to earth dude. While on the Chris Jericho Podcast, Reigns opened up about who he really is, dropping some F bombs and even recalling his tour stories labelling himself as a “back of the bus brother”, drinking up and telling stories with his Uso cousins and even Jericho. Things were said to have gotten quite wild at times.

Along with that, Roman keeps a humble attitude, telling his fellow wrestlers to be respectful towards everyone that works with the WWE. He’s helped in changing the culture of the behind the scenes aspect of the company and dare we say, he’s done so while being pretty damn cool.

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