Neighbors From Hell: 15 Real Confessions Of Neighborhood Feuds

When it comes to your place of residence, you don’t get to pick your neighbors. It’s just like your family; you’re stuck with them whether they're nuts or not. It doesn’t matter whether you own or rent; whoever resides beside you can be hard to get rid of. It’s, of course, a lot harder if you own your house as there aren’t too many people who are willing to sell their homes in order to get rid of an unruly neighbor.

There are certain people in the world that can truly make your life hell, and one of them is a bad neighbor. If you can’t get along with your neighbors, it could make your life very stressful and even financially distressing. Maybe you've experienced these things yourselves, or maybe these are just stories that you think could never happen to you. These are stories about people who've experienced some pretty messed up things with regard to bad neighbors, neighbors who tried to make their lives hell. Could you imagine having to live beside people like that? A home is supposed to be a sanctuary, but what happens if you go home and it’s more stressful than work? Read on to see stories that will make you thankful that you have great neighbors, or maybe they'll make you weep because you know exactly what these people are going through.

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15 Throwing TVs

These neighbors liked to party, and when they had parties, they just loved throwing TVs out the window. Hopefully, they had a Costco card because buying new TVs can really add up after awhile. Not only was it a waste of good TVs, but it was driving the neighbors batty from all the noise. These are the hardest type of neighbors to control, and they can be a nightmare to live beside. “Every time they threw a party, a TV would get thrown out a window or balcony. Not a flat screen, a tube TV. It would just fall from the heavens and explode, sounding like a car crash. It would just rain a 150lv 36' tube TV from the sky. Happened 4 times in one semester.” (Reddit) At least they were tube TVs and not newer flat screen TVs that were being constantly thrown out the window.

14 Building a Racetrack

You may have heard about Michael Carroll, the terrible neighbor who won 14 million dollars in the lottery and decided to turn his home into a racetrack. Not only was it a recipe for a lot of manslaughter charges, but it made it almost impossible for the neighbors to live beside Carroll. The neighbors had to deal with constant dust and so much noise that it became unbearable. They choose to spend most of their time in their bedroom because it was the only place to escape the noise. He had cars ripping around at 70 miles per hour. We can’t imagine how anyone could live next door to that. If that wasn’t bad enough, he also liked to set off “industrial grade fireworks” and flares over his neighbor’s houses. The neighbors had to constantly deal with fatal fires and car fumes; it must've been a nightmare to just go home. He’s pretty much the worst neighbor in the world.

13 The Hoarder

Hoarding is a mental illness that can certainly affect people around the hoarder. These poor people dealt with a hoarder that just went out of control. “Guy next door was a hoarder (junk on front and back porch, a door that won't open) and never cut his grass. After a couple years of the city not enforcing lawn care, neighbors on either side started cutting the front lawn for him. But we couldn't mow back for him because he always had two large dogs who only understood Polish. The grass was always 6' tall in the backyard and that plus trash meant the mosquitos along the fence were horrendous, rendering our otherwise pleasant shade garden unusable after any rain. At one point, he was stealing our water, which drove up our water bill. We suspect he didn't have electric either. He hung out at the library all day most days.” (Reddit)

12 House of Horrors

LAKEVIEW TERRACE Pictured: (l-r) Patrick Wilson as Chris Mattson, Kerry Washington as Lisa Mattson. Photo: Chuck Zlotnick FOR EDITORIAL USE ONLY.

We all know those people who are overly enthusiastic about the holidays, always putting up tons of decorations. Compared to the neighbor in this story, you would love to have that kind of neighbor. This neighbor had weird hobbies that caused her yard to be hazardous. There were often shards of glass around, nails, and shockingly enough, animal carcasses. Her name was Jeanne Wilding, and she was the neighbor from hell. She would often toss her bizarre litterings in her neighbor’s yard as well, and every day was a surprise. She even had a fun little habit of blasting the neighbor's house with floodlights. Wilding sounds like she went off the rails a long time ago, so hopefully, her neighbors have found a way to protect themselves. We don’t know how we would handle random animal carcasses being thrown into our yard. We’re surprised she hasn’t been locked up by now.

11 Pooing in the Yard

We've all heard a story about a neighbor whose dog pooped in their yard, but in this case, the neighbor was literally training the dog to poo in any yard but his own. “My neighbors have 3 dogs, which they let outside twice a day to poop. The dogs are friendly and not very loud... except they always sh!t on our lawn. My husband and I have actually seen our neighbors encourage their dogs to use our lawn... they physically lead the dogs to our lawn or discourage them from going on their lawn, etc. I finally had enough, so I got my garden trowel and flicked all their dogs' sh*t onto their lawn. Today my husband went outside to mow the lawn and caught the neighbor encouraging their dogs to go onto our lawn. The neighbor acted like nothing was wrong but quickly called the dogs back.” (Reddit)

10 Cat Piss

If an animal is allowed to go to the bathroom in a home, it can ruin not only the residence of the owner but anyone around it. When everyone in a building can smell the cat’s urine, then you know you have a real problem. In this case, these poor neighbors could barely stand the smell. “In an apartment. This lady lived on the third floor. She must have let her cat piss everywhere because the entire building reeked of cat piss. The smell entered my apartment frequently. When I passed her in the hallway, I would have to hold my breath because she smelled so bad. I dealt with this for two years with multiple complaints to the office until I eventually called animal control. Turns out she had 30 cats in her apartment.”  (Reddit) Well, that would certainly explain the smell.

9 Building a Wall

We've all heard plenty about wall-building these days, but could you imagine if your neighbor built a 16-foot wall around his house? Apparently, he wanted to make sure he had no dealings whatsoever with his neighbor. When Dennis Hawes wanted to build a terrace on the roof of his house, all hell broke loose, and Charles Hart worried that Hawes was going to peep on him. So up went the wall. Maybe Hawes could've prevented it by explaining to Hart that his privacy would not be an issue. Building a huge wall is definitely an overreaction on Hart’s part because, if anything, it’s just a huge eyesore for everyone involved. When Hart complained about the enormous wall that was going up, Hart just snapped, "Go ahead, complain some more. I can totally make this wall higher." He sounds like a real nut job.

8 House of Rats

Could you live beside people who are so disgusting that they attract bugs and rats? “My neighbors in the shitty apartment I moved to after I moved out of my parent's place were hoarders to the extreme, as well as alcoholics. We started getting roaches in our apartment about 2 months after they moved in. Then came mice. Then came RATS. About once a month, we'd call 911 on them because we'd find one of them passed out in the parking lot, or on the doorstep, or on the stairs. They came over and asked if it was us who kept calling 911. Then, they cussed us out because they didn't have insurance and had to take out numerous payday loans to cover the ambulance costs. We broke our lease and moved out after 'someone' took a sh*t on our welcome mat.” (Reddit)

7 House of Poo

Throwing poo around is something we've all heard about before when it comes to bad neighbors. But in the case of Gus and Lucille Midura from Staten Island, they had a huge poo problem when it came to their neighbors. They had been feuding for so long that they just didn’t know what to do. Despite that, it still came as quite a shock when their neighbor, Paula Bolli, ordered 60 cubic yards of horse sh*t to be dropped in her own yard. She did it to piss her neighbor off during a feud that had lasted 20 years. Not only was the poo providing a horrible stench, but it attracted a ton of rats that wanted to eat the leavings. Spite can be an evil thing; after all, it did cause this woman to throw sh*t on her own yard just to spite the neighbors.

6 Wicked Witch

A split screen showing an angry woman pounding on the wall to her neighbor

This neighbor became verbally abusive toward children. “When my siblings and I were young, we used to have a neighbor that apparently despised children. She was pretty old and lived alone, from what I could remember. If we were outside playing, she would have a tantrum and yell abuse at us. Eventually, she started throwing stuff over the fence and, at one point, threw a brick. I went inside and told my mum, who then proceeded to storm over to the woman's house. She made us all stay inside, so I'm not entirely sure what she said or did, but our neighbor moved out in less than a week. I think my mother might be a secret badass because I've never seen her do a single aggressive thing in her life.” (Reddit) We couldn’t imagine living beside someone who's so mean for no reason.

5 The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far…

Some people are just bad apples right from the beginning. "When I was a kid, we lived across the street from sh**ty parents with even sh***ier teenage children. The sister brought random dudes home at least 2-3 times a week and was so loud that my parents called the cops on her once because they thought she was being attacked. Nope, she was just really loud when she was having sex. Her brother had a lucrative business selling cocaine, and he always had customers hanging out in the driveway waiting for him to show up with some more blow. His dumbass parents kept bragging about how well he was doing with his "construction job" because he bought them a new car and a boat. The sister babysat me once but left after an hour because she had to go f*ck somebody. Her brother showed up to take over, and I made him help organize all of my stuffed animals. I don't remember if he was high, but he organized the shit out of all of my toys. We left that neighborhood as soon as the drive-bys got more frequent.” (Reddit)

4 Religious Fanatics

It can be painful to have religious fanatics living beside you if they think that you’re destined for hell. “I have SUPER religious neighbors. They hang signs for the local church camp on their property etc. They kept putting out garbage cans in our driveway. While it was stupid and annoying, it became more and more aggressive; they would trespass on my property and do damage to my house. But I could never catch them in the act. So, I did the only thing a sane person would do, I put on my velvet ritual cloak and made a show of putting a salt circle around my property, chanting and carrying on. Never bothered me again.” (Reddit) Well, at least this neighbor knew how to get rid of them, and it’s pretty hilarious that they think that their neighbor is a witch now.

3 Sheep Thief

These people knew their neighbor was stealing their sheep. “I live on a farm, and we had one guy who was a real prick. He was known to have definitely stolen sheep from us; in some cases, he had shorn the wool off them, sold it, and returned the sheep and sometimes, eating the sheep, we suspect. He demanded that we front the bill to fix the fence despite it being between our two properties and refusing to split the costs. He also had someone else's bull jump into his property, used it to service his cattle for two years, and when the owner tracked it down, the bastard demanded to be paid the adjustment costs or he wouldn't return it. He had a house on the property that he rented to his farmhand, and the farmhand found him in there one day going through his things and telling him he wasn't allowed to leave the property under any circumstances while under his employ. The guy quit straight after that and wanted to work for us.” (Reddit)

2 When Neighbors Lie

This is a great example of a neighbor who’s a terrible person. “My mom had this neighbor who pretended to be weak from cancer/chemo so her landlord couldn't get mad at her for when trash bins were full and [the] lawn was filthy. She even went as far as shaving her head and faking a limp, cane and everything. Mom baked her some cookies and offered to take care of her bins and lawn; neighbor spills about her scam. My mom, now enlightened about my neighbor's The Fault in our Stars bullsh*t and tired of the trash blowing into our yard, called the landlord. Neighbour wasn't happy and would blast music at ungodly hours of the night/wee morning to get back at my mom. Mom would get frustrated because she worked late and left early, filed noise complaint to police. Police arrive, neighbor claims my mom (old little Asian lady) punched her in the chest. Neighbor wants her arrested, mom shows cops our security cam footage, no mom punching, instead finds crazy neighbor kicking her 9-year-old daughter out in the middle of the night. The 9-year-old is banging on her door, my mom comes out to check on noise, tries to bring hysterical girl inside (it's like 2 AM), neighbor comes out and sprays her with the hose. Neighbor taken away; daughter sent to live with dad.” (Reddit)

1 Paranoid Neighbor

It would suck to live beside the crazy lady. “There's a particular type of person who seems to feel like they're the only thing standing between society and complete collapse, and about six years ago, my downstairs neighbor was one of them. She was aloof and paranoid, and she'd imagine threats from almost everywhere... which made the fact that she thought of herself as some kind of secret agent all the more annoying. Said neighbor was always trying to find ways of getting me (and anyone else whom she thought of as suspicious) to move out of the building. She'd stage loud telephone calls with 'headquarters' about the alarming behavior of the other tenants -- like my tendency to get home after nine in the evening, which was clearly scandalous -- and frequently yell at the people who'd stand in the corner to smoke.” (Reddit)

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