Natalie Portman Looks Hot AF In These 15 Pics

There are a lot of starlets in Hollywood that get praise these days. We've got the new breed of actors such as Brie Larson, Margot Robbie, Kaley Cuoco, Emma Stone and we've got the usual lot of established sex symbols ranging from ScarJo, Angelina Jolie, Jessica Alba, Charlize Theron, Halle Berry, Megan Fox, and others that are surely missing...Let us take the time to remind ourselves about a woman that has stayed consistently hot and put out a stream of quality performances for most of her career.

That woman is Natalie Portman. Natalie Portman has been stunning for years. She's starred in many blockbuster films along with providing stellar performances in critically acclaimed films as well. We're talking everything from her debut film Léon: The Professional and Garden State to V for Vendetta and her Oscar-winning role as Nina Sayers in Black Swan. If you didn't see those movies then you've probably seen her in Thor and Thor: The Dark World.  If you haven't seen those, then yes, you most likely endured the now infamous Star Wars prequels which featured Portman as Anakin Skywalker's love interest Queen Padmé Amidala. With all that said, how quickly we forget! Sure Natalie Portman is usually thought of as a "good girl", but she's one of the most beautiful and talented actors of her generation. Let us look at some photos to remind us she has a bad (and hot) side!

15 If Only...

Here's a shot of Natalie lying down looking pretty sensual...Even though Natalie is incredibly hot, we haven't really seen many roles where she was hot like this. Okay there was that lesbian scene from Black Swan and she did star in a movie called No Strings Attached. As we all know Portman is one of those actors who is just as known for her sophistication as she is for her looks; that's what makes her one of the hottest actors of her generation. She's the total package when it comes to mixing talent, beauty, grace, and brains. It definitely looks as though she is capable of balancing all of that into a shot like the one above. There's a reason why Natalie Portman is and was on many people's celebrity crush list; if you can't really figure that out yet, then maybe you should continue to look at this list and see why.

14 Not EVERYTHING In The Stars Wars Prequels Was Bad...

Here's a promo shot of Natalie Portman as Queen Padmé Amidala from the Star Wars prequel trilogy. This photo is from Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones. The movie may be considered to be one of the lower tier Star Wars films, but there are still a couple of scenes that stand out. One of those scenes was when all the Jedis break out into a battle in a scene known as the "Battle of Geonosis" in Star Wars lore. Portman didn't sign on for Padmé to just be a damsel in distress; she's a Queen who had no problems defending herself. Like Princess Leia in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, Padmé welds a blaster and uses it against the enemy like she was born to do. This photo shows a younger Portman in badass yet sexy form, ready and willing to kick ass; what more could one want?

13 Is It Just Me Or Is It Hot In Here?

Nope, it's just Natalie Portman being the beautiful brunette bombshell she can be. Wow. Who knows exactly when this particular photo was taken...What we do know is that it's super hot. The thing is that Portman's hotness or ridiculous attractiveness isn't usually highlighted in her films. She usually plays a very respectable, strong female character that has depth and isn't just something for audiences to look at. So when she has immensely hot photos like this it's up for all of us to take a look and admire her hotness. Natalie is definitely one of those actors that has the unique gift of always finding a way to be hot, even when she's not trying to be. And when she does give some effort? We see the results, and they're pretty damn good. Hot damn and can somebody upstairs PLEASE have some mercy? Thanks!

12 Flaunting That Perfume

Natalie is a spokeswoman for Dior and was the lead in a campaign for the Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming Campaign. Here we see Ms. Portman looking as hot as ever. These oh-so-beautiful shots were done by Tim Walker. We certainly wouldn't be complaining if Natalie dressed up like this more often. She's wearing a super short, tight, form fitting tube dress while sitting on a chair striking a very seductive pose, promoting Dior's fragrance. This is a great example of Portman going into an avenue of hotness that Portman lovers such as ourselves would appreciate her going into a little more often. The greatest aspect about Natalie Portman in all of this is that she's always going to be hot. She has a natural beauty that clearly stands the test of time. Whether she's 21 or 40 (she's 35) we are constantly reminded when we see this woman of how truly attractive she really is.

11 Totally Hot, Even When It's Awkward

Here is another photo from the 2006 comic book movie classic V For Vendetta. In this particular scene we see Natalie Portman's Evey dress up in a doll-like dress, posing as a younger woman than she actually was in the film. Natalie Portman, who was in her mid-20s by the time she was filming the adaptation, slipped into this outfit, which while very hot, was also super perverted at the same time. Evey, who sports pigtails, rosy cheek makeup, and a cute pink dress, was dressed that way into order to help out V. Her mission was to seduce a bishop named Anthony James Lilliman, one of V's primary targets in his path of revenge. She does this by showing up at the bishop's residence, dressed in that cute get-up. Portman was sexy as hell, even though it was for the complete and utter wrong reasons. Nonetheless, the bishop ends up getting killed for his crimes and the audience is treated to the ultimate vision of seeing Natalie Portman in a blazing hot get-up. Everybody wins!

10 No Strings Attached

Here is a photo that was featured on the theatrical poster of the 2011 comedy No Strings Attached. Natalie played a character named Dr. Emma K. Kurtzman, a doctor who went to MIT. Emma and her friend Adam Franklin (Ashton Kutcher) embark on a "friends with benefits" kind of friendship (we all know where that usually leads). Now close your eyes and take a moment to dream...Imagine being in a no strings attached arrangement with Natalie Portman; if that were ever to be the case we could surmise that there is indeed an entity in the skies. We are once again fortunate to see Natalie Portman in tip-top "sexy" form, playfully buttoning up her shirt while giving a flirtatious smile to her F buddy. Here's a tip for everyone, if you're going to get into an NSA agreement, make sure that all parties truly know the barriers that come with it. Otherwise, it's not going to be a happy ending.

9 Melting Oscar

Natalie starred in Darren Aronofsky's Black Swan back in 2010. Simply put, the movie, in my opinion, what an absolute classic. The movie's appeal was highly due to Natalie Portman's Oscar winning performance as Nina Seyers, aka The Swan Queen. Portman put her all into the role and it for damn sure paid off. This is a promo shot of Portman dressed as The Swan Queen; drenched in white and beaming in light. Anyone that has seen Black Swan knows that there's a hell of a lot more to Nina Seyers than that; she's obsessed with her role in the play and it leads all viewers on an unforgettable tense, trippy ride. It also doesn't hurt that she joins Milas Kunis' character Lily in a steamy lesbian scene that highlights how "off" Nina is. The uneasiness and breakdown that Nina goes through as she perfects her role is amazing, and it's because of the actor playing it.

8 Natalie Portman In Your Highness

Here's a shot of Natalie as Isabel from Your Highness. This shot is particularly bossome because we are lucky enough to be given a nice view at, well, you know. Portman is clearly engaged in conversation and has her full attention during whatever scene is being filmed. Your Highness might have sucked a big a fat one, but having Natalie portray a character that goes "out of bounds" from what we're used to seeing from the starlet certainly saves some face to the box office bomb. Natalie is known for playing "classier" character that don't show much skin, so anyone that is a fan of the Oscar-winning actor probably should check this movie out; just fast forward to the parts where she's in. You don't even have to buy this movie either, you can just go online and stream it or something. In fact, just look at this list and you've probably seen the best of what that movie had to offer.

7 Those Luscious Red Lips

Natalie Portman and Dior seem to be a match made in heaven; they make great beauty products and an uber beautiful celebrity like Natalie Portman promotes them. This shot is when Portman was a part of the Rouge Dior campaign, which launched back in September of last year. Natalie has no problem showing off those luscious red lips while striking a bossome pose in a shot like this. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the acclaimed actor provided insight into why she's so hot--well, she doesn't really say that but she might as well have...

"When I'm not working, I like to keep things simple and less-is-more. I use minimal coverage, apply a primer and try to wear more neutral tones, because I want to allow my skin to breathe when it can. I also use sunscreen every day — and the Dior Bronze one smells amazing. Ultimately, the best beauty routine is a good night’s sleep and plenty of water. Rested, hydrated skin always looks best," said Portman when dishing her beauty secrets.

6 Showing Off The Goods In Your Highness

Natalie Portman gave millions of fans at treat in 2011 when she showed off her goods in the movie Your Highness. It was in this movie where she played Isabel a bold female warrior and lead badass behind the two main leads played by James Franco and Danny McBride. The movie wasn't well received at the box office nor with the critics, but it managed to be memorable for one particular reason; Natalie Portman shed her clothing to reveal her, on the low, amazing bod. She reveals her underwear, wearing a bra and her thong, showing off her behind in the process. This moment wasn't enough to propel the film to the heights that it desired, but if nothing else, it solidified what everyone thought in the first place, Natalie Portman should definitely shed clothing more often; the world would be better for it!

5 Shining At Her Own Premiere

Via HawtCelebs

Natalie Portman made her writing and directing debut with A Tale of Love And Darkness. The historical drama chronicles writer Amos Oz's youth and upbringing as a writer during the early beginnings of the state of Israel. Portman plays Oz's mother Fania Oz. The movie received modest reviews with many critics citing promise for Portman behind the camera. This photo is from the New York premiere, and wow. Not only does it look like Natalie hasn't aged a day, she's flat out stunning. At 35 years old we see that Natalie Portman isn't slowing down anytime soon, especially when it comes to the looks department. Portman is one of the true beautiful actors in Hollywood with that "classic" elegant look. A Tale of Love And Darkness remains Portman's only feature where she sat in the directors chair, the future (and present) certainly looks promising.

4 Pixie Cut Please!

We're used to seeing Natalie Portman rock her long brown hair like few others can. Well, there have been periods where she has rocked shorter cuts such as these. Behold, the pixie cut, Portman style. It's a safe bet to guess that this shot was around the time V For Vendetta was nearing its release. Anyone that remembers that movie knows that Natalie Portman got her hair shaved and was eventually bald (and she STILL looked damn hot). Portman played Evey, a woman that gets saved by V and after being alarmed at first by his "terrorist" action, becomes immersed and enlightened when it comes to the corrupt government. Portman gives another awesome performance and is able to stand toe-to-toe with Hugo Weaving's brilliant live-action portrayal of V in the graphic novel adaptation. We all see the ladies rockin' the pixie cuts again these days; Natalie can wear that style anytime she pleases!

3 Shining As She Only Can

Here's an amazing photo of the A-Lister from the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival, aka TIFF. Wowzers. Portman goes on to show off that beautiful, radiant smile while wearing an outfit that doesn't have to reveal anything. Portman shined at this festival because she was prominently featured in the event's "soiree." Portman took the stage for a conversation about her life and career in an effort to raise money for TIFF programming. Natalie managed to share her optimism for the future of women in the film industry. Natalie, who wasn't afraid to voice her opinion, stated that she hoped more women would be hired by studios and thus get inspiration and support for their efforts.

"...Well, I don’t know that I’ve seen them change but I do feel that there’s a lot of conversation right now about female directors, and why there aren’t more of them..." said Portman when speaking to reporters.

2 Even Hotter When Preggers!

Natalie Portman and her incredibly lucky husband that many men around the world are envious of, Benjamin Milliepied are set to introduce a little one into the world...But a pregnant Natalie Portman doesn't stop working, nor does she stop posing. This shot is from a photoshoot with Vanity Fair that was done back in January while she was obviously pregnant. When you're as hot as Natalie Portman, it doesn't really matter how and where she strikes a pose because she's always going to melt the lens. Portman showed off her baby bump for Vanity Fair's Hollywood issue. The beautiful part of this particular shot that's not actually seen is the fact that Ms. Portman was only partially covered by a long fluffy bed sheet. Whether you feel a pregnant woman is hot in a natural sense or not is one thing, when that pregnant goddess is Natalie f-ing Portman, you're gonna dig what you see!

1 Shaved Head? No Problem.

Natalie Portman was featured in the hit graphic novel adaptation V For Vendetta back in 2006. Her character Evey, goes through a moment where her head is shaved while she's imprisoned....This was a big moment for Natalie Portman because we hadn't really seen her without her hair before and it's rare for anyone to see a hot actor like that in the first place. However, Natalie managed to still be pretty damn hot, even with very little hair. This shot is from a very important part of the film, and let's just say that the audience's eyes were well adjusted to the screen by the time all of Portman's hair was shaved off. Dare we say that Portman is even hotter without her luscious brown locks? That's up for everyone else to decide. I'm willing to bet if a poll was taken, a strong contingent would concur that Portman definitely retains her hotness.

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