Multi-Millionaire Beyoncé Always Shops At Walmart (And So Do These 19 Other A-List Celebs)

How freaked out would you be if you spotted Beyoncé in your local Walmart? Off the charts? Yep, we thought so. But for a few lucky shoppers that really did happen. The legendary singer has been spotted browsing the aisles for bargains - along with Blue Ivy in tow. But when it comes to living a normal every day life, celebrities are fairly out of touch with reality. Assistants take care of their every need, meaning they rarely have to do chores, grocery shopping or cooking if they don’t want to. So why was Beyoncé hitting up her local Walmart for a shopping trip? We’ll never know. But one thing we do know is that Beyoncé is not alone when it comes to shopping at the retail giant’s many outlets. Huge, A-List celebrities are regularly spotted picking up some chips, grabbing some soda or scouring the aisles for their own merchandise - yes, really!

So if you want to increase your chances of grabbing a selfie with your favourite actor, actress, musician or rapper - check out our list. We’ve found snaps of huge stars, hanging out in Walmart, living their best (almost normal) lives - just like the rest of us.

20 Beyoncé

Via: Boston Herald

Would you ever expect to spot this Flawless celebrity shopping anywhere, let alone Walmart? We always figured Beyoncé had a team of assistants to cater to her every whim. If Beyoncé wants to snack on Cheetos in her multi-million dollar mansion, there should be an intern ready to drop everything and run to Walmart to buy them for her. But apparently Beyoncé shops just like all the rest of us Independent Women out there. Who knew? Could it be Beyoncé’s recent interest in plant-based living and the vegan lifestyle that’s got her cruising the produce aisles looking for healthy snacks? Sadly, not on this occasion. Beyoncé’s visit to Walmart had more than a whiff of marketing about it. Dropping by the Boston Walmart, the singer casually bought her own album - and then handed out some Christmas gift cards to spread a little festive cheer. And a sizeable helping of free publicity along with it.

19 Justin Bieber

Via: YouTube

So some famous people on this list have been snapped casually buying groceries in Walmart. They’ve dropped by, unannounced, grabbed some snacks, groceries and candy and probably hoped to attract as little attention as possible. But when Bieber goes shopping, everybody knows about it. At least, they did when he paid a visit to the local Walmart in Stratford, Ontario. And man did Justin Bieber cause some mayhem. Local residents were unimpressed as the global singing sensation decided to hang out in the store with 30 - yes 30 of his entourage. According to a Facebook post made by one angry Walmart shopper, Bieber and his crew paraded around the store shining flashlights in young girls’ eyes, which apart from anything else, seems a bit odd. Justin Bieber was paying his hometown a visit as he was facing assault charges. On a previous visit there was an alleged incident involving a Toronto limo driver who apparently refused to turn up thecar stereo.

18 Britney Spears

Via: Daily Mail & Zimbio

Oops she shopped there again … Yes, Britney Spears shops at Walmart people. Which seems odd, when you consider that this queen of pop music has banked an impressive $200m over her career. Imagine how many Walmart bargains Britney could bag with that amount of cash. Enough to buy several stores - never mind a few groceries. And, unlike some famous people on our list, it seems Britney makes genuine grocery trips to her local Walmart. In 2013 she was spotted doing a full grocery haul, with just her bodyguard for company. Dressed down for the day in casual Uggs, shorts and a shirt, Britney bought gifts for her kids, flowers and groceries. The star was even snapped loading her goodies into her high-end Range Rover - with no help from her bodyguard. If you find yourself in the Walmart in Kentwood, Louisiana and spot someone you think looks like Britney Spears, it could well be her.

17 Chris Brown

Via: Beyond Gossip and Fame Focus

Controversy seems to follow some people around like a shadow they just can’t shake. Chris Brown definitely has dealt with his own share of controversy in the past. Most of his headline-grabbing moments have over-shadowed his music career. From some heavy duty accusations of assault from fellow celebrities to buying his daughter a pet monkey, the R'n'B singer certainly makes his share of questionable decisions. Even when he shops in Walmart, things get complicated. In 2009 he went on a full scale Twitter rant after he went to a Walmart in Connecticut and was shocked to see they weren’t selling his album. Here’s what went down: “I’m tired of this s. Major stores r blackballing my cd. not stockin the shelves and lying to costumers," he ranted. “I’m not biting my tongue about s else... the industry can kiss my a.” So if you spot Chris in your local Walmart, be prepared for a rant if you ask for a selfie!

16 Dakota Fanning

Via: Fame Focus and Hollywood Life

Some celebrities maintain a permanent status of otherworldly behaviour - we’re looking at you Mariah Carey. They would never shop in a grocery store or hang out in places where everyday people gather together. Dakota Fanning is definitely not one such celebrity. The Twilight actress is regularly spotted in various Walmart stores. Happy to pose for selfies, or chat to fans, she’s one of the most relatable famous people on our list. Well, relatable until you realize she probably has a few million more dollars in the bank than we do. That aside, it seems Dakota is super sweet when she meets her fans. Here’s what the girls in this photo had to say about bumping into the Hollywood actress in their local Walmart: ““She was super sweet, it could be because she was a little freaked out because we sort of followed her debating if we wanted to ask because we didn’t want to be rude or obnoxious!”

15 Arnold Schwarzenegger

Via: WSBTV & Pinterest

You can find pictures of so many famous people ‘shopping’ at Walmart. And we’ve put ‘shopping’ in quote marks because, mostly, it’s all a publicity stunt. There are paparazzi quality images of Arnold Schwarzenegger shopping at Walmart - but the trouble is, he’s buying his own protein supplement - and posing for pictures. But if you dig around online a bit longer, there are some hidden camera shots of Arnie doing his weekly shopping. Perhaps the politician and actor really liked the look of Walmart, perhaps the company gave him some seriously loaded gift cards so he could shop at the store or maybe he just likes being out among everyday people like us? Spotting the former bodybuilding paying for his groceries or cruising through the protein powder aisle would be so surreal. The crucial detail we need to know here is whether he tells the check out assistant, “I’ll be back” when he’s done paying?

14 Rihanna

Via: Calgary Herald

What do you imagine pop’s megastars do while on tour? We’ve all heard those rumors about what happens on tour buses and at those infamous celebrity parties. So you’d expect pop princess Rihanna to be making some pretty wild headlines when she’s on tour. But in reality? She’s popping into a random Walmart to buy some snacks. Just like the rest of us, when Rihanna gets a craving for her favourite food, she’s gotta have it. While her tour buses were parked up, Rihanna headed across the parking lot to the nearby McDonalds. She grabbed a soda, and took the time to donate to charity while she was doing her shopping too. So not only does Rihanna shop at Walmart, but she loves McDonalds too. You have to feel sorry for the fan who snapped the pic of Rihanna during her visit. They were hoping to spot the rapper A$AP, who was also on Rihanna's tour.

13 Snoop Dogg

Via: People of Walmart & Hot New Hip Hop

You gotta love Snoop Dogg. Famous for being a rapper, singer, songwriter and actor, Snoop also makes no attempt to hide his love of ‘medicinal herbs’. But there a few things you would be surprised to know about the Dogg’s daily life. For instance, did you know he’s super active on Reddit? Regularly chatting to fans and Reddit users, his account is legendary among the online community. You know what other regular thing Snoop likes to do? Yep, that’s right, he’s a Walmart shopper. Though, this might well be because Walmart also stocks licensed clothing with the rap star’s image on it. You just have to keep those income streams flowing. Whatever the reason Snoop likes to pop into his local Walmart, it’s great to see the music star still likes to keep things real - despite his fame and fortune. If we had to take a guess why Snoop makes most of his Walmart trips, it has to be the munchies, right?

12 Jennifer Garner

Via: Movieline

There’s a certain UK newspaper that’s got a bit of a creepy obsession with Jennifer Garner. When we were researching this list and googled ‘Jennifer Garner spotted in walmart’ - these were the first three genuine results: Jennifer Garner reads newspaper with chicken on Instagram, Jennifer Garner is spotted chatting on her phone at LAX and Jennifer Garner is spotted with all three kids. All of those are headlines written by the Daily Mail. None of which are exactly setting the world of journalism alight with their intriguing and in depth reporting. Ok, so maybe the chicken one is slightly interesting - but the other two are essentially Jennifer just being a really normal person. So it shouldn’t come as a big surprise that Jennifer also goes shopping. In Walmart, in Target or in any other supermarket. Because if the Daily Mail’s creepy stalking of Jen has taught us anything, it’s that she’s just like the rest of us. Apart from the chicken thing. That’s weird.

11 Jimmy Fallon


By night, Jimmy Fallon entertains millions of Americans on The Tonight Show. By day, Jimmy Fallon is a Walmart shopper. Not exactly the best tagline for a superhero or even a chat show host. But judging by the photographic evidence above, Jimmy does enjoy a trip to his local Walmart. But when a huge corporation partners with your hugely successful TV show, it’s going to foster a certain amount of brand loyalty. So, while Jimmy Fallon may love browsing for bargains in Walmart’s aisles, he may also be shopping here because it would basically be rude not to. Walmart will stop writing those big cheques if they spotted Fallon doing his grocery shopping in Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s. But who cares when, in reality, those huge cheques Walmart are writing are doing some good? In October 2017, Fallon and The Tonight Show teamed up with Walmart to donate $1 million to help the ongoing aid relief in Puerto Rico.

10 Jillian Michaels

Via: Fame Focus & WellandGood

If you spot TV’s toughest trainer in Walmart, get a good look at what she’s adding to her shopping cart. Because, let’s face it, whether you’re a guy or a girl - we all want to know the secret behind her sculpted bod. And while Jillian Michaels may insist it’s the product of long hours in the gym - we all know you don’t get to look like that by feasting on Cheetos and drinking Mountain Dew all day. That said, we’re certain Jillian must have some guilty pleasures that she stows away at the bottom of her shopping cart. She’s famously a fan of wine and dark chocolate - but what else? We do know that Walmart are big fans of stocking on her favourite products. Maybe she took a trip to the store to see how sales are going? The multi-million dollar fitness star surely doesn’t have to worry about sales figures, does she?

9 Michael Cera

Via: Fame Focus

The Atlantic labelled Michael Cera as possibly the ‘Most Interesting Actor of His Generation’. But, was that before or after the Arrested Development star was spotted shopping in Walmart? Famous for playing awkward teenagers in his younger years, Michael Cera certainly didn’t look awkward on his trip to one of the retail giant’s stores. But, according to The Atlantic, part of Michael Cera’s on screen appeal is that we have no idea what he’ll do next. Always striving to shock us by playing very different characters in his film roles, is the actor messing with our minds by showing up in Walmart? To be honest, that’s probably taking method acting a little too far. But seeing a celebrity out doing their grocery shopping, when you just watched them in the movie Superbad, is definitely going to blow your mind. Whether that encourages you to check out their next movie is a whole other question.

8 Steven Tyler 


So far all of our listed celebrities have wowed us with their ability to leave the house like a normal person and go shopping. But there are some people who shouldn’t be on this list at all. Mariah Carey doesn’t make an appearance - and nor should she. Famous for doing as little as possible, if she can help it, Mariah shopping in Walmart just doesn’t make sense. Even Beyoncé had us a little mind-blown if we’re honest. But Steven Tyler in Walmart? We only expect to see Steven Tyler in one of three places. One: rocking out on stage in all his rock-god musical glory. Two: in a studio recording the next album - which he can then tour, placing him neatly back into place one. Three: in his massive crib, surrounded by platinum discs, filming a 2018 reboot of MTV’s Cribs. Finding Steven Tyler in any other place is shocking, unsettling and fundamentally wrong. Next time you see Steven in Walmart please escort him back to his crib and inform him of the rules. Thanks.

7 Miley Cyrus

Via: WSBTV & Just Jared

It seems like almost any list featuring celebrities acting weird, being crazy or extreme has to feature Miley Cyrus. It’s almost reached legally binding status at this point. The only thing that saddens us about this spot is that Miley wasn’t snapped riding into Walmart astride her famous wrecking ball. That’s the image of the century. Burned into our minds - we can’t un-see it. So much so, that seeing Miley in any other situation just seems completely alien. That can’t be Miley Cyrus, she’s not sitting on a massive wrecking ball! But it seems that despite not toting around a huge destructive device with her at all times, people do spot Miley behaving normally in a retail outlet. Which is almost more shocking than any of the headline-grabbing stunts the pop-starlet has gotten up to over the years.

6 William H. Macy

Via: lancasteronline.com

William H. Macy is hugely famous - but if we’re really honest with ourselves, he’s also someone we might not immediately spot. We’d probably stare a little too long in his direction - making things super-awkward. All the while we’d be mulling over in our minds. Who is that guy? I’m sure I know him from somewhere. Is it Bill from accounts? Did we meet last summer at the company cook-out? Where do I know that guy from? It wouldn’t be until you got home later, started watching Fargo or any one of the other many, many films the dude’s been in that it would hit you - that’s where I know him from! Of course, at this point it’s far too late to grab a selfie - or see what a Hollywood star puts in their shopping cart. We feel like celebrity shopping carts would be oddly fascinating. Who knew William H. Macy loves Key Lime Pie - for example.

5 The Great Khali

Via: People of Walmart

Would you approach a famous person if you spotted them out roaming in your local Walmart? We like to think we’d pluck up the courage to say hi, perhaps ask for a selfie or even an autograph. Though who really asks for those these days? But is anyone out there brave enough to approach this giant hulk of a man? The Great Khali dominated the screen during his WWE career. Regularly towering over his wrestling buddies in the SmackDown events, The Great Khali was an intimidating opponent. Standing at over 7 feet tall and weighing in at a whopping 347lbs, few wrestlers would want to take on such a giant in the ring. So would anyone blame us if we wuss out and not ask The Great Khali for a quick photo opportunity if we spot him stocking up on groceries? And that guy’s grocery bill has to be huge…

4 Tony Shalhoub

Via: People of Walmart

Instantly recognisable, Tony Shalhoub is most famous for his character role in the hugely popular TV series Monk. But, that’s also possibly problematic for the Golden Globe winning actor. Monk left our screens in 2009 - but the star still says fans still recognise him mostly for that role. Which could make things a little awkward if you’re chasing Tony around Walmart shouting MONK! over the chips and soda aisles. We’re going to suggest maybe a more subtle approach to introducing yourself. Mainly so you don’t get escorted out of the Walmart by security. But also, imagine only being recognized for work you did almost 10 years ago. You might have created one mighty fine filing system at work back in the day, but if your co-workers were still giving you props for it - and ignoring your most recent work, you’d be a little annoyed too. Ditch the Monk references guys.

3 Method Man

Via: YouTube & People of Walmart

Method Man has a more than impressive musical pedigree. Chalking up hits, being part of the Wu Tang Clan and generally being a hip hop legend. But rappers shopping at Walmart? It just doesn’t fit. Until you dig a little deeper and find that Method Man may not have been that great at keeping track of his finances. Way back in 2009 the IRS repossessed one of Method Man’s cars. Apparently he’d been dabbling with the same ‘medicinal herbs’ that Snoop Dogg is so fond of and forgotten to pay his taxes since 2002. Things didn’t get any better in 2010, when Method Man faced a four year prison sentence because of his tax evasion. So spotting the rapper and music star in Walmart starts to make sense. If you’re faced with a crippling tax bill, you have to find a way to save money somehow. Ditch the organic avocados from Whole Foods and stock up on bargains in Walmart - we’re pretty sure you won’t find organic veggies in jail.

2 Mark McGrath

Via: People of Walmart

Whatever happened to Mark McGrath? Well he’s been spotted shopping in Walmart - so that’s a great place to start. That aside, the Sugar Ray frontman is still starring in a variety of roles. Most recently he appeared in an episode of Long Island Medium - where he experienced an emotional connection with someone who had passed. Perhaps that’s why the former rock star is now shopping in Walmart. We can’t imagine the appearance fee for Long Island Medium is particularly hefty. Still, whatever pays the bills. Readers may recognize Mark for his standout role in Sharknado 3 and various other film roles. We have to admit to being slightly jealous of anyone who has a credit on Sharknado 3. Who wouldn’t want to be in one of those films? Battling sharks aside, Mark McGrath has been spending time on the 1990s nostalgia circuit - reviving Sugar Ray’s hits alongside other 90s pop acts.

1 Holly Madison

Via: AOL

Holly Madison took some time away from the Playboy Mansion to do a little holiday shopping. And the paparazzi weren’t far behind. The model and former Playboy bunny dropped by a Las Vegas Walmart to do a little charity work. Stacking her shopping cart full of toys - including stuffed animals, basketballs and action figures she really splashed the cash. But it turns out all of the toys were headed to a toy drive to raise money for charity. You just gotta love kind-hearted celebrities. Since then Holly has been in the news commenting on the passing of Hugh Hefner and is regularly spotted in the gossip columns of major publications. If you spotted Holly Madison in a Las Vegas Walmart, would you ask her to dish the dirt on her time in the mansion? Or maybe ask for a selfie? Let us know in the comments if you’ve spotted any celebrities in Walmart!

Sources: bostonhearald.com, dailymail.co.uk, nydailynews.com, kamloopsnews.ca, complex.com 

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