Move Over Ariel Winter: 15 Steamy Starlets That Should Replace Her

Ariel Winter has made a lot of headlines in recent months, but not because of her starring roles or acting talent. Instead, she’s managed to stir controversy by making some unexpected moves while posing in barely-there outfits on social media. She’s even hit back at body shamers who have criticized her for her tiny hot pants and leaving next to nothing for her fans and their imagination.

But at the same time, a lot of people are over Ariel’s good-girl-gone-bad schtick. As a matter of fact, a lot of fans prefer to see her with her clothes on rather than off. For someone who is starring in a hit primetime television series, Ariel is making the kind of moves that actresses desperate for a paycheck are forced to do. But as we all know, Ariel isn’t in that position at all.

Plus, it’s not like anyone asked Ariel Winter to become the poster girl of her generation. According to critics, there are a handful of hotter female actresses that can easily put Ariel to shame. With that being said, here are 15 starlets that should and can easily replace Ariel Winter.

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15 Bella Thorne Is Wild And Alluring

via: instagram.com

Bella Thorne is your typically good-girl-gone-bad Hollywood story. She’s already gotten herself into a lot of trouble by partying with the wrong crowds in Hollywood, including Kourtney Kardashian’s ex, Scott Disick. She also likes to provoke and push the social media envelope by posing in risqué and barely-there outfits or better yet, tongue wrestle with female YouTube stars on Instagram.

Bella recently posed in her bathing suit for GQ Mexico. She specifically asked the magazine’s editors not to retouch any of her photos. And what she had to say resonated with a lot of her young fans. The young starlet explained, “I specifically asked for no retouching on this photo, and let me tell you I have insecurities, about pretty much everything. That's natural and that's human. You might look at this photo and think, "Oh shush, Bella," but just know every time someone looks in the mirror they simply don't see what everyone else sees. Know that it's completely normal to feel insecure and it's accepted.”

14 Debby Ryan Is A Smokin' Disney Star

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Debby Ryan is the hot redhead from the Disney Channel that you need to know. And just like many other Disney starlets, Debby Ryan has managed to make embarrassing headlines over her questionable decisions. Back in 2016 she was forced to apologize to her fans after she was arrested for drunk driving.

Debby also admitted to receiving backlash or revealing that she was once in an abusive relationship. But that hasn’t stopped her from speaking out. Back in 2015 she told People Magazine, “What I realized is that when someone has a manipulative and insecure mind, that can physically hurt you, and lock you in rooms, and do things like that. It’s hard to reason with that person, and I realized that I don’t need that. I just don’t need this person in my life. I’ve gotten closure.”

13 Nina Dobrev Is Petite And Jaw-Dropping

via: twitter.com

Nina Dobrev is quickly becoming one of the biggest names in Hollywood. Sure, she’s been a television star for years thanks to her role on The Vampire Diaries, but Nina is finally doing what she’s always wanted to do, and that’s become a huge action star. And because she’s kicking butt on the big screen, Nina is working out more and it shows.

The brunette beauty never hesitates to show off her trim physique in a barely-there bikini on social media. If we didn’t know better, it almost seems like Nina is trying to audition for a future Bond girl role on Instagram. And while it might take her some time to reach her goals, we’ll be sitting here, watching, hoping and cheering her on in the meantime. Just keep flaunting those assets, Nina.

12 Emily Ratajkowski Is Unbelievably Hot

via: instagram.com

For years now Emily Ratajkowski has been the celebrity world’s it girl. Okay, make that social media’s it girl. We don’t know if she’s a part-time model or a part-time actress but honestly, no one really cares. This woman has the looks and the body to fool anyone into thinking that she can pass as the world’s first Oscar-winning supermodel.

Okay, that last part might have been a major exaggeration, but the girl is still around for a reason. You don’t have many models that look like Emily Ratajkowski that come and stay around. And while it doesn’t look like she’ll be stealing any of Meryl Streep’s roles in the future, she is garnering plenty of attention for pretending to be a studious actress on Instagram. She sure does love reading her scripts in bed.

11 Peyton List Is A Super Cute Up And Coming Actress

via: instagram.com

You can say that Peyton List has all the features that someone like her needs to make it big in a town like Hollywood. First off, she’s pretty but not in an aggressive way. Second, she’s got a huge fan base that has followed her each and every move on both the small and big screens. And third, she’s just started.

Peyton has made it no secret that she would love to play a superhero in an action-packed movie one day. More specifically, she would like to play a kicka*s role that would allow her to fly or lift cars and ultimately save the day. She’s cute, she’s ambitious and she’s super-talented. It wouldn’t surprise her fans if she did become a future Wonder Woman and smash box office records with the lift of one, perfectly manicured finger.

10 Sarah Hyland Is The Real Babe Of Modern Family

via: gotceleb.com

You’d think that Sarah Hyland and Ariel Winter would be best friends by now, but that hasn’t been the case at all. Sure, they are about the same age and have been working on the set of Modern Family for several long years. But while Ariel has been taking off her clothes, Sarah’s been doing the opposite by keeping her shirt on.

But here’s one question: how come Sarah hasn’t been that good friend everyone needs in their life to tell Ariel to cool it with her embarrassing leather chaps and hideous cut-off jean shorts? One can only wonder. Either way, Sarah Hyland is one Modern Family star that we want to see more of, both on and off the screen. Just like Sofia Vergara, she can get off smoke detectors with just as little as a flinch. We can’t say the same about Ariel.

9 Hailee Steinfeld Is A Great Actress Who Is Also Gorgeous

via: instagram.com

If you’ve heard of Hailee Steinfeld’s name, but just haven’t recognized her face, that’s because she’s had huge radio hits like “Love Myself” and “Most Girls.” Plus, she got into a little tit-for-tat cat fight with Lea Michele, so you know that means this girl is hot and dangerous.

Plus, a lot of her fans couldn’t help but notice that “Love Myself” is a self-love single that is more than a little catchy. The lyrics included, “I'm going to touch the pain away, I know how to scream my own name." Hailee also starred in Pitch Perfect 2 and was nominated for the Best Supporting Actress Academy Award for her role as Mattie Ross in 2009’s True Grit. Is there anything that this talented chick can’t do? Something tells me that we will be seeing much more of her both at awards shows and sold-out concert venues.

8 Chloe Grace Moretz Is An Actress To Watch

via: pinterest.com

Chloe Grace Moretz is the kind of star that you just can’t put in a box. You want to call her a good girl, but you know she’s got a dark little dirty side to her that likes to come out. After all, she’s good friends with people like Kristen Stewart. It’s safe to say that there’s more to Chloe than we know.

Plus, Chloe is the kind of gal that likes to keep people guessing. Rumor has it that she’s been looking for love in different places after her ex Brooklyn Beckham dumped her for being “too clingy.” How can anyone dump someone like Chloe, especially if she is willing to spend all of her free time with you? There is no denying that this girl is hot and that she’s going places. Your loss, Brooklyn.

7 Victoria Justice Is Seriously Sexy

via: pinterest.com

Victoria Justice has a huge following and not just because she’s talented and sexy. The brunette beauty likes to start ridiculous little cat fights with her former co-stars, too. Victoria received a lot of criticism for what some people are calling a petty comment about her former Victorious co-star Ariana Grande and her singing talents.

Ariana once hinted that she was bullied by a former colleague, with a lot of people pointing their fingers at Victoria. When cast mate Elizabeth Gillies praised Ariana for her incredible voice, Victoria shot back with, “I think we ALL sing.” Burn. We have a feeling that this won’t be the end to Victoria and Ariana’s bitter little rivalry. I say the girls should just battle it out with a sing-off, in their bikinis, no less.

6 Zendaya Is Spunky And Stunning

via: twitter.com

Zendaya is one name that you don’t want to miss. As an up and coming Hollywood A-lister, she’s managed to climb her way to the top pretty fast. The Disney Channel star, who is best known for her role in K.C. Undercover, has found a new fan base thanks to her role in last summer’s smash hit, Spider-Man: Homecoming. She’s sexy, she’s gorgeous, and best of all, she’s smart, too.

Plus, Zendaya is no stranger to controversy. She was forced to address her casting controversy as Spider-Man’s love interest Mary Jane and worse, when former E! star Giuliana Rancic stupidly criticized her Oscars dreadlocks. Despite all of the drama, she’s managed to keep her head held high and not give in to her critics. And she’s managed to look this good in the process, too.

5 Ariana Grande Is Classy But Super Steamy

via: instagram.com

There’s a reason why Ariana loves to wear her kitty ears and pretend to be the innocent yet sexy girl that she is. The pop star is keeping her image safe because of her young fan base but at the same time, she’s working the imagination of her older fans into overtime.

Love her or hate her, there’s no denying that Ariana Grande is the perfect pop star package. She’s got the look, the petite body and the bedroom eyes that make guys want to drop everything and get down on their knees for her. But don’t expect Ariana to go rogue and pose for a racy photo shoot anytime soon. She knows she needs to cater to her fan base of young pre-teen girls who have memorized all the words to her mostly forgettable songs.

4 Olivia Culpo Is A Perfect 10

via: instagram.com

It’s surprising that Olivia Culpo hasn’t received more attention in the media. For many, they just know her as the queen of the Miss USA 2012 pageant and of course, Tim Tebow’s ex-girlfriend. But there’s more to Olivia than her pretty face and hot bod.

The girl has some major style and is one of the hottest trendsetters on social media. Also, rumor has it that Nick Jonas wrote his 2015 hit “Find You” for his ex, Olivia. As a matter of fact, rumor has it that Demi Lovato was so jealous of Olivia that she urged Nick to dump her when he did. When you’ve got ex-girlfriends still concerned about your presence, you know that you are a force to be reckoned with.

3 Olivia Holt Is A Smart And Sexy Ex-Disney Star

via: instagram.com

Olivia Holt is the young blonde beauty that you want to know. She began her acting career in theater productions but has managed to make a name for herself thanks to her roles on several Disney XD series and the Disney Channel original movie, Girl vs. Monster.

And not only is Olivia sweet and sassy, but she’s also a tech geek too, which is the number one reason why so many male fans love her. Back in 2013 she worked with mobile gaming system maker PlayMG as both a spokesperson and partial owner. She helped the company develop new versions of their app-based games, making her one of few actresses out there that are both beautiful and brainy. After all, smart is the new sexy. Watch this space for more.

2 Lourdes Leon Blows Her Mother Madonna Out Of The Water

via: instagram.com

It’s surprising that Lourdes Leon hasn’t received that much attention from the media. Sure, she’s not a Hollywood actress nor does she have any interest in the music industry. But she’s Madonna’s daughter and according to a lot of fans, a divine goddess. A lot of people would agree that Lourdes is the picture of perfection.

Yet, Lourdes isn’t the kind of celebrity spawn who will take advantage of their parents career by kick starting one of their own. Instead, Lourdes is doing something not many other starlets her age are doing, and that’s getting an education. She’s currently a student at the University of Michigan. Although with her good looks, it wouldn’t be surprising if we did see more of her in the future. She’s Madonna’s daughter after all. The girl is destined to become a star.

1 Dove Cameron Is A Steamy And Scandalous Disney Star

via: instagram.com

If you are a Disney Channel fan, there’s no doubt that you’ll recognize Dove Cameron’s face. She is the new star of the network. And just like many other Disney Channel stars from the past, she’s got a side of her that many people haven’t seen before.

Even though she’s relatively new to the Hollywood scene, she’s already kissed a girl and has been accused of Photoshopping her abs. If that weren’t enough, Dove made headlines for holding hands with actress Kiersey Clemons, causing the internet to completely lose it. The two even showed off their matching tattoos together. Clearly, Dove is the kind of girl who likes to march to the sound of her own beat. We have a feeling we’ll be seeing much more of her in the coming months.

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