Megan Fox Lies About Her Platforms, And So Do 14 Other Celebs Who Need Shoe Lifts

The average person will often lie about their height or weight, and apparently celebrities are no exception to the rule. Sometimes even, the person in question will go ahead and just assume that the lie is close enough to the truth, so why bother to ever correct themselves? We have all met people who claim to be taller than they actually are. The average height for men varies from  5'8 to 5'10, yet it still has men feeling as though they need to hit that 6 ft mark. So they add a couple of inches to impress.

It happens often; we see lies on social media, and dating apps. People claiming to be 5'11 but they can barely pass for a 5'7. Admittedly, a lot of people are generally clueless about height measurements, and maybe even don't know their exact height. The same however, could not be said for a celebrity. It's easy for them to be caught in their lies.  Some of our favourite celebs will take extra measures to appear taller by surrounding themselves with shorter people, or taking photos with tricky angles.

And then you have those who have to keep up an image in public. They opt to wear shoe lifts to add two or three inches of height. This list features several names who cannot seem to accept their true height, and have constantly lied about it to the media. It is understandable as to why so many of them are inclined to do it, especially considering their livelihood. Here we have 15 celebrities who always lie about their height:

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15 Megan Fox

via zimbio.com

It is understandable why female celebrities lie about their height, but that doesn't make it respectable. Megan Fox rose to fame overnight thanks to her great looks, and since she didn't become a celebrity due to her acting skills, she has to meet the model standards in many ways. During an interview, she admitted to being shorter than most people realized by indicating that she is only 5'4, but she's even shorter.

In reality, Fox stands at 5'2. This is rather short for a Hollywood actress, but of course that wasn't exactly a problem in her career. While she may have faded away compared to her early career years, she still remains relevant on the scene. Fox has been called out in the past for allegedly adding some extra inches to her height, but it's not controversial enough to have had any sort of effect on her image or career.

14 Sylvester Stallone

It's no secret that Sylvester Stallone has been rocking the elevator shoes throughout the years. Much like heels, they aren't exactly great for your health, especially when you consider how often Stallone wears them. While the actor has claimed to be around 5'10 through interviews and his website, most have reported that he is in fact 5'7. It may be shocking to learn that he doesn't stand nearly as tall as one would have thought, especially if you watched the Rocky series.

While he may have portrayed larger-than-life characters, Stallone is of average height. Those elevator shoes have definitely granted him a couple of more inches. It is said that he has had to take them off during the shooting of many scenes due to discomfort, mainly during some Rocky fights, but of course you couldn't really tell based on top notch production and camera angles.

13 Zac Efron

Zac Efron may be one of Hollywood's heartthrobs right now but many are still shocked to learn that he is nowhere nearly as tall as one would think. It is especially clear when he appears at award shows and stands next to fellow celebrities; that's when his real height has been exposed. Like so many fellow celebs, Zac Efron claims to be 5'10.

It seems like that is the magic number for shorter celebrities who lie about their height, since it is just above average. In reality, Efron is in fact 5'8. We have seen some celebrities tower over him, such as Dwyane Johnson and Ryan Reynolds. While they are over 6 ft, it is clear to see that they have more than just three inches on him. Regardless, Efron always presents himself in ways that alter his height to make him look taller.

12 Bruno Mars

via footwearnews.com

Unlike so many names on this list, Bruno Mars doesn't care enough about his height to attempt to look a couple inches taller. While plenty of celebrities opt to wear shoe lifts or elevator shoes, Mars doesn't seem to be slightly interested. Perhaps it is because he is already known for being short so there is no point in attempting to trick everyone - two to three inches would make a significant difference when it comes to height.

But Mars has lied about his height, which is expected, claiming to be 5'7 when in reality he is 5'5. It doesn't take a genius to realize that Mars stands at 5'5. Have him stand next to anyone who is actually 5'7, and you'll see how completely fabricated it is. Not that it matters to his fans, they love him no matter how tall he is.

11 Justin Bieber

via stylebistro.com

For many years, Justin Bieber's height has been questioned by people as the singer claimed to be around 5'9 to 5'10. Fans have had their theories about it, some going out of their way to prove it one way or another. It is generally agreed on that Bieber's height has been exaggerated, and he has become famous for wearing shoe lifts. In many photos, it is blatantly clear that he has got a couple of extra inches with his shoes to make him appear taller.

Depending on the day, Bieber's height looks different from one photo to another, so it is pretty tough to really predict his height. What we do know, is that he is a few inches shorter than he claims to be. There are several photos of him barefoot and he looks clearly shorter than he does on stage.

10 Floyd Mayweather

via dailymail.co.uk

Floyd Mayweather may be the best boxer in modern history - certainly the most acclaimed one - and the most dominant athlete as well. But one thing he is not is honest about his height, claiming to be 5'8 which has been debated by people over the years. His latest opponent Conor McGregor was among one of the many skeptics, claiming that Mayweather exaggerates his height and wears shoe lifts. And while he lost the fight, McGregor wasn't lying, as Mayweather stands at 5'6.

We have witnessed many of his opponents mock his height to rile him up, which clearly hasn't worked for their benefit. Perhaps this makes Mayweather's dominant run and streak even more impressive after all. We have previously seen Mayweather shrink from one event to another, which further proves that he rocks lifts whenever it's possible, but he cares very little about what people think.

9 Vin Diesel

via heightandweights.com

Vin Diesel is a prime example as to why so many actors have their height questioned these days. He has been deceiving fans for years, and it is noticeable if you pay the smallest bit of attention. A few years ago, it was revealed that he had to stand on a box to be face to face in a scene with Dwyane Johnson for Fast & Furious. Claiming to be 6'1, Vin Diesel is reportedly much shorter than he wishes, as he stands at 5'10.

If you're wondering how Diesel manages to come across as taller, well, he submits himself to the same torture as others do. Vin Diesel only wears boots with high heels, and is a notorious shoe lifts wearer as well. With 4 extra added inches, Vin Diesel has managed to trick plenty of fans throughout the years. What makes it even funnier is the fact that his height changes from one photo another. If you were to Google any of his photos with Paul Walker, you will see that the height difference changes from one occasion to another.

8 Tom Cruise

via chamaripaelevatorshoes.com

The fact that Tom Cruise has managed to become one of Hollywood's most successful actors would have you believe that height matters very little. While that may be true for his fans, it does not hold true to himself. He apparently, is highly insecure about it. Cruise is known for his relatively short height and is one of the many pioneers of the shoe lifts trend.

When he broke into the scene, Cruise's height came into question and the actor claimed to be 5'9 at the time. But over the years, that has been proven to be a lie and he actually stands at 5'7. To make matters worse, Cruise was very insecure about appearing shorter than his ex-wife, so he used to wear high boots with shoe lifts to put him at almost 6 ft. A remarkable transformation if you ask me, but it's clear that he isn't bothered by the jokes.

7 T.I

via dailymail.co.uk

T.I claimed to be 5'9 in a lyric of his but that has been refuted since then. Based on photos of him next to celebrities, as well as people who have met him in real life, T.I is much closer to be 5'7. Rappers are known to exaggerate in their rhymes so it's not entirely shocking that T.I did so regarding his height.

During his beef with Wendy Williams, they threw shots at each other on several occasions, but there is one particular comment that had fans talking. She claimed that T.I wears shoe lifts since he is highly insecure about his height. From that, T.I joined the list of short rappers. Some people even thought that he was around 6'0 when he came rose to fame, but we now know that he is much closer to 5'7 than he claims.

6 Kate Moss

via footwearnews.com

When it comes to models, it is well-known that the standard has been 5'8 and above but as usual, there will always be exceptions. In the case of Kate Moss, her height fluctuates depending on the agency and promotion. She has been listed as 5'8 in the past before switching to 5'10, and then back to the initial claim. All of these numbers are in fact inaccurate, for Moss reportedly stands at 5'6 which is usually a concern for a model.

Knowing the success that she has achieved, it's safe to say her height didn't stop her, even if she wasn't completely honest about it. There are have also been rumors about some photoshoots being edited to make Moss appear taller, which is pretty shocking to say the least, but not exactly unrealistic.

5 Conor McGregor

via ufc.com

In preparation for his fight against Floyd Mayweather, there was plenty of trash talk from Conor McGregor, but one particular quote stood out as he mocked his opponent for wearing shoe lifts. As it turns out, McGregor has also done so in the past, especially during press conferences and public events in order to appear taller. He is listed at 5'9 in the ring, but if you ask McGregor he is much closer to 6 feet.

That is clearly not the case if you have seen him standing near any person who stands at 6 ft but it's not like McGregor has a reputation of telling the truth. Some have called him out in the past for always mocking shorter opponents despite the fact he is of average height. As it seems, McGregor has deluded himself into believing that isn't the case, so we let him continue spreading his false claims.

4 Bow Wow

via heightline.com

When Bow Wow broke into the rap scene as a kid, he was mostly loved by fans but his act grew quick as he got older. He has become a meme in the past decade due to his antics, and exaggerated stunts, in an attempt to further his image. For so long, Bow Wow has claimed to be around 5'7, but if you put him next to others, you could see that is not exactly valid.

He was a few inches shorter than Floyd Mayweather, but Bow Wow has worn shoe lifts as well so his height does vary from time to time. It is generally agreed on that he is around 5'3 to 5'4, but that's something he would never admit. Considering how delusional he has become about his status and rap career, that shouldn't exactly surprise anybody.

3  Chris Jericho

It's no secret that WWE loves to exaggerate the stats of its Superstars to make them appear to be larger-than-life figures. At one point, they had listed Chris Jericho at 6'1 which was a blatant lie. They changed it to 5'11, but in reality Jericho's real height is 5'9. He is known for wearing shoe lifts during his matches, in order to appear taller.

Upon his WWE debut in 1999, there were complaints about his in-ring movements and it was reported that the shoe lifts had been giving him trouble. He adjusted since then but you can always tell that his wrestling boots give him another 2 to 3 inches of height. The photo above is a prime example, as you can clearly see the placement of the shoe lift, with his foot above it.

2 Mark Wahlberg

via taller.au.com

The problem with celebrities who wear shoe lifts is that they don't commit to them all the time, so they are easily exposed. Mark Wahlberg is guilty of having done so throughout the years, which made his height become a question mark. Most people generally agree that he is 5'7' as told by some close associates, but the actor continues to pretend being 5'9'.

You may think that two inches don't make a huge difference, but the former is considered to be below average in the United States. When it comes to actors, their image is crucial, so they always attempt to enhance it as much as possible. For Wahlberg, he usually resorts to shoe lifts to give himself some generous extra inches.

1 Robert Downey Jr.

There is a common theme in this list as most of the entries are approximately the same height. Robert Downey Jr. may be one of the top Hollywood actors, but a tall man he is not. Despite all his success, he remains insecure about his height as evident by his ridiculous footwear choices that will surely make you cringe.

He has worn some boots that gave him an extra boost of 3 inches, which made him stand out for all the wrong reasons. He also claims to be 5'9 when in fact he is 5'7 but at times he has appeared to be of the same height as his co-stars who are around 6 ft. In many of his films, Downey is clearly wearing shoe lifts and high heels, and while he may think that it has gone unnoticeable by the fans - that is clearly not the case.

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