Megan Fox Has A Lookalike And She's Way Better (Just Look At These 15 Photos)

Celebrity lookalikes are all the rage in Hollywood these days, from people noticing that Jennifer Lawrence looks like a young Helen Mirren to MTV's Celebrity Deathmatch making a parody claymation match between Leelee Sobieski and Helen Hunt that ended with Sobieski wanting to become Hunt. Other famous celebrity lookalikes are Amy Adams and Isla Fisher, whose fans hilariously keep mistaking one for the other. Digging deeper on the internet will provide anyone access to many lists of all the other celebrity lookalikes, and it can be quite amusing. There are even speculations that Katy Perry and Zooey Deschanel are long-lost sisters separated at birth. Not to mention Lizzy Caplan bears a striking resemblance to them, too!

On that note, Megan Fox of Transformers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Jennifer's Body fame apparently has an alternate universe version of herself. Except she lives in the same universe yet looks like the spirit and image of the gorgeous bombshell. Meet Claudia Alende, the Brazilian Megan Fox who's about seven years Fox's junior. And she’s not just an ordinary babe — she’s pretty famous herself. It's because of Alende’s beauty (and not necessarily her resemblance to Fox), her to-die-for figure (she's a Miss Bum Bum runner-up with a bod that won't quit), her figure-hugging dresses and her barely-there swimsuits that Alende amassed 10.3 million followers on Instagram. Meanwhile, the verified Megan Fox Instagram has only 4.9 million followers. Miss Alende isn't just a pretty face either, as evidenced by her opening her own clothing store brand at 18 years of age. Here are 15 photos of her that will make you wish she were the famous movie star.

15 Alende Has More Beautiful Facial Features

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Claudia Alende became an Internet phenomenon in her own right because of her stunning Instagram selfies and her striking resemblance to the model and actress Megan Fox. With that said, Alende's growing army of fans and followers is alleging she looks even more beautiful than Fox herself. Sure, comparing Fox with Alende seems like an exercise in futility. Like comparing Fox with her own reflection or her identical twin. Or like Fox acting beside herself with the magic of computers and a green screen. However, somehow, Alende manages to showcase the best aspects of Fox (like her mesmerizing ice-blue eyes, her raven locks and her distinctive pout) while being the 24-year-old version of the bombshell actress. If ever Fox were to decide to retire from her usual typecast roles, it's possible for Alende to take her place as more than just a stunt double. And we’d be more than happy to watch her on screen.

14 She’s Steamy In A Dress Shirt

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Although looking steamy in a dress shirt is a given for any model that's worth her salt, Alende turns this standard model picture into an art form. This particular selfie is one where she leaves little and a lot to the imagination at the same time. No, that's not a paradox. Her selfie suggests to the lewd minded a post-bedroom time cup of tea. To fellow women who look up to her, she represents someone who's comfortable in her own skin. She has mastered the art of flirting at such a young age, just like her celebrity lookalike. She shows just enough to skirt Instagram's policies against revealing too much while at the same time hiding enough of herself to coyly and flirtatiously have boys (and girls or any other gender the person may have) wanting to see more. She has this power to lure in people to her, no matter the gender.

13 That Breathtaking Smile, Though

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Alende even smiles like Fox! Uncanny. Miss Alende's birthday selfie wouldn't look out of place in Ms. Fox's (or Mrs. Green's) own Instagram. That's her on the beach, smiling that million-dollar smile that is also reminiscent of Victoria Justice on top of Megan Fox, and wearing a t-shirt proclaiming she's a "Little Bit Crazy.” It's like somehow, the younger unmarried version of Fox arrived in this world, got adopted by Brazilian parents and ended up setting up a popular Instagram page as a web model of sorts. This is something Fox would probably have done had she not landed her breakthrough roles in Transformers and Jennifer's Body. Or maybe she's Fox’s clone. Maybe it is an instance akin to The 6th Day starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, which (spoilers) involved clone shenanigans as well. That breathtaking smile though. It’s just so beautiful and real — something that’s kinda hard to find these days.

12 Miss Universe Material

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Megan Fox has never actually participated in the Miss Universe pageant and neither has Alende. However, these sisters from different mothers who both have a penchant for scantily-clad videos and photos as well as pageantry are both Miss Universe material in their own right, or at least Miss USA for sure (or Miss Brazil in Fox’s case). Here's Alende indirectly modelling a bejewelled gown for Fox, as though she's the actress’ "stunt model." In many ways, Miss Alende from Brazil is modelling for Fox. It’s like Fox modelling without doing the modelling herself, if you get what we mean.

In light of Hollywood's ageism or continued push for young up-and-coming actors and models, Fox better watch out. As a 31-year-old mother of three, she might be considered by producers as old and busted and instead get a replica of her in the form of Miss Alende, the new hotness!

11 Looks Angelic Without Pounds Of Makeup

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Any model can look great with pounds of makeup or loads of filters from Instagram. They can also cheat and improve their appearance through the magic of photo-manipulation software like Photoshop. Perhaps Megan Fox herself has taken advantage of these techniques through the years. With that said, Claudia Alende is able to achieve an angelic look without pounds of makeup. Sure, there's still a bit of makeup in this particular selfie. However, this is light makeup that a girl can put on to go swimming.

While Fox herself has the kind of beauty that shines through without altering it with foundation and mascara, Alende showcases a different kind of Fox in this photo who uses less makeup and lets more of her natural beauty shine through. Let us be clear, though, that we have nothing against people who use pounds of makeup. In fact, we encourage it if that’s what makes people happy. We’d just like to admire Alende’s natural beauty here.

10 Check Out Her Kim K Hips

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Like her or hate her, Kim Kardashian and her scrumptious behind have become part of pop culture in the New Millennium and the New Tens. As far as the millennial generation is concerned, she's a goddess that dethroned the millennial generation's previous poster child, Paris Hilton. The current standards of sexiness and femininity have been defined by the likes of Kim K and Nicki Minaj. This is quite ironic because in places like Brazil, that beauty standard of having childbearing hips and a booty is the norm that Alende probably follows. As sung by the great orators of our time, Sir Mix-a-Lot, "I don't want none unless you got buns, hun!" There's something almost evolutionary about how attractive the female hips are as exemplified by the Miss Bum Bum runner-up's hourglass hips and behind. Of course, Fox undeniably still has a lovely figure, but she definitely doesn’t look like she has hips as wide as Alende.

9 Alende Looks Amazing When She's All Cleaned Up

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On one hand, she's certainly someone you'd love to see right after she has taken a bath, whether it's because she looks like Megan Fox or because she's simply hot. On the other hand, most hot girls look amazing after a bath. What makes Alende special? No, it's not just that she looks like a Megan Fox who had just taken a bath. It's also because she understands how to improve the original and make her own spin on it. Kind of like the billion-dollar blockbuster The Force Awakens and less like Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Alende shows a side of her that would normally be reserved for her boyfriend. Or something that Brian Austin Green has seen himself, but not because he has cheated on his wife and has dated Alende behind her back. It's just that Fox probably looks the exact same way after a bath as well.

8 She Obviously Has A Better Figure

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Although Megan Fox is viewed by many men, particularly her husband Brian Austin Green and her Transformers director Michael Bay, as the ideal woman, it's our opinion that the less popular (in Hollywood, not on Instagram) Claudia Alende has her beat in the figure department. Aside from having Kim K hips and a behind to match, everything else about Alende is akin to an old-school Barbie doll or a comic book character from the 90s. She has a thin waist and huge hips and curves that give her a literal hourglass figure. Fox also had this hourglass figure that allowed her to land so many roles throughout her career, but time and gravity are harsh mistresses. It's not Mrs. Green's fault that a much younger Ms. Alende has youth and natural assets on her side. She still looks great, regardless – probably better than majority of actresses in Hollywood right now.

7 She Looks Good At Every Angle — Literally

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The term "good side" in terms of photography refers to angling your face in the right way to get the best possible picture. As far as Alende is concerned, all of her angles look good. It helps that she has the gorgeous, blue-eyed beauty of Megan Fox (and more!) and has her body at its peak (arguably, Alende trumps Fox in that department, as we have already mentioned previously). She embodies the fantasies of many men out there with her hourglass body that provides the most feminine of silhouettes at every corner. She is also the icon many women follow and aim to be, with that style that seemingly embodies everything Fox. She’s definitely one of the best 20-something young models anyone should follow on Twitter and Instagram. Simply put, she's a smoking hot babe through and through from front to back.

6 She Still Gorgeous In Bad Lighting

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Even when she screws up her selfie and gets a low-light picture instead, Alende’s selfie still ends being gold. She remains "linda" or "pretty," as many a Brazilian fan would claim. This aspect of Alende’s Instagram is what makes her the spirit and image of Megan Fox the most: accidental brilliance. The thing about Fox is that she's a hot girl but not necessarily vapid or a blank slate. Among her model peers, she's the one who ended up with a Hollywood career because she has a charming personality behind that pretty face, like model Candice Bergen who found her comedic groove in the classic TV show Murphy Brown. Although Claudia Alende's biggest claim to fame (that, at the very least, earned her this article) is that she looks like Megan Fox, she's no Megan Lite or a poor imitation. She's instead a great unintentional imitation that managed to become her own thing, like the Zooey Deschanel to Fox's Katy Perry.

5 Her Lips Are Poutier And More Kissable

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Having poutier lips than Megan Fox is no simple task because Fox has some of the poutiest lips in Hollywood, along with Angelina Jolie, Kylie Jenner and Scarlett Johansson. Just ask Fox’s husband. Mrs. Green's pouty mouth is arguably one of her signature traits, like Marilyn Monroe's mole, or Aubrey Hepburn's thick eyebrows, or Jennifer Lopez's behind (which the Miss Bum Bum runner-up also has). Alende and Fox have the kind of lips that many girls and women wish they had and are willing to invest in with procedures. Is Alende more kissable than Fox? Well, Fox’s a married woman with kids, so technically yes. Regardless, Alende represents the single, fresh-faced Fox of yore who’s young, hot and (still) available. It helps that her lips makes any person regardless of gender pucker up as well.

4 She Knows How To Be Silly

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Aside from "inheriting" Megan Fox's good looks, Alende also "inherited" her sense of humor. She knows when to make fun of herself or act goofy on camera when she wants to share another side of herself to her audience aside from steamy pics. While Fox’s action girl roles are cut more from the cloth of heavy metal or rock albums than the likes of Lara Croft in Tomb Raider or Buffy from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, she still had one of her first major breaks with the action comedy Jennifer's Body. The goofy writing in that anti-chick flick matched well with Fox’s own goofy sense of humor. In turn, the same vibe can be derived from Alende and her wackier pictures and selfies. This pic, for instance, shows that she isn't uptight and she doesn't take herself too seriously. Exactly what we like in a girl sometimes, right?

3 She Surprisingly Looks Good With Purple Hair

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If you ever wondered what Megan Fox would look like if she had dyed her hair purple in order to play an admiral in the latest Star Wars film or a villain in the Wachowskis' film Jupiter Ascending, then there you go. That's what she'd look like. Incidentally, Laura Dern in the recent Star Wars film, The Last Jedi, has gotten a dye job for her role as Admiral Holdo. As far as Alende is concerned, her dyed hair doesn't make her look like she belongs in a new Star Wars entry because she actually belongs in the millennial generation that loves getting this type of hair alteration. At any rate, just as Alende is able to embody all the best assets of her American Hollywood star counterpart, she, too, is able to pull off the purple-haired look without looking like she's playing dress-up for Halloween.

2 She’d Make A Steamier Jennifer In Jennifer's Body

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For those who don't know, Jennifer's Body is a comedy horror movie in the same vein as the Evil Dead series starring Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried. This movie by Diablo Cody played a lot to Fox’s strengths, mixing goofy comedy with her natural-born sexiness. The movie was a flop but it’s worth watching for Fox and Seyfried’s romantic scene. With that said, while Alende has yet to walk a mile in Fox’s shoes in terms of getting multimillion-dollar Hollywood roles, she certainly has her own "body of work" that would make her a much steamier Jennifer. In particular, Alende seems to have the same sense of humor that Fox has, plus her little Halloween costume as a vampiress of sorts mirrors the role of Jennifer as a high school teenager possessed by a demon that made her act like a succubus or a black widow spider.

1 She Works Out

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Although she has many gifts and assets she can thank her mother and father for, she's able to achieve popularity as an Instagram model by taking good care of her body and face. She also uses pre-workout products for good measure. Alende is able to share intimate portraits of herself and amass such a huge following, especially among the male demographic, because she knows how to maintain her beauty. She knows that talent is a seed you should take care of and allow to grow. Just like her blue-eyed lookalike who was able to make the most of her beauty and sense of humor to open up opportunities for herself in Hollywood, Alende appreciates the need for hard work, diet, exercise and careful maintenance to make her natural gifts shine through. She’s not merely relying on what she has naturally — she’s working hard to maintain and improve them, which is something we can appreciate.

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