Megan Fox And 19 Other Famous People Who Love Spending Money At Costco

When asked what their dream job would be, a lot of people would say a celebrity figure of some type. While that's a bit vague, the term "celebrity" is so broad now. It encompasses many different people from different walks of life involved in different careers, so it’s hard to nail it down to a specific type of person. But people aren’t fussy; they see the lights, the cameras, celebs looking all glamorous, adored by the masses, and think, “I’ve got to get me some of that.” Celebrities are larger than life characters, and another reason why people want to be a celeb is that celebs tend to have larger bank balances than most. That’s a massive perk of being a celebrity figure – they’ve got lots of cash to splash. It’s one of the gossip-hungry presses’ favorite topics – who the big spenders are in the celeb world, looking into their sometimes downright ridiculous purchases. Due to what we hear and what we see about such individuals, the massive houses, fancy jewelry, fleet of cars, you get the impression that they’re big spenders when it comes to pretty much everything. You certainly wouldn’t think they have a budget when buying food and household essentials. Actually, although it seems ludicrous when you think about it, it’s hard to get your head around the fact that they actually buy food in the first place!

You’d think some of these guys and girls have people to do all of that for them, including cook up whatever they fancy! Believe it or not, there are some celebs who do their own shopping. Even with these celebs, you’d think they’d at least go to high-end supermarkets to get their produce. But nope, there are famous people out there that frequent stores such as Costco. There are plenty of those retailers around in convenient locations offering tons of products at low prices. Whether it’s convenient or they’re savvy about how they spend their cash, plenty of famous people are attracted to big-box retailers. These are 20 famous people you had no clue love shopping at Costco.

20 Zac Efron Takes Photos With Fans While Shopping

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American actor and singer Zac Efron is widely regarded to be one of the best looking guys on the planet. He makes women swoon, and just oozes star appeal. His movies and roles particularly resonate to younger audiences, especially teenagers, many of whom it’s fair to assume have his posters plastered all across their bedroom walls. He’s tasted a tremendous amount of success doing all types of things. You’d think that he’d therefore have someone to go shopping for him. But no, Zac’s young enough, has the energy after a busy day shooting, posing for pics and whatnot, to go and do his household shopping. In 2009, when Zac was in his early 20s, we discovered that he shops at Costco. He was spotted out and about in an LA wholesale store picking up a few essentials. It didn’t take long before people began to recognize him, and he was soon swamped with fans. The gentleman that he is, he smiled and stopped for pictures. But what he was anticipating to be a short shopping trip must have dragged out into an incredibly long experience!

19 Holly Madison Searches For Deals

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Model, showgirl, television personality, and – something that actually might surprise a lot of you – New York Times best-selling author, Holly Madison, has been in the public eye since the early 2000s. Although she’s pursued numerous other ventures over the years, Holly’s certainly most famed for her association with the late Hugh Hefner. She starred in the reality TV series The Girls Next Door and that led to – what she’d probably deem to be – bigger and better things. Her numerous appearances on TV and in the glossy pages of magazines, and now on the backs of books as an author, mean that Holly’s a recognizable woman. But that hasn’t stopped her from shopping at low-budget stores such as Costco. She’s got a family now, and so Holly’s probably realized that there are numerous benefits to shopping at Costco. She’s been spotted loading up on toys and children’s goodies at the store.

18 Jimmy Kimmel Is A Longtime Fan Of Costco

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Jimmy Kimmel recently reached his 50th birthday. People became aware of his comedic prowess when he worked on radio, then the TV gigs came and kept on coming. In the early 2000s, his hard work and entertainment value was recognized, and he got his own show, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, which was a rip-roaring success, and continues to be one of the most popular TV shows in the world to this day. He’s also explored other ventures, so of course Jimmy’s coffers are full. That doesn’t mean he passes up on a good deal if he sees one, the kind offered at Costco. Jimmy Kimmel not only shops at Costco, but has been very vocal about how he’s one of the chain’s biggest fans. He loves Costco, and in 2007 he went so far as to say that he’d do anything to get featured in The Costco Connection newsletter. He got his wish in 2009, and got his face plastered across the cover no less; undoubtedly one of the biggest achievements of his career.

17 Kris Jenner Relies On Costco

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Kris Jenner really isn’t a name you’d expect to see on this list. The self-proclaimed momager pretty much always has a packed house with plenty of kids, and now grandkids too. Whenever the cameras are shooting a scene for the family’s reality TV show in her house, people are always grazing on something or other or raiding the fridge. Her shopping bill must cost her a fortune, and due to her busy schedule – Kris is most certainly a workaholic – you wouldn’t think she would even have the time to shop – apart from clothes, jewelry and anything fashion related – or would want to, because you’d think she’d be mobbed being one of the world’s most recognizable women. But Kris does shop, and shops at Costco. She just “loves, loves, loves to shop at Costco,” as she said in 2013. Kris has said “Costco is my passion,” and frequently splurges on all sorts of stuff. It’s kind of a day out for her, and the way she talks about Costco, you can tell she really does love the budget store.

16 John Mayer Snaps Selfies With Fans While Shopping For Shorts

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John Mayer is a pretty big deal in the music industry. He’s an American singer-songwriter, guitarist and he’s also a producer. When it comes to creating sweet music, John’s involved in it. He started off in acoustic rock, but then steadily moved towards the blues. It hasn’t hurt his music, because his fan following has continued to grow and his albums have achieved critical acclaim. Something else that’s increased his fan following is his move to TV hosting, and prowess as a comedian and writer. He’s therefore a guy who’s known far and wide. Most celebs of his status wouldn’t dream of venturing to Costco, not because it's bad, but simply because they might get recognized and subsequently mobbed by fans. John Mayer doesn’t seem to mind, though. He regularly visits Costco, and stops for pictures with fans too. This is a pic taken by a fan. Apparently, he was buying shorts and told the person to tell anyone who asked that he was Ace Ventura. He might need to work on his comedy.

15 Kylie Jenner Shops At Costco With Friends And Family

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If you’ve seen their family’s reality TV show, you’ll know that Kris and Kylie Jenner are like chalk and cheese. In fact, Kylie’s unlike any other member of her family. She has her own unique style, her own way of going about things, and that’s why she’s one of the most popular members of her family. Kris and Kylie may differ in a lot of aspects, but it seems as if Kris’ love for shopping at Costco has rubbed off on her youngest daughter. Kylie too has been frequently spotted at Costco. She was spotted shopping at a Costco with her buddies in 2014. She has been spotted at the store more recently too, making us think it wasn’t just a one-off shopping trip. At the age of 20, Kylie’s now pregnant, and so will have to stock up on all sorts of things. She may ask for her mom’s advice, in which case she’ll probably bulk buy baby items from Costco, and frequent the store more than she already does.

14 Jessica Alba Has Been Hitting Up Costco For Years

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Jessica Alba is regarded to be one of the world’s hottest and most successful actresses. She’s seemingly been around forever, and it seems inconceivable that she’s only 36! She has a vast and varied filmography, and has balanced her movie commitments with various other ventures. Something she’s passionate about is ethical consumerism. She’s a mom, a family woman, and wanted to supply people with cost-saving products that are safe, healthy and effective for moms and babies. She therefore founded The Honest Company. Many of her products get stocked in budget-friendly stores such as Costco. The sales of her products in such stores is something that’s contributed to her acquiring a billion-dollar empire. Jessica supports these stores that stock her company’s products. She frequently shops at them, and is a regular at Costco. Over the years, she’s been spotted various times at the store with different people, buying all kinds of things, trying to blend into the crowd. But this is Jessica Alba; she can’t remain inconspicuous. When she’s out, so are the paparazzi, in full force, so we know about her Costco shopping habits. In a way, it humanizes her.

13 Ryan Seacrest Got Justin Bieber A Costco Card

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Ryan Seacrest is a radio personality, TV host and producer of arguably the biggest reality TV series around. He’s the man behind a lot of people’s success, and has become a massive name in the entertainment industry in the process. He’s also incredibly wealthy. Due to his increased popularity, fame and wealth, his shopping habits may have changed a tad. But the guy still loves Costco. He revealed so, when in 2012, he got his little buddy Justin Bieber a birthday present for his 18th. You’d have thought that he’d have bought Justin something flashy to mark such a milestone. Well, in his eyes, what he bought was probably something he loves and thought Justin would love. He put a lot of thought into the gift. Ryan bought Justin a Costco card. On his radio show, he said, "I've known you for a few years and I've been waiting for this moment because there's something I've wanted to give you on your 18th birthday. It's something that I love. My buddies and I used to use this quite a bit when we were roommates. It's a lot of fun. Think of the endless fun you can have with jugs of salsa and buckets of hummus." It was meant to be a gag gift, but Justin graciously accepted it.

12 Megan Fox And Her Husband Love Going To Costco

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Megan Fox is widely perceived to be a modern day bombshell of Hollywood. There are numerous sultry women on the movie scene, yet Megan somehow manages to stand out. Sure, she’s done plenty of alluring shoots over the years, has now appeared in a number of movies, but it’s her entire persona that people love about her. She’s very down-to-earth, doesn’t take herself too seriously, and that’s quite refreshing in an industry which is deemed to have many fake personalities. She endears herself to plenty of people with her attitude. Megan’s headstrong and doesn’t really care what people think. Most female celebs wouldn’t be caught at a store like Costco, especially with large amounts of toilet paper from that store – which is strange, since we all know that they use it! But Megan was happy to be photographed, along with Brian Austin Green, buying loads of toilet paper from a Costco in 2008.

11 Bethenny Frankel Says That She Worships Costco

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TV personality, businesswoman, and author Bethenny Frankel has had quite a career. She’s tried her hand at many different things, and more often than not, has made a success out of whatever she’s pursued. Now in her mid-40s, she’s a regular on TV, and is regarded as one of the most powerful and influential women around. Bethenny is famed mostly for her TV work. But she’s also a very successful author, and is someone who just loves putting pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard. For a long time, she regularly kept writing on her blog, and in it she revealed plenty of juicy bits of gossip and snippets of interesting info. One of the things she revealed in her blog – perhaps not the juiciest bit of info, but interesting nevertheless – was that she loves her budget superstores, especially Costco: "I live for bulk stores in general, but Costco is, as I said, my religion." Her religion? Wow, that’s some serious love for Costco.

10 Terry Crews Graciously Talks To Fans While Shopping At Costco

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Terry Crews is someone who just oozes star appeal. He’s known for his action movies, more recently his comedy roles, and mostly, his look. Terry is without doubt one of the biggest, fittest, most muscular guys in the industry. He’s about to hit 50, yet is still in tremendous shape, which must be incredibly hard to maintain due to his busy schedule and seeing as how he has a wife and five kids to feed. But somehow, Terry keeps on top of things. And he frequently going out shopping and picking things up for the family. Terry’s a big guy, and you’ve got to eat big to get big. He’s also got a big family. You’d think that his shopping bill would cost him an arm and a leg. It probably would if he didn’t go to Costco. Yes, Terry’s been spotted in Costco a few times.

9 Pete Wentz Lives A Frugal Lifestyle

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American musician Pete Wentz shot to fame due to his involvement with the band Fall Out Boy. He was involved in pretty much all aspects of the band as a bassist, lyricist, and backing vocalist. He’s also ventured out on his own, has collaborated with many different bands, and has experimented with some of his own music, much of which has achieved widespread critical acclaim. But Pete has also tried his hand at many different non-music related ventures. He’s into fashion, has done some acting, writing and TV hosting. He’s made a ton of cash, much of which he spends on various philanthropic causes. He prefers to spend his money on such ventures and causes rather than splurge and live the stereotypical rock and roll lifestyle of a musician. Pete reportedly frequently shops as Costco, spending as little of his cash as possible in order to donate and use it for what he deems to be better things.

8 Bruce Willis Spends Extravagantly At Costco

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Die Hard star Bruce Willis is one of the biggest, most successful, and highest paid actors around. A number of his movies have become huge hits, and the guy’s still going strong at the age of 62. He must have plenty in the bank, and it’s fair to assume that with his movies and various other ventures, he’s still raking it in. But perhaps as he’s gotten older, he’s started to think about watching his cash a bit more and being a bit savvier in regards to his spending habits. Bruce Willis is a self-confessed lover of Costco. He frequently visits the store, and just like another celeb on this list, Kris Jenner, he just can’t resist loading up the cart and going wild on a spending spree. Actually, he might not be watching his cash too much! He definitely isn’t. When we mentioned he loads up the cart, often with things he doesn’t really need, you might be thinking food, clothes, etc. But Bruce has admitted buying things like massive TVs from Costco that he has no use for. He has said shopping at Costco is like visiting an art museum. That’s what you call a shopaholic.

7 Jason Priestley Brings The Whole Family To Costco

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Canadian-American actor Jason Priestley is famed for starring in the hit TV series, Beverly Hills, 90210, way back in the late 90s. He’s currently a lead character in the TV series Private Eyes. Aside from that, he’s had a steady stream of work in both films and TV, without having done anything spectacular. Still, he’s a decent actor who’s enjoyed success in the industry and has explored various other ventures too, so his bank balance must be looking pretty good. But as you must have learned by now, it’s not really someone’s bank account that dictates whether or not they shop at low-budget stores such as Costco. It could be that they live close to a store, have always shopped there and don’t fancy changing their ways, or they just recognize bargains when they see them. The latter is probably true in Jason’s case, who was spotted out and about at Costco in 2007.

6 Ashlee Simpson Tries To Save Cash While Shopping

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Ashlee Simpson was once married to Pete Wentz, another entry on this list. When they were together, they were often spotted shopping at Costco. It’s thought that she got him into the low-budget superstore. Once you’re hooked, you’re hooked, and it’s Costco for life! Ashlee and Pete were pretty young when they got married – well, they deemed themselves to be a young married couple, anyway. Ashlee said that it was ultimately the reason why it didn’t work out. They may have been young, but they weren’t frivolous with their spending, as young people who have tons of cash tend to be. It appears that they were at least trying to be smart with their finances, and one way they did this was by shopping at Costco. Ashlee seems to love Costco. She’s been spotted there numerous times over the years, before, during and after she was married to Pete, and most recently with her son.

5 Kate Wright Is Rich But Still Loves Costco

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Kate Wright has been making quite a name for herself in the UK, and frequently finds her pics and juicy bits of info about herself splashed across the tabloids. She used to be on a UK reality TV show called The Only Way Is Essex. She acquired a tremendous amount of fame due to that show, but has since reached a wider demographic after she began dating ex-soccer player Rio Ferdinand. She actually quit the show to focus on their relationship and to put her efforts into playing stepmom.

Kate made quite a lot of cash due to her exploits in show business, and she’s a business savvy woman with fashion and makeup lines out. Rio is absolutely loaded, a multi-millionaire whose net worth is thought to be in the region of £65 million. It’s safe to say they can afford the finer things in life. Although she may appear to be the case, Kate isn’t preoccupied with the flashy lifestyle, and she hasn’t changed her ways. Kate always shopped at Costco before she was famous and continues to do so. She loves the low-cost chain store, and fame and fortune aren’t going to change her habits.

4 Rudy Giuliani Buys Adam Sandler Movies At Costco

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Rudy Giuliani is famed for being the former mayor of New York City. But he’s still around, is still making an impact in political circles as part of the current administration. He’s an informal advisor to President Trump and the Whitehouse on all things cybersecurity related. In addition to his political achievements, Rudy’s also ventured into business, is a lawyer, and a public speaker too. He has many strings to his bow. Rudy’s also someone who’s loved by the people, and has a strong public image. He was even voted Time Person of the Year by Time magazine in the early 2000s. He may be an extraordinary person in terms of his accomplishments, but the guy has pretty ordinary shopping habits. In 2007, he was spotted out and about at Costco, in one of their Phoenix stores. He was seen purchasing an Adam Sandler movie. So that’s how Rudy enjoys his downtime.

3 Ann And Mitt Romney Feed Their Many Grandkids By Shopping At Costco

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Ann Romney is the spouse of Mitt Romney, a businessman and politician. From 2003 to 2007, Mitt served as Governor of Massachusetts. But she’s not just famous for being Mitt’s wife. She’s famous in her own right, has enjoyed many accomplishments and has jumped many hurdles, quite literally too as an equestrian. She’s got a personality perfect for TV too, and over the years has become something of a TV personality on various shows.

Mitt, being into business, is all about money. He knows how to get the best deals, save a buck or two here and there. Look after the dimes and nickels and the dollars will look after themselves. It’s also Ann who adheres to that principle. She’s got a massive family – she’s a mom of five, and grandmother to 18 kids! – so when it comes to feeding time, you’d expect things would get costly. But she brought her shopping list with her when paying a visit to the Rachael Ray Show and revealed she can spend less than $5 a person. That’s why Costco is great for large families. She also buys clothes for Mitt from Costco, and has even got a system for going around the store, navigating her way through the aisles. That’s a true Costco shopper right there.

2 Martha Stewart Is Incredibly Rich But Can't Give Up Costco

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Martha Stewart should need no introduction, but nevertheless, here it is. It’s actually hard to describe her. She’s first and foremost a business woman, someone who’s had various different business ventures over the years, and has her hands in many different pies so to speak. As a writer, she’s gained a tremendous amount of success, which is mainly a result of her cookbooks flying off the shelves. She’s also become a TV personality and is someone who’s recognized far and wide. It’s thought that Martha is worth in the region of $635 million. That’s one heck of a sum, and makes you think that Martha would be living a life of luxury. That she does, but she also watches her money and keeps spending to a minimum by shopping at places like Costco. That’s not the only reason Martha shops at Costco. She’s loyal to the places that stock her products, her books, and Costco does sell a lot of her home goods and cookware items.

1 Tamara Ecclestone Spends A Ton Of Money At Costco

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Tamara Ecclestone’s net worth is thought to be in the region of £230 million. She’s one seriously wealthy lady. If you don’t have a clue who she is, just look at her surname and the bells are sure to toll in your heads. She’s the daughter of the former chief executive of the Formula One Group, business magnate, and multi-billionaire Bernie Ecclestone. But Tamara’s made a name for herself in her own right. She’s had numerous modelling gigs over the years, has become something of a TV personality, but is most famed for being a socialite. However, in recent years, she’s ventured into reality TV and has her own show. Tamara lives in London in one of the priciest postal codes on the planet. Her home in Kensington is thought to be worth around £70 million. It therefore surprised a lot of people who watched her show when she went down to a massive Costco for a shopping spree. She revealed she regularly shops at Costco, in addition to other low-budget stores. But here’s the silliness of it all; she went to Costco in a chauffeur-driven car, with two personal assistants and a couple of bodyguards, and bought so much she had to hire two vans to take everything back to her place. OK, obviously that was done for the cameras, but Tamara does love a bargain and frequently shops at Costco.

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