McKayla Maroney's 15 Hottest Instagram Pictures

McKayla Maroney was one of the best gymnasts in the world and was part of "the Fierce Five," the United States women's gymnastics team. At the 2011 World Championships, McKayla won gold in the team and vault competitions and would have had the same victory in the 2012 Summer Olympics where she won gold in the team but silver in the individual vault event.

This silver medal is where the photograph of her "not impressed" expression came from, which went viral, making her a gymnastics celebrity the world over owing to the resulting Internet memes. In 2013, she became the first female gymnast from the United States to defend a World Championships vault title by winning gold again. In 2016, McKayla decided she would quit from competitive gymnastics owing to health issues, a move most Americans hoped would not have been the case.

Although she is now retired, she continues to be relevant on social media even today, hugely because of the wildly hot Instagram pictures she posts of herself and the occasional speaking up against people who attack her. Most people used to look up to her as a role model especially for young girls, but her recent posts seem to suggest she wants to follow in the footsteps of the Kardashians instead.

Yes, she has every right to do what she is doing, but she has to realize the path she is on will involve losing many people and possibly gaining others. She will definitely lose a huge following of people who used to look up to her and gain an even bigger following of people who just want to look at her body; a raw deal at best. Regardless of the repercussions, here are some of her hottest pictures on Instagram. Do you agree with this list?

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15 At Good Morning America

This is McKayla in New York on August 11 last year on ABC's Good Morning America. On this day, McKayla chose to wear a blue and white vest and super tight black training shorts on her way into the studios. Although she looks hot, some people complain that her shorts are too tight and are revealing too much. Some on social media even claimed she had gone for butt surgery owing to the images taken of her backside this day in the tight blue dress she wore on the show, as seen above. However, she has since denied ever having gone through such a surgery.

She may have walked into the studios with her hair in French braids and in skimpy workout gear, but once the cameras were rolling, she had her hair flowing down her back, and her newly curvy body stuffed into a skin-tight, long sleeved dress.

14 Life After Gymnastics

Via HawtCelebs

The game Truth or Dare was, and possibly still is one of the most popular indoor games among adolescents especially in parties and sleepovers. When it's your turn to play, you have to choose between performing a relatively difficult dare and answering an uncomfortable question truthfully. This game is so popular because the activities have sexual connotations to them.

McKayla's choice of dressing here reminds us of some elements of this game, because she is daring us to resist drugs and violence. This is a wonderful message especially to the youth, since drugs and violence not only complicate the lives of the people in them, but they usually cost them their lives. As opposed to young people receiving the message of resisting drugs and violence as a boring sermon, they should see it as a dare, and live free from such.

This is an amazing look because McKayla not only looks hot in her black crop top, booty shorts, and cool shades, she is daring us to do something positive.

13 Fresh Faced And Beautiful

What is so amazing about this picture is how hot she looks yet she is not even trying. We hardly ever get to see celebrities or people trying to make some impact on social media going anywhere without make-up or the hottest clothes they bought recently, yet McKayla looks this hot wearing this and hardly doing anything to her hair.

She's still young, at only 21 years old, so it's no wonder she looks so fresh and natural when she opts to not wear any makeup. We're not complaining at all, that's for sure!

12 See-Through top

Via compute.info

Do you remember the dress Rihanna wore at the 2014 CFDA Awards in New York? That dress was the topic of discussion on numerous talk shows and covers of magazines for a few weeks and even months thereafter, owing to just how revealing it was.

The glittery see-through gown made it appear as if she was not wearing any underwear, so people could literally see everything underneath the dress. The attention her look received led to different women all over the world, including other celebrities, embracing this look and it has since become fashionable to wear such clothing.

This is McKayla in all her beauty staring at the camera. When you are through looking at her beautiful face, you will notice she is wearing a see-through top with a butterfly at just the right place. This top is far more decent than the one Rihanna wore, and this makes her look even hotter.

11  All Black Everything

Via Reddit

Have you ever taken a photo, or even a selfie, but someone else in the background ruined it? This is exactly what is happening here. Whoever is behind there might have been minding her own business, but she could be the only reason this image isn't as hot as it probably would have been. Perhaps she was part of the people doing the shoot, but it seems McKayla didn't mind too much because she posted it as it is online.

At first glance, you might be tempted to think she is only wearing a black top and black panties, but closer inspection will reveal she is wearing sheer pantyhose. The knot at the back of her top and her pose clearly indicate she wants us to focus on her bottom. This image makes it to this list because it appears as if she is getting ready to remove her top, which would be really hot.

10 Dressed In White

Via Reddit

All girls look forward to the day they will walk down the aisle, wearing the most beautiful white wedding gown ever made. The white color on a wedding dress is supposed to be a sign of purity, and the brides, especially those who successfully maintained their virginity until their wedding day, wear their white gowns with exceptional pride.

Although this image has nothing to do with a wedding or anything along those lines, McKayla sure looks great in white. You can obviously see she is wearing white from her cap all the way down to her shoes, with her beautiful hair and eyes being the only features not covered in white.

She appears to be in a store, trying out some shoes or probably the whole outfit. We can only hope she bought everything, because she looks absolutely hot. Although everything about her here is great, one of the hottest parts has got to be what we see from the reflection behind her.

9 At The Studio

Via Reddit

Most people would love to become celebrity artists so they can enjoy the lavish lifestyles and fame which follows the artists who've made it. Following her retirement from gymnastics, McKayla is expanding her horizons by exploring a career in music. She confessed to reporters she started writing music at a very tender age and it was about time she shared her music with the world.

In this image, McKayla seems to be enjoying her time in a recording studio by taking a selfie. She is wearing a long sleeve neon top and has her hair in messy French braids, which looks like a dress down day for her, as she seems to be putting a lot of effort on her music.

This picture is perfect for her fans since image is a big factor in the music business. Here she looks hot because, above all else, we see a beautiful multitalented girl going after her dreams and working hard towards achieving them.

8 Red Lipstick

Via Flipboard

Are you one of those people who believe in putting on so much makeup, you hardly look like yourself? Or one of those who believe in putting on makeup in a way no one can tell you are wearing any? Unless you are getting ready for a themed photoshoot or you want to attract attention for all the wrong reasons, you would be mistaken in choosing to apply too much.

Here is McKayla, she clearly understands how to put on makeup. Apart from the red lipstick, you wouldn't notice she is wearing any makeup, except for the fact that her face looks flawless. Some people claim red lipstick should be a girl's best friend since it goes with girls of all skin colors and with every outfit in their wardrobe.

Here McKayla looks hot even when wearing a casual t-shirt and a smile, although her studded choker necklace and silver pendant make the look complete.

7 Team USA

Via Pinterest

It's rather unfortunate McKayla had to retire early after she got an injury. Many people would have loved to see her at the 2016 Olympics but she wasn't a participant. However, she posted this image on her Instagram with encouraging words which showed her support for team USA gymnasts.

In this image, she is wearing a USA white cropped tube top and booty shorts. She seems to be taking a leisurely boat ride on a breezy summer afternoon, while sipping her juice box in a teasing way. She obviously wanted us to take note of the support for the team since her face isn't even in the picture.

Everything about this pic is hot since we can see she still has her toned gymnast body, which is still very hot. It's also very admirable of her to show support for her fellow sisters even when she is no longer in the sport.

6 Using A Straw So Seductively

Via GotCeleb

Isn't it weird how some people go to great lengths to look hot or attract attention but fail miserably, while others do simple, everyday stuff and everyone goes crazy about it? You would go insane hoping to get as many likes on a post as a celebrity would, since there is a high chance you won't, but that’s just how life is.

For example, this is an image of McKayla, drinking a green smoothie on what appears to be a hot day. So many people do this almost every day in the summer, but it appears as though no one has ever been as hot as McKayla does in this image.

Sure, she is wearing a low-cut tank top which is exposing her cleavage and is suggestively using the straw while making a pouty duck face, but she looks hot and makes us want to taste what she is drinking. Have you ever seen a hotter image of someone drinking a smoothie?

5 Green Top

Via Flipboard

How many women do you know walk around without a bra? This doesn't include your favorite movie stars or celebrities, we can never be too sure which procedures they have gone through.

In this image, McKayla is wearing a hot forest green, lace up crop top with what appears to be blue jeans. As is the tradition of taking selfies, she appears to be making a teasing duck face, with the focus of her image being her chest. We can't be certain whether this is a bathroom selfie or not, but we are sure she has made good use of the mirror in the room.

We love this image because her choice of clothing is both flattering and appears to be very comfortable. There is no doubt about how hot she appears in this image since, in addition to looking good, we can clearly see she's not wearing anything underneath her top.

4 Bikini Selfie

Via Reddit

If you wanted your photo to go viral on Instagram, what would you have to do? Whatever it is, you can take a few notes from McKayla, who seems to have mastered the art.

Here she is wearing a floral strapless bikini with a cute bow, a good and fun look sure to trend this summer. She must have wanted all of our attention to be on her body, because as opposed to looking into the camera and smiling she seems to focus on ensuring we can see her curves.

This is arguably one of the hottest images on Instagram since she looks so hot yet it looks as though she isn't wearing any makeup and there seems to be no evidence the photo has been altered in any way. You can imagine all the stunts most people have to pull to make their images on Instagram look hot, yet she just took a selfie and posted it.

3 Blue Bikini

Via GotCeleb

McKayla posted this image of herself on the Fourth of July last year, wearing this hot blue bikini. The Fourth of July is a holiday which the United States celebrates its adoption of the Declaration of Independence, which happened on July 4, 1776, 241 years ago. Arguably, this is the most significant holiday on the calendar for most Americans.

One cannot help but wonder what the founding fathers of the United States would think of the nation they fought so hard to establish, almost two and a half centuries later. How would they feel about celebs like McKayla and Kylie being so popular on Instagram...or how would they feel about Instagram in general?

Here, McKayla is expressing her freedom to post sexy images on Instagram, and although some people might say she has exposed too much skin, some think she is the hottest girl on Instagram.

2 Second Night At Coachella

Via Reddit

When you look good, you feel good and you get the confidence to do anything. In this image, McKayla seems to be showing her fans that she is ready to rock the night away at the Coachella music festival in California, which is an annual showcase for rich music and culture.

McKayla isn't afraid of flaunting her bikini body in this black one-piece cutout swimsuit and acid wash booty shorts. She completes the look with a pink tie dye wrap thrown casually over her shoulders. She has also accessorized with two neckpieces and fun bracelets, which is perfect for a party night.

This image is hot because the ensemble is fun and sexy without being too racy. The cutout swimsuit is showing skin in all the right places and the booty shorts are bringing out her fun and sexy side. McKayla's obvious flirty pose is also adding heat to this image.

1 Hot Dance

Via tmz.com

This image comes from her booty dance, which went viral when she performed a little racy dance for her fans on Instagram. McKayla recorded herself doing the dance in a black thong and a tiny tank top and posted the footage online. The video went viral with people making remixes of it and posting them on YouTube.

The advantage of being a gymnast is her ability to get a picture perfect body without necessarily undergoing some extreme procedures. Although people speculate she may have had bits of plastic surgery, McKayla swears she is an all-natural beauty and she's not afraid to flaunt her perfect gymnast body in this image.

This image is one of her hottest images on the list, since she flaunts her goods in vivid 360 degree turns to make sure we get all angles of her booty with which she had won a gold medal.

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