McKayla Maroney Vs Kaley Cuoco: 15 Pics That Are Absolutely Sizzling

There are some photo challenges that are just too good to resist. Take a beautiful actress on one of the most successful shows over the past decade, and put her against one of the most beautiful gold medal talents the United States has ever seen, and that's what we have when we compare McKayla Maroney and Kaley Cuoco. Maroney was an American gymnast who captured a great deal of attention as a 16-year-old who stunned with gold and silver medals in gymnastics. In addition to being a champion, Maroney was a beautiful girl who was about to gain a great deal of attention as she transitioned from a kid athlete to a young adult. Her transition was most evident over the internet where she began to unleash her body for the world to see.

Meanwhile, during the same time period that Maroney was winning gold and coming out of obscurity, Kaley Cuoco was enjoying the greatest success of her life. The former 8 Simple Rules actress has come a long way since that hit series and is one of the stars of The Big Bang Theory. The epic sitcom has nailed down 10 years of tremendous success, and Cuoco is the "hot girl" on the show. Cuoco has had her own share of impressive Instagram photos and modeling shoots that have displayed quite a bit of her physique. No matter how you cut this, both of these women are beautiful for a variety of reasons. It's athlete vs actress; brunette vs blonde; focus vs fun. Let's take a look at some of the amazing poses these two women have delivered over the recent years!

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15 The Big Bang

Kaley Cuoco has a very important role on her hit series. She's the HOT girl on The Big Bang Theory; she's the eye-candy that offsets the collection of nerdy personas perfectly. The balance has led to tremendous success for the show, which has run for over 10 flawless years now. Cuoco and the cast jumped into action back in 2007. Since, the CBS series has been a ratings dynamo. In addition, the show will make money for decades to come in syndication. Cuoco and the rest of the cast have hit the television lottery with their roles on the show, and Cuoco's body and physical features have been a big part of that success. There's no doubting her beautiful looks.

14 Bad Kitty

Okay, let's do this! As we can see by this very intimate and ambitious cleavage shot, McKayla Maroney is clearly not a kid anymore. McKayla rose to fame right after the 2012 Olympics. But after that, she hit a bit of a snag. Numerous injuries made it hard for her to get back to the same success she had in London, although Maroney did return in 2013 to defend her Olympic success at the 2012 games with two gold medals on the vault (solo and team) at the 2013 World Championships. A deadly fierce competitor, Maroney's career hit the injury snag, and she would be unable to compete at the 2016 Olympics. Her inability to work out and compete like she had before sent her into a bit of a funk. But here, in this photo, there's no dragging her down with this fun outfit on!

13 Bikini Dream

Hey, when you got it, you got it. Kaley Cuoco pulls no punches in this sexy two-piece bikini. She's absolutely stunning in her black tiny bikini. It's difficult not to be impressed with her looks. Cuoco is gorgeous and knows how to play the camera. Clearly a polished model, this successful actress in her earlier years toys with the photo by twirling her hair ever-so-subtly while pulling off a sinister grin. Her physique definitely matches up with a classic model. She's lanky, blonde, with not an ounce of fat on her. Kaley's hazel eyes also pop in this photo, making her one irresistible looking woman. We can't give her enough kudos for this photo, and it's just one of the many reasons she landed a key role on a big-time sitcom.

12 Instagram Time

Much of McKayla's looks on her Instagram page post-gymnastics have been full of serious expressions. Even with a pose like this, McKayla Maroney wants the world to know that she's a serious young woman. Of course, she's following the handbook of a lot of pretty young pseudo-celebrities who use their appearance to project their worth as opposed to her talent. For Maroney, her appearances on Instagram are in promotion of her budding singing career. That's the next venture for the young former Olympian, who's letting her feminine beauty as opposed to her athletic talent start to take front and center stage. The world will pay attention for a little while and give her the benefit of a doubt. She's young, beautiful, and an American champion. But we'll see how long the leash lasts if her singing talents are a flop.

11 Look At Me

After making a variety of small television and movie appearances, Kaley Cuoco finally got her Hollywood break. It came as the 17-year-old Cuoco was hoping for an opportunity, and she got one in the form of 8 Simple Rules. She starred as Bridget Hennessy from 2002-2005. This put Cuoco on the map. This blonde beauty started out in Camarillo, California. She was just a shot down the 101 Freeway from the big lights of Hollywood, and Cuoco certainly found her way after her 8 Simple Rules appearance. From there, she's only blown up into one of the leading actresses on one of the biggest shows around: The Big Bang Theory. 

10 Staring Right At Them

Well, let's talk about the journey McKayla Maroney has taken going from a regular young and beautiful gymnast to doing these kinds of pictures on Instagram. Maroney, like Cuoco, is a SoCal girl. Maroney was born in Aliso Viejo, California, just to the south of Los Angeles and the lights of Hollywood. Maroney's father was a college quarterback for Division I Purdue University while her mother was a figure skater. Maroney used to run all around her house to the point that her mother wanted her to do a sport that got some energy out. In came gymnastics at the age of 2, and McKayla never looked back. She took to the sport immediately and rose through the ranks, capturing her first World Championship wins in 2011, nailing team and individual vault 1st place honors.

9 Hot in the Bedroom

Cuoco's rise to fame and success was relatively sudden. She only had a little time to enjoy the journey with her time on 8 Simple Rules. An empowered Cuoco did quite a bit of modeling at the same time she was killing it on the small screen, going from a beautiful 17-year-old and evolving into a blonde bombshell by the time the show came to a close in 2005. But from 2007 on, Cuoco has been locked in as one of the most popular actresses on TV due to her costars' ensemble success with The Big Bang Theory. Cuoco's success in television has allowed her to branch out onto the big screen with a variety of feature film roles from kids movies Hop and Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip to more adult features like The Last Ride and The Wedding Ringer. Cuoco hasn't yet found big-time success away from her television success, but she's doing just fine.

8 The Transition

What's a gold medal gymnast to do with beautiful brunette sultry looks? After her gymnastics career ended, Maroney attempted to find a career. She officially submitted her retirement paperwork in 2016 and announced she would no longer be competing in the sport she had dedicated her life to since she was 2 years old. Instead, she sought to go into another passion she had: singing. Maroney made a few acting appearances based off of her success as an Olympic Gold star. But following her announcement that she was done with gymnastics in 2016, Maroney announced that she would be going after a singing career. Her first release is supposed to be the song "Ghost." But if you try to locate the song, you would have better luck finding an actual ghost.

7 Booty Pic

Well, this is one of those photos that bring to light exactly how hot and sexy Kaley Cuoco can be. Whether she's dressed in normal clothing, a bathing suit, or, as in this picture, sexy lingerie, Cuoco can bring the house down with her looks. The expressions on her face are so controlled, she's like dynamite on the camera. Her explosive looks jump off the photos, and it shows you just how photogenic she can be. Her personal life has also been pretty explosive with a long list of suitors who have come and gone. Bent over the sink, it's pretty easy to see why the men are lining up for Cuoco. She even dated her costar on the show, Johnny Galecki, for two years after the show first started up until 2009. At the same time, their characters were also supposedly dating on the show. The parallel ran its course, both in real life and on television.

6 Maroney Blossoms

Maroney is just starting to find herself as a young woman. The former gymnastic star had an extremely strict upbringing due to her sport. There were no boys allowed. That meant the teenager couldn't date as she evolved into a young woman. It was as if Maroney was in the grasp of a strict Catholic all-girl school. Her life was dictated to her, and her focus was only for the sport she competed in. That's why she's had some issues moving past her former career and into adulthood and the next steps in life. Maroney has posted some scandalous photos and videos that are crazy juxtaposed to her 18-year-old sneer that she even shared with the President of the United States, Barack Obama. Now that Maroney is free and clear of former constraints, her personal life is exploding.

5 Cuoco's Heartstrings

As well as things have gone for Kaley Cuoco, and for as hot as she clearly is, there have been a few speed bumps along the way. Cuoco was engaged in October 2011, but that engagement to addiction specialist Josh Resnik ended shortly thereafter in March 2012. Then, in September 2013, Cuoco amazingly got engaged again, this time to professional tennis player Ryan Sweeting. Just 3 months later, the couple got married. But less than two years later, in September 2015, they got divorced. In addition to trouble with matters of the heart, Cuoco made a comment in an interview with Redbook Magazine concerning feminism. When asked if Cuoco was a feminist, she replied: "Is it bad if I say no? I was never that feminist girl demanding equality, but maybe that's because I've never faced inequality." Cuoco went on to state that she enjoys cooking for the men in her life and that that makes her feel like a woman. Of course, a lot of fans and readers freaked out over this assertion, which Cuoco had to walk back.

4 The Silver Snear

One of the single greatest captured expressive looks of all time. In this photo, Maroney got the Silver model, a tremendous accomplishment for any Olympic athlete. But clearly, the idea of not landing gold (which she did as well at these Olympics) clearly struck her in one singular expression. It's an adorable and very real expression from an athlete who was so close to a second gold medal. The photo went viral, and as Maroney remembers it, "I only made the look for like two seconds." She laughs when she remembers this perfectly timed photo. But what was even more endearing was the beautiful young athlete's appearance. The world fell in love with Maroney at this very moment, and the fact that she didn't walk away without a gold medal made the picture even better.

3 McKayla's Future

Images like this, which show Maroney dancing in a thong for the Internet to digest have a clear message: pay attention to me. This is the route that MANY young, attractive wannabe stars have attempted to capitalize upon. McKayla is definitely not going classy with her route. Because she's been pictured side by side with the President and been anointed a gold medal hero, it's definitely hard to digest the drastic change Maroney has made when we compare today's images to those beautiful pictures of our 18-year-0ld champion. But this is a whole new McKayla Maroney, and she's hoping to make an impact in the music business. Whether that materializes or not has yet to be seen. It appears Maroney is stalled out trying to seek a path, but we definitely will give her kudos for her beautiful body. A plastic surgeon recently hypothesized that Maroney got a little lip work done and definitely a boob job. None of this has been admitted to or addressed by Maroney, but we're hoping that she can make the leap to successful musical artist and that we see more of her.

2 Kaley's Gold-Paved Road

Kaley Cuoco, not unlike McKayla Maroney, has taken a lot of sexy photos, but some of hers have been leaked without her permission. In addition to these photos showcasing some intimate moments and selfies for Cuoco, they also have displayed her incredible physique. And some of her body parts have gained in size to the tune of a breast enhancement. Certainly, nobody could ever say that Cuoco was ever not stunning in her appearance. But apparently, despite have a beautiful thin figure, she decided she wanted to have more of an hourglass shape to her model-like body structure. She also had a nose job years prior and has no qualms about it. And why should she? Her enhancements were "one of the best things I've ever done," Cuoco was quoted as saying in a 2014 interview with Cosmopolitan. And her photos were among a massive batch of leaked celebrity photos back in 2014, and then, it happened again to her. Either way, Cuoco's body and face are a thing of beauty, and her status as a successful actress won't go away anytime soon.

1 The Winner Is: Kaley Cuoco

In a match-up with McKayla Maroney, Kaley Cuoco wins. Although Maroney gets a lot of points for being one of the most beautiful American gold medalists of all time, she has a tall order to take down a poised beauty like Cuoco. Kaley Cuoco is so comfortable in her body. Her confidence is epic compared to the far more fragile Maroney. And as things go, Cuoco is a massive hit on television. Although she's ten years Maroney's elder, Cuoco takes this young beauty to task in this battle, although we won't count out a big Maroney comeback in the same fashion Selena Gomez made the successful jump from actress to singer. But until then, Cuoco is the clear victor, and her more than a decade of impressing us with her looks and talent has made her the victor in this head-to-head battle.

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