Marvel VS. Capcom: The 8 Most Powerful Characters (And 7 Weakest)

Some are awesome characters to play, and others are just plain ... well, useless.

Ever wondered what it would be like to see characters from different universes fight against each other? Well, many “who would win” questions might’ve been answered already thanks to a few fighting franchises that pit two other franchises against each other. The most popular of these fighting games is none other than Capcom’s Marvel VS. Capcom.

In the red corner, you’ve got a collection of super heroes, super villains many of which are the creation of Stan Lee. The X-Men, the Avengers, the Fantastic Four and so many more. The Marvel side of the Marvel VS. Capcom is filled with a lot of fan favorites, heroes and villains alike.

In the blue corner, you’ve got a hodgepodge of characters from various gaming franchises made by Capcom. Megaman, Resident Evil, Darkstalkers and some fighting game veterans from the Street Fighter series make their way into the Capcom side of the roster.

Marvel VS. Capcom is all about battles to see who the best of the best are. There are a lot of powerful characters in both rosters but some are standouts as compared to others. But of course, there are also a few characters who are pretty weak. Here are some of the most powerful and weakest characters from the Marvel VS. Capcom series.

15 Powerful - Phoenix

This fiery lass from the X-Men made her way into the Marvel VS. Capcom universe and she’s there to wreak havoc all over the place with her very dangerous mutant powers. Now this one’s a bit of a confusing entry on this list. Phoenix can either be a really strong character or a really weak one and it all depends on how well the player knows Phoenix.

Phoenix is one of the gimmicky characters in the game. She can deal the most damage out of all the characters so she can easily take out foes with a few combos. However, she’s also the squishiest out of everyone else. By squishy, we mean her health depletes rather quickly as she takes damage more heavily as well. If players play their cards right, then Phoenix is a force to be reckoned with. One wrong move though and Phoenix is a goner.

14 Weak - Doctor Strange

Doctor Stephen Strange is one of the most powerful heroes in the Marvel Universe and definitely one of the most intelligent ones. His mastery over the mystic arts has allowed him to conquer the most dangerous of foes including Dormmamu. While he’s strong and all in Marvel VS. Capcom 3, there are a few good reasons why Doctor Strange is a weak character overall.

Here's picked a guy whose complexity is his downfall. The skill ceiling of Doctor Strange is very high and new players should think twice before using Doctor Strange. He does use magic in Marvel VS. Capcom 3 but like in the comics, it takes time to fully utilize. Button mashers should never bother using Doctor Strange as his abilities require precise input instead of random presses. If one does master Doctor Strange, then he’s one of the best there is.

13 Powerful - Albert Wesker

The main baddie in the Resident Evil series takes his terrorizing ways into Marvel VS. Capcom 3. Staying true to his Resident Evil origins, Albert Wesker is easily one of the most powerful, and easy to use characters in the game. Button mashers are in for a delight whenever they get their hands on Albert Wesker.

In the Resident Evil series, the T-Virus gives Albert Wesker an array of superhuman abilities including rapid healing, superhuman speed and strength and even amazing reflexes. He’s a terror in both long and short ranged combat. In Marvel VS. Capcom 3, Albert Wesker’s biggest strength is his super speed. He can zoom in and out of places in just a few button presses. He’s hard to hit but he’s going to have a good time hitting others. Even better is that he carries a pistol that deals a significant amount of damage.

12 Weak - Chris Redfield

This STARS officer should’ve stayed slaying zombies instead of fighting against the strongest of the Marvel Universe. Hailing from the Resident Evil series, Chris Redfield is one of the more powerful characters in the series. In Resident Evil 5, he even punched a huge boulder like it was a punching bag. Sadly, his power doesn’t mean much when faced against the likes of Galactus, Dr. Who and many more.

In Marvel VS. Capcom 3, Chris Redfield uses all of his combat experience in battles but we get the feeling that it just isn’t enough when going against super-powered beings. Chris Redfield can use an array of weapons though. His arsenal in the game includes a variety of guns, melee weapons and explosives. Despite the firepower that he packs, Chris Redfield still falls short against many of the game’s characters.

11 Powerful - Virgil

In the Devil May Cry series, Dante has proven time and time again that his brother, Virgil, is no match for him. Virgil is a pretty great fighter but Dante's just the better one. The same can’t be said when these two are pitted against each other in Marvel VS. Capcom 3 though as Virgil remains to be one of the most powerful characters in the game.

In Marvel VS. Capcom 3, Virgil is still an amazing swordsman wielding a katana. In the game, he utilizes the sword in a variety of ways and a lot of players have fallen because of Virgil’s swordsmanship. What makes Virgil so powerful isn’t his attacks per se, but his lightning fast strikes are what get the job done. Even button mashers can use Virgil with ease. At the hands of an expert though, Virgil is nearly unstoppable and unhittable because he just zooms in and out so quickly.

10 Weak - Nemesis

Back in the day, the name Nemesis triggered a lot of phobias for jumpscares. This terrifying main villain from Resident Evil 3 somehow made his way into Marvel VS. Capcom 3 and honestly, we’re pretty disappointed with how this beast was developed for the game because he was pretty weak.

Unlike his Resident Evil 3 counterpart, Nemesis is everything BUT intimidating in Marvel VS. Capcom 3. He was one of the slowest characters in the game and he could be easily overpowered by fast characters such as Virgil, Arthur and so many more. He does deal more damage than most characters but his speed is really his downside. The only redeeming factor of Nemesis is that he looks pretty cool and he carries a long-ranged rocket launcher.

9 Powerful - Wolverine

The iconic hothead from the X-Men is also a part of this list as anyone who’s played any of the Marvel VS. Capcom games has probably gotten their hands on Wolverine at one point. He’s been at every game in the series and for good reason. He’s one of the best characters to use and his skill ceiling is pretty low at that.

Wolverine boasts a pretty fast attack speed as compared to other characters in Marvel VS. Capcom. He doesn’t deal as much damage though but his attacks can deal damage multiple times in one blow. Players who are careless will end up getting repeatedly slashed or stabbed by Wolverine. When it comes to the range of his attacks, Wolverine is a close range combatant. However, he’s still a menace from afar as he can close distances very very quickly.

8 Weak - Frank West

We all know how great a game Dead Rising is. It’s basically a zombie shooter that allows players to fend of hordes and hordes and hordes of the undead using a variety of very unique weapons. The star of the first game is none other than Frank West. He was a part of the Marvel VS. Capcom 3 roster but sadly, he failed to impress.

After playing as Frank West in Marvel VS. Capcom 3, we can’t help but feel disappointed at how weak he is. There’s not much to do with Frank West and he remains one of the weakest characters in the roster. Capcom could’ve at least allowed Frank West to use his very unique weapons in the game but he doesn’t! He uses them during one of his supers but after that, Frank West relies on run-of-the-mill zombie killing weapons only. Believe us Frank West, that won’t work against super-humans.

7 Powerful - Hulk

He’s big, he’s green and we wouldn’t like him when he’s angry. He’s The Incredible Hulk! The Hulk remains one of the few characters who have been in Marvel VS. Capcom from the start. We’ve seen him in a variety of forms but one thing remains certain about the Hulk, he’s one of the best characters in the series.

We’re pretty lucky that it isn’t Bruce Banner we’re controlling in the game as the Hulk remains exactly as the Hulk every time. His immense power can be felt with each blow but aside from that, the Hulk is also pretty fast. True to his comic book counterpart, the Hulk is one of the most intimidating characters in the game. Even better is that the Hulk can deal decent damage from close and long range. How does the Hulk deal damage from afar you ask? He causes the ground to rush forward that’s how.

6 Weak - Sentinel

Like Nemesis, the X-Men's Sentinel is one of the larger characters in the game. In other media, mutants cower at the sight of a Sentinel as these huge robots are made for the sole purpose of killing mutants. Sadly, everything that makes the Sentinel feel oh so deadly is not present in Marvel VS. Capcom 3.

Like Nemesis, Sentinel is hindered by a very slow speed. The Sentinel does hit very hard but he attacks rather slowly as well. It’s very easy to avoid the attacks of the Sentinel and his mediocre speed just makes things worse for him. Aside from these “unredeeming” qualities, the Sentinels are also huge chunks of targets just waiting to be hit. If there’s one good thing to say about the Sentinel, it’s that he’s pretty formidable from afar. To counter him, just stick nearby and he’s as good as gone.

5 Powerful - Amaterasu

Don’t let this very pretty dog fool you, this Amaterasu is the literal Japanese Sun Goddess. Amaterasu hails from the PlayStation 2 classic, Okami and we’re very happy that she became a part of the franchise. She comes in Marvel VS. Capcom 3 and is easily one of the most overpowered characters in the game.

Like in her game, Amaterasu makes use of an omnipotent paint brush which she uses in a variety of ways. This includes manipulating the elements and so much more. When faced with a player who specializes in Amaterasu, we’re almost as good as dead and there’s even a chance that we won’t be able to damage it.

Amaterasu is harder to hit because of her lower stature as compared to other fighters. Partner that with her easily chainable combos and quick attacks and you’ve got the makings of one very powerful character.

4 Weak - Phoenix Wright

In a game featuring superheroes, super-humans and godly beings, it’s pretty weird to see a lawyer come to join in on the fun. As the star of the Nintendo’s acclaimed Ace Attorney series, Phoenix Wright is simply put, one of the best lawyers in the gaming universe. That doesn’t mean he’s capable of fighting super-humans though.

In Marvel VS. Capcom 3, Phoenix Wright is played pretty differently. Players can pick up clues around the arenas to use against enemies. His attacks include him saying “Objection!” really hard. So hard, text bubbles hit unready enemies. That’s it. Phoenix Wright can’t throw a punch or a kick or anything really harmful. Most of his moves just involve him flailing his hands around. Unless the characters from the franchise are in a legal battle against Phoenix Wright, then he’s as good as dead.

3 Powerful - Thanos

If you didn’t expect to see the Mad Titan on this list then you definitely don’t know your Marvel comics. Thanos was of course part of the Marvel VS. Capcom series but that was before. He was a villain in Marvel Super Heroes and he was made a playable character in Marvel VS. Capcom 2.

Honestly speaking, Thanos doesn’t pose as much of a threat as a playable character in Marvel VS. Capcom 2. He had pretty basic attacks and there were very little gimmicks that made Thanos standout from the rest of the Marvel VS. Capcom 2 roster. He was just another comic book character.

The same can’t be said for his Marvel Super Heroes version though. As the final boss in the game, Thanos had an array of attacks to use against the game’s characters. Most of these attacks were either removed or nerfed in his transfer to Marvel VS. Capcom 2 and that was probably for the best.

2 Weak - Norimaro

This guy doesn’t even exist in the Marvel Universe or any of the Capcom games. Norimaro is just a guest character created by Capcom with the help of Japanese comedian, Noritake Kinashi. So, who is Norimaro? He’s an original creation and isn’t based on anyone. He’s a high school student who has somehow gotten himself inside Marvel VS. Capcom 2 and he uses this opportunity to roam around in the levels.

He’s basically a video game geek whose dreams were made true. He recognizes that the characters are from the comics and he often shows his liking for Chun-Li. As for his combat “prowess,” Norimaro relies on his clumsiness to hurt his foes. It’s hard to take Norimaro seriously and we’re pretty thankful that he’s an exclusive character to the Japanese arcade version of Marvel VS. Capcom 2.

1 Powerful - Galactus

Alright let’s face it, even if this is just a list about the strongest Marvel characters out there, Galactus will still be one of the strongest figures there is. Let’s see, Galactus’ nicknames are The Devourer of Worlds, The Monster of all Worlds, The hunger that does not cease, God of Oblivion, The Lifebringer, The Seeder of Worlds.

The nicknames alone give us a glimpse of just how powerful Galactus is. Technically, Galactus isn’t playable in any of the Marvel VS. Capcom games but he serves as the ultimate boss in Marvel VS. Capcom 3. Being unable to beat him in the last battle will prompt a message that says that he has eaten Earth.

In battle, Galactus is capable of a lot of things and his attacks have several ranges. He’s quick, powerful and giant. He’s definitely the strongest character in the franchise.

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