Margot Robbie’s Top Knot And 18 Other Celeb Hairstyles We Can't Unsee

Some time ago I had the opportunity to watch the Critic’s Choice Awards. While checking out the red carpet looks one of them caught my attention. It was a beautifully done top knot designed in such a way to appear a bit messy yet still elegant! At first, I didn’t notice the girl because I was so distracted by the top knot.

This belonged to none other than Margot Robbie, one of the greatest upcoming actresses in Hollywood. I know that she isn’t new in the film industry but a woman who started getting roles for her looks is finally getting appreciated for her acting talent as well.

But it wasn’t the hairstyle that caught me off guard. It was the fact that I haven’t seen her with that hairstyle before. After that, I started recalling other famous haircuts like the shaven head of Britney or the extreme color combinations of Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj. And then it struck me! “I should write an article about this” I thought, and this is exactly what this article is about.

So without further ado let’s take a look at some of the most unusual celeb hairstyles found on the red carpet!

19 Margot Robbie

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Since she was this article’s inspiration it would be illogical to start somewhere else, right!? Why did she show up taking on a new look? If you thought that it was just another hairstyle you would be wrong. It was her way of getting people to talk about her, especially because of her new movie which is nominated for various awards, including the Oscar for leading female actress.

After an amazing performance, Margot had the idea of sparking conversations about her all around the globe and this is exactly what she managed to do. I mean, think about it, even the article you are reading right now was inspired by her interesting hairstyle.

18 Rihanna

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Rihanna is one of those people that you will always get to see rocking another new hairstyle. The funny thing about her hairstyles is that they never look the same. The color, the style, and even the shine tends to differ a lot from one to the another.

This one, though, has to be one of my favorite ones. Very rarely will a fan be lucky enough to see Rihanna with her natural black hair. And yes, in case you didn’t know she naturally is a brunette. If you want to see one of her most unusual hairstyles then make sure that you check out the Battleship movie. She plays a small role but still does it pretty well.

17 David Beckham

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Wanna bend it like Beckham? Well, if you do then please don’t try rocking dreads on your head. Only a select few people can truly pull off a luscious head of dreads. Yeah, he has experimented with this hairstyle but hasn’t made a red carpet appearance with it thankfully. This is why we have to go with one of his other unusual looks.

Let’s get one thing straight here. If you are Beckham then you should know that all hairstyles will suit you. Apart from being a great football player, David is a fashion icon as well. The photo you see is before he becomes that. Still, though, he looks pretty fashionable considering the time period that the photo was taken in.

16 Miley Cyrus

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If you are constantly online like I am then you must have seen the famous gif with Steve Carell screaming “God No” all the time. This is how I feel when I get to see celebrities dressed like this and sporting hairstyles like this one as well, if something like this can even be considered a hairstyle to begin with.

Miley Cyrus is known for her, let’s call them intriguing, public appearances, and judging by this photo you can safely say that she doesn’t really care about what other people will say about her. Want me to remind you of the Wrecking Ball video clip? Her head was shaven like she was going to join the army or something.

15 Avril Lavigne

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Avril Lavigne is one of those people that you will either love or hate and in my case the first will always apply. In this picture you see her red hair being combined with the rest in an unusual yet really beautiful hairstyle.

This woman doesn’t seem to age. If you were to ask me I would say that she and Tom Cruise are vampires or something. But let’s get back to the point here. If you think that this is odd looking for her then check out her “bad girl” phase in the early 00’s. She wore cargo army pants for heaven’s sake. Still, “When you’re gone” will always be my favorite song in the world!

14 Nicki Minaj

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Unfortunately, there are some “artists” that instead of attracting people with their talent are trying to catch the attention with their attitude and looks. Nicki Minaj is one of those people. No matter what some people may say this specific hairstyle cannot be considered ok or “stylish”. It looks ridiculous. I mean, what is this even supposed to be?

Throughout the years we have seen Nicki rocking all kinds of crazy hairstyles with various colors such as orange and pink as well. And don’t get me going about the “Superbass” period. Come on, people. Don’t be excited by all the idiotic things you see on the Internet and the television.

13 Justin Timberlake

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Ah, remember the golden age of pop music boy bands? NSYNC was, is, and will most likely always be the king even though they broke up (1D fans get out of here please). I may only be 20 years old but I and all of you must have seen some of the old hairstyles of Justin Timberlake. Who could forget, right? They look like mac and cheese, to be honest.

Thank heavens that he decided to change. At least now he looks very mature and elegant. Still, he likes going with the flow as his current hairstyle is identical to that of many million “modern” men of our age. Short sides and combed to the top. How original!

12 Adam Lambert

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A great voice combined with a hideous, to say the least, hairstyle. Whataya want from me, Adam? To cheer for you? Please, look at this hairstyle and tell me if I am being the only crazy person here. And it isn’t just about the hair. Everything is weird. An excessive amount of makeup. But I get it. Even if you don’t, I sure do.

Times have changed and this isn’t the emo phase anymore. Adam Lambert, however, seems not to agree with most of the world. He keeps dressing and literally drowning his face with black shade makeup all the time. I am not going to judge him about that, I will just say that he shouldn’t go out with a hairstyle like that ever again.

11 Robert Pattinson

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Now, that was a really difficult decision and I don’t mean whether to include this actor in the list but which hideous haircut to choose. I decided to go with this one and leave the other ones out. The reason is simple. Should I really explain what is wrong with this haircut? There is no fade on the back and the hair is cut way too much towards the top. And it looks completely mismatched from the hairstyle he is sporting in the front! Why the weird illusion, Robert Pattinson?

And what is this little rectangular patch of hair supposed to mean? The whole hairstyle is so bad that it may as well be the worst one featured on this list.

10 Katy Perry

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From the moment this woman opened up about her romantic partner preferences we have seen her changing her whole appearance multiple times. Maybe she started doing it as a mean of protesting but the reason she kept on doing it is clear. Her fans loved it and so did she. We have seen her with blue hair, pink hair, long, short or even shaven hairstyles.

This one, however, is different from the others as she appeared with it back in 2012. Why is it so memorable? Because she combined all the colors she wanted to dye her hair in and came up with the following result which, in my opinion, looked pretty cool.

9 Scarlett Johansson

Via YouTube

A favorite among many men all around the world, a true Hollywood beauty! The “Black Widow” has been surprising us with her new appearance always. She has gone through multiple different phases but this specific haircut was everything but nice. She looked like a man grabbed from an 80s boy band and left in the early 00’s. She noticed that as well and quickly rushed to change it.

Throughout the years we have seen her with long hair, short hair, red hair, and as long as the word “hair” is in the equation the number of possibilities is really high! At least she has a great personality and is an amazing actress.

8 Natalie Dormer

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Natalie seems to have grown keen on her Hunger Games’ haircut. In fact, she liked it enough to make a public appearance on the red carpet rocking her shaved sides. You may know Natalie from the extremely popular television show called Game of Thrones, but if you thought that this pretty face can’t turn to angry or furious then you would be wrong.

This actress has such a talent that she can portray any role she is given no matter how “sweet” or tough she needs to look. Now regarding her fans, they seem to like it as well which is what keeps her going. I would definitely not want to mess with Dormer when she is walking around with this fierce haircut.

7 Drew Barrymore

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Starting her career at a very young age, Drew became popular from her iconic role in “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial” as Gertie. Then she would take on various roles in films until the big hit “Scream” reached theatres everywhere. Her popularity skyrocketed after the film. Throughout the years we have seen that Drew isn’t so keen on changing her appearance regularly.

That was until 2009 when she decided to make an appearance with blonde hair and really interesting black tips. It is one of the most unusual hairstyles I have ever seen featured on the red carpet and the majority of others agree with me. Drew changed that hair color after a short time.

6 Nicole Richie

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We all know her and everybody loves her. I mean, what’s not to love? A great personality and a lot of talent. But let’s be real here, was there even a small chance that the daughter of Lionel Richie wouldn’t become famous or that she wouldn’t be talented like her father?

Since a small kid she would change haircuts all the time and when she finally became older she thought it was time to do something crazy. And so she did by dying her hair purple and showing the world her eclectic style. Needless to say that everybody loved seeing her rocking this new hairstyle!

5 Gwen Stefani

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Everybody knows Gwen for her iconic blonde hair and red lipstick but 20 years ago she made a public appearance similar to which you haven’t seen anywhere. You know how in Halloween we all dye our hair and put on costumes? Well, Gwen thought it would be a good idea to show up with blue hair and small colored stones all around her forehead and eyes.

Fortunately, she has decided to leave that “style” behind her and moved on to become the woman we all know and love today. The blonde hair looks great, especially on TV’s “The Voice”. Who wouldn’t like having a woman like that sit next to him? Am I right Adam?

4 Willow Smith

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Being the child of Will Smith sure isn’t easy, especially when your big brother and your father tend to get way more exposure than you. This must have been the thought crossing Willow’s mind before she decided to dye her hair bright pink and appear in public right after.

She has been changing hairstyles constantly throughout her life but who would have thought that she would actually walk down the red carpet looking like that - especially since she is usually so stylish. One thing is for certain though. This girl has many fans and her 2.5 million Instagram followers are the proof.

3 Christina Aguilera

Via YouTube

Previously I talked about Gwen Stefani and Miley Cyrus who were both a judge on “The Voice”. Now I am going to discuss Christina since she has been a judge on the show as well. Even though you don’t see her rocking crazy hairstyles in the show that doesn’t in any way mean that she hasn’t done so earlier in her life.

This is just one of a plethora of examples but due to its unusual nature, I decided to go with this. And if you think this is looking weird then do a quick Google search about her afro hair. You can thank me later!

2 Lady Gaga

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Just like Madonna, Lady Gaga is for sure one of the top pop singers of our time. Maybe she will be the next Queen. Personally speaking, I like her music way more than that of Beyonce’s. And if we were to compare appearances then Lady Gaga would always win. And I am not talking about beauty. I am referring to how stylish one can look.

We have seen Lady Gaga wearing dresses looking like they originate straight out of the future. Her hairstyles have been changing constantly throughout her career but the one you are seeing in this photo is one of my favorite looks from her.

1 Kesha

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Kesha (or Ke$ha) was in her prime early on the 2010’s but unfortunately, she went down as quickly as she came up. It seems like “Tik Tok” was more than a hit song, it was her popularity clock ticking down. Gladly, she is slowly recovering and rising back to the spotlight as time goes by.

Regarding her astonishing appearance in the photo the only thing really popping out (except her beauty) is the hair colour. Very rarely have we seen someone pose on the red carpet while their hair is composed of two completely different colours. It looks cool, though, so if you ask me, she gets a pass!

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