Mansions... And 19 Other Things Justin Bieber Loves To Spend His Money On

We have a hard time believing that there is a single living soul in this world who doesn’t know the name Justin Bieber. You might not have Bieber fever, but you certainly know who he is. Whether people like it or not, this 23-year-old Canadian singer has become one of the most famous celebrities on the globe. Bieber is everywhere, and he has enough fans to eclipse pretty much anyone else in the music and entertainment industry. Hell, we don’t think there are even athletes with followings as massive as this guy has.

That being said, it is unavoidable that Bieber would be the recipient of massive checks and have a ridiculous amount of money. How much money exactly? TheRichest has estimated Justin’s net worth to be somewhere around $305 million. That is a lot of money to spend. Which brings us to the question of what does Justin spend his money on? The answer to that question is all kinds of things. This is a list for everyone. There are entries that Bieber lovers will drool over, but there are also entries that Bieber haters will laugh their as*es off at. So, just sit back and relax because there are a lot of entertaining things that Bieber spends his money on.

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20 Settling Lawsuits

Via: ibtimes.co.uk

Yeah, this is an entry for the Bieber haters. It doesn’t matter how much you love Justin; you have to admit that he does some stupid stuff every once in a while. A testament to that is that he had to settle more than one lawsuit in recent years.

Let’s travel back through memory lane a little bit and arrive in 2014, the year when Bieber had to settle a few pretty expensive lawsuits.

There were three major lawsuits he faced, but the one that ended up being the most expensive was the vandalism case in which Bieber was charged for throwing eggs at his neighbor’s home. That was just a misdemeanor, and one would imagine the fee wouldn’t be that high, right? Well, guess again. It turns out that Bieber had to pay almost $81,000 in restitution for that incident alone.

19 His Latest Home

Via: youtube.com

Justin Bieber is no stranger to buying ridiculously expensive homes. We might go back to this subject a little later on the list, but we specifically wanted to talk about one of his latest snaps. Of course, if you keep up with Justin, you know that we are talking about the Amsterdam penthouse he bought in 2016.

The 23-year-old (then 22) splashed nothing less than $29 million on the apartment.

Yeah, do the math in your head and just imagine how many times over you could buy your own home with that kind of money. Just to make everyone a little more jealous, let’s talk about the luxuries Justin has whenever he stops by Amsterdam. The apartment has its own butler, valet parking, and a private elevator for him to easily maneuver inside the three-story penthouse.

18 Friends And Partying

Via: blogspot.com

This one might just be the most interesting entry on our entire list. All young and wealthy celebrities have their entourages. We all saw the TV show, didn’t we? The show is not 100 percent accurate, but there are a lot of people who live like that. Justin Bieber is one of these celebrities. He has his entourage, and he unloads a serious amount of cash to keep them around. This goes in two parts. There is the money he has to spend to keep his friends around (we mean to help with their financial stability, not because he bought his friends; we don’t believe his friends are that fake), and the other part goes to their partying habits.

Believe it or not, there were rumors floating about that Justin was blowing through $1 million every month on friends and parties.

17 A Special Kind Of Party

Via: youtube.com

In our last entry, we talked a little bit about how Bieber easily blows through $1 million every month on friends and partying. That is still hard to believe even for people who see how he deals with money. Nevertheless, when you break things down and take a good look at how much Justin Bieber can spend during a single night out,

it becomes quite easy to agree that he could very well spend $1 million or more every month if he wanted to.

The best example we could find happened a few years ago in 2014, when Bieber decided to go for a night out at a club in Miami. It is not weird to imagine celebrities spending hundreds if not a few thousand dollars on a club in one night. But, Bieber spent a reported $75,000 at that Miami nightclub. That's a lot of ones...

16 Alleged MJ

Let’s just start this by saying that Justin Bieber allegedly smokes weed. Another thing we would like to add is that 2014 seems to have been the year of Bieber’s life when it comes to partying and the media annoying him with scandals. With that in mind, let’s go a little bit further and talk about his alleged drug spending habits. Well, depending on where you live, marijuana is not even considered a drug anymore, right? As long as he’s doing whatever he’s doing legally, people should just keep their noses out of Justin’s business.

Still, when the news came out that he was spending around $8000 on marijuana every single week, it was pretty hard to look away. Seriously, just how much marijuana can you buy with the $8000? And who the hell is he sharing that with? Is he boys with Snoop Dogg now?

15 The 'Family Guy' Necklace

Via: complex.com

If you were ever wondering what kind of TV show Justin Bieber watches, our best guess would be that he loves Family Guy.

There is absolutely no other reason why someone would spend $25,000 on a Stewie Griffin necklace.

No, you did not read that figure wrong. Justin Bieber actually spent $25,000 on a Family Guy necklace. Don’t worry, it wasn’t just overspending (aside from the fact that it was overkill at the fandom level). The necklace is actually worth at least that amount of money. It contains over 12 carats of rubies and diamonds. It certainly is not the most orthodox way to spend your money even for crazy celebrity standards, but we have to admit it is kind of cool if you like the show. Nevertheless, it is hard not to feel outraged at someone who spends that much on a necklace.

14 His Ducati

Via: celebritymotorcycles.com

Justin Bieber certainly has spent a lot of money on stupid things, but this is far from being one of those. Sure, some people will not be able to appreciate the monster of a bike that is the Ducati 848 EVO Bieber bought a few years ago.

It was not even that expensive if you consider Bieber’s standards for spending. A 2013 model of this bike has a suggested list price of a little less than $14,000.

When it comes to specs, this bike seems like quite the steal for that price tag. With a top speed of 159 mph, it is a force to be reckoned with. At the same time though, Bieber caught a lot of heat from the biker community because he was seen riding without any upper-body protection or gloves to go along with many other mistakes.

13 Get Your Grill

Via: youtube.com

Justin Bieber is one of the most successful singers of our time, but if there is one thing he definitely wanted to be but never managed to become, it was a gangster. Yeah, just look at his history and MO. This kid has shaped his entire professional life around trying to steer clear away from the “soft” image he got because of the beginning of his career. You can’t really blame the guy for becoming famous when he was still going through puberty. It's not his fault. But you don’t have to try as hard as Justin seems to do.

The latest installment in this saga was his $15,000 purchase of a pink sapphire grill.

Yes, we are talking about gangsta grills. Justin now has his own, and we bet that it is way more expensive than the ones real gangsters are wearing.

12 His Family

Via: justinbieberzone.com

One thing you have to respect about Justin Bieber is that the guy did not leave his family hanging. They might not make the news too often, but the Bieber family is quite nice when you take the time to learn about them. First, there was the fact that before he turned 18, Bieber’s parents made sure to keep his money tight and only give him an allowance so he wouldn’t spend it all on stupid stuff. Well, that ended up happening anyway, but we cannot say they didn’t try to stop it. Either way, Bieber is not a celebrity who left his family behind. Much to the contrary,

not too long ago, the guy bought his family a new $850,000 house.

That's not a small price for a house. It was a five-bedroom home for his dad, Jeremy, and his half-siblings, Jazmyn and Jaxson.

11 Lots Of Cash On Selena Gomez


We never know if Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are actually dating. One day, they are. The other day, they don’t want to see each other’s faces. But while the two were together, no one can deny that Justin spent a ridiculous amount of cash on his beautiful girlfriend. There were a lot of times in which he gave her crazy expensive things, but

the most astounding happening in the entire Bieber-Gomez saga happened in Los Angeles almost seven years ago.

After taking her out to watch a Demi Lovato performance at the Nokia Theater, Bieber took Selena Gomez through an underground tunnel until they emerged in the Staples Center. The guy literally rented out the entire Staples Center so that he could have a romantic dinner for two and then a showing of Titanic on the arena’s screen. How sweet?

10 Comedy Websites

via YouTube

Funny or Die has developed into one of the most famous comedy websites on the Internet. Their YouTube channel alone has more than 2 million followers. But even that kind of following is not enough to keep you safe from money. As fate would have it, someone on the website made a joke about Justin Bieber. That someone was Aziz Ansari who, in a funny video, swore blood and vengeance against Bieber for allegedly “stealing” his song “Baby.” Well, in response to that,

Bieber decided to do something funny of his own and ended up “buying” the website.

This all happened during April Fools’ Day, so we can’t really say if that was 100 percent just a prank by the website or if he really did buy it even if only for a day. It was still pretty funny though, and a terrible way to waste your money.

9 Other Celebrities’ Homes

Via: fox-news24.com

One interesting thing about celebrities is that buying and selling real estate among themselves is not weird at all. It actually happens quite often. For example, Khloe Kardashian once bought Justin Bieber’s old house. But the home we wanted to talk about is a house worth nothing less than $60 million. Yes, that is the amount of cash Bieber unloaded to purchase the estate previously owned by Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in France.

That is an unbelievable amount of money to spend on anything. You could buy big-time companies for less than that. At the same time, the house is absurdly big. But hey, at least someone came out happy out of the Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie divorce. But when it comes to spending his money, we think it will be hard for Bieber top this one.

8 Spends Money On Other People

Via: metrouk2.com

Sometimes, the bad news eclipse the good things. This is not weird in the world of celebrities. Just think about it. Which of these headlines would sell more magazines or get more views? “Justin Bieber buys coffee for county cops” or “Justin Bieber spits on fans from his hotel room?” We do have to admit that spitting on other people has to be one of the most disgusting things you can do to another human being, but at the same time, you get the point we were trying to prove, right? It is easier to get people to click on things that are not good. People love chaos. That is just human nature.

Ultimately, what we wanted to say is that Bieber also spends money on people other than his family.

If you look hard enough, you will find news of him buying coffee for Sheriff’s deputies, helping out fans and things like that.

7 Traveling To Different Places

Via: youtube.com

We know that Justin Bieber has probably traveled all around the world by now. Nevertheless, everywhere this kid goes, he has to deal with both paparazzi and his fans. And it doesn’t matter how much a celebrity loves his/her fans, at some point, this must get so tiring you cannot help but stress out. Luckily for these celebrities though, they are extremely wealthy. And if there is one thing money can buy these days, it is peace and quiet. Sure, you will not get it in New York or any metropolis, but there is a place where most fans and paparazzi would not be able to follow Justin Bieber.

A lot of you have probably connected the dots by now. Yes, we are talking about that story from 2013 when Bieber allegedly bought a ticket to space.

6 Paradise Home

Via: lonelyplanet.com

One of the most awesome things about being rich has to be the fact that when you want something, you can have it. It doesn’t matter how much people are asking for it; you can just go ahead and buy whatever you want. Case in point, Justin Bieber fell in love with a villa at a place called Lanzarote in the Canary Islands. He was so badly in love with this home

that the kid decided to pay an extra €800,000 over the asking price just to make sure he would be the one to get the villa.

Rich people problems, right? The total price of the home was nothing short of €5 million. That is not the most he has ever paid for a home, but just the idea that he would go over the asking price for almost a million is enough to help people understand a little bit about Bieber’s spending habits.

5 His Monkey

Via: people.com

Does anyone even remember Justin Bieber had a monkey? Yeah, we didn’t forget, and we are also betting the Germans who confiscated it in 2013 haven’t forgotten it either. A little background on the story is that more than half a decade ago, Bieber got a pet monkey as a gift. The only problem was that when you have a pet monkey, you need to keep its vaccinations in check and you need to be able to show the authorities of whatever place you are traveling to that your monkey is vaccinated. Well, let’s just say that one time when Bieber arrived in Munich, he was unable to produce the required papers. After that,

the monkey was apprehended and taken to a local zoo.

Money-wise, it seems like Bieber owed the Germans thousands of euros for whatever they had to spend while caring for the monkey.

4 A Glass House

Via: youtube.com

You know you have made it when you have $59,000 a month to spare so that you can rent a glass house in Malibu. Having a house in arguably one of the most expensive neighborhoods in the world was not enough for Bieber. No, the guy had to go and get a house made almost entirely out of glass. In no way or form are we hating on this house, though. If we had the money, we would totally rent it.

Nevertheless, after everything we have seen of Justin Bieber’s spending habits, this just seems to be as ridiculous as it gets. Just check out the specs of the house. It has an area of about 6500 square feet and has six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a seven-car garage, and a courtyard right in the center.

3 Shopping Sprees

Via: youtube.com

We have diversified a lot on this list, but it is hard to steer very far from the classics when it comes to celebrity spending habits. Justin Bieber is just like any other celebrity when it comes to shopping sprees. Hey, the kid has a lot of money and what good is money if you don’t use it? That, indeed, is one way to look at things. However, a lot of people would say that there are other ways to spend your money, like charity and those kinds of things. But that goes from person to person,

and if Bieber wants to spend his money buying clothes, homes, and cars, who are we to say anything against that?

Either way, it sure is entertaining to imagine just how much Justin might spend on any given shopping spree he goes on every time he stops by Beverly Hills.

2 His Appearance

Via: businessinsider.com

This is yet another entry that could have two sides to it. We could talk about how much Justin Bieber spends on clothes every month, but since we already talked about shopping sprees, we don’t think that is really necessary now. That being said, we do want to talk about how much he apparently spends in order to keep that hair fresh. Whether you like him or not,

people have to admit that Bieber is almost unparalleled when it comes to his hair game. Well, one of the reasons for that is that he supposedly spends a lot of money on that hair.

No, we are not talking about a $20 or $30 haircut at Supercuts. No, we are talking something a little bit more expensive. How much more expensive? Try and imagine spending $750 on a haircut. Because that is apparently the figure that Bieber unloads every time he visits his stylist.

1 Flying Around


One of the biggest Justin Bieber controversies that didn’t involve lawsuits happened in 2014, when the young singer posted a picture of himself inside a G4 jet. What everyone thought once they saw the picture was that Bieber had just bought a $60 million plane. And, if we were to be honest, we wouldn’t put it past him to do something like that. At the same time,

$60 million seems like a hefty figure for anyone to pay, even for Justin Bieber in 2014.

Well, it turns out that he did not make the potentially financially crippling purchase. Apparently, Bieber had just charted the jet to fly off somewhere for the holidays. That is something he does quite often and something that certainly costs a lot of money. At the same time, not as expensive as buying a plane.

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