20All of The Numbers in Lost

Well, obviously, you all know the numbers. Even people who don't know the show very well know the iconic numbers: 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, and 42. But do you realize just how many times the numbers showed up in the show? There were the blatantly obvious times when Hurley

would discover them on a lottery ticket or in his father's refurbished car or on the side of the Dharma Initiative hatch. Then there were slightly more subtle times that the numbers showed up, like in the instances of "Oceanic Flight 815," or in John's vision/hallucination regarding his purpose in season two. But then there were sneaky little instances everywhere! When Hurley runs through the airport to catch his flight, a soccer team is wearing jerseys with the numbers in their order; on the tops of police cars at Ana Lucia's station; and even Kate's trial number! These numbers were EVERYWHERE.

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