Little People, Big World: 15 Messed Up Facts The Execs Don’t Want Us To Know About

Little People, Big World is one of the most popular reality shows on television. When TLC producers stumbled upon this family of little people who owned a farm in Oregon, they knew they had struck reality TV gold.

Along with only being four feet tall, Matt and Amy Roloff faced a lot of challenges raising their four children and running their family farm. The show was an instant success and the ratings were off the charts. People loved to watch this relatable family run their business and raise their family with what seemed to be great morals and values.

Over the years, America has watched this family grow up before their eyes on television. Amy and Matt became grandparents, and the Roloff family appeared to be as close as ever.

However, life for the Roloffs is not exactly what TLC producers want the viewers to think. There are some scandals and secrets that executives have tried to keep on the down low for many years to protect the show’s reputation. It was even suggested that the reality show was just a scripted sham of a storyline that was created by producers to keep the viewers hooked. These are 15 messed up facts about Little People, Big World executives do not want viewers to know about.

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15 Little People, Fake World

little people big world fake scenes
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Jacob called out his estranged family for faking scenes on Little People, Big World. He accused them of playing “characters” for television, even claiming that entire scenes were completely scripted. He said that he no longer recognized his own family, blaming the show for tearing them apart by creating “storylines” that were only “loosely” based on their lives.

Jacob was unafraid to voice his harsh opinion of the show and the network, expressing that he wished he had never been on the show. He alleged that he was owed money for his time on camera in a rant on social media. He continues to talk badly about the reality show in public and online, calling the series fake and hypocritical. He also confirmed that he would never return to film for his family’s show.

14 The Roloffs' Employee Was Deported After Committing A Crime

little people big world employee deported
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The Roloffs claim to treat their staff like family, but apparently not if you are not from America. One man named Camerino Gonzalez Sanchez worked on the family’s farm for almost two decades before he got into a car accident that would change his life forever.

Sanchez was reportedly driving under the influence and police found hard drugs in his possession. He was fired from the Roloffs' farm and deported from the country back to Mexico shortly after. Matt Roloff had said in the past that they essentially “adopted” Camerino when he first came to America years ago, but there was not much they could do to help him once he got into this situation. None of the immigration drama was documented on TLC for Little People, Big World.

13 Amy And Matt’s Divorce Was Looming For Years

little people big world amy matt divorce
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No one wanted to admit it, but apparently, Amy and Matt’s divorce was a long time in the making. Matt’s 2009 “advice” book, Against All Odds: Being A David In A Goliath World, gives fans an in-depth look at his thought process, which revealed that he definitely views himself as a hero.

On Little People, Big World, Matt was often seen starting projects he could never finish and doing outrageous things that would drive Amy crazy. Some were surprised that the two stayed together for as long as they did. Allegations of cheating hovered around the couple just before their split, as well. Matt did not wait too long after the divorce before shacking up with his new girlfriend and longtime manager of the family farm, Caryn Chandler. Viewers even described her as an average-sized, younger version of Amy.

12 Jacob Is No Longer A Christian

little people big world jacob renounced christianity
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On top of quitting the show and cutting ties with his family, Jacob also stopped practicing the Christian religion. He detached himself from the religion publicly when he went off about Christianity on social media. He went off about how Christians feel superior to other religions and that they have “egotistical, selfish attitudes.”

Jacob referred to his family and people in the Christian community in general as “fakers” who only “pray for themselves. He also claimed that they thought of non-Christians as people who needed “help.” For a family of devout Christians like the Roloffs, this was a big deal, especially to his brother Jeremy and his wife Audrey. Jacob’s proclamation only added more tension to the family feud, but it seemed like that was what Jacob had intended.

11 DUI Scandal

little people big world matt dui
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Matt Roloff has been arrested two times for driving under the influence of alcohol. He was pulled over in 2003 after swerving into a ditch and was convicted of drunk driving. Roloff had the charges dismissed after completing an alcohol diversion course.

However, he was arrested again in 2007 after a police officer pulled him over for driving erratically while leaving a bar parking lot. He claimed he had not been drinking and that the car was swerving because the break extensions were fitted for his wife. He pleaded not guilty to the DUI charge. The reality star’s case was dismissed after an issue with one of the jury members, and due to the fact that the prosecutor was unable to prove anything beyond reasonable doubt.

10 Jeremy’s Racist And Homophobic Tendencies

little people big world jeremy
via: cbsnews.com

Jeremy’s old MySpace account was uncovered, revealing dozens of examples of his usage of racial and homophobic slurs. The page was apparently active around the time Jeremy was 15 to 17 years old, and includes him using offensive language about gay people, Latino people, and black people. He also bragged about his experience with drinking alcohol as a teenager. While some fans of the show argued that it was just typical teenage banter between friends, others debated that it is never appropriate to use that language and that MySpace was not exactly a private forum.

His wife Audrey is not any better. She has a website dedicated to making her viewpoint on these subject matters known, publicly shaming homos*xuals, those who practice gender fluidity, and people who consent to pre-marital s*x. Audrey and Jeremy are extremely supportive of the Solid Rock Church and their leader, Pastor John Mark Comer, who teaches that gay people will go to hell unless they pray to Jesus to be “cured of their perversion.”

9 Matt’s Health Scare Was A Death “Hoax”

little people big world matt
via: gantdaily.com

Lots of television shows use death hoaxes as a way to tease the viewer for an upcoming episode, but that’s usually the case for scripted series, not reality shows. However, TLC decided to make the most out of an incident that turned out to be nothing. During the Season 5 finale, Matt collapsed without explanation. Fans on the internet even began to speculate that he may have died.

It turned out that Matt suffers from severe vertigo and often passes out. By the time the episode had aired on television, his vertigo had already improved so much that he had not passed out in months. The network made it seem like he had a serious health mishap to entice viewers to stay tuned for the following season, which did not sit well with the fans when they found out.

8 Jacob Doesn’t Speak To His Family Anymore

little people big world jacob family
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After quitting the show after claiming he was “forced” to be on it, Jacob stopped talking to most of his family members. The moment he turned 18 and was legally an adult, he left his family’s house on the farm to live a life of his own. He has totally separated himself from his family and no longer keeps in touch. He has even unfollowed all of his family members on social media, except for his sister Molly.

It is obviously unlikely that we will ever know the true nature of Jacob’s relationship with his estranged family, but considering the public proclamations he has made shaming his family, TLC, and his former religion, it is likely that they are not in the best place right now.

7 Their Neighbors Don’t Like Them

little people big world family farm
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The Roloffs' neighbors are not fans of Little People, Big World, or the Roloffs' farm at all, for that matter. The reality television family earn the majority of their income from their 34-acre farm, which is open to the public for pumpkin picking during the fall.

Once the show started airing on TLC, the Roloff Farm’s crowd easily doubled in size, creating a lot of ruckus for the neighbors. During the year of the show’s debut season, over 30,000 people visited the family’s farm during the visiting months. At one point, law enforcement was called to shut down the farm because the rush of the cars became a safety hazard. Needless to say, the reality star family is not too well-liked in their once quiet community.

6 The Roloff Family’s Lawsuit Against Washington County

little people big world lawsuit
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The Roloffs sued Washington County for $200,000 in damages back in 2011. The family claimed that Amy had suffered “severe emotional stress” when she was involved in an incident that was aired during Season 6 of Little People, Big World, revolving around a building inspection gone awry. The Roloffs remained very tight-lipped about this lawsuit because they did not want to do anything to screw up their chances of winning.

However, in 2012, the county’s attorney refuted all of their claims in court and a judge dismissed the case, concluding that Washington County did not violate the celebrity couple, despite their claims that the county had a building inspector come out and illegally investigated their farm after an anonymous complaint was made about the construction of a wooden ark on their property.

5 Jacob Is A High School Drop Out

little people big world jacob high school dropout
via: radaronline.com

Jacob actually dropped out of high school before he could graduate because he was having trouble fitting in and dealing with the “drama.” The reality star was apparently tired of his peers fighting over girls and other superficial issues. He later picked up the remaining credits online but never walked in his high school graduation.

His family’s reality show was also becoming widely-known across the country, which probably made it difficult for him to fit in. Jacob has also always been a rebel who does not like to follow rules, so traditional schooling probably was not his strong suit. He has also publicly posted about his drug use and advertised that he was selling, telling people to hit him up if they wanted to purchase drugs from him before he was even 18 years old.

4 Jeremy’s Phony Acceptance Letter To Brooks Photography

little people big world jeremy school
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To add fuel to the fire of claims that Little People, Big World is scripted, it was revealed that Jeremy’s scene where he opens his acceptance letter to Brooks Photography was completely fake. Brooks Photography is apparently a for-profit school, meaning if you pay to get in, you will most likely get in, so an acceptance letter from a school like this would not be at all shocking.

Jeremy was actually accepted to the school back in November of 2010, which was after the show had been canceled and filming wrapped for the TLC reality series. The scenes where Jeremy walked down to the mailbox to get his acceptance letter and where he “broke the news” to his family were all faked for the cameras.

3 Audrey Roloff’s Controversial Marriage Advice

little people big world marriage advice
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Audrey Roloff used her platform on social media to inform her followers that she believed that a wife should always please and satisfy her husband. The controversial advice included Audrey recommending that women “desire to s*xually please” their husbands because “our bodies are no longer our own.”

She posted photos of herself while she was pregnant, wearing just a sports bra and pants, which did not go over too well with her ultra-conservative audience. Fans lashed out at her online saying that it was “disgraceful” for her to be showing so much skin and that only her husband should be seeing that much of her body. Her unsolicited advice came just after she was slammed online for vocalizing her close-minded opinions about the LGBTQ community on her marriage blog.

2 Amy’s Insecurities And New Love Interest

amy roloff new boyfriend
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After her divorce from Matt, Amy revealed that she did not think that she would ever date again or that anyone would ever be interested in her again. Her ex-husband Matt had already moved on with a woman that she knew, and she was left feeling down in the dumps about her future. To her happy surprise, she began dating a new man about nine months after the divorce was finalized.

Amy has reportedly been dating a real estate broker from Portland, Oregon for the past few months. She has been fairly open about her new relationship with Chris Marek on social media. Fans of Little People, Big World have been wishing Amy well with her new romance but they are definitely interested to see how this will play out on camera.

1 The Real Reason Jacob Quit Little People, Big World

little people big world jacob traveling with girlfriend
via: blastingnews.com

Two years after quitting Little People, Big World, Jacob was seen documenting his recent trip to the Pacific Northwest with his girlfriend in a series of YouTube videos. When fans asked him why he was okay with documenting his life himself but not being on his family’s reality show, he said that it was “more freeing” to do it himself and that he could do, say, and talk about anything that he wanted to. Unlike his role on Little People, Big World, Jacob was finally able to show people what he wanted and not the image the television producers created.

On the TLC show, Jacob said that he felt he and his family were just playing “characters” on the reality show, which is something he no longer wanted to do. By creating his own content, he has control over what is shared. He also said that he had “moved on” from the drama the show brought into his life and planned to continue traveling the world with his girlfriend.

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