Little People, Big World: 15 Facts And Photos Of Audrey Roloff

When you think of the tv show, Little People, Big World, you think of a family of little people going about their daily business. When you look up the name Audrey Roloff, however, you’ll come across a woman who isn’t like some of the others on the show. Some might even go as far as to call her “normal,” as if there really were such a thing. So how does this self-labeled “frizzy redhead” fit in with the family you might ask? She fits in in many different ways. From being part of the magic of the popular show to being married to one of the sons, this woman really has made a name for herself in the public’s most watchful eye.

While most of her endeavors are wholesome and appropriate for the show, Audrey has still received a lot of hatred for either showing off her baby bump, showing revealing photos, or for seemingly disliking those in the LGBTQ community. Whether or not you stand with the backlash dealt during any of those situations, Audrey doesn’t seem to let the negativity bother her in the slightest. In fact, she seems to be adding more incredible accomplishments to her resumé each and every day. Here are just a few of them. Audrey lives relatively under the radar for a reality TV star, and most people don't know a lot about her or her life. These are 15 facts and photos of the stunning and mysterious Audrey Roloff. How well did you know the Little People, Big World star?

15 She Married Jeremy Roloff

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For those of you who aren’t already aware, Audrey is married to Jeremy Roloff, making her a Roloff herself. Jeremy is one of the sons of Matthew and Amy Roloff, the father and mother on the tv show Little People, Big World. The two met in a sort of crazy way when they were both visiting their hometown of Portland, Oregon. They were certainly a match made in heaven because they have been inseparable ever since. Well, they did have a few years living in a long-distance relationship but that seemed to make them only stronger when they finally came together to be married. It was in a beautiful outdoor ceremony right on the Roloff family farm. Audrey wore a dress she had recycled into the glamorous gown she’s always dreamed of. One of her best friends and bridesmaids also custom made the bridesmaids’ dresses for the one of a kind event.

14 Audrey Is Auj Poj

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Although we saw the name “Auj Poj” and thought of some interestingly unique dish being served up in a different country, that’s not what Auj Poj means at all. As it turns out, the name is a nickname that Audrey has had since she was about five years old. The first part, “Auj” was literally what she was called as a child. Later in life, she isn’t completely sure when, “Poj” was tacked onto the end and the name just stuck around. Since Audrey feels as though she sometimes leads a “hodge podge” lifestyle, she felt like the name really completed her identity. Since she has her hand in just about every category of life you could imagine, we think it’s safe to say that she definitely has a hodge podge life. On the other hand, it’s also one that we know she would never be willing to part with, craziness and all.

13 She Has Her Own Clothing Line

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Just one of her many talents includes fashion designer since she has created and successfully sells articles from her very own clothing line. It’s called Always More Apparel and is inspired by her favorite verse in Ephesians 3:20. Being a religious person, she has made a point to include Christ in most areas of her life, including her own clothing business. She has made a part of the passage, the “always more” part, her life mantra that continues to remind her that there is still more to look forward to no matter what things look like now. She has written the slogan on her arm or hand before a big event like her wedding. There really wasn’t a better name for her clothing line other than the two words that followed her everywhere she went, always lending its comforting familiarity and getting her through every tough situation life throws her way.

12 She Got Shamed For Showing Off Her Baby Bump

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To be honest, this seems pretty shameful – the fact that she got shamed, that is. Audrey and the Roloff family are pretty religious and they prefer to live their lives with a clean image. Since that’s the case, some people got extremely offended when Audrey uploaded photos of her baby bump where her shirt was pulled up. Of course, she wasn’t really sitting there in the buff or anything. She was doing the same thing that hundreds of thousands of excited expectant mothers do: take a picture with their baby. Audrey didn’t do anything wrong and the people who called her names and said that she was too skinny or showing too much should be ashamed of themselves. She clearly did a fine job during her pregnancy since her and Jeremy’s daughter came out as healthy as can be. No one should ever feel bad about being excited about their up and coming bundle of joy. That’s just silly.

11 She Has The Same Best Friends Since School

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When you hear that a person still has the same friends that they had in school you might think back to college or maybe even high school. Some might even go as far back as saying that they were still friends with the person they met in the fifth grade. While all of that is certainly impressive in its own right, it’s not quite as impressive as the relationships Audrey has going for her in the friends department. No, she hasn’t known the same people since fourth grade. She’s actually known her group of girlfriends all the way back from kindergarten! Now, that’s impressive! Not really surprising after hearing how religious Audrey is, they collectively call their group the “God Squad” for their true passion in life. Of course, they meet up as frequently as life allows and most of the other women have fallen in love and married their high school sweethearts, which makes for an even bigger happy friend family.

10 Audrey Has Revealing Photos

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If any person has a relationship with God as public as the one Audrey does, one would believe that that person wouldn’t get caught up in such frivolous drama as having leaked private photos. Although that is sometimes the case, that’s not exactly what’s going on with the sexy photos Audrey has had taken of her. OK, that really sounds like there are a lot more than there are but there is, in fact, only one of Audrey Roloff and it’s not even rated PG-13. The photo shows Audrey in a claw foot bathtub with a leg sticking out of the water. She posted the picture to show her love for that style of bathtub and as you might expect, people had a fit. Being in the buff has never been seen in a good light among religious folks and things didn’t change just because of the name of her clothing line. People were outraged, shocked, and called her a bad example. Honestly, she could have done a lot worse.

9 She Writes A Popular Lifestyle Blog

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You can find a blog created and maintained by Audrey herself. She is a writer while Jeremy is always running around looking for the best lighting and the best shot as a photographer. She and Jeremy write and run another blog about relationships and marriage tips while Audrey uses her own blog to write about her hodge podge lifestyle, her crazy red hair, or her darling daughter, Ember. She has carefully covered her entire pregnancy, her life with Jeremy, and the journey they all share together. She encourages people to live life knowing that there is “always more” and to enjoy every little moment in life. If you find yourself wanting to have a little more of her in your life you only need to subscribe to her email list or pay less than ten dollars a month for weekly text messages that give inspiring messages to get you through the day. She doesn’t post new entries every day but what she does post shows how good of a writer she really is.

8 She’s An Actress

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Well, sort of. She isn’t a leading lady in an Oscar-winning film or anything but she is on the show Little People, Big World alongside the rest of Jeremy’s family. It is true that she isn’t in every episode but she is still considered to be one of the “principal characters.” In addition to being a member of the show, she is almost always the subject of her husband’s photography obsession. Either way, regardless of what she’s doing, Audrey often finds herself in front of the camera. She is certainly gorgeous enough to be a successful celebrity on that factor alone but don’t expect to see her in the next biggest movie of the year. For now, she just wants to take care of her daughter, live happily with Jeremy in the Pacific Northwest and blog about her crazy life. Seeing since she leads a pretty great life, that wouldn’t be a hard job at all.

7 She Was A Cross-Country Star

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We all have our accomplishments that we like to brag to people about but none of us average Joes have quite as many accomplishments as the pack leader of the God Squad. Just another thing to add to her ever-growing list of accomplishments is the fact that she was a cross-country star back in college. She has also been a serious ballet dancer, an endurance swimmer, and even a competitive downhill skier. If that doesn’t seem like enough action for you remember that she was a running star as well. It goes without saying that she is super athletic and all of her fun activities make it extremely easy to lead a healthy lifestyle, which is exactly the thing she’s going for.

6 People Think She Hates Gay People

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Having a strong opinion while underneath the public’s eye can really go south, quick. Even if the opinion is rather bland or not of a negative nature, there are still hundreds, if not thousands, of people ready and willing to rip you apart. However, you can decide for yourself whether her opinion was negative. While, Audrey hasn’t said that she hates gay people or that she would be biased against them, she did make a remark on the blog she writes alongside her husband that caused quite the stir. When asked why she didn’t have any helpful marriage tips or tricks for those in the LGBTQ community, she said this: “ We are not claiming to be a resource for same-s*x marriages. It is not something that we agree with.” While she is allowed to voice her opinions just like the rest of us, many of her fans were hurt to learn that she did not "agree" with who they are.

5 Her Pregnancy Was Difficult

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When people talk about pregnancy you get familiar with words like “blessing,” “pure joy,” and “light of my life.” Now, there is a lot more that goes along with pregnancy but you don’t really hear about the difficult times, unless you happen to get your insight from Audrey herself. Despite saying that she is “extremely blessed” for having her daughter, Ember, she has had quite the difficult pregnancy, which she outlined thoroughly in her lifestyle blog. Some days just morning sickness was the worst she had to deal with but as the pregnancy progressed, so did the difficulties. When she was 38 weeks pregnant, they celebrated moving into their own home, which means that they were packing, moving and stressing during the majority of the time she was pregnant with Ember. That couldn’t have made things any easier. After the baby was born, Audrey was then faced with things like depression and mastitis, which is incredibly painful. Still, she knows that the whole journey was worth it.

4 Trains And Railroads Are Her Favorite Pastime

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Audrey Roloff has an extremely adventurous spirit and longs for the outdoors almost constantly. When she and Jeremy moved from Oregon to live in the “concrete jungle” of Los Angeles, they only stuck it out for a year before moving back to Oregon. Seeing what her personality is like and how much she and Jeremy share a love for the outdoors, it’s pretty easy to see how she would like trains and railroads. She says that they have been one of her favorite things since as long as she can remember and she even refers to herself as a “railroad track explorer.” Jeremy proposed on a set of railroad tracks in what is now Audrey’s parent’s backyard and the happy couple has taken numerous stunning photographs at train tracks and train stations. So, we feel like trains are going to be kept in the theme in this family. Maybe Ember’s room will someday be decked out in trains too.

3 She Has Tips For A Lasting Marriage

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Audrey and her husband run a marriage advice blog called Beating 50 Percent. She and Jeremy wanted to help couples beat the statistic that says that fifty percent of marriages end in divorce. Since it’s so successful, besides the whole same-s*x couples thing, you might believe that there is some good advice as far as your marriage is concerned. Audrey takes the time to get personal and even goes into detail about fights that she and Jeremy work through. Out of all of her friendly pieces of advice, one seems to be the strangest and perhaps the key to the whole relationship thing. She claims that if you recite your wedding vows during intimacy, you’re strengthening your relationship beyond your wildest dreams. She says that there isn’t another way to replicate the kind of intimacy you find when expressing your love in that way.

2 She Met Jeremy Through A Blind Date

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Audrey and Jeremy’s parents live in the same town and have lived in the same state for years. Strangely enough, however, Audrey and Jeremy never crossed paths until they were both moved away from home. During a break, the two came back home to visit and stay with their parents. Through a mutual church friend, the pair was set up on a blind date. Now, we know that 99.9% of blind dates end in complete disaster, but this chance meeting was anything but. As you can clearly see, the two of them clicked and the ball started rolling from there. They first enjoyed a long distance friendship for two years, lasted through another three years of being in a long distance relationship together and finally, five months after that, they were married. Most would think that you need to spend more time together before tying the knot, but some things, like these two, were just meant to be.

1 Red Lipstick Is Her Signature Go-To

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Every woman in this world has a go to signature: something that makes her feel invincible, powerful, and capable of taking on anything the world might throw at her that day. For some women that means a full face of makeup or a fruity perfume. For others, it’s a pair of earrings or a shade of lipstick. For Audrey Roloff, her go-to item of beauty is a red lipstick. Although plenty of people would tell you that redheads can’t wear red lipstick because of the color clash in the two different shades of red but that simply isn’t the case when it comes to this woman. Clearly, she wears the color well and if you weren’t clued in by the massive grin on her face, she’s pretty confident when wearing it. There really isn’t anything that can’t be accomplished by Audrey and we only have to wait to see what advice she gives us in the future.

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