Life Below Zero: 15 Secrets Execs Don't Want Us To Know

If you’ve ever dreamed of escaping from the rat race and going somewhere you can live a simpler life, more in tune with nature, then Life Below Zero is the reality show for you.

Unlike other reality shows, like Alaskan Bush People (which feels very scripted and unrealistic), there’s no question that what you see on Life Below Zero is authentic. The show follows the lives of people who live in the most remote parts of Alaska and shows viewers just what it takes to live a subsistence lifestyle. These folks don’t have building supply stores and grocery shops anywhere close to them so they do almost everything for themselves – from building shelters to hunting and gathering food and everything in-between.

The cast of Life Below Zero includes outdoor survivalists Erik and Martha May Salitan, river camp owner Sue Aikens, dog mushers Andy and Jessie, nomadic hunters Chip and Agnes Hailstone, and survival expert Glenn Villeneuve and showcases their everyday struggles as they strive to survive – and thrive – in some of the harshest conditions.

Have you ever wondered about life behind the scenes of the show? Do you want to know more about these incredible people? If you answered yes, then we are sure you are going to enjoy these 15 facts about Life Below Zero.

15 Sue Aikens Sued The Production Crew

14 Glenn Villeneuve Was Not Keen To Appear On The Show

13 What Happened To Kate Rorke After She Left The Show

12 Chip Hailstone Was Found Guilty Of Perjury

11 Sue Is Not Supposed To Be Feeding Those Foxes

10 Fans Threatened To Boycott The Show If They Kept Andy

9 What Glenn Does For A Living

8 Staying At Sue Aikens’ Kivik River Camp Would Cost You Around $4500 A Week

7 The Meaning Of Agnes’ Chin Tattoo

6 Glenn Villeneuve Has A Family

5 Jessie Holmes Won The Yukon Quest 300

4 Andy Bassich’s 'Life Below Zero' Bush Lifestyle Camp

3 Life Is Tough For The Cameramen Too

2 Glenn Once Chased A Cameraman Away

1 How Much Are These Reality Stars Worth?

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Life Below Zero: 15 Secrets Execs Don't Want Us To Know