Life After Stardom: Updates On 15 Celebs Who Fell From Grace In The Past Year

It's been a tough year for these celebs...

Being a celebrity has got to be hard work, even if it seems like everything is all peaches and cream. Yes, people fawn over you 24/7, and you are always in the spotlight, but it isn’t everything it’s cracked up to be. In fact, some celebs find the public scrutiny and attention to just be too much, and they try to check out, which proves to be darn near impossible. While some celebs manage to keep a positive public image and maintain good standing with fans and the media, other celebrities just aren’t so lucky.

You see, the past year has been filled with stories and incidents involving celebrities who have fallen from their high and mighty pedestals and proven themselves to be not as fabulous as they once appeared to be. Whether that has been through extramarital affairs, posting inappropriate content on social media, or some other fiasco, there has been a number of celebs who have just plain messed up. So let’s revisit these scenarios and see which celebs are thriving once again, and which are still faltering in the waves left behind by their pivotal mistakes.

Who was able to make amends and move forward? Who is still struggling to prove that they are still relevant and not lazy, sloppy, famous folk? You will have to read through this list to find out!

15 Jordan Rodgers


You may not be a fan of The Bachelorette TV series, but even if you aren’t you have probably heard of Jordan Rodgers. The former Bachelorette contestant (and winner) was accused of cheating on his beloved, Jojo Fletcher. The two “fell in love” on the reality TV show, and after Jojo gave her final rose to Jordan, he proposed and she accepted. And then the drama started, as is protocol in Tinsel Town. Jordan allegedly two-timed Jojo, and he is also said to have gone on the show in the first place simply to propel his own career (he is a professional athlete). And while Jojo and Jordan continue to tweet out and Instagram posts of their lovey-dovey relationship, people are beginning to wonder if these two will ever tie the knot. Most signs point to yet, with the couple planning out the details of their wedding and gushing over each other.

14 Blake Lively

It is super easy for celebrities to get themselves into trouble these days. We are living in times in which people are easily offended, everyone has their own agenda (it seems), and being insensitive to others is one of the easiest things to do. As for actress Blake Lively, she found herself in trouble when she posted a photo of herself on the red carpet with the caption “L.A. face, Oakland booty.” Not a smart idea, Blake. This issue wasn’t as simple as just deleting the tweet; the damage was already done. Blake apologized for the unkind remarks, and has seemed to have cleaned up her public image since then. Anyway, she is very busy celebrating her second pregnancy with hubby Ryan Reynolds. It is pretty much guaranteed that their second child will be downright adorable, and it will also keep Blake out of trouble - we hope! Celebs seem to always find time to tweet, after all.

13 Reggie Bush

Via Smitty's Sports Machine

Oh, you thought that scandals and drama was only reserved for Hollywood celebrities? No, my friend, the controversies extend to politics and the world of sports, too. In this case we are referring to Buffalo Bills football player Reggie Bush, who was caught up in some Baby Mama drama this past year. Bush was allegedly involved in an affair with a waitress at a Miami nightclub, and that tryst ended up resulting in her getting pregnant with his child. Whoopsy! Now Bush has to contend with making things right with his wife, Lilit Avagyan, and making his baby mama happy. By the way, the knocked-up waitress, Monique, is asking Bush for child support funds, as well as baby items and supplies totalling some $7,500. Yikes. There are even rumors that Bush paid Monique a couple million dollars to get the baby aborted. Whether that is true or not, we aren’t sure, but we hope that the baby is safe and sound. It’s not their fault!

12 Tom Brady

Oh, Tom Brady. The Deflategate scandal just won’t leave you alone, will it? While Tom was officially punished by the NFL for the whole debacle (he was suspended from a few games), there were other matters that the football player had to deal with. People threw a lot of hate and chastisement towards Tom, and he ended up losing fans and corporate sponsorships. That being said, his supermodel wife, Gisele Bundchen, continued to stand by him, but then there was speculation that Tom and Gisele’s marriage was not as peachy as it seemed. Great, another thing for Tom to deal with. Nowadays, he is just trying to play his best in the NFL, and dodging any rumors that he did indeed vote for Donald Trump for President. The question is, as a 39-year-old professional athlete, is it about time for Tom to just throw in the towel? We think so, yes.

11 Rebecca Romijn

Rebecca Romijn may be 44 years old now, but she will forever be remembered as a super hot fashion model; in fact, one of the first supermodels of modern history. She had a wildly successful career in the modelling industry, and she is still looked up to by those currently working in the business. Even so, it seems that Rebecca doesn’t share the same admiration for younger models that they may hold for her. In the past year, she called out current supermodels, such as Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid, stating that they were not real supermodels, they simply got lucky and they didn’t have to do half the work she had to do in order to be a successful model. Ouch. Now...well, she doesn’t really have any breaking news. She’s just chilling with her hubby, Jerry O’Connell and still looking fabulous as a forever supermodel, even if she is a tight-ass about it.

10 Ryan Lochte

Via Odyssey

One of the golden boys of the Summer Olympic Games was Ryan Lochte. He was fit, athletic, a stellar swimmer, and he was hella hot. Along with Michael Phelps, Ryan was one of the most talked-about Olympiads of recent history, not just in swimming, but in all sports. He was slated to make waves (literally and figuratively) in the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio, and people were so excited to watch Ryan swim his races. And then...he took advantage of his white male privilege and seriously angered a whole lot of people. While in Rio, Ryan and some buddies were monkeying around at a gas station, and were asked by the attendants to leave. That’s when Ryan pulled the whole “I was assaulted and they pulled a gun on me” thing. It wasn’t true, and Ryan was outed for making the whole thing up. He apologized, but it sounded so fake that nobody could really take it seriously. Now Ryan is a laughing stock and all of his endorsements and sponsorships are kaput.

9 Justin Timberlake

If it seems that Justin Timberlake has been in the public eye forever, that’s because he has been. The 35-year-old is still super sexy, with smooth vocals and a pivotal career, except now he has a wife and a baby! Now, in the summer of 2016, Justin found himself in hot water after tweeting about Jesse Williams’ speech at the BET Awards. You see, Williams was speaking fervently about the Black Lives Matter movement, and afterwards, JT said that he was “#inspired” by Williams’ words. This led to critics slamming Justin, a white male celebrity, for being “inspired” by the words from an African American public figure, who was calling attention to the black experience and struggles. Of course, Justin apologized, and things seemed to have simmered down (after all, there are much more important and pressing things to worry about), but that doesn’t mean that people have forgotten. However, JT is a new dad, and he as other things to attend the fact that he illegally voted for a President early. Oops!

8 Rachel Roy

Via Wikiwand

Okay, before we talk about Rachel Roy, we need to discuss Beyonce. Remember when the singer’s album, Lemonade, came out? And there were so many speculations and rumors that Bey had dealt with extreme heartbreak from her hubby Jay Z’s cheatin’ ways? One lyric in particular was “Becky with the good hair”, who is suspected of being the main girl that Jay Z cheated with. Well, back to Rachel Roy, who has been one of the primary celebrities said to be linked romantically to Jay Z. In most recent news, Rachel seems to have come out publicly about being “Becky with the good hair”. What what? According to Rachel’s social media tweets, she has allegedly hinted to the fact that she was involved with Jay Z, and is being accused by Beyonce of being a homewrecker. Stay tuned to see how this drama plays out...if you care, that is.

7 Ariana Grande

Hm, what has the donut-licking brat Ariana Grande been up to lately? We know that the last year has been a testament to just how immature and spoiled Ariana is...but there is also no denying that the girl has talent. The vocals this girl possesses are a true gift. Anyway, Ariana definitely received a lot of flak for that donut-licking incident. Oh, and she also said that she hated America during that fiasco, so that was another blemish on her public image. Ariana had a year filled with ups and downs: collaborations, performances, music singles, as well as outbursts, bratty comebacks, and that awkward interview with Ryan Seacrest about her romantic relationships. So, where does Ariana Grande stand at the end of 2016? Well, she is super distraught about the results of the 2016 Presidential election, and she continues to blast back at her haters and critics, as well as tout her feminism. We’ll see how that pans out.

6 Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie has always been a tad on the weird side...there was her whole romance with Billy Bob Thornton and her activism and stances on New Age-y stuff and whatnot. And then she was with actor Brad Pitt for a loooooooong time, and people were just waiting for them to tie the knot. After all, they had six kids (biological and adopted), for crying out loud! And then finally, the two power celebrities got hitched, and it was like the angels in heaven were singing. Unfortunately, it wasn’t too long before we received the news that Brangelina was no more. Yes, the couple filed for divorce, and people began to wonder if this was the beginning of the end of Brad and Angelina - just as powerful celebs in Hollywood. The latest news about Ang is that she will keep custody of the six children, while Brad is permitted visitation rights.

5 Taylor Swift

Oh, Taylor Swift. She has gone from that sweet and innocent country girl to a full-fledged pop star. And yet, Tay Tay hasn’t been without controversy. Some would say that this past year was the start of her decline, especially given the whole Kanye West-Kim Kardashian drama. Taylor was called out for getting angry at Kanye West for making fun of her in one of his songs...even though she is recorded as giving him permission. That’s right, Kim Kardashian even posted the audio recording of the phone call online, in which Taylor and Kanye were speaking to each other about the joke in the song, and how Taylor was totally okay with it. Then when Kanye’s song was released, Tay got all into a tizzy. Add to this the fact that Taylor is constantly using and abusing men, and you can see how people might jump off the T-Swift bandwagon. These days she’s hanging onto 1989’s success and hoping the whole controversy blows over.

4 Kylie Jenner

Naturally, because she belongs to the Kardashian-Jenner clan, Kylie Jenner is pretty much a poster child for celebrity controversy and scandals...and just plain stupidity. You can’t totally blame her; being dumb and rich is in her genes. Okay, you can blame her all you want. The past year has been filled with Kylie getting praised, and ranted against, and chastised, and praised’s been quite a whirlwind. Remember when Kylie posed in a wheelchair? Many people considered that to be ableist, which let’s be honest, was. There was also her Kylie Jenner lip kits, which ended up being a huge fiasco, as customers complained about not even receiving their packages that they paid for, or receiving them months late. And the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge was the bane of our existence for a minute back there, even though watching the failed attempts on YouTube was pretty darn entertaining. In recent news, Kylie is said to be heading a new band, so be prepared for that.

3 Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham is actually a pretty cool person, yet she finds herself the brunt of controversy on quite a regular basis. The past year hasn’t been without its scuffles, including Lena’s racist tweets, sexist and racist comments about Odell Beckham Jr., whom she sat next to at an awards show, and a few other snafus. But Lena is also known for her feminist rants and raves, her activism, and her hopeful and comedic attitude towards women’s equity. Still, we must say that the past year was a struggle for poor Lena. Her latest string of oops moments was when she compared voting for The Green Party’s Jill Stein for President to getting together with a guy who is already in a relationship. Wait, what, Lena?! *Sigh* Anyway, on a positive note, Lena was invited to Lorde’s big birthday bash to celebrate the singer’s 20th b-day. So she does still have friends, and that’s good.

2 Farrah Abraham

Yes, we are going to talk about a woman whose claim to fame is from MTV’s series Teen Mom. Sorry about that. Anyway, Farrah Abraham is one of the most well-known participants on the show, whether that is for good or for bad. There was her behavior on the show, and just the joke of her being irresponsible and promiscuous and none too bright. And then she got all the plastic surgeries and enhancements and those lip injections gone wrong. She shared the botched procedure on social media and was lighthearted about it, even though she looked like a real-world Leela from Futurama. And then Farrah was in hot water again for giving her toddler detox supplements, diet tea, and laxatives, and for pushing weight loss tactics on her. This is a toddler, mind you. Also, Farrah has been vocal about her support for Donald Trump in the 2016 Presidential election, so feel free to put some blame on her for the current predicament the United States finds itself in.

1 Brad Pitt

For a long time now, Brad Pitt has been the male celebrity that just about every girl on earth wouldn’t mind being with. And for a long time, he was tied up with actress Angelina Jolie. Well, we shouldn’t say “tied up,” because it seemed that Brad and Angelina had a really nice relationship. Heck, they were the “it” couple of Hollywood and beyond, and they were even involved in the United Nations. They were the s**t, if we’re being honest here. And then "Brangelina" got married...and shortly afterwards they broke up. What the heck was going on? Ever since that incident, people have been a bit iffy about Brad Pitt. The latest update says that he and Angelina have come to a divorce agreement, particularly pertaining to their six children. Brad gets shared custody of the kids, but they will not be permitted to live with him. Rather, Brad will get visitation rights, so that he can visit with his kids from time to time (probably on the weekends).

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Life After Stardom: Updates On 15 Celebs Who Fell From Grace In The Past Year