Kylie Jenner vs Ireland Baldwin: 15 Must-See Pics

Ireland Baldwin and Kylie Jenner are seen as two spoiled rich kids who flaunt their bodies all across social media. And yes, this is true. They're entitled and love to display the fact that they have what they want and seem to get what they want when they want it. They project images of gratuitous excess, posing half-naked on yachts in exotic locations as two friends who project no cares whatsoever. Certainly, much of this is fact, but like with all girls who emerge into their late teens and early 20s, these two young women both are beautiful, and they know it. They regularly post pictures of their physiques through Instagram and Tweet to the world updates on everything from getting coffee to hitting the gym. Without a doubt, they sensationalize their physiques and namesakes, but they do so with brilliant calculation to carve out a revenue stream and remain relevant.

This is a playbook move that was hashed out by Internet vets Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian. These two friends who were famous for being famous have made a life and career out of their world wide web exposure. And with that, young up-and-comers have taken notice. Whether they're athletes, models, actresses, or singers, young, attractive women have gone to the web in droves to plant their flag of sexuality, bearing their bodies for the world to see. They use their sexual allure to build a foundation of support, a loyal troop of fans who help to propel them to levels of exposure that advertisers dream about. And this is how the game is played, and these two vixens do so with precise success. Baldwin and Jenner are both friends with solid namesakes, and let's take a look at 15 of their hottest photos going head-to-head.


15 Kylie Early On

Let's start with the Kardashian bloodline. Kylie Jenner is the spawn of Kris and Bruce Jenner. One of four Kardashian sisters, Kylie and her sister Kendall seemed to be paying close attention as their older sisters exploded in the mainstream. They conquered the Internet and went after reputable businesses. Kim, for her part, was a big hit modeling and became an iconic figure (whether people like it or not). Her success has helped raise the status of the entire family, which soaked in their reality television series to help propel their agenda. It's worked remarkably well with the Ladies Kardashian becoming forces. Kylie watched closely and started early as a teenager, posting somewhat revealing pictures of herself on Twitter and Instagram in her teens. She built a base for her own success.

14 Ireland Emerges


Ireland Baldwin is the spawn of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger. Certainly, one would think that she had the world handed to her, but she's had her own challenges in life. Success was a foregone conclusion for this young beauty, but her father's chaotic ways were put front and center when Alec Baldwin got WWW-blasted with a negative parenting voicemail he had left for his daughter. He kind of called her "worthless," amongst other things, and Ireland, who was 12 at the time, didn't have a job yet, so maybe he had a point. Looking past daddy's high standards for what a pre-teen should be, clearly, he was annoyed that Ireland was becoming a bit of a "b" at an early age. Regardless of broken family in-fighting, Ireland and the family have seemed to move well past those darker days. Although Alec Baldwin is still a lit firecracker of uncertainty, we can say that Ireland Baldwin settled on one certain thing: she loves how she looks. Ireland took her cues from the Kardashian clan and began to post numerous selfies wearing bathing suits and less. Needless to say, Ireland also started building a fan base at a young age.

13 Birth of Another Reality Star

Kylie Jenner was born in Los Angeles, California on August 10, 1997. Jenner is the youngest in the Kardashian sibling clan. She started to be featured on Keeping Up With The Kardashians like the rest of the family. The success of the family led to Jenner leaving a "normal" school environment, and she started to become homeschooled. Jenner enjoyed making appearances in her older siblings' numerous reality shows. As she became a teenager and made her reality television cameos, she also started to master the art of Twitter and Instagram. Kris Jenner, like she did with her oldest three daughters, helped guide Kendall and Kylie and grow a fan base. She quickly moved to position her daughter, Kylie, much like she did with the eldest Kardashian daughter, Kim, to get ready for reality TV success. Kris strategically had her daughters homeschooled so they could launch their careers for capitalizing on the Kardashian brand.

12 Ireland's Launch


Ireland Baldwin doesn't just get her fame from her daddy; with her good looks and beautiful body, she has started to make a name for herself. This 6'2 blue-eyed vixen makes it hard for anyone to resist her allure and natural beauty. Ireland signed with IMG models at the fresh age of just 16. That April, Baldwin made her debut in a swimwear addition for the New York Post. From there, she flourished into magazines such as Elle and Vanity Fair. Ireland has even made her film debut in the movie Grudge Match, where she played a younger version of her mother, Kim Basinger. Baldwin also learned early on that posting images of herself on Instagram and Tweeting would draw attention. Her sexy selfies got her immediately recognized and a tremendous amount of attention.

11 Kylie Goes Corporate

This Kardashian sister isn't just good for her looks. Kylie has made a career out of her family name. In 2013, Kylie launched two new nail lacquers for the Nicole by OPI and made $100,000 each for their OPI endorsements. That same year, both Kylie and Kendall announced their launch of Kendall and Kylie Collection with PacSun and a jewelry line with Pascal Mouawad's Glamhouse. Jenner also set up an eBay account auctioning off her old clothing and donates the money to the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles. One could go on and on with the numerous business ventures Kylie gets into. We can at least say she isn't just using her body to make her famous. Kylie's transition into the business world is consistent with her sisters before her. They used their sex appeal and social networking to build a fanbase that would return for their business ventures.

10 Ireland Branches Out


Baldwin's appearance in 2013's Grudge Match was a clear transition for her. She was 18 and appeared in a large box-office feature. April 2013 featured Baldwin's coming out party of sorts. Her modeling career officially launched with an impressive swimwear editorial in the New York Post. The public became excited about the prospect of following the sexy spawn of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger. In May of that year, Baldwin appeared in W Magazine under the "It Trend." Clearly, she was a young star on the rise, and the world was taking notice. She started to push herself in her personal life as well. With success and opportunity came partying. She started to get involved in things that would eventually get her in trouble. As Baldwin rose to some levels of success, she also ran into similar problems that other girls her age with a lot of money engage in: drugs, alcohol, and the nightlife. She also went from boys, to a girl, and back to boys again. So, she's had a lot going on.

9 Kylie's Body

If you could Xerox a body of another person, this may be one of the closer ones you could find. It wasn't all natural, though. Big sis, Kim Kardashian, is the trendsetter in this family. Her physical attributes have become famous all around the world. Kim has always sported an hourglass figure, her overdeveloped chest leading the way along with a bodacious bootie. Kylie, however, was never born with the top-side curves. She had the hips and the butt, but a more sedate chest. Kylie fixed that with a little 1-2-3 boob job, and now, she very closely resembles her big sister. Obviously, they both share numerous dominant physical attributes from their mother. But that, combined with Kylie's new hourglass body, makes for a double take for onlookers. Kylie even enjoys copying her big sister in many other ways, but more on that later.


8 Ireland's Figure


If you're looking for a combination of a little trashy and a lot sexy, you've come to the right place. Ireland Baldwin is a bit of a bad girl. She has a bit of that Paris Hilton famous-for-being-famous thing going. But Ireland doesn't try nearly as hard as Paris did. Baldwin is an interesting nut. She has a family name that draws quite a bit of attention, but Baldwin, despite posting some revealing photos, doesn't try nearly as hard to get people to address her. Whereas every Kardashian/Jenner is saying, "Look at me!" Baldwin is more chic and edgy. Her exposes on sexuality are artsier, and her appearance follows suit. Her physical attributes reside in her incredible dead stares and sexy eyes. She combines that with beautiful blonde hair, a sleek body (very model-like), and sexy legs as a kicker. Her body is accented by a few different tattoos that show that she has just enough bad in her to make her a bit dark and alluring. Part trashy and party sexy/hot, Baldwin brings quite a bit of intrigue with her appearance.

7 Here Comes Drama: Part I

No surprise over there being drama in a Kardashian/Jenner household. The family is predicated on sensationalism. This over-dramatic behavior is captured perfectly on their show Keeping Up With The Kardashians and all of the other reality spin-offs they've engaged in. But this drama barely scratches the real surface. It doesn't delve into the all-night partying Kylie and her sister Kendall engaged in when they trashed their Malibu beach house as high school teenagers. We didn't see that on the show! Neighbors were appalled to find beer bottles, trash, and teenagers littered across the reclusive beach locale. In addition to their teenage parties, a 17-year-old Kylie Jenner was rumored to be on her way to rehab due to the extensive issues she was having with drugs and alcohol. As per the Inquisitr and other outlets, Jenner was addicted to cocaine and Xanax. Regardless of the drugs and alcohol usage, one thing was clear: this girl was clearly wrapped up in her entitlement.

6 Here Comes Drama: Part II


If there's one thing we know, it's that you don't ever want to be shamed by your father when you're 12 years old. What's worse for the family is when your father's dirty laundry is broadcast for the world to hear. That was the case with Ireland Baldwin, who found herself being attacked by father, Alec, in what sounded like an alcohol- (or drug-) induced rant nearly a decade ago. This included Alec calling his daughter a "thoughtless little pig." At age 19, Ireland hit the wall. Although it was described as "emotional trauma," Baldwin also headed for rehab. She was checked into the Malibu facility Soba Recovery Center. Baldwin also has a tumultuous relationship with female rapper Angel Haze. Some cited her partying ways, combined with their difficult breakup, as the reason why the bi-curious Ireland ended up in rehab. Either way, drama follows drama. Chip off the old block, for sure.

5 The Descendant

Kylie's best Kim Kardashian impressions don't stop at this little photo array. She's a perfect hip, butt, and boob Kimmy K impersonator. Kylie has worked hard to build her pseudo-celebrity status off of the back of her older sister. Let's face it: big sis Kim became famous for helping to make (and most likely release) a sex tape of herself. She's followed that up with a massive social media presence. Kylie has gone to social media again and again to promote herself (or her body). Kylie has literally taken selfies of herself in the same poses and similar outfits as her big sister to copy Kim's trailblazing. And it's worked. To date, Kylie Jenner has over 97 million Instagram followers. That's right... freakin' 97 million! She's a social-media giant, and if you don't think this translates into big $$$, then you're naïve. When you have the ear of nearly a hundred million people around the world, everyone comes to you, and you get rich.

4 Instagram This!


Ireland Baldwin comes from a whole family of dramatic success stories. The Baldwin brothers have been highly successful in their acting appearances along with mother Kim Basinger. Baldwin has hung out with best buds the Jenners for much of her life, and many photos show the trio having good times all across the globe, flaunting their bodies. But unlike the Kardashian/Jenner clans, Baldwin has been mostly low-key with her displays. She has a mere 350K following her, a paltry number compared to Kylie. But Baldwin has lived a life of drama and modeling, mostly staying out of the spotlight. Her self-inflicted wounds involving partying have caused a lot of problems for her. Nowhere near the marketing wizards the Kardashians have become, Baldwin's appeal revolves around her tortured, sexy soul and her family name.

3 Around The Corner

There's a lot of truth in this photo. Kylie enjoying a good lick of a fun lollipop is exactly where she is in life. She's moved past some of her teenage issues and has fallen into the Kardashian lottery with various business ventures built in her and her sister's names. The genius behind her success continues to be her mother, who's successfully socially pimped out her children to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars. From a little modeling, to a massive social media presence, to reality television shows, and everything and anything, Kylie is a marketing giant. Her ability to strangely look exactly like her sister has done her well, and she enjoys the attention she's gained. Kylie also dates rappers just like big sis, too! Pretty much, as long as Kylie doesn't get in her own way, she has a lifetime of continued fortune ahead. With 10 years of sexy selfies to come and millions upon millions coming in, as long as drugs, alcohol, or excessive stupidity don't get in the way, you can guarantee one thing: Kylie is gonna get hers.

2 Future Endeavors 


Ireland Baldwin is reborn. She went into rehab a troubled lesbian with alcohol, drug, and emotional issues and has come out modeling and a heterosexual female dating men. Her body is as hot as ever, and she seems refreshed in life. She's been dating boys of late but has never closed the door to going back to the female species. Ireland's appeal may end up trending toward some more acting. With her modeling years having a lifespan of about a decade or so more, she'll want to have another avenue to maintain success. Baldwin isn't hurting for money, but she's definitely going to have to branch out further. With some lucrative years ahead, Baldwin's demons are all that lie in her way. She may never be a Kardashian CEO with millions coming in monthly, but an acting run, combined with her modeling, can lead to quite a few doors opening. We expect more sexy photos, her continued low-key approach to the world, and an acting run coming around the corner.

1 Head-To-Head

This is a tough go. Yes, there's tremendous backlash to anything having to do with Kylie Jenner and her family. But looking at the two of them, there are a few things that jump out. First, Kylie is an imposter. She's standing on the shoulders of someone else and calling herself tall. So, from that perspective, she loses points. And to be honest, the way she's gone about her career has her simply drinking from the Kardashian family fountain of success. We're talking gratuitous displays of skin orchestrated by their mother -- it's disgusting, to say the least. But it's led to a whopping 97 million+ human beings paying attention to her. Meanwhile, Baldwin is a brooding beauty with emotional damage. Her appeal as a sexy, troubled young woman cannot be ignored. Look, if it's about money and success, Kylie will destroy almost anyone in her age bracket. She incredibly has almost as much pull as Taylor Swift over social-media channels. But Ireland Baldwin wins this battle. She's gorgeous and never tries to overplay her hand. She'll make her own path, and there's something to be said for that. She is, thus far, natural in her appearance as well. She gets the nod across the board with the exception of financial success, and that, the Kardashians can keep. IB is our choice in this head-to-head!



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