Kylie Jenner Loves Yeezys (And 19 Other Sneakers Celebs Are Loving Right Now)

Celebrities spend their lives in the public eye, whether they like it or not. When walking the red carpet, they can be counted on to wear the finest designer clothes and the most elite of suits and dresses. However, when they are not at a premiere or gala event, even celebs know the value of a stylish and comfy pair of sneakers. So, whether your favorite A-lister is out on the town with friends or just out running errands, their go-to sneaker of choice will still always catch people's eyes. And we totally understand why, as a good pair of shoes will always enhance your outfit tenfold! With all the different outfits and changeable styles of shoes available, you can’t go wrong with sneakers.

Every celebrity has their favorite style and some don’t discriminate and have been seen sporting varying brands. Some have signed exclusive deals and even designed their exclusive style; we’re looking at you Rihanna and Kanye. Kylie Jenner might prefer Yeezys, while her sister Kendall prefers Adidas , although that’s to be expected since she’s now the latest face of the brand’s Originals line. Sneakers can make a statement and it’s not unheard of for fashionable individuals to have a whole closet of varying styles and colors, enough to wear a different one every day of the week. The sneaker trend has been reinvigorated in recent years and embraced by many of your favorite stars. Classic styles have returned in a big way, along with a ton of new brands that are on the rise. Join us as we look at 20 celebrities and some of their favorite sneakers.

20 Emily Ratajkowski - Adidas Gazelle

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Emily Ratajkowski is a professional model and an expert at knowing how to look good at all times; she does it for a living. Though she’s been acting and modelling for years, she hit it big appearing in the music video for Robin Thicke’s international hit “Blurred Lines,” and she was then thrust into the public eye. People have been obsessed with her beauty and amazing style ever since. That means that now even when she has to make a quick grub run, she has to look stylish. Emily has been seen sporting some classy yet comfy Adidas Gazelle sneakers. This style is available in numerous colors and is a popular go-to for both men and women. Emily’s chosen color: soft pink. These sweet kicks will set you pack about $80, a steal by any measure and they look like they are worth every penny.

19 Malia Obama - Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Mid-tops

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Young Malia Obama might be out of the White House but that doesn’t mean she’s out of the public eye. She just started her first year at the prestigious Harvard University and how you present yourself is everything in your first semester. Malia appears to have gotten college-style down to a science by choosing nice, clean, classic Chuck’s. These Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Street Core sneakers are a mid-top necessity for a busy college kid on the go. Converse Chuck Taylor’s were worn by almost every professional basketball player from the 1960s on up to the late 1970s and the shoe gained popularity with fans and many subcultures. Well, they're now a part of modern pop culture and have never really went away. At only $60 a pair, they’ll easily fit into that college budget, although if you’re in Harvard, you’re probably not struggling all that much.

18 Rihanna - Puma Clyde Core

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To say Rihanna loves her Puma kicks is an understatement. She loves the brand so much that she joined the company in 2014 as creative director for their womenswear line. Her chosen style is Puma Women’s Clyde Core. Rihanna prefers to sport a white pair with her own distinctive Barbados Cherry stripe and gold detail. Puma’s are a European brand, actually founded after a split between two German brothers, Rudolf and Adolf Dassler. Adolf went off and formed Adidas, while Rudolf formed Puma. Both brands became iconic and popular worldwide. Rihanna’s Clyde Core with Barbados Cherry stripe are hard to find, but if you do, at about $77 a pop, you should snag them. Stylish and distinct, you can’t go wrong with these sneakers.

17 Prince William - Nike Internationalist iD

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When you’re a member of the British Royal Family, you have a lot of rules to follow: what to wear, how to present yourself, and etiquette for just about everything you do. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t throw on a nice pair of sneakers for a day out with the family every once in a while. When the prince and his princess went out earlier this year, cheering on runners of a marathon, or on another occasion when they took in a polo match, Prince William was seen sporting a nice pair of blue Nike Internationalist iD sneakers. These classic Nike’s came to prominence in the early 1980s, when a wearer wore a pair when he won the New York City Marathon. Since then these stylish trainers have only improved and now can be personalized with custom colors and more. At only $125 a pair, you don’t have to royalty to grab a pair of these.

16 Jay-Z – Valentino Flycrew

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When you’re rap mogul Jay-Z, style is paramount. So, when he goes out in public, you can expect him to be dressed sharp, even if it’s just a casual day with the family. He’s been spotted more than once wearing a clean white smooth leather pair of Valentino Flycrew sneakers. They are the latest design by Valentino creative director Pierpaolo Piccioli, who describes the Flycrew as “a new grammar for urban spaces.” The kicks are all white leather with those distinctive signature palladium micro Rockstuds on the heel. For Italian couture flair like this expect to pay upwards of $675 a pair! They may be extremely expensive, but they are worth it, and we wouldn't expect anything less from Jay-Z.

15 Kylie Jenner - Nike Air Yeezy II

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When you’re part of the Kardashian clan, everything you do is in the public eye, especially when your brother-in-law is the incomparable Kanye West. This makes Kylie Jenner’s sneaker choice a sensible one. Though she’s been seen sporting a variety of trendy kicks, one of the most exclusive pairs she wears are Nike Air Yeezy II’s, born of Nike’s collaboration with Kanye West. These are actually the first non-athlete brand collaboration and were originally released in two styles: The Air Yeezy in 2009, and the Air Yeezy II in 2014. Though Kylie could’ve had her pick of any of the three color options, she went with the Red Octobers, which were an unscheduled surprise release in early February 2014. They were only available on the website and sold out in mere seconds! Though originally retail-priced at $215, you can find them online through auction sites selling for upwards of $10,000.

14 Kendall Jenner – Adidas Raf Simons’ Stan Smith

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The Adidas Stan Smith line is a classy yet versatile style of sneakers that have been around since the 1970s. Named after famed tennis player Stan Smith, Calvin Klein designer Raf Simons has long loved to tinker with the iconic brand. While in Paris last year, Kendall Jenner was seen wearing Raf Simons’ most recent collaboration with Adidas. This classy white leather sneaker sports Raf Simons’ logo on the heel, along with the requisite perforated “R” on the sides. It represents a blend of Simons’ street chic and the classic sporty stylishness of Adidas. Considered the subdued cool, these monochrome sneakers will set you back about $400, but they are an eye catcher!

13 Jennifer Aniston - Common Projects’ Original Achilles

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Italian-made Common Projects are known for high quality craftsmanship and a lasting design that’s clean and versatile, working with many different types of clothing. These hand-stitched Italian leather sneakers, the Original Achilles, were, as the name implies, the original style offered by the relatively new footwear company. Sometimes even referred to as the “perfect” sneaker, it didn’t take long for the normally luxury footwear to become popular. Don’t believe us? Just ask Jennifer Aniston as she’s often photographed wearing the clean sneaks when she’s out and about the busy city. However, at over $400 a pair, these shoes aren’t for everyday wear.

12 Justin Timberlake - Adidas Tour360’s

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When playing a round of golf, proper clothing has long been considered a big part of the game. There is a kind of unspoken etiquette. Footwear is very important. It’s almost as important as which golf clubs you use. They can be integral to stabilizing a player’s swing, allowing for traction and ongoing comfort as a round can last for hours. So, when Justin Timberlake hits the links, you know he’s got to represent. Golfing has always meant a chance to wear some stylish gear. It’s no wonder JT purchased some imported Adidas Tour360X Boa Cleats to help him with his short game. Featuring weather-proof leather, cleats and a micro-adjustable Boa Closure System with a customizable fit, these flexible golf shoes offer you comfort and support. They’ll set you back about $100, but if it keeps you the talk of the pro shop, then it’s worth it!

11 Bella Hadid - Hogan Platforms

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They say what’s old is what’s new, sometimes even in the case of fashion. Model Bella Hadid might have walked some high-profile fashion shows, but in her private life, she likes to flaunt her own sense of style and sometimes she’s looked to more old school looks for inspiration. Recently Bella brought back 1990s chic with her Hogan Platform sneakers. The Hogan brand is relatively new, having been founded in 1986. Originally a classic casual brand, it quickly evolved into a favorite of A-listers and jet-setters around the world. Bella’s platform sneakers are fashionable while still remaining comfortable enough for everyday casual wear. That’s timeless. At $400-$600 a pair, however, they remain an exclusive item.

10 Gigi Hadid - Reebok CL Leather SPP Fashion Sneaker

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Not to be outdone by her younger sister, Bella, you know model Gigi Hadid is going to do her best to make casual look cool. With her looks and personal fashion sense, even when she’s just going to the gym for a quick workout, she can definitely pull it off with style and grace. Her chosen exercise shoes are the Reebok Women’s CL Leather SPP Fashion sneaker, in flashy hot red, of course. These trendy Reeboks are high quality and constructed of leather and suede, and very cost-effective at $50 a pair. They are great for comfort and support, while still putting your personal sense of style on display. These shoes are among the most affordable on the list, but you don't have to sacrifice on style when wearing them.

9 Giada De Laurentiis - Ecco 'Soft 7' Cap Toe Sneaker

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When you are Food Network star, author, and famous chef Giada de Laurentiis, you know that the ingredients make the meal. It’s the same with fashion and style. So when she has to take a trip to the airport, the keyword for dressing is comfort, for Giada a key ingredient is also style. She satisfies that ingredient requirement by wearing a pair of black, classy Ecco Soft7 Cap Toe sneakers. On a trip to the airport recently, Giada was photographed wearing these leather low-profile shoes. They are fashionable, but still good for everyday use. A good pair will you set you back about $150. They are versatile and can be paired with a variety of different outfits.

8 Taylor Swift - Nike Women's Free RN

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Remember when the big thing was trying to catch a photo of Taylor Swift looking casual, or her whole never showing her belly button thing. Paparazzi were always trying to catch a glimpse of her leaving the gym in all her sweaty glory. Back then, she wasn’t having it and was always looking flawless when she’d emerge after a workout. Then, in 2016, Taylor was photographed in New York City leaving a gym still wearing her exercise clothes and you know what? She still looked great! She was seen sporting a color-matching ensemble featuring a pair of Nike Women’s Free RN running sneakers, hyper turquoise black Rio Teal Volt 2 style, which is fancy Nike-speak for neon green with black and teal accents. These shoes are very popular and are almost always sold out in this particular style. If you do find them, expect to pay about $100 per pair.

7 Jennifer Lopez - GUCCI New Age Snake-Embellished

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J-Lo might have been “Jenny from the Block,” but Jennifer Lopez sure doesn’t want to be known for dressing like she is. While out taking in the Parisian sights last June with her beau Alex Rodriguez, Lopez was gracious enough to stop and pose for pictures. Aside from a 47-year-old mother of two looking smoking hot, fans also noticed Lopez was wearing some exclusive Italian kicks. Her fashionable Gucci New Age Snake-Embellished sneakers were sizzling! These Gucci’s were smooth white leather with the colorful designer green and red crystal snake across the iconic Gucci grosgrain striping. If you want to own your own pair of sharp, exclusive Gucci’s like these, you better save up because they’ll set you back anywhere from $800-$1000 a pair!

6 Emma Stone - Adidas Originals Superstar 2

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When travelling, even Hollywood A-listers like to dress a bit more casual and Emma Stone is no exception. This award-winning actress, known for her hit film La La Land, is all about the old school classics. No matter if you’re on the court or walking to the corner store, these Adidas Originals Superstar 2’s that Emma has been seen sporting are smooth. These Adidas Superstars have been going strong since the late 1960s and these Superstar 2 women’s sneakers are a true testament to the brand’s longevity. Their down-to-Earth price at only $80 helps keep the brand selling strong. It’s not just Emma Stone that’s been sighted in the sneakers. Rita Ora, when not decked out head to toe in couture, has been known to wear a similar pair as well.

5 Reese Witherspoon - Puma Match Women’s Sneakers

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These classic Match sneakers were first unveiled in 1974, as part of Puma’s Tennis collection. This newer version keeps to the original’s simple yet stylish approach to tennis shoes. Reese Witherspoon has been seen wearing them a time or two when out and about running errands. She has preferred the white with silver-black accent style, but no matter the color, they’re all comfort with their padded collars, side perforations, and two lateral leather overlays. It’s a casual way to look good while staying comfortable on the go. They’re priced for just about anyone’s budget at $65 a pair. With these clean lines, Reese looks good whether on the court or off!

4 Gordon Ramsay - Cole Haan Grandpro Runner

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Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has an over-the-top forceful personality with very particular tastes. You know when he’s seen eating or even wearing something, people take notice. When he was recently out travelling, it was noticed he favored a classic, sporty style of sneaker: the Cole Haan Grandpro Runner’s. Some people might not realize this but Cole Haan has actually been around for almost a hundred years. Their shoes are known for their comfort. These particular Cole Haan’s are leather and suede combo lace-ups, lightly cushioned; very comfortable. They’re stylish, relaxed, and not overly priced at $150 a pair. While it might be hard for anyone to satisfy him in the kitchen, Cole Haan can satisfy him on the go.

3 Justin Bieber - Jordan Jumpman Pro-Quick’s

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While attending a New York City charity basketball game, Justin Bieber came ready to play, sporting a pair of iconic Jordan Jumpman’s, in a classic Black/Gym Red-style. With their sleek, heavy-duty design, Bieber was prepared to light that court up! These Jumpman Pro’s were originally released in 1998 and have been worn by some of sport’s most elite athletes. In 2017, the brand returned with the classic old school look and has quickly become a must-have both on the street and on the court. With its first-class looks and Jordan legacy, it is no wonder why they continue to remain so popular, whether on the court or off. You can grab your own pair of history at $130 a pair.

2 Karlie Kloss - Superga Cotu

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Supermodel and former Victoria’s Secret Angel Karlie Kloss is all about class and beauty. She has created her own sense of style that is all about elegance without sacrificing comfort. When she was spotted in New York City last year, you couldn't help but noticing her casual look was accented by her choice of sneakers: Superga Cotu’s. These classic lace-up women’s sneakers are low-profile and subdued, comfortable, yet stylish; great for everyday wear and dressing like a supermodel without all the exclusive price tags. Sometimes fashion and style isn’t about the price tag, but how you make it work! A stylish pair in assorted colors will only run you about $65.

1 Alexa Chung - Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star High Tops

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Alexa Chung is a well-known model, writer, and fashion designer, so you know she thinks long and hard before putting just anything on her body. For casual shoes, she dons a pair of iconic Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star High Tops. The original basketball shoe, this classic brand debuted in 1917. They have become a beloved part of many footwear collections, whether athlete, punk rocker, or garage band musician. Who didn’t have a pair of these in high school? These “Chucks,” sometimes also referred to as simply “All Stars,” have a design that has remained largely untouched since the early days, a design that has become an iconic part of pop culture. It’s no wonder Alexa chose to wear these; you can’t go wrong with a classic! They’re available everywhere at about $55 a pair.

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