Kimye's Romance: 8 Reasons To Divorce and 7 Reasons To Stay Married

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are the most notorious Hollywood couple yet.

The celebrities met fourteen years ago during the dark ages of 2004. Kardashian was married to her first husband, Damon Thomas, at the time. She and West were cordial with  each other, but they were just platonic acquaintances. However, West developed feelings for the reality star in 2006 when he saw a picture of the woman next to her boss, Paris Hilton. The ladies were in Australia, and the rapper saw a photo of them together. Apparently, her "showing off her toned legs" peaked his interest.

In 2007, the pair saw each other at an Intermix shindig. Even though Kardashian was no longer a wife, she was in a committed relationship with football player Reggie Bush. The "Gold Digger" lyricist was taken, too; he and Alexis Phifer, a designer, were engaged.

However, fate had different plans for the two superstars. In 2008, West split from his fiancée, and he pursued a romantic interest in Amber Rose, a model who now hosts her own talk show, The Amber Rose Show. Kardashian was still with her boyfriend, but they split in 2010, which was the same year West and Rose parted ways. West and Kardashian were both single, but their personal lives took different routes.

Kardashian and basketball player Kris Humphries, wedded in 2011, but their union only lasted a mere seventy-two days. She was seen in tears, but who provided a shoulder for her to cry on? Kanye West. They've been inseparable ever since, and even though they're considered A-list celebrities, their relationship is like any other couple's: difficult yet rewarding.

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Taylor Swift
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17 An Awkward Threesome - Divorce

Taylor Swift
Courtesy of Salon

West was always infatuated with Kardashian, and everybody saw the love he had for her. However, he's also infatuated with pop princess Taylor Swift. Even Sharon Osbourne commented on the musician's borderline obsession. "I honestly think that Kanye is obsessed with Taylor Swift. Seriously, he's got an obsession. I think he's obsessed with the power that she has, with the money that she has. He never thought that Taylor would become the powerhouse that she has become," she says. At the 2009 VMA's, Swift was announced as the winner of the Best Album of the Year award. The moment was supposed to be sweet, but West interrupted Swift's speech to dis her.

In 2016, he also dissed her on his track, "Famous," and he slept next to her naked, wax sculpture in the song's music video. On the other side of the bed, West slept with a wax sculpture of Kardashian. "Famous" was trying to point out the objectification of fame, but he objectified his wife in the process.

16 A Rapper or a Boxer? - Divorce

Kanye West
Courtesy of NewsLocker

West allegedly punched a teenager in 2014. The unnamed 18-year-old insulted his wife by screaming, "F--- you bitch... Shut up n----- lover, stupid slut." Kardashian had advised the young man to not slur racial epithets at the paparazzi, so he screamed at her in response. A few minutes later, West greeted Kardashian at her location, a Beverly Hills boutique. When the businesswoman told her beau about the altercation, he was outraged. He had every right to be upset, and his passion showed how much he cared for his wife. He confronted the teenager, and according to the latter, Kanye had hit him. Hopefully, the teen was lying. The rapper can't afford to lose his fortune, but he really can't afford to lose his family.

15 He Disrespects His Ex and Her Son - Divorce

Amber Rose
Courtesy of New York Daily News

West was at his worst when he bashed Wiz Khalifa, his ex, and their then two-year-old son, Sebastian. The feud began over a misunderstanding. The "Black and Yellow" rapper Tweeted about his brand of marijuana, Khalifa Kush. "Hit this kk and become yourself," the rapper Tweeted. West thought his colleague was demeaning his wife, so he sent Khalifa a barrage of insults, at least seventeen. However, he crossed the line when he disrespected the smoker's baby momma and son. "You let a stripper trap you. I know you mad every time you look at your child that this girl got you for 18 years. You wouldn't have a child if it wasn't for me," Kanye said. He was extremely rude, disrespectful, and arrogant. He's now a 39-year-old husband and father. He should know better; he should do better.

14 Mental Heath Scare - Divorce

Courtesy of New York Daily News

West had a public breakdown on stage. In November 2016, the rapper was late to his San Jose, California concert, and after he made his debut, he only performed two songs. He spent the rest of his time raving about Beyoncé and politics. "Mr. West delivered a long, meandering speech, criticizing friends and associates in the music industry, including Jay- Z and Beyoncé, as he praised the communication style of President-elect Donald J. Trump," an article relayed. He was soon hospitalized for sleep deprivation. Hopefully, West's stabilized now. His world isn't his cancelled tour; his world is his two children, North and Saint. He has to be healthy for not just himself, but for his babies.

13 'Hey, Big-head' - Nicki Minaj - Divorce

Steve Jobs
Courtesy of YouTube

West should be proud about his accomplishments, but his confidence has been embellished by his braggadocios behavior. A report has documented seventeen different comments showcasing West's unbelievable talent: pea-cocking. He believes he's like a Steve Jobs and Michael Jordan reincarnate, but more influential, obviously. "I think what Kanye West is going to mean is something similar to what Steve Jobs means. I am undoubtedly, you know, Steve of Internet, downtown, fashion, culture. Period. By a long jump. I honestly feel that because Steve has passed, you know, it's like when Biggie passed and Jay-Z was allowed to become Jay-Z," he asserts. What do people expect? The man is Yeezus, after all.

12 Bad Reputation - Divorce

Kanye West and Amber Rose

Kanye West's ex, Amber Rose, portrayed him in an unsavory light, and her remarks about his character are quite worrisome. During a RapFix Live interview, Rose talked about how badly he treated her when they dated. "He was just being a mean, negative person, and that's one of the main reasons why I'm not with him. He's that; I don't want that negativity in my life," the model also asserted. This is definitely not helping to paint Kanye in a positive light for Kim.

11 Sister-in-law Disapproves - Divorce

Khloé Kardashian
Courtesy of Entertainment Tonight

West's used to his haters, but his unlikely critic is also his wife's sister, Khloé Kardashian. She was worried about how his behavior could harm or hinder Kardashian. Her older sibling had two failed marriages before her third to West, so the blonde beauty was nervous about Kardashian's star-studded union. "She thinks Kanye 'is rude and arrogant and has a temper.' [She] thinks Kim is making the same mistake all over again," a source dishes. Her disappointment made headlines in 2012. However, five years have passed since the news broke. West and Kardashian seem happy now, so their bliss proved her sister wrong. But if she has to help her sister through another divorce, at least she gave her sister her honest opinion about her relationship.

10 Abuse Allegations - Divorce

Kanye West
Courtesy of SheKnows

West has angry spells and an explosive temper, but maybe he's calmed down over the years. Even though he and Kardashian seem like they're in a loving relationship, two of West's exes accuse him of physical abuse. "Every since Amber Rose was reportedly telling people that Kanye West physically abused her during their relationship, there have been rumors. According to information, Alexis Phifer also has similar tales to tell," an article relays. Apparently, Phifer caught West looking at nude photos of Kardashian, and her discovery led them to an argument outside of their home. As they were fighting, West allegedly pushed his ex into the bushes. She was bleeding from the injuries, and she was crying about her emotional hurt and physical pain. Even though West was never taken to court, he has been accused of violence by two different women. If he was responsible for his alleged crimes, he needs to be involved in counseling, not to mention the women he may have harmed.

9 His Money - Stay Married

Kanye West
Courtesy of Billboard

West has millions and millions and millions of dollars to his name, and his net worth grew when he met Kardashian, a doyenne in her own right. Even though the man can give prima donnas a run for their money, he's able to build his wealth off of the public's interest, which exponentially increases after an onstage rant or two. His album Yeezus wasn't as commercially successful as his previous works, but his Yeezus tour was extremely profitable. "The Yeezus tour hit #2 on the year's highest grossing runs making $25 million across 18 states. His only competitor? Paul McCartney, who leads by a larger gross of $40 million," an article reports. Whatever problems the West and Kardashian family have, money won't solve them, but they can afford to try.

8 His Sweet Side - Stay Married

Kanye West
Courtesy of International Business Times

West has a temper toward everyone else, but he's apparently a softie toward his family. In his music video for "Only One," the producer is seen walking with his daughter. As McCartney's voice serenades in the background, the little girl and her father spend quality time together. The moment's beautiful. "I think I'm a better human being because of [Kim] and because of my daughter," he told Ellen DeGeneres, a daytime television host. He would do anything for his wife and children, and his love for them is obvious. Aw! How sweet!?

7 The Proposal - Stay Married

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian
Courtesy of International Business Times

Kanye West proposed to Kim Kardashian in epic fashion on her 33rd birthday, and he set the bar way too high for most aspirant fiancés to reach. He took the reality star to an empty AT&T Park, hired an orchestra to play Lana Del Ray's "Young and Beautiful," and placed on her finger a 15-carat, Lorraine Schwartz diamond ring. He put in his time, energy, and money into his wife's fairy tale of a proposal, and his exertion wasn't in vain. Her reaction was simply priceless.

6 Lady Gaga Approves - Stay Married

Lady Gaga
Courtesy of The Christian Post

West's character is debated among his fans and critics, but Lady Gaga has the final say. According to her, he's a nicer guy than people care to believe. "Everyone makes mistakes and it's important to forgive one another. And it was certainly unfortunate, but he is a good person and I think it's important to stand by your friends," she stated. She spoke about the great debacle between West and Swift at the 2009 VMAs, and how the rapper decided to cancel his tour after the incident. She may have disagreed with how he conducted himself, but she knows he's inherently "good," which is another reason why Kardashian married him.

5 Spread the Wealth - Stay Married

Kanye West
Courtesy of Billboard

Kanye West is an artist who takes pride in his craft, as well as others. He's a connoisseur of music. He was leaving the House of Blues when Cameron Grey, another attendee, asked if he could rap for Kanye. The musician was totally cool about the situation, so he listened to the young man's freestyle. He not only heard the man's lyrics, but he even offered the unknown talent a position as his assistant! Even if Grey's skills aren't on par with Eminem's skills, the rapper cared enough about the guy to offer him a job. He's really cool.

4 Brotherly Bond - Stay Married

Rob Kardashian
Courtesy of Wetpaint

Kardashian's sister was skeptical about West at first, but she began to like him as much as her younger brother, Rob Kardashian, likes him. West and the Kardashian sisters' little brother are really close, and he sees his brother-in-law as his blood. When the businessman revealed he and his former fiancée, Blac Chyna, were expecting, West was ecstatic enough to help his relative with fatherhood. "Kanye's taught him how to put the car seat in the back of his car, how to fold a stroller, and even how to change diapers," a source relayed. West sounds like a positive influence on Kardashian's brother. Hopefully, the fathers continue to stay in touch.

3 Mother-in-law's Blessing - Stay Married

Kris Jenner
Courtesy of Us Weekly

Kardashian's mother, Kris Jenner, approves of West, and she brags about him all the time. When he talked with Jenner on her now cancelled talk show, Kris, the father of two gushed about his life with his family. Jenner saw her son-in-law's genuine love for her daughter and her grandchildren, and his kind words only reaffirmed what she always assumed. "I love him so much. He's such an amazing boyfriend to Kim and a great dad and a wonderful person. He's an amazing, amazing human being," she says. West sounds like he's a family man who cares for his loved ones, wife, and children. Maybe he's not as villainous as the press and Swift once thought.

2 A Hard-Working Man - Stay Married

Courtesy of YouTube

Kardashian can rest easy knowing her husband's a passionate and persistent leader. He's always working, so he can provide for his wife and children. Even RZA, a prominent figure in the group Wu-Tang Clan, talks about his colleague's diligence. "[Kanye] eats breakfast with his whole crew, and they talk about yesterday, the current day, and the next day. They're talking about how to make the music better, then they exercise together. After they up their qi, they volunteer and go to the studio. But [Kanye] will stay in the studio for twelve hours, then he'll go to bed, so he can do it all over again," RZA says. If West works that hard everyday, then his medical diagnosis of sleep deprivation would make sense. He has an amazing work ethic, but he should learn how to take breaks, too. He deserves downtime.

1 Devoted Husband - Stay Married

Kim Kardashian
Courtesy of SheKnows

When Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint in Paris, France, people were floored. People even thought the robbery was a publicity ploy. Unfortunately, she actually suffered severe trauma from the crime. She was gagged, bound, and put in a bathtub before the robbers took millions of dollars in jewelry. When she was rescued, West postponed his Saint Pablo tour to be with his recovering wife. "The rapper cancelled his New York City concert mid-show to protect his wife. Back in the Big Apple, West waited for her arrival and has since taken extra measures to be with his family during their frightening time," a report stated. West's crazy about his family, and his distress over his wife's safety is both heartwarming and heartbreaking. He just wants her to be happy and healthy.

Is there an award for best husband of the year?

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