Kim's Surrogate Popped: 15 Things We've Learnt About Her Pregnancy

Kim Kardashian's third baby is here! Weighing seven pounds, six ounces, a beautiful baby girl, Chicago West was born at 12.47 AM on January 15th. If you've been on the internet in the past few months then you definitely know the hype around baby number three!

For those who haven't heard so much about it, here's the catchup:

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have two children already, North West, 4, and Saint West, 2. During both of her pregnancies, Kim had gone through preeclampsia and placenta accreta, which made her pregnancies high risk. Preeclampsia is a condition that affects about 5% of pregnant women. It causes high blood pressure and restricts the blood vessels which can cause poor growth and be dangerous for the baby. Placenta Accreta is a condition when the placenta grows too close to the uterine wall, meaning it doesn't detach and comes out following the birth. Having to separate the placenta can mean a lot of blood loss, and if not taken care of quickly and properly, it can be very dangerous for the mom. It was decided by doctors, for the safety of Kim, that she shouldn't go through with another pregnancy, which is when she and Kanye decided that for their third child, they would turn to surrogacy.

Deciding to use a surrogate for her third child was widely talked about on the internet, mainly people wondering - who is she?

So here is the list of the 15 thing's we've learnt about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's surrogate so far.

15 She's A Young African-American Woman

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Of course, Kim and Kanye were going to choose the best person for the job of bringing their third child into the world. The first thing we found out about the anonymous surrogate is that she's an African-American woman and she's 27. According to Kim and Kanye's doctors and the agency she was hired from, she is completely fit and healthy, making her the perfect candidate for being their surrogate.

After Kim's health scares in the previous pregnancies, they wanted to make sure that the surrogate had no health issues and were looking for a surrogate who was as healthy and in shape as possible. They had to make sure that their third child would make it into this world with as least risk as possible, for mom and baby! After all the testing, it all worked out for the Kardashian-West's as baby Chicago was born healthy and complication free.

14 She Didn't Know She Was Kim And Kanye's Surrogate

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Kim Kardashian was a guest on The Real back in November, and she revealed on the talk show that her surrogate didn't actually know that it was for Kim and Kanye in the beginning.

“She didn’t know at the beginning. Well, you can do it totally anonymously. You could go that route, and I just felt like I wanted, whoever’s carrying my baby, like what if they weren’t a fan of me or my husband? And what if they didn’t want to be carrying our baby?" Kim told the hosts of the show, “I wanted to give them that choice and be proud and on the same page and I wanted a relationship with her.”

Once it had been revealed to the woman, she was happy and excited to continue with the surrogacy. Understandably, as I can't think of a person who wouldn't want to be Kim and Kanye's surrogate!

13 She Is A Fan Of 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians

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In the same interview that she gave on the talk show The Real back in November of last year, Kim revealed that her surrogate was actually a fan of her show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians. "She was really excited! She was someone that had watched the show, not like a super fan or anything that it would have been uncomfortable, but she had seen my struggle and seen how open I was about it. So she was really proud to do it, really excited.” Kim explained.

I don't think there's a lot of people out in the world who haven't seen an episode of KUWTK at least once in their lives, let alone a young female. There'd be even fewer people that aren't interested in the Kardashian family, so it makes sense that the 27-year-old surrogate would be excited to carry and help bring Kim's child into the world!

12 She Is Married - With Kids

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If you, like myself, assumed that Kim's surrogate was a young, single woman just starting out in life, and giving back by helping women have children, then you were wrong! It turns out that the Kardashian-West surrogate has been happily married for five years! Even more of a shocker, she already has two children of her own! The surrogate has two young sons with her husband.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West would have known all about this woman before they chose her, and what better way to know if a surrogate is safe then to have a surrogate who's had children and knows the ropes. With two normal, healthy pregnancies and births behind her, it was a good indication for Kim and Kanye that the young woman would have no problems with the pregnancy or birth, and it would be a smooth ride for their third child to enter the world!

11 She's A College Graduate From San Diego

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She's a California girl like Kim! It has been found out that the Kardashian-West surrogate is from California and currently resides in San Diego with her husband and two boys. If I were Kim and Kanye I, too, would've wanted a local girl, so that there's no need for her to travel for all the medical appointments, not to mention she needed to be close for the birth of the baby!

It was also found out that the surrogate is, in fact, a college graduate. There have been no details about when she graduated. Since it has been found out she's 27, we can assume she only graduated a few years ago. She probably watched KUWTK in college, who would've guessed she'd carry Kim Kardashian's baby!

We also haven't discovered where she went to school (we can assume somewhere in California), what she majored in or what degree she has. Either way, good on her!

10 She Made $45,000

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I think this is the question on the tips of everyone's tongues, what kind of money is this surrogate making? I mean it's a Kardashian-West baby! She'd be getting loads, right? Well, wonder no more. According to a UK news source, Kim and Kanye are paying their surrogate $45,000 in total. Not a bad figure for nine months work of growing a child!

It is said that she had been paid $4,500 in instalments once a month, for ten months. Kim Kardashian and Kanye also agreed that if the surrogate had ended up with more children, she would be paid extra for each child (e.g for twins she'd get an extra $5000, triplets, another $5000 and so on). It was also agreed by both parties that if the surrogate had something go wrong during the pregnancy, and lost any reproductive organs, she would get an extra $4000 for the loss.

9 She Has Become Very Close With Kim

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As mentioned in a previous number on this list, back in November of last year during an interview on the popular talk show The Real, Kim stated she wanted to be able to talk to and have a relationship with her surrogate. Of course, she would, this is the woman who is giving her a child! That would bring any two people close together, so it makes sense that Kim's wish happened, and she became very close with her surrogate during the pregnancy.

When baby Chicago finally arrived, Kim took to social media to share her birth with the world, and took time to gush about her surrogate, "We are incredibly grateful to our surrogate who made our dreams come true with the greatest gift one could give." Kim not inviting the surrogate to her baby shower was a hot topic when people found out, but it doesn't seem to have phased Kim and her surrogate's relationship at all. I imagine the birth of baby Chicago would have been a very emotional moment for all.

8 She's A Democrat

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Yep! She's not a supporter of Donald Trump, phew! It was found out that the surrogate is a registered Democrat, which must've went down well with Kim, who is an open supporter of Hilary Clinton. Kim was public in her choice of Hilary being her preferred Presidential choice, she even wrote an #I'mWithHer post on her website. In September last year, Kim publicly tweeted and answered a Trump tweet to 'step up and help' the people of Puerto Rico.

Pretty much all of the Kardashian clan publicly supported and enthused others to choose Hilary Clinton in the 2016 Presidential election, with Caitlyn Jenner being the only supporter of Trump. Political choices and opinions aren't the most important things when choosing a surrogate. Obviously good health and a trustworthy person are two examples of traits that should be prioritized. But having someone who is on the same page as Kim makes things a lot smoother.

7 She's Been A Surrogate Before

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This isn't her first rodeo! We've found out she's a young married woman with two boys of her own, so already she's an old hand at pregnancies and babies. Now it's been discovered that this wasn't her first time as a surrogate either. We knew that Kim and Kanye went to an agency and were matched to her by the agency, so it shouldn't really be a surprise that this isn't her first time.

As a rule, to become a surrogate you must have already had children. This is because a surrogate's whole job is to be fertile and give birth, and the only way to prove that is already having gone through pregnancy and your own birth. Another reason why surrogates must already have had their own children are that sometimes surrogacy can ruin chances for your own children. Surrogates can have complications after birth, which can affect and possibly ruin their reproductive system. Being a surrogate is an amazing thing to do, but it's recommended you finish having your own kids, just in case things go wrong.

6 The Agency And The Fees

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As we know Kim Kardashian and Kanye were recommended their surrogate by going through an agency. As everything's been kept anonymous and private, for the safety of the surrogate and her family's privacy, no one knows her name or the name of the agency. What we do know, however, is that the agency is in a good business, as Kim and Kanye paid them $68,850 for the process of the surrogacy.

We already know about the surrogate and her paycheck for the process, but who would've thought the agency cost so much? After researching, it turns out that the total cost of around $100,000 that Kim and Kanye paid is pretty average for having a child through a surrogate. In America using a surrogate costs from $90,000 - $130,000, depending on each person's needs and requirements. In states where surrogates are in more demand, the cost is higher. It's a big price to pay, but very worth it for the reward of having a child.

5 She Had To Follow A Set Of Rules

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Naturally, Kim and Kanye, like all people, wanted their surrogate to be as healthy as possible, to ensure that their baby has the best possible health. There were rules and restrictions that their surrogate had to follow, and reading through them, I think they're pretty easy to maintain.

She wasn't allowed to drink alcohol. This one was pretty obvious, and I can't imagine anyone would argue with it. Alcohol isn't even good for grown adults, so imagine the damage it could do to an unborn baby. She couldn't smoke or do drugs, again, obvious. She also wasn't allowed in hot tubs. I'd never heard of this before but according to doctor's pregnant women in hot tubs can cause birth defects. She couldn't dye her hair either, as the chemicals aren't good for the baby. No raw fish, this is pretty standard for pregnant women. She couldn't be near cat litter as cat poop contains a bacteria that can give pregnant women a really bad infection. Finally, she was limited to one caffeine drink per day, as too much caffeine can affect the baby's heart rate and metabolism.

4 There Has Been No Talk About Baby #4

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In the days following the birth of Chicago West, there was a lot of speculation and rumors that Kim was already asking her surrogate to carry baby #4. A lot of articles were floating around Twitter, that claimed a source had said that Kim was already excited for another baby, and had asked her surrogate if she could carry for her again. Some speculation said that Kim had asked her surrogate to carry baby #4 for her before Chicago was even born.

Kim herself promptly took to Twitter to shut the rumors down on January 25th, tweeting a link to one of the articles and writing 'fake news'. Kim could just mean fake news for now, as she's stated a few times on her show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, that she loves her big family and would love to extend it more.

3 She Had Her Own Security Team

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Of course being a surrogate for people as high profile as Kim Kardashian and Kanye West has its perks, but it would also be very intimidating. Kim and Kanye understood this, which is why their surrogate was round the clock guarded by her own security team. The team was made up of six guards, who each had rotation shifts to make sure she was guarded 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

On an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kim stated that privacy was very important to her and to the surrogate. She explained, "I definitely want to keep it private … I don’t want people to find my surrogate … I don’t want people following her and chasing her." Of course, her surrogate would have no idea of the challenges of being hounded by paparazzi, and Kim understood that experience. Of course, it was also for the safety of Kim and Kanye's baby, to make sure that she was protected the whole time. It would've been especially hard for Kim as her mother because she couldn't be with her all the time.

2 She Even Had Her Own Driver

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Getting back onto the perks of being Kim Kardashian's surrogate - a personal driver! Yep, her surrogate had her own personal driver for the nine months, to take her to medical appointments, and wherever else she needed to go. According to sources, there were four different cars hired for her to use over the duration of the pregnancy. I guess so people and tabloids didn't start to get to know the car, and that way paparazzi couldn't follow her? Or just because Kim and Kanye can afford four cars! Either way, that's pretty cool.

There's no information on who the driver was, and there was never any pictures of the driver or the surrogate in any of the four cars, so it was very well-kept and private! For the surrogate herself, it must have been wonderful to live like a Queen, getting driven around by her own personal driver for those months!

1 She Was Pampered And Set Up In A Million Dollar Safehouse

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For the privacy of the surrogate and the baby, she was moved into a safe house for the duration of the pregnancy, surrounded by the security guards 24/7. Being Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, it couldn't just be any old safe house, it was a beautiful split level home, fully equipped with the best security cameras money can buy.

Since Kim's Paris robbery a couple years ago, she and Kanye have been all about safety, understandably. This includes the location of the safe house. According to sources, the house wasn't the multi-million dollar mansion in Hollywood Hills that you would normally expect from Kim and Kanye. This house was a beautiful house, in a nice middle-class neighbourhood in the suburbs. The total cost of the house, the driver and the personal security team added up costing a whopping $1.5 million dollars for Kim and Kanye. It was all very worth it though, to ensure that their baby was the safest she could be!

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