Kim Kardashian Vs Kylie Jenner: Who Had The Hotter 2016?

Are you ready for a brand new organized format to view gorgeous women? Of course, you are! Below we've put together the first versus competition on our site, and who better to start it out than Kylie

Are you ready for a brand new organized format to view gorgeous women? Of course, you are! Below we've put together the first versus competition on our site, and who better to start it out than Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian.

While they may have 16 years in age difference, they are still two of the most beautiful women in society and were plenty busy this past year. As a result, we have tracked down without a doubt, the 15 hottest photos and moments from these two women in 2016.

We're only looking at the last 12 months when compiling our list that will cover 7 different categories: Swimsuit Round, The Selfie Off, The Photoshoot, In Costume, In Yoga Pants, The Red Carpet, and our Wild Card Round in which we tracked down 4 photos that have garnered over 5 million views on social media.

We then top it all off with our winner and the two steamiest photos from her year that will make it hard to dispute who comes out on top. But no matter who you are "rooting for" you'll definitely come out a winner.

Do you have thoughts on this list? How about two potential future women you'd love to see duke it out or categories we may have neglected? Feel free to share this list and your comments on social media, and send your ideas for future competitions to

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15 Kylie Jenner - Hanging Out in Turks and Caicos


There are a lot of things that you can argue Kylie Jenner does not know, but one thing she must know is that she looks absolutely ravishing in red. Especially if you take that red and turn it into a swimsuit! Whether it's the full body or bikini look, we are sure you were quite happy that Jenner was pleased to share her outfit on social media.

Both outfits coincided with her 19th birthday and the photos were taken back in August when she took a trip in Turks and Caicos. While it is crazy to think that someone as popular as Jenner is still 2 years away from being able to drink legally in the States, at least it means there will be years and years to come where she is one of the biggest sex symbols in society.

14 Kim Kardashian - Relaxing In Mexico


If you had the money (and the number of swimsuits!) that Kim must have at her disposal, you would probably spend a lot of your vacations going places where it is hot! When she elected to take to Mexico this past August you can rest assured that she was prepared, including bringing 4 swimsuits! (two of which you get to see above).

Paparazzi were also able to catch plenty of shots of Kim taking photos of herself (of course!). Kim told reporters that she took 6,000 pictures over her 4-day trip! While she did not share all of those on social media, you can imagine the ones that she did share got quite a bit of attention. At least with that many photos, you can imagine she was well aware of how good she looked.

13 Kylie - Ravishing in Red


As we delve deeper into this list you are definitely going to see that professional photographers (and friends) are capable of catching some fantastic angles of both Kim and Kylie. But as we continue with our list, why not take the moment to compliment the girls on their own photo taking ability, namely their selfie game!

But if you think that Kylie Jenner just takes one selfie and automatically posts it, think again. She explained the process in a past interview saying, "I take, like, 500 selfies to get one I like. Sometimes I regret putting one up if I find a better one later. I’m like damn, that’s a better photo, but that’s the only thing I regret.”

It's a good thing she doesn't regret showing off too much skin, especially with what we have below!

12 Kim Kardashian - Showing Off In White and Black


When it comes to being able to take a good selfie, the Kardashian family definitely seems to get more practice than arguably any other celebrity family out there. So at least that may help make sense as to why they are so good at it. After all, practice makes perfect!

Kim was happy to show off her skills not only on social media but also in her own book "Selfish" which she released in 2015 and then re-released it later this year. She may not be able to "break the internet" with it because you know, it's a book, but we are sure it is still quite the "read!"

When talking about selfies, Kim said "Mine started off on digital cameras, then they went to a BlackBerry and then a smartphone. There's just such an evolution of the selfie. And I captured that, I think, really well."

11 Kylie For Complex Magazine


Now that you know Kylie Jenner is only 19 years old, you can understand why she must be one of the best young models in the industry. One way to help build up that portfolio is to pose for incredibly popular magazines like Complex, and do so wearing outfits like the one above that leaves little to the imagination. Do it successfully as she does and there's little argument that you are going to be around for a very long time. The anime-inspired photo shoot was put together by renowned Japanese artist Tataski Murakami.

The above photo was taken for their November 2016 issue, but the only question you may be left with, is did they make sure to book her for some work in 2017? You definitely would not be alone in hoping so!

10 Kim For GQ


If you think those photos are hot, you may be happy to know they are both from the same issue of GQ! Kardashian showed off her body in color and black and white as she stripped down for the men's magazine for their 10-year anniversary edition.

The magazine promised that you'd see "Kim as you've never seen her," and considering the high number of revealing photos Kardashian has posted, that's a mighty big claim to make!

While her husband Kanye West has had a difficult year emotionally, including canceling a show and being hospitalized, you can rest assured that Kim is not going anywhere. A source close to the couple reached out to ET magazine saying, "Kim feels more connected to Kanye than ever. Their marriage is doing great. She's with Kanye right now at his side. He's doing much better. He just needed some rest."

9 Kylie Jenner - Showed Her "Dirrty" Side

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When Kylie Jenner elected to dress up as Christina Aguilera for Halloween, you can imagine that she would hope that Aguilera would take notice and comment on it. Well, rest assured she did just that, taking to Instagram to say "YAASSSSS”…..Killin it @kyliejenner, Yes to dirrty 2016!! Get it girl!!!”

This wasn't the last time that Jenner decided to embrace her inner Aguilera. Jenner also got decked out in an old-school Aguilera look and made a surprise appearance at her 36th birthday party in December.

Aguilera was definitely not alone in thinking that Kylie Jenner was absolutely rocking out this past Halloween, so we are sure she was ecstatic to see her on her birthday!

8 Kim K - Princess Jasmine


Kim has definitely not been shy about her love of Halloween in past years, but you can imagine that the event becomes all the more fun (albeit different) for her now that she is the parent of two young children. Drawing inspiration from her children, Kardashian decided to bust out one of her former costumes from the past and dropped jaws as the iconic Jasmine from Aladdin. 

Kim also got her kids into the mix, having her daughter North dress as a younger jasmine and Saint dressing up as Aladdin. Kim was left with no other option but to repeat her 2009 costume after her daughter saw a photo of her in it and at the time was obsessed with Aladdin. 

At least we know the kid has good taste in movies!

7 Kylie Jenner


When the weather starts to get a little bit colder and we move towards the end of our list, it is only natural that clothing starts to appear a little bit more. For many women, that means that yoga pants and tights are definitely making an incredibly welcomed re-appearance from the back of their closets. For Kylie though, she once said, "Black leggings, an oversized hoodie, and a great pair of sneakers," are her favorite clothing items, so you can expect plenty of photos of her in leggings throughout her career.

The above photos were taken on April 27th by paparazzi who saw Jenner leaving the Sugarfish sushi restaurant in Calabasas. You can imagine there are plenty of Jenner photos in tights from throughout the year, but these may very well be the best!

6 Kim Kardashian


Kim was quick to take to Snapchat on August 8th when she went for an appointment at Epione Beverly Hills. Included in her snaps was the phrase "Dr. Ourian time #HateHimNowLoveHimLater," which you can imagine was pretty nice publicity consider she has over 150 million followers on social media!

But while we could be talking about the skin techniques that went on, that isn't exactly a category on our list, is it? *checks again...nope* That's why you're probably pretty happy to see that the paparazzi was on hand to catch Kardashian leaving her appointment.

Kim would look great in anything, but we are sure you are happy that she decided to wear tights to her appointment!

5 Kylie Jenner - Supporting The Fashion Designer "PrettyLittleThing"


If we are honest, Kylie Jenner definitely does not need to wear bright colors to stand out on the red carpet, but are you really going to argue with her fashion choice? Jenner knew she had to look good for the event, as it was the premiere of a new clothing retailer PrettyLittleThing.

As perhaps a fun sign of everyone ending up with similar things in Hollywood, Chantal Jeffries, who is a former fling of Justin Bieber, also attended the event wearing this dress, albeit in a different shade. Following her appearance at the event, Jenner took to social media to drop some hints that she had gotten back together with her on again, off again partner Tyga. We're sure after seeing her at the event he was probably pretty pleased that at least at the moment, things were all good!

4 Kim Kardashian - At The MTV VMAs


Before we get into the event that Kim Kardashian wore this above photo to, we will go ahead and let you know that we made sure to pick a photo that excluded her often gloomy looking husband Kanye!

The two were sure to catch the photographers' attention when they appeared at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards which was held in New York City. Kanye was nominated for but did not win 2 awards. Beyonce beat him out for Video of the Year with "Formation", and he lost Best Male Video to Calvin Harris (featuring Rihanna)'s "This Is What You Came For."

While Kanye probably came expecting an award, at least he got to go home with a prize in Kim!

3 Kylie Jenner: Possible Enhancement?


Kylie Jenner may still be under 21 years old, but that doesn't mean she is too young for plastic surgery. While it is her lips that got attention in the past, the two photos that you see above have caused quite a stir online. TMZ is one of many publications that is starting to speculate on if Kylie has had her breasts artificially enhanced.

When Kylie was asked about it, she was quick to defend her bust and instead promote a brand, saying "I don’t share this with a lot of people, but everyone thinks I’ve gotten breast augmentation recently, but I haven’t. I just use the Bombshell by Victoria’s Secret bra. It’s life-changing. I’ve gotten all my sisters on it and all my friends.”

2 Kim Kardashian

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If you had to take a moment and think about what celebrity had the most attention-grabbing selfie taken this entire year, you probably did not have to think for long before guessing it was Kim Kardashian. And of course in true Kardashian fashion, it was her lack of clothing as opposed to fashion sense that broke the internet. Posted back in March, Kim dropped the clothing (and upped the censor bars!) when she posted to Instagram the above photo alongside the caption "When you're like I have nothing to wear LOL."

The 1.8 million likes that the photo got may not have been the largest of any photo, but are you really going to argue with our selection? Kim also re-created the photo (as you see above) with famous model Emily Ratajkowski.

1 The Winner: Kylie Jenner


With over 81 million followers on her Instagram, it is clear that there is never going to be any shortage of people rushing to like a hot photo that Jenner throws online. But the one on the left which was posted a few days ago was still well worth noticing and has garnered close to 3 million likes. The photo on the right shows that Jenner also looks stunning outside of her house and was part of a photo shoot for her clothing collection "The Kylie Shop."

While we cannot speak to the level of quality behind her clothing items, at least she will always have no shortage of women (including herself) to help model the clothes! You can imagine having such a large following on social media is also a pretty great way to find support for your business ventures.

Jenner wins this competition not only for the insane growth she's had this past year, both in terms of accomplishments and on social media, but also because going into 2017 you can expect big things from someone who again, is only 19 years old! Kim, while gorgeous, is 36 and has two children, so you can imagine she may be having a quieter 2017!

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