Kendra Wilkinson Or Crystal Hefner: Who's The Hotter Bunny?

When it comes to the lovely ladies of Playboy, you can get a little lost in all of the glorious smiles and bodies and curves of all the gorgeous women you come across. Sure, you kind of remember their names, but most of the time, you're too busy focusing on the picture at hand to come up with their first name at the moment. After all, it's probably going to be an Ashley or a Christie or maybe a Candy or something like that, right? The names sort of run together at some point -- but the pictures certainly never will.

Though there are a lot of gorgeous women that we'd love to have a slumber party with at the Playboy Mansion, there are a few that we will recognize the names of and that stick out in our minds. Two such ladies are Kendra Wilkinson and Crystal Harris. Though the two are completely different women, their pictures have been permanently burned into our memories, and we'll perk up any time we hear their names. They've both been in Playboy magazines for over a decade and are bound to show up anytime Playboy is hosting a party in Las Vegas or anytime they throw something on the air like The Girls Next Door.

But the tough question is: who is hotter? Now we know that's not an easy decision to make, so we'll walk you through some of the pros and cons here -- but the choice is yours to make! Let us know who you think wins in the comments on our Facebook page!

15 Kendra Has a Naughty Tape Somewhere Out There

Kendra has been fairly closed-lipped about her romantic life when it hasn't involved her new hubby (which means everything we said earlier about Jacuzzis and jet skis -- Hank Baskett is on the receiving end of all of those goodies). She gets even more tight-mouthed when people start asking her about details of her time living in the Playboy mansion and while she was dating Hugh Hefner. We're not sure why she gets so quiet since she professes to be proud of her time there, to look back on that time fondly, and to not harbor any ill will toward her ex-boyfriend, but she certainly does get quiet fast. One time, when changing the subject quickly, she professed remorse about a scandalous tape she made with a previous boyfriend that she knows is somewhere out there in the world. She hopes that part of her past can be put away forever.

14 Crystal's Implants Exploded and Were Removed

That's right. First of all, you didn't think those cannons that Crystal had erupting out of her shirt were real, did you? Of course those things were fake! If they don't move, are not shaped, and don't bounce like real breasts, they probably aren't real breasts. Well, Crystal encountered a big problem with her fakies; one erupted in 2016 and caused a slow leak that led to mold and Lymes disease... in her breasts. Yuck. She was hospitalized for all the trouble that it caused and wound up having to get both implants removed. While some people are all about the big hooters, we have to say: we kind of like the new Crystal. And by 'the new,' we mean the original (technically -- you know, the natural version?). She just looks so much more proportional and real now! Crystal actually looks healthier and perhaps happier than she ever was with the fakies, too!

13 Kendra Never Made Playmate Status

We know we labeled this article as "Which Playmate is Hotter?" which would lend itself to indicating that both ladies are, in fact, Playboy Playmates. However, Kendra never really achieved Playmate status. Nope! Like we said, Hugh Hefner spotted her at a party and invited her into his small and exclusive group, which led to her quickly becoming one of his girlfriends (her along with the Shannon twins, at the time). As soon as they were officially dating, Hugh invited her to move out of her crappy and tiny studio apartment and into the Playboy Mansion. That's how she got her start in Playboy and onto The Girls Next Door: not by modeling and not by scoring big layouts in the magazine. Her story just happened to be one of great timing and being in the right place at the right time. After her relationship with Hugh petered off, so did her time with Playboy.

12 Crystal Was the December 2009 Playmate of the Month

Crystal, on the other hand, went into Playboy and her time in the mansion the same way that everyone else does: through minimal sweat and tears, but a lot of makeup, plastic surgery, and modeling. Fun fact that you might not know about Crystal if you've only seen pictures of her: she's British! Her dad was a singer and songwriter, and he introduced Crystal to the world of entertainment, and she ate it all up. She went to college at San Diego University, where she started modeling for fun before it got to be more of a job than a hobby. When she managed to score an invite to a party at the Playboy Mansion back in 2009, she went with the intent of getting discovered -- and it worked. Playboy noticed her then and swooped her away from her coed life and into modeling that coeds would pay buckets for.

11 Kendra's Doing Well For Herself

Remember earlier when we said that Kendra did a good job of staying self-aware and ensuring that her fame made off of her looks and sexy body wouldn't diminish her when it faded away? Well, we weren't kidding around. After she was in the right place at the right time with the filming of the TV reality show, The Girls Next Door, she scored a marriage with a high-profile husband and kept her fame afloat with her own short-lived TV show: Kendra on Top. She's also written two books about herself and her life and has starred in a bunch of reality TV shows from Splash!, Celebrity Wife Swap, and I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!. The simple fact is that we all still know who Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett is... and that's all she wanted from us. She never necessarily wanted to be famous for any one particular reason; she just wanted to be famous!

10 Crystal's... Doing Okay

Crystal is... doing okay. The problem with her is that she got all the attention and was the center of so much drama back in 2011 and 2012 that, once everything calmed down after her finalized marriage to Hugh Hefner, people wanted to stop talking about her. So they did... and the conversation never really restarted. This is a big bummer for Crystal since, like Kendra, her only goal was to achieve and revel in fame for the rest of her life. However, she oddly seems to keep to herself these days. Her Twitter is kept private, and she tries to only release statements to the media these days rather than get swept up in paparazzi controversy. Maybe she's had her fill of fame for a while? You can follow her adventure and fashion blog (whatever that means) if you're interested in keeping up with her, but she hasn't even updated it since last October. We have to wonder: is Crystal really doing okay, or is something wrong?

9 Kendra Is Self-Aware

Say what you want about Kendra's intelligence and intellectual merit, but she knows what's up. She's said many times that she understands the career path that she's entered into; she knows that it's a dangerous and fickle beast, and she knows that it won't sustain her long and is likely to bottom out on her sooner rather than later. Specifically, she told interviewers, "I never see myself as a celebrity or famous, so I poke fun at that. I just say what I do. I have no talent. I have nothing to offer. I'm very aware of what I do, and I'm very aware of how quickly my career could end." Respect to Kendra -- it takes a wise woman to know that a fun opportunity isn't always a good one, and we at least respect that she can tell the difference, though, as you may already know or will learn throughout this article, Kendra's certainly used this knowledge to her advantage.

8 Crystal Really Isn't

While Kendra is very open and honest about the fact that she knows her career is a dead-end job (and has done as much to diversify her career because of that), Crystal seems to be on the opposite end of that spectrum. Likely told from a very young age how talented and gorgeous and wonderful she is, she seems to believe that she can be successful at anything -- and she's tried and failed at many attempts. Her most interesting attempt was that at a music career earlier this decade. She claimed when she left Hugh for the first time at the altar that she feared she was signing away her opportunity at a music career, so she quickly signed on with Universal Music Group and attempted to release a couple of songs: "Club Queen" and later, "True Harmony." We'd tell you to go look them up and see what you think, but let us spare you the trouble -- it's not worth the effort.

7 Kendra's Marriage Is Kinda Rough...

Kendra Wilkinson did get married back in 2009 to Hank Baskett, a former wide receiver for the Minnesota Vikings (as well as the Philadelphia Eagles and Indianapolis Colts). She's had two children with Hank, but that doesn't mean things have been smooth sailing for the young couple. A few years back, Hank got caught up in a bit of a scandal when he was caught having an affair -- things got even more scandalous when it was revealed that the affair was with a transgender person. At the time, the two talked publicly about getting a divorce or at the very least separating. Kendra actually went on a sudden vacation by herself to the jungle, telling hounding reporters that she just needed to be alone to think some things out. She also said that, for the time being, she was calling herself single. Yikes. Guess marriage isn't always the indicator of a happily-ever-after, huh?

6 But So Is Crystal's!

As if Crystal's marriage to a decrepit old fart would be much better than Kendra's, to a stunning young football player! Crystal got married to Hugh Hefner back in 2012, shortly after Kendra tied the knot herself. The marriage was going to be a private in the Playboy mansion the first time around before Crystal basically ran screaming from the altar and called the whole thing off. She then publicly shamed Hugh and said she was only marrying him for his money and even went so far as to insult him in bed (though we'll talk more about this later). The two have kept fairly quiet the past year or so in their marriage, but we're not sure if that bodes well or badly for this couple anymore. We wish them all the happiness in their relationship, though there have to be legions more problems for a couple with a sixty-year age gap.

5 Kendra Likes "Getting the Business" In Public

As you can imagine, neither of these women are all too shy about their time between the sheets; they kind of consider those Rated R activities to be more of hobbies and fun play-dates with the guys they're into, rather than the taboo topic that most everyone else makes them out to be. Kendra, for instance, when asked about her romantic and intimate life with her man has confessed that she's always enjoyed going over the top with her public displays of affection. She's professed that "the bedroom is for sleeping, and we don't want to think about it there." She admits that her typical places for getting the business are the kitchen or personal hot tub, if she's feeling tame; jet skis, her car, and public restrooms if she's feeling frisky. And yes, we did just say jet skis. She bashfully admitted to that once while on a Cabo trip... we're still trying to figure out how it all worked...

4 Crystal Stayed Faithful to Her Man

Crystal may be a bit tamer, but we really wouldn't know, now would we? She's been dating and then married to a man who is 60 years older than she is for a while now (almost a decade), and the two have a... somewhat strained intimate life, to say the least. When Crystal got cold feet and ditched Hugh before their wedding, she told interviewers that the couple had only been intimate once and that it had been a repulsive and hilariously short endeavor. Furthermore, she told reporters how she only wanted to marry Hugh for the security it provided -- both financially and so that Hugh wouldn't stray from her with all of his other Playboy girlfriends. Like we said before, a Playboy marriage can't be an easy one -- and apparently, neither can a romantic life. We just hope she's getting her satisfaction in somewhere -- a marriage without that kind of intimacy is sure to drive a woman mad.

3 Kendra Dated Hugh Hefner...

Though none of us really want a whole lot to do with this old coot, he obviously has good taste in women and is able to spot a hottie from afar. Kendra was pretty much fresh out of high school when Hugh Hefner spotted her across the room at a party and scooped her up. The two dated, and Kendra promptly moved into the Playboy Mansion to live with her guy (never mind the fact that Kendra was only one of his many girlfriends). She moved in with the attitude of getting her party on and having a great time, which she surely did. She hasn't liked to talk a whole lot about whether or not she ever slept with The Hef, but we believe that her tip-toeing around the question says all that we need it to, though she's come clean about cheating on Hugh with other guys while they were dating by meeting them at hotels.

2 But Crystal Married Him!

Sure, Kendra snagged up Hugh for a little while, but Crystal was the real winner when it comes to dating the head Honcho. Now, we realize that some of you may see her landing The Hef as a good thing, and others of you may be surely throwing this fact about her on the "cons" list. We think that's fair, but we encourage you to look at their marriage for what it is: she nearly chickened out the first time they got married, and when they actually tied the knot, they seemed really happy. However, Crystal has said publicly that she mainly married Hugh for the "security" he provided (yeah, we're talking about money, folks). Hugh really does seem to care about her and professes to want to spend the remainder of his life with her, but he still hasn't added her to his will yet, so we'll see just how secure she feels when Hugh finally kicks the bucket!

1 They're Both Smoking Hot

Either way, at the end of the day, both of these ladies are smoking hot. Maybe Crystal doesn't have her implants or bleach-blonde hair anymore, and maybe Kendra has put on a smidgen of weight since she gave birth to her two kids, but both of these ladies are smoldering hot on even a short glimpse. Plus, we'll always have the pictures of them in their youth to remind us of just how steamy these ladies can get -- though, we've got to admit, both of them look even hotter now in their Instagram pictures than they did plastered across the pages of Playboy magazine! Now, the choice is yours: who do you think is the hotter playmate? Kendra or Crystal? The competition is fierce; they're both so hot and tasty! But if you could spend seven minutes in heaven with only one of these adorable bunnies, whom would you choose? Let us know in the comments on Facebook!

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