Katy Perry: 15 Facts You Didn't Know About Her Life In The Sack

There is no doubt that Katy Perry has the reputation as one of the hottest and sexiest women out there. She just oozes sex appeal and plays it up in all aspects of her persona. And how could she not, really? Katy is the kind of woman that even if she tried not to be sexy it would not work out. It is not just that her body is amazing, or that she is gorgeous, or that she is incredibly blessed in the chest- it is just that her whole attitude and vibe screams out sexuality.

But what is she really like? So much of the scene in Hollywood and show business is creating a persona to sell records or films and to make a celebrity seem more interesting. Is that is what is going on here? Or is Katy Perry just as sexy in real life as she appears to be in her press clippings?

So if you read on you will find out more about Katy Perry, and her sex life. You will also get to see a whole bunch of photos of Katy Perry- which will prove to you once more that she is just about the sexiest woman out there to look at. But what about in real life? Can she back it up? Russell Brand says no, and John Mayer seems to say yes. Here are 15 things you didn't know about Katy Perry's sex life.

15 She Is Not Strict When It Comes To Her Bedroom Life


So the big question is, who does Katy want to bond with? Does she just go for a certain type of guy? Is she locked into a type? And if so, what type is it? Well, according to her she is not all that strict about who she goes out with. For those of you that may not be totally gorgeous, or super rich and famous like Russell Brand and John Mayer, have no fear, Katy might take a chance on you. She once said: "I'm not like Professor Higgins with my sex life. I'm not super strict. For me, the most important thing about sex is connection." See? There you go. You have a shot after all. Although, if I were to be honest, I doubt she would find you that interesting anyway. No offense, please don't shoot the messenger.

14 She Prayed For Big Boobs When She Was Young

While many of us are not quite sure of his existence, it seems that there is a God.  How do I know this for sure? Well, when Katy was young she did not have a whole lot going on in the chest area. So she decided to get God involved. She told MTV News: "I lay on my back one night and looked down at my feet, and I prayed to God. I said, 'God, will you please let me have boobs so big that I can't see my feet when I'm lying down?'" Well apparently God was listening to her prayers, as I am now pretty sure that Katy hasn't seen her feet in years. God not only helped Katy, but he did the rest of us a favor, too. I wonder what else she prayed for? Hopefully not to marry Russell Brand.

13 She Has Never Had A Boob Job

If there is one thing that Katy Perry is known for, or should I say two things, it is her boobs. While I am sure most of you never doubted this, they are 100 percent real. She said: "I've never had any plastic surgery. Not a nose, not a chin, not a cheek, not a t*t. So my messages of self-empowerment are truly coming from an au naturel product." This is cool, as honestly, fake boobs are kind of gross and really kind of miss the whole point. If you want someone with fake boobs then you might as well get a robot girlfriend. The whole point of being attracted to a woman's body, is that it actually is a woman's body, and it's nice to know that Katy is totally real.

12 She Likes Girls, Sometimes


Hey, have you ever wondered what it would be like for Katy Perry to be with another woman? Of course you have. Well, apparently you are not alone- she has too! Of course her first hit was a song called "I Kissed a Girl." And she also once admitted to falling in love with a female friend of hers. I can tell you one thing, it would be truly unfair if Katy Perry wound up with a woman. It is hard enough to see her kicking around with a guy; seeing her with a woman would be truly unbearable. Please Katy, just stick with dudes. There is no word on what sort of response her female friend had, as pretty much anyone would want Katy Perry as a girlfriend, unless of course you are Russell Brand, who is not very bright...

11 She Thinks She Is Good In The Sack


How do you think Katy would be in bed? I have to admit it would be hard to think of her being anything less than awesome; it isn't just the fact that she is so hot; she has a vibe that is very sexual as well. You know who else thinks that Katy Perry is good in bed? Katy Perry. She once said in an interview about how good she is in bed, "I can't rate myself, but if you ask Russell I'm sure he'd give me a ten out of ten!" All right Katy, modesty is important too. Just because you are rich, famous, and totally gorgeous doesn't mean you can talk about how good you are in bed.  Actually who am I kidding, of course it does! In fact, if you want to talk about it more of that would be fine with me. I wonder what the people that have had sex with you think, though?

10 Russell Brand Disagreed

While Katy Perry was busy telling everyone that Russell Brand thought that she was super-hot in bed, there was apparently one person who disagreed. Brand, who broke up with Katy Perry by sending her a text message, was not nearly as enamored of Katy's performance in the sack as Katy was herself, and that can be a problem.  In fact he once said that when he was having sex with her he would, "Think of anyone else." It seems that Mr. Brand was a tad more adventurous than Katy was, which would make sense since he supposedly has had sex with over 1,000 women. If you have sex with that many women, you are bound to pick up a few tricks. Regardless, poor Katy got dumped and made fun of by her former husband.

9 She Lost Her Virginity At 16

Most of us lose our virginity during our teenage years- at least it seems that way anyway. Some people don't lose it until adulthood, and hey, there is nothing wrong with that. You do you.  Most studies say the average person loses their virginity when they are around 17-years-old. Katy was pretty close to that number, as she lost her virginity at 16. She says that her first time was when she was 16-years-old. She was in the front seat of a Volvo Sedan and was  listening to Jeff Buckley's album Grace. I don't know about you but when I lost my virginity I don't remember any music playing; but hey women are romantic that way.  Either way, I don't think I will ever look at a Volvo the same way again.

8 She Likes To Tease


Katy Perry as a tease is no surprise. I mean, come on, look at her every time she comes out on stage, or check her out in every photo shoot that she does. It is clear that Katy is a woman that does not mind reminding you of what she has, and that you can't have it. She once said: "I'm kind of a good girl - and I'm not. I'm a good girl because I really believe in love, integrity, and respect. I'm a bad girl because I like to tease. I know that I have sex appeal in my deck of cards. But I like to get people thinking. That's what the stories in my music do." Well, I think I speak for all men when I say that if your goal was to get us thinking, then you certainly have succeeded. You can tease any of us anytime- whenever you want.

7 She And John Mayer Were Loud


After Russell Brand one would think that Katy would want to kick back and maybe date someone a little more low key, but that does not seem to be the case. She had a long on and off again relationship with John Mayer, and now has hooked up with Orlando Bloom. What is it about these people that are stars, and feeling like they can only hang out with other stars? Come on, use your imagination; just because someone is famous doesn't make them a good fit. Anyway, when she was with Mayer apparently the two used to get a little loud in the sack. It seems that some of her West Hollywood neighbors even complained that the two of them kept them up by being so loud in the sack. Take that Russell Brand!

6 She Went A Year Without It


Sometimes we as a society put too much of a premium on sex. Some of us have gone through long dry spells, and when we do we usually get all bummed out and think that there is something wrong with us. What would you think if you knew Katy went through a long dry spell too? When she was asked how long she has gone without sex she said, "Maybe six months or a year. I don't stay single for long." Now here is a pro tip- when someone says it has been maybe "six months or a year" since they have had sex, then it has been at least a year. People don't forget things like that, and are certainly not off by six months. So if Katy can go a year and still be desirable, so can you. Now get out there and get back on that horse.

5 She Doesn't Like One Night Stands


When it comes to one night stands, Katy Perry is not the kind of woman that is going to roll with that. She has said that she has never been that way. As a guy it is always equally cool and disappointing to hear something of this nature. It makes you feel good that a woman you are attracted to has some morals, and is not going to just jump into bed with anyone. It makes you feel bad because, well, because you don't have any morals and would jump into bed with her in a heartbeat.  I guess this is some of where the whole "tease" thing comes in with Katy; she gives off the vibe that she is a bad girl, or at least tries to, but in reality she is not going to do anything out of the ordinary, at least not right away.

4 Ludacris Would Approve

What kind of a woman uses Ludacris lyrics to describe her personality? Well, Katy Perry for one. She once said that, "Like Ludacris rapped, 'I'm a lady in the street and a freak in the bed." Alright, so I am starting to get it, I think. Katy is a tease; she doesn't like one night stands, she is a lady during the day, she might be a freak in bed, but not freaky enough to please a guy like Russell Brand, a man who has gone to rehab for sex addiction.  While if it were anyone else this would all sound rather silly; when it comes to Katy Perry it just makes her seem more intriguing. One thing I wonder though, is why doesn't she just find some nice guy and settle down? She seems to just pick a bunch of players.

3 Nice Guys Bore Her


Oh, well, that explains it. She doesn't like nice guys for long.  She has said, "I like a good boy, but sometimes you get bored."  Hey Katy, as cool and as sexy you are, I have to break it to you, this is a problem that just about every woman has, not just you. See it goes kind of like this: you get bored with the nice guy because he does not make you feel special, so then you go hang with the bad boy, like Russell Brand, who not only makes you feel special, he also makes a bunch of other women feel special- in your bed when you are out on tour. Then he dumps you through a text message. None of us like to be bored, but most of us like to be sane. Katy has not seemed to have found that balance just yet.

2 She Carries Crystals To Attract Men

One of the last things that one would expect Katy Perry to be is all New Age and carrying crystals around, but she does- at least when she wants to attract men, anyway. She once said in an interview, "I carry a lot of rose quartz, which attracts the male. Maybe I need to calm it down with the amethyst." Hey Katy, here is a tip for you, when you are attracting men it does not have anything to do with the crystal you are carrying. It probably has more to do with your beauty, personality, body, boobs, and fame. I am sure it does not hurt to bring the crystals with you, but if you are ever short on space in your purse, you can probably leave the crystals alone. Trust me on that one, I would never steer you wrong.

1 She Is Super Proud of Never Having Slept With Robert Pattinson


How many women do you know that are proud of not having sex with Robert Pattinson. Well, you know one at least- Katy Perry. She has said that she is proud of not having slept with him. Their friendship even wound up Pattinson's ex girlfriend Kristen Stewart when rumors came out about Perry and Pattinson. Katy sent Kristen a text  of which she said: "I sent her a text message saying: 'I know you've seen all this stuff, but you know I would never disrespect you. I'm not that person,'" she explained. "I'm just trying to be a friend to him, but it is unfortunate that I do have a set of t**s." Katy don't be silly. It isn't just that you have a set, it is the set that you have. Maybe you should not have prayed to God for them after all.

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