Katheryn Hudson To Katy Perry: 21 Photos That Show How The Singer's Style Has Evolved

Katy Perry is a household name and one of the most recognizable stars in the world. She has released chart-topping singles, performed in several countries and won a plethora of awards. Her dating life is often in the headlines and makes news all over the world. She is one of the most followed celebs on Instagram and is one of the most influential. She is also known as a fashion icon with a unique sense of style. She is known for incorporating humour and food themes into her outfits. She can also rock a stunning dress better than most celebs.

Katy is also known for being a trendsetter that is always evolving. Her image, style and look are constantly changing. She is often ahead of the curve and has been that way since she first started blowing up. Her hairstyle has evolved over the years and changed in drastic ways. She is one of the few celebs that have been able to change with the times. Over the years her music and fashion sense has matured but she always manages to have fun with her outfits. Here is a look at Katheryn Hudson To Katy Perry: 21 Photos That Show How The Singer's Fashion Style Has Evolved.

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21Katheryn Hudson (Already Had A Unique Fashion Style)


Katy Perry has always had a unique fashion style. She was born Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson and early on actually pursed a career in gospel music. Her first studio album, Katy Hudson, was released on February 8, 2001 to mostly positive reviews from critics but did poorly commercially. It featured Christian Rock and dealt with her faith in God. She moved to Los Angles to pursue a career in pop music but her success certainly didn’t happen over night. She worked on an album for roughly two years before she was suddenly dropped from her label. However, as her career was slowly coming together her fashion sense was already cutting edge. Additionally, she’s been showing off her gorgeous gams for years.

20Just The Beginning


When Katy Perry was 15 she decided to get her GED and dropped out of high school. She decided to fully commit and focus on her music career. It was a pretty rough start for her as she struggled to find a label and release her second album. She eventually had some minor success when one of her songs “Simple”, was included on the soundtrack for the 2005 film The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants. In 2004, she attended the American Music Awards and was still relatively unknown at the time. She walked the red carpet but didn’t have photographers clamouring to take her pic. That would start in a few years. However, she still displayed a keen fashion sense in her simple green dress. It was just the beginning of the evolution of her famous style.

19One Of The Boys 


Katy’s early look and image was often compared to classic pin up models. She always shows off her unique fashion sense on the red carpet, at her concerts and music videos. She also has brought her creative outfits onto the covers of her albums. She has released numerous commercially acclaimed albums. It was with her second release that she finally broke through and became a major celebrity. One of her most memorable pics is the cover of One of the Boys. It’s a simple pic but is classic Katy Perry. The set is an old fashioned backyard with a white picket fence. Katy lounges around wearing short jean shorts, a red top and a large blue hat. Katy delivered a modern version of a sultry and sensual 1950’s pin up girl.

18Ice Cream Dress


Katy Perry soon had her big breakthrough. She changed her name from Katy Hudson to Katy Perry to avoid confusion with actress Kate Hudson. She had her big break with her second album, One of the Boys, which was released on June 17, 2008. Making the album was quite the struggle as it was cancelled twice and she was dropped from two different labels. It featured her first number one single “I Kissed a Girl.” It didn’t take long for fans and the media to consider her one of the most beautiful celebs. All the experts were enamoured with this bright new star. This pic highlights her curvy figure that mesmerizes audiences all over the world. At the time Elle magazine described her body “as though sketched by a teenage boy.”

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