Just 25 Hot Photos Of Scarlett Johansson For You To Ogle

Oh Scarlett Johansson! What really is there to say? She's one of the most smoking hot stars in Hollywood right now, and that's not like to change any time soon. Whether or not you like her acting, or even her vacant, aloof look, it's pretty had to deny the fact that she's got a rockin' bod, and one wonderful sense of style.

She's probably the saviour of the female superhero. Her portrayal of Black Widow, again whether you love it or hate it, really brought it home that women can be heroes too. Disney even started merchandising for her (which is pretty rare if the character isn't a princess). And she certainly made super heroes hot. I mean let's be honest: Catwoman isn't really a hero (though she's been hot for years, thanks to several different actors).

Considering her tiny frame, she is surprisingly stacked. And it doesn't hurt that even if she's giving a pretty vacant look, hey pale blue eyes are always exciting to gaze know, if you're spending any time looking into her eyes. And you may not, depending on what era of Scar Jo you're gawking at. After all, she did have some lip work done, and a nose job...and of course she got those implants put in...and then taken out. Yes there's plenty of Scar Jo to go around apparently.


25 Oh, How'd You Get In My Room? 

Scar Jo has a very interesting thing that I find her doing fairly often. She really seems to like feigning surprise when she does photo shoots. In this shot, it's like she's surprised, but also quite content that you're there. A hint of surprising, with a ton of invitation. But of course photos of her are going to contain all manner of sexuality and innuendo. How could they not? Hollywood stars like Jo have their careers largely based on their looks, and not predominantly on their acting. It's a horrible thing to say, but it's not untrue. It can be no secret that Hollywood starlets are kept around mainly for their looks. It is seldom that they are at all significant after their looks fade. Though of course it has happened at one time or another in history.

24 Ravishing In Red


Clearly Scar Jo means business right here. And I'm sure all gawkers of this photo want nothing more than to get right down to business with her. Apparently she looks really good in red. And this is not the only photo in this article where she appears in red. And apparently blonde really works for her as well. It helps to enhance the pale, almost anemic complexion that she's decidedly putting on display. Now you get to guess if this shot was taken before or after her surgery. I mean it seems pretty clear that she's had her lips done by this point. It's always made me wonder what celebrities love so much about the massive, Angelina Jolie pouty lips. It seems a very strange look, and who wants nothing but lips on their face when in the middle of a kiss? No one wants to get lip in the eye. But hey, she's hot anyway.

23 Blow Me A Kiss...

Hey you can't fault me for making the joke. I mean come on...who is going to say no to that? And besides, she's split from her husband now anyway. And if she hadn't, it's not like she hasn't already said in an interview that she finds "monogamy is hard" and "a lot of work". So hey, maybe her blowing...some actually in the cards. This photo is kind of strange though. She's giving off almost a Carmen Electra sort of vibe. But the low-cut, blue tank top and her blowing kisses is just fine for me either way. And given that she's split from her hubby, the wedding ring doesn't phase me for one second. There's something about Scar Jo's aloof, and vacant look that really accentuates her sexuality. I'm worried that the media has tried really hard to have men simply fall for bimbos without brains.

22 Dressed Down


You know sometimes even Hollywood superstars have got to dress down, and feel comfy. And why the hell not? After all, they're just people too. I mean people with a metric f*ck ton of money, and anything they want at their beck and call...but still just people. And I think, by and large, people like to be comfy. It's probably the most important thing to a person. They may aim big, or they may be broke on the streets, but if they're comfy, there's suddenly not so much to do anymore. Though if I had Scar Jo around me in those comfy clothes...well let's just say there'd be plenty to do. Again, and again. And let's be honest here: the look she's giving in this shot seems to be suggesting the very same thing. And who am I to say no?

21 Does The Floor Work?

Yes, the floor works too. We don't need to just stick to using the bed. We can do it anywhere. Sorry, right, there's an article entry to write and all that. Almost forgot. It's interesting to note that she's not got that parted-lip thing going on in this shot. And I kind of like that. Though it is very clear she had quite a bit of lip work done by the time the photo was taken. And so there isn't really a need for that vacant lip look that is so typical of every Hollywood starlet when they try to be sexy. Scar Jo doesn't really have to try at all, but she still does the same things as everyone else. So in a certain way, this shot is actually fairly original. And it kind of looks like she's dressed to go out. But then decided on her way to the door that she'd rather have some fun on the floor...

20 Lady In Red


Alright so anyone who doesn't know, there's a song called 'Lady In Red'. And for those who do know the song, but don't know what it's's about a hooker. Now that's not me saying that Scar Jo is one. That's just me explaining the entry title. And besides, Jo apparently doesn't like monogamy, and could certainly get laid anywhere she went...that being said, she would make a killing if she did decide to go street-walking. But I think the money from the first Avengers film is probably more than enough to keep her going the rest of her life (depending on how she chose to live it). Either way, red might be indicative of a rather loose woman, but I certainly don't care. Scar Jo looks evidently amazing in red lace. And that matching lipstick...well who wouldn't love that to be smeared all over...?

19 Scarlett Selfie

Sometimes celebrities just have to be like everyone else. I may have said before that they are just people after all. Or are also people I should say. And since so many people around the world are all over Instagram, and Twitter, and Facebook, it makes perfect sense that someone like Scar Jo would get in on that, and sort of make it seem like she's an everyday person like you and me. It's even a bathroom shot, as if a selfie of her isn't tantalizing enough. And while it seems to be that she's attempting to show off her massive lips...the angle and focus kind of brings things a little lower. It may not be a showy top, but I have a feeling that she left her chest in the frame for good reason. It might look like she's showing of her lips...but she's trying to get a rise out of however many fans she can.


18 So Dramatic


She is certainly a glamourous, and dramatic young woman, that's for sure. And she's only a few years older than me, so maybe I have a shot? Even if I don't she's still a wonder to behold in photographs. So many of her photos have completely different looks, nearing to the point where you don't even realize that it's her. I mean the eyes do sort of give it away. But at a glance, I probably wouldn't have said, "oh there's Scar Jo, looking hot as ever". This is almost a dreamlike photo, with her emerging from the mist. And surely many people do their best to dream of her at night. It might not be an incredibly revealing outfit that she's wearing there, but the straps around the arms make it all the more stunning. It's as if we're lucky to get such a glimpse of her shoulders.

17 Black, White, And Blonde

You know, as much as I like the red-haired Black Widow look on Scar Jo, or even her seemingly natural brunette colouring...I really have to admit that this blonde look is working for me. Maybe it's because it really brings out her pale complexion, and thusly pops out her pale blue eyes. Either way, she's pretty damn stunning. And this shot in particular reveals just enough that you still have to use your imagination, but you're also satisfied with what's shown. The deep cut, open white top works well against the backdrops, as well as her blonde hair, and pale skin. And then to offset it with a black, lace bra makes the focus of the shot pretty damned apparent. Though realistically that focus is probably predominant whether on purpose or not.

16 Come To Bed?


Let's be honest here: who wouldn't want to join Scarlett Johansson in bed with that outfit on? Or any outfit on? Or no outfit on!? Especially since she's wearing satin underwear. I don't know if any of you have ever felt real satin...but it is a feeling you definitely want to have at some point in your life. And isn't this shot just perfectly provocative, and tantalizing? The see-through tank top leaves nothing to the imagination. And in that sense, it's kind of too bad that Scar Jo is still wearing a bra. But now there's a worry. Is she just trying to make a vacant attempt at a come-hither look? Or is she blasted out of her mind? She looks like she might be a bit stoned. That, or she's just completely disinterested in what's going on, but still wants the money from the photo shoot.

15 Pretty In Pink

Alright, so maybe a lot of this is more purple than pink, but I don't care. It still worked for the title of the entry. What matters most in this shot is that Scar Jo clearly hadn't gone shopping for clothes since her surgery by this point in time. But surely no one minds. Ok, so the bra fits just fine, but we're not opposed to the dress being weighed down a bit. She's got a sort of Annie Lennox, or David Bowie-styled hairdo in this shot, but that obviously doesn't manage to alter the expression of those pouty lips, and pale eyes. She's still looking as vacant and vapid as ever. Which is sort of comforting. Knowing that she could change her look in any number of ways, but she'll still feel just about the same. On the flip side of that, it is sort of sad to think that she comes across empty because maybe she is empty deep down.

14 In Vogue?


I'm not actually sure if this photo came from Vogue, but it certainly looks like a shot that they would come up with. And no matter from whom the photo came, it's pretty damn clear just about when the photo came. I'd have to say it was somewhere in the time after she had got her implants done...and clearly before she got those implants subsequently removed. It's no shocker that she'd put them so heavily on display. And that one piece outfit really does wonders for every part of her body. It's interesting to see that she's decided to use the makeup to offset the incredible amount of white, and light colour in the frame. The unfortunate part of that though, is that it takes away from her eyes. You'd think it would make those bright blues pop, but they just get hidden under the makeup.

13 Glam Bam Thank You Ma'am

Yet another photo where I would not have immediately recognized the model to be Scarlett Johansson. But I do very much dig her Marilyn Monroe-looking glam photos. And it seems pretty clear that she is getting ready to party. I mean there just can't be a full bottle of champagne for a photo shoot without subsequently popping it open, and having a good, long drink. And based on her positioning and expression in this shot, it seems fairly likely that she could be taking something and long out of frame. Though of course that's just speculation, and is in no way based on fact. Or maybe she's meant to look like she just stumbled into frame to get her second or third bottle of champagne...looking at least a little tipsy.

12 Meeeooow!

advertising Johansson is just objectively smoking hot. Yes I said objectively. I'm sorry, but there are some people who can just transcend peoples' subjective opinions. And no, those people aren't specifically Christians. No, they are people like Scar Jo, who just have some amazing curves (though she is looking almost too tiny around the waist in this shot)...and they know how to use those curves to get incredibly hot shots like this. And she's got legs that go all the way up to Canada (which means pretty long legs since she lives in L.A.)! And you know, there's no open, or low cut shirt in this shot, but the fact that her top is not only leopard print, but also very tight on her, makes it all ok.

11 Black Beauty

Well this shot was clearly taken after Scar Jo had a bit of work done. Some sizeable work, if you will. A rather hefty amount of work. Some cosmetic work that may have...pumped her up a little bit. I'm of course talking about her lips. Ok, and obviously her breast implants. And I'll be totally honest. She looks a little uncomfortable about them. Which might explain why she subsequently got rid of them. But they were enjoyable for everyone else while they were there, of course. On another topic though, it's pretty incredible just how pale Scar Jo is, in her entirety. Her skin is quite pallid, her hair is quite light in several spots, and even her eyes are a fairly pale blue. Not many stars could pale in comparison to her...but that has nothing to do with her being hot or not.

10 Such A Sweet Smile


Her makeup even matches her outfit. How fantastic is that? Ultimately it doesn't really make a difference to me (and likely not to any of the readers), but I figured I may as well point it out. And since we're on the topic of her outfit, it must be said that it is appropriately cut at just the right place to show off what everyone is obviously meant to focus on. I'm not sure if she ever had work done on her cheekbones, but they are wonderful when she smiles. And speaking of her those pearly whites must have cost a fortune. That, or they were brightened up a bit in editing. Because there is just no way those are just natural teeth. Especially with how incredibly thin she was for a time there.

9 Fantastic In Fish Nets

Yeah ok, she looks like she might be pretty stoned in this shot, but I'm not overly concerned with the look that she's giving in this shot. The bigger concern...or rather the two bigger concerns are the result of some cosmetic surgery. And what a great outfit to put the finished products on display! And then of course there is the wonderful amount of skin showing. Especially in the legs. And even what's not directly showing is great, because those fishnets make her look pretty damn hot. The rest of the outfit is hot too, don't get me wrong. Nice and tight, and the intense use of black in this photo really makes her incredible, bare body pop out in the frame. It is kind of strange that she has a sort of Taylor Swift look going on in this shot though.

8 Poolside Party


There would probably be some temptation to just dunk Scar Jo into the nearby pool for no other reason than to get her wet. But that would be mean. I guess especially because of the white shirt she's wearing. But as you might be able to notice, she's also wearing black underneath that. Which is sort of unfortunate. Thankfully, that dark red lipstick that she's wearing seems to suggest that it wouldn't take much to get any of those clothing items off. And the open-lipped gaze into the camera is just dripping with sensuality. And it doesn't hurt that she purposely arching her back to show off as well. She might almost always have a pretty vacant expression on her face, but she certainly knows just how to work her body in the right way to get someone's attention.

7 Right To The Point

Hey look! Yet another vacant expression from good ol', trustworthy Scar Jo! Though this one has a bit more of an "oh" than most. So I guess there's something special in that. Personally, I think this outfit is pretty awesome, and seems to suggest that she's ready to party. And like with many shots of hers, there is a great use of black to make her pale complexion come across as even more pallid. The anemia probably doesn't seem like enough to Scar Jo's marketing people, so they white her out a little bit more by accentuating her with black. I'm sort of happy that it's pretty unlikely Jo will ever read this. I wouldn't want her to get pissed off with me, while she's wearing those intensely pointed shoes! They look like they might hurt just a little bit.

6 Babe On The Beach


It's very interesting to see the many, many different looks that Scar Jo can really make work for herself. I mean yes, this photo is certainly steamy. Don't get me wrong about that. But there's a whole lot more class to it than anything else, it seems to be. And within that classy shot is still some interesting, and indicative of some sexiness. You might notice that her very nice outfit is covered in cherries. The innuendo there just can't be avoided at all. And what's interesting about this piece is that there's nothing dark to help set off any features of Scar Jo's skin, or eyes. I mean in this case she's not blonde, so her hair could be looked at as a nice piece of contrast within the shot. And then in terms of nice pieces of something...well it is a picture of Scarlett Johansson, so there's a nice piece.

5 Back To Bed...

Wow, there is just no way I could say no to those eyes. My goodness, Scarlett Johansson is just absolutely stunning. And she can chameleon her way into so many different looks. She's stunning in this photo. But it's not like she's flaunting anything. She's just looking very suggestive. Who is looking at this photo, and not hoping that she's naked under those covers? And of course she's got the very typical, and vacant parting of her large and pouty lips. But that doesn't hurt at all in this case. Usually it kind of annoys me to see that constant look. But all I can think about is going back to bed...hoping beyond hope that she is there waiting for me with that look. Of course that's all pretty vain fantasy, but Scar Jo has made it pretty easy to have those kinds of things.

4 Showgirl? Dominatrix? Streetwalker?


It's hard to tell just what Scar Jo is going for with this kind of raunchy look. On the one hand, the red corset, and fishnets make me think of burlesque, and perhaps she's working at being a showgirl. However, she's also holding a crop with her, and is wearing a police hat, so it really comes across that she's a bit of a dominatrix here. But then at the same time, those fishnets are pretty wide, her lipstick very red, and those hooker boots...well they're called hooker boots. So she could just as easily be playing a bit of a niche kind of streetwalker. Whichever one it is, I'm sure people aren't too opposed.

3 The Black Widow

Oh my goodness! One of the very few photos in this article that feature Scar Jo with her lips together. No, that wasn't meant as a sexual reference, but now that it's been said, I supposed it works perfectly as one. And here she is. The epitome of Scar Jo's career is right here...Black Widow! Anyone who doesn't know who Scar Jo is, knows of her role as Black Widow. And everyone who knows Scar Jo, but hardly any of her acting roles...knows her as Black Widow. It'll take her a long time to live the role down, that's for sure. But then again, why would she ever want to? She's perhaps the most badass woman we've seen kicking ass in comic book films since Michelle Pfeiffer's Catwoman

2 Innocent Smile


What an adorable smile. And with her nice, little hairdo, boy does she look sweet and innocent. It's like if Roxy Heart in Chicago were played by Scar Jo, instead of Renee Zellweger. Which I have to be honest probably would have been a better film. And I'm sure most people would probably agree with that. You know, because at least Scarlett Johansson can act. But hey, enough about Zellweger's horrible acting career. Let's focus on the intensely red lipstick and beautiful blue eyes. Or the incredible cheekbones she had. And you know, I think this shot was taken before she had any work done on her lips. I can't say the same for her implants, given the framing of the shot, but either way, she's got a great, and seemingly natural beauty here.

1 Getting Into Trouble

With a mischievous smile like this one, Scar Jo is clearly up to something. I don't think it really matters what it is though, as it's likely that everyone will just enjoy watching her do whatever it is. Look at those amazing eyes. This is perhaps the best shot of the whole article, with regards to how her eyes look. They just appear so natural...and very inviting. And that little smirk there. That's a devious little grin, and who doesn't want her to be a little deviant? It seems pretty clear that there was a bit of airbrushing happening here, or at least some heavy editing (because no one's skin is that clear), but I think we can all forgive her for that. Why? Because she's all about getting work done on herself, and who are we to not enjoy the work she does?

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