Just 20 Photos Of Kaley Cuoco From Every Angle We Could Find

When The Big Bang Theory premiered in 2007, CBS naturally hoped it would be successful. They never dreamed the show would become the highest rated comedy on TV, a massive success in syndication and now in its 11th season. The series may get slammed for its clichés on geek culture, and some finding it a bit long in the tooth. However, it remains a hit and it boosts up a lot for people to enjoy.

A key reason for its success is Kaley Cuoco. The key of the show was her Penny character moving next door to a bunch of geniuses to show how they knew nothing about women. At first by herself, she was boosted by some female co-stars yet remained the focus of the series in so many ways. As things have continued, Cuoco has been pushed by the show’s success is now the highest paid actress on TV.

It’s obvious why Cuoco is so hot with viewers. She is a knockout of the highest order, a classic hot blonde but with a “girl next door” vibe that helps. She has great comedic timing and can wow folks on the red carpet in some dazzling gowns. Magazines love to show her in various outfits, bikinis, and even next to nothing. In excellent condition, Cuoco stands out in paparazzi pics and even sans makeup looks fantastic. It’s hard to ignore her in anything, but sometimes, you just have to marvel at her sexiness. Here are 20 pics of Cuoco in a variety of angles and settings to sell how she stands as one of TV’s current best beauties.

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20 Leggy Blonde

Unlike many current TV stars, Cuoco hasn’t made a huge jump into movies. She made a few TV ones in her early career for ABC Family and a unique Lifetime movie where she played a high schooler wearing a fat suit to get reactions for a story. Her big-screen outing was playing the bride in the comedy hit The Wedding Ringer as well as the animated/live-action Easter film Hop. Cuoco has been busy with the show and other projects and seems content to be the highest-paid actress on TV more than moving into film. It’s surprising given her amazing beauty and comedic timing, and she would want to show her talents. This pic showcases those fabulous legs, something you’d think moviemakers would love to put on screen a lot more. Maybe when Theory finally ends its run, Cuoco will make more of a jump into film, but right now she’s happy showing her sexiness off on the small screen more.

19 Side View

Cuoco loves social media, posting constantly on Twitter and Instagram. She loves to answer fan questions, although there’s still one she refuses to comment on: Penny’s last name. At first, just having her be “Penny” was a gag with the writers thinking it was fun that Leonard and the others didn’t even care enough to learn her last name. But it’s since turned into a good running gag as others on the show know it, they just don’t say it. You’ll see her ID with the name blocked out somehow, and someone just about to say it when the scene cuts away. It’s speculated that when BBT finally reaches its end, they’ll reveal it. As it is, Cuoco loves to play with the idea and some of her posts poke fun at it by giving hints, or even asking fans what they think Penny’s name is. But when she posts pics like this, flaunting her abs with a great smile, no one can care about names as long as Cuoco looks like that.

18 Baseball Love

Cuoco is no stranger to some hot photo shoots, but this Cosmo one is unique. It has her stripping down to a sexy baseball uniform, one pic even having her chowing down on a hot dog. As it happens, basketball is more Cuoco’s speed as she’s a mainstay at courtside during Lakers games cheering the team on. True, a few claim she’s just a celebrity enjoying the big events, but she does seem to get into those games well. Her style is nice as yoga is the best way she keeps in shape. Most don’t know that Cuoco was actually a tennis player when she was young, even ranked as a kid, but quit at 16 to concentrate on acting. It’s interesting to imagine how her life could have taken a far different turn. However, you can’t deny that any sport would make Cuoco look hot as hell and entertain her fans.

17 Black Bikini

Something about Cuoco in a bikini is amazing. The woman is just perfect for it, showing off her amazing form and keeps herself in fantastic shape. A running theme in the early years of Big Bang Theory was how Penny would go around dressed in hot outfits and not get the effect she had on the guys. That was toned down, but obviously Cuoco is still able to show off some terrific style and keeping her great form showcased. After all, the show sells itself on her heat for male viewers amid the comedy, and it’s no wonder magazines are eager to have Cuoco show off. This spread is great, a hot black bikini matching her short hair, a nice smile; it just comes off amazingly bright. This is a woman made for some hot fun, and Cuoco nails it perfectly to show the body that’s helped Theory hit big ratings over the years.

16 Sneaky Tattoos

For a bit, Cuoco actually went by Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting. She married tennis player Ryan Sweeting in 2013; the two got engaged just two months into dating. To celebrate, Cuoco had their wedding date tattooed on the back of her neck and would gush about the great marriage to reporters. But just two years later, the duo divorced amid rumors of Sweeting cheating on her. Cuoco thus had the tattoo covered up by a huge moth one. She put it on her Instagram page to showcase it with a message telling young women to avoid such a mistake. As she put it, marking your own body to remember an important date was quite short-sighted and foolish. Cuoco has moved on since with horse rider Karl Cook. This pic showcases that earlier tattoo along with a nice bikini, and while she prefers not to mark that period, Cuoco shows she’s moved on from that painful end and a moment she prefers not to mark anymore.

15 Dominating Heat

The chemistry of the show from the start was on the unique triangle between Penny, Leonard, and Sheldon. Sheldon’s rather… unique… mentality means he takes his friendship with Leonard as something central to his entire life. Thus, it’s taken him a while to grasp how Leonard and Penny getting together means Sheldon is no longer the most important person in Leonard’s life. Indeed, in one fun sequence, Leonard had to give Sheldon a long speech to explain why marrying Penny meant Leonard and Sheldon could no longer be roommates, but Sheldon didn’t seem to get it. This would lead to a fun bit of Sheldon imagining how nutty things could get, such as coming home to discover Penny and Leonard had turned the apartment into a “love dungeon”, with Leonard in leather clothing being whipped by Penny. Cuoco clearly loved the action, flaunting the outfit and acting up wildly. It was a brief but memorable bit to sell her heat very nicely.

14 Red Hot Carpet

There are two kinds of red carpet events in Hollywood. The first are the big ones like the Emmys or Oscars where stars glam it up big time. The second are for movie premieres or just some parties. In either case, Cuoco is a standout. She can look amazing in Emmy dresses, often going for a golden look, makeup perfect and photographers love to capture her. But she comes off hotter in the second category, able to look great, but at the same time looks very high class. This dress is a fine example, baring some back and mid-riff, but the red look fits the carpet well. Cuoco has her established smirk in place which always does great for pictures and showcases her terrific style. Cuoco does glam up for the big events and gets fun, yet somehow, she manages to look red-hot in any dress to stand out in any party place.

13 Strike A Pose

A big hit was when Cuoco decided to cut off her long mane of blonde hair for a much shorter cut. It was a big change and it was even written onto the show as others reacted with Sheldon (infamous for resisting any change) literally locking himself into his room to handle this. But it does look great, showcasing her face even better and adding some sharpness to her sexiness. Cuoco shows it off with this fun outfit for Lip Synch Battle, a funny pose that flaunts her body in tight pants and some nice mix to her top. It really doesn’t matter what length her hair is, Cuoco remains a top-notch hot lady in any setting. However, tossing in a more “punk” look just makes her hotter and more relatable; still an amazing beauty but one you’d have a chance with. Cuoco shrugs it off as just wanting to shift her look up a bit and it pays off to sell her wonderfully

12 Chorus Line

The BBT cast is well known for their comedic chops, but a few of them are great singers too. At a charity event, they showed up to do several songs from Grease and had a great time. Cuoco then came out to do a solo number, “Dance 10, Looks 3” from the hit musical A Chorus Line. Fans of the show know it by a somewhat more risqué title. The song focuses on a dancer sharing how audition coaches championed her dancing but not her body. So she goes in to see a surgeon to get a little “T&A” done. Cuoco was great doing it, dancing and getting the moves down, especially showing off her nice assets in time with the music. It was a great piece to show Cuoco’s comic timing and the fact that she herself underwent surgery just makes it even funnier. No matter her beauty, Cuoco has the acting skills to back it up and make herself sexy in any number.

11 That Smirk

From the start, the chemistry between Cuoco and co-star Johnny Galecki was key to the show’s success. The banter between nerdy Leonard and hot Penny grew as they circled each other, got together, broke up, but then got back together again. It’s grown since into engagement and marriage, and the two are great together. Still, it was a surprise when in 2010, the two confirmed that for two full years they had been together. There had been almost no word about it, the two managing to keep it totally secret, a very impressive feat in today’s tabloid culture. They wanted to keep it quiet so as not to affect the show and in case it ended badly. It did end, but on good terms given how they’ve continued to work together well since. Each counts the other as a good friend today, turning down more rumors of them getting back together. Looking at this photo of Cuoco lying on her front and tossing a look back shows why it’s only natural Galecki would get with this woman for real.

10 Animal Love

If there’s one thing Cuoco is truly passionate about, it’s saving animals. She started in 2007 and it’s picked up from there. Her first “love” was Norman, a Pitbull with a broken leg that she took home and rehabilitated. He’s been her constant companion since, and Cuoco has added to it with pit bull Shirley, terrier Ruby, and seven horses. The animals are a constant on Cuoco’s Instagram page, many with some great followings, especially Norman. She’s transformed her home into a halfway house for animals she finds abandoned and works with vets to make sure they get well and find good homes. This pic showcases her with Ruby in her stable and flaunting her nice green outfit. It shows that while Cuoco is sexy, she has an amazing heart and credits the animals helping her through tough times like her divorce and insists they saved her as much as she saved them.

9 Yoga Fun

It’s almost too easy for paparazzi to get a hot pick of Cuoco. All they need to do is stakeout the local yoga clubs in Los Angeles and there she is. Cuoco has been championing yoga constantly as a great way to keep herself in shape and flaunting herself well. The sight of her walking in tight pants and tops is obviously hot, and even without makeup, she’s a sight. It’s even been worked into BBT with Penny doing yoga either by herself or trying to help the guys get into it, to various levels of success. This pic shows a nice selfie of Cuoco striking a cool pose in some tight pants, her hair done up high and a fun expression. That she appears to be standing in some posh mansion or hotel just makes it more interesting, and shows that wherever she is, Cuoco takes the time to work yoga in. Given how she looks in those pants and form, no one will complain about her doing it so often.

8 Young And Sassy

Looking at a younger Cuoco is amazing. Unlike many actresses, Cuoco not only openly admits to having gotten plastic surgery but calls it one of the best decisions of her life. She rose to fame playing the teenage daughter on ABC’s 8 Simple Rules, which was a smash hit in its first season. However, when star John Ritter (who played the dad) suddenly died early into filming the second season, the show never fully recovered (Cuoco says it was like losing her real father). Still, the show managed to go three seasons and put her on the map. Looking back, you can see her great beauty and appeal, especially in hot outfits like this. However, Cuoco thought she wasn’t quite hot enough and went in for work including a nose job, a neck filler, and breast enhancement. It led to her much bigger success, yet it's still striking to see the hottie she was in her youth.

7 Black Lace

After 8 Simple Rules went off the air, Cuoco managed to move on in Hollywood. Charmed had been a long-running show for the WB and it was expected to end when that network merged with UPN to form the CW. Instead, the CW, needing some recognizable names, added it for a final season. To spark things up, Cuoco joined as Billie, a young newbie witch taken in by the sisters. Her attitude rubbed fans the wrong way and the storyline of finding her lost sister came off as annoying. Still, Cuoco got to show some hot outfits, as per the show, from a super-hero costume to a black leather combat suit. She fit in well with the established stars and showcased a fun style. It was a nice boost to her career and when Charmed ended, it led to her getting the role of Penny. As this pic shows, Cuoco was magical in so many ways to make this a key move to her career.

6 Candid Abs

Cuoco tries to maintain her privacy more than you’d expect. After all, she managed to keep totally secret how she and Johnny Galecki were dating for two years. She keeps it more after her divorce, wanting to just be known for acting and such rather than some tabloid fixture. However, it’s hard for a woman this ultra-hot to go around unnoticed, especially on vacation. Here’s Cuoco trying to look unobtrusive with glasses and a dark hat. But wearing a bikini baring her amazingly toned abs is a sure way to get gawkers. She loves to hang out with friends and naturally, paparazzi are eager to get her with any new boyfriend. Cuoco does enjoy her time and it’s clear she needs a break now and then. But even a candid shot of her not done up at all shows one amazing body and how easily the woman just captures a camera.

5 Selfie Style

A fun bit on Big Bang Theory is when Penny, Bernadette, and Amy decide to give the guys a “fashion show” before going on the town. Amy, of course, has her rather frumpy style while Bernadette has a red-hot dress that gets the audience howling. Not to be outdone, Penny drops her coat to show off a short black number that “got me out of two speeding tickets and jury duty.” As hot as Cuoco is baring skin, even dressed head to toe makes her look amazing. This selfie shows off a dark blue dress that flaunts her legs, a nice dip to the cleavage, not massively skin-baring but still terrific. The long blonde hair flowed back just tops it off and her nice smirk indicates Cuoco is ready for a hot time wherever she’s going. Whether in-character or not, Cuoco sells wonderfully the idea of being a hot party gal and looking great doing it.

4 Being Britney

Lip Synch Battle has become a popular show for Spike. Two celebrities go head to head lip-synching various hit songs all for a “championship belt” in front of a rabid audience. Cuoco was set against Josh Grad (the show likes to do offbeat pairings) and, as usual, they went at it in a one-on-one “regular” lip-synch with Cuoco doing a Ludacris theme which title can’t be repeated in public. The second showdown had her going all out in a full production of Britney Spears’ “Slave 4 U”. That brought Cuoco in a green bikini top and loose shorts, a long blonde wig, and even a huge snake. It was a good number, her grinding and matching Britney’s great moves and the audience loving how she went all out for it. She didn’t lose — Grad’s performance of “Touch Myself” dressed as Donald Trump was too much to resist — but Cuoco proved herself worthy of Britney’s mantle.

3 Always Alluring

For several years, a popular issue of Allure magazine focused on looking great in nothing. To back it up, they would have various starlets bare it all in some nice spreads. They were tasteful but could be risqué, a few ladies not above showing off their full rear ends or such. Cuoco took part herself, her photo very well done with not as much showing off as other ladies. It was a kneeling position, her hair and arms perfectly placed to cover her chest and the look throwing back at the camera was perfect. She was totally bare to show off her nice rear end, but not as obvious as others. The black and white motif fit the shoot well, enhancing Cuoco’s natural beauty and how great she looks. Cuoco doesn’t do nude scenes and tries not to flaunt her body as much as one might expect, but looking all natural is truly alluring.

2 Stunning As Penny

A popular episode of BBT is when Penny, Bernadette, and Amy hit Vegas for a conference. Penny is trying to concentrate on her studies for a big test while her two friends try to get wild in their own way. Penny is annoyed by their antics and they decide to go on a wild night on the town, getting drunk. The next morning, Bernadette and Amy are hungover in bed when Penny enters, free of her studies to enjoy the pool. She gets back at them by yanking open the curtains and the two howl at the sudden sunlight. Penny is dressed in a striking orange bikini, set up before the window showing a view of Vegas, including the fake Eiffel Tower. It’s a great showcase for Cuoco’s fantastic beauty on display and mixing with her humor well. One can imagine her having fun in the real Vegas and the sight of Cuoco in any bikini is a memorable one.

1 Sliding Shirt

This is just the epitome of Cuoco’s sexiness on full display. This Shape magazine pictorial had Cuoco showing off her fun style and amazing body in some tight outfits. For this, you get her in a white shirt, clearly no bra under it but not too obtrusive. She’s hinting at pulling it off and that wicked smile and half wink indicate how fun she likes to be. Cuoco doesn’t show off too much, some fun hints here and there, but prefers to be taken more seriously for her acting. But this pic shows she can’t hide her absolutely stunning sex appeal and knows how to work it well. Cuoco is really perfect for Penny; a lady who often doesn’t grasp the effects her beauty has on men. Cuoco is obviously much smarter and knows full well how folks react to her. That comes off nicely in this pic and really, any pic to show how Cuoco is one of the hottest blondes around.

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