Just 19 Megan Fox Photos For You To Ogle

It may be hard to believe, but it’s been a decade since Megan Fox was introduced to the world as the love interest of Shia LaBeouf in the first of a series of big-budget, increasingly tedious films about transforming cars that come from outer space. This role, though fairly straightforward, launched Fox into superstardom. In fact, there was a period of time when she was absolutely everywhere. She was in movies, on television, in magazines, on billboards. It seemed that you couldn’t go anywhere without running into photos of her wearing little to no clothing.

The years that followed saw the rebirth of reality television and the rise of the Kardashian family. Much of the attention that was given to Megan Fox was quickly transferred to Kim Kardashian, before being partitioned out among the likes of Gigi Hadid, Selena Gomez, and hundreds of thousands of Instagram and Snapchat “celebrities”.

We no longer live in a world where humanity is brought together by a shared obsession with one female star, meaning the argument can be made that Megan Fox was the last great sex symbol. If you think that might be a bit of a grand title to bestow upon a 30-year-old mom of three from Oak Ridge, Tennessee, take a look at these photos to remind yourself just why Megan Fox captivated the world the way she did. Here are 20 of the hottest Megan Fox photos you’ve ever seen.


19 Creature From The Deep

If you’re trying to convince somebody of Megan Fox’s near-otherworldly good looks, this picture is a good place to start. It gives a comprehensive view of the actress as she emerges from what looks to be a private pool, most likely out in California. Fox’s dripping wet body is covered only by a white bikini.

It is said that one million tourists visit Loch Ness every year, hoping to see the Loch Ness Monster rise from the murky waters of the lake. It is safe to say ten times that amount would visit the United States if they thought they had a chance of witnessing Megan Fox in a similar situation.

18 Black And White


If there were ever any doubts about whether or not Megan Fox would have been able to hang with the likes of Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe, let this photo put them to rest.

Here, we have proof that the Transformers star looks just as good in black and white as she does in color and 3D. The way she leans over with her incredibly sexy 'come hither' look, you are almost obliged to stare. This is clearly an advertisement and by the looks of it, the company made an excellent choice in featuring Fox. Not that this is her first time, but she has a natural ability to project pure sex appeal. And we love her for it.

17 Gypsy

In this picture, we see Megan Fox, dressed like a member of Fleetwood Mac, as she poses nonchalantly before the camera. The actress is gazing off into the distance while her hooped earrings and flowing jet black hair frame her face. Her jewel-covered hands are crammed into her dark green pockets while her flesh-colored top makes it almost look as though she is topless.

That top clings to Fox’s torso so tightly that we can clearly see her nipples lurking just below the surface, like the fin of the sexiest shark you will ever encounter or the cherry on the most delicious cupcake you will ever taste.

16 By The Sea


You ever hear that old song that goes “Oh I do like to be beside the seaside, I do like to be beside the sea”? Well, apparently Megan Fox really, really likes to be beside the seaside and the sea. A fact which is clear for all to see in this picture.

This image shows the Jennifer’s Body actress in all her black and white glory, seductively tilting her head back and letting her wet hair hang down as the waves crash against the jagged rocks behind her. Fox’s swimsuit is drenched in the salt water of the ocean and clings to her like paint.

Something tells us that Fox and her husband probably love going to the beach.

15 Lounging

There are only a few people in this wicked world who can kick back and relax and make money while doing so. Megan Fox, as shown in this picture taken as part of photo shoot a number of years ago, is one of them.

Here, we see her lounging on a sunbed with a (probably alcoholic) beverage by her side, enjoying the bright rays of the sun as they engulf and illuminate her body. One leg is stretched out before her while the other is bent to reveal that she is wearing a pair of high heels. She is clad in a tight white bikini, possibly the same one she was wearing in the photograph that kicked off this list, which you almost certainly remember.

14 Look At Me


A couple of months ago, a Megan Fox fan club posted this photo to their Instagram account with the caption “look at me”. Of course, when you look as good as she does here, you really don’t have to ask people to look at you. Though anyone that looks at the above photo will also understand why people would join a Megan Fox fan club!

In the above photo, Fox looks stunning in a very (very) short black dress which becomes increasingly less revealing as it runs down her torso to her thighs. Fox’s hair looks as though she just rolled out of bed, a look which likely took several hours in makeup to achieve. Again, her Marilyn Monroe tattoo is visible.

13 Video Music Awards

While there are plenty of red carpet events where Fox stole the show, you may agree that there was no way we could have a complete list without the above photo.

In fact, this picture dates all the way back to 2007 when Megan Fox was both literally and figuratively the hottest star in Hollywood. It was taken at that year’s MTV Video Music Awards as she walked the catwalk for one of the first times in her career.

Of course, Fox didn’t let her inexperience get to her and she looks the picture of confidence in a figure-hugging pink dress which clings to her body almost as tightly as she clings to her clutch. Her lips are rich and full and almost impossible not to notice in the bright red lipstick which covers them.


12 Flower Child


Whether she is in the middle of a photographer’s studio, surrounded by hundreds of lifeless, sterile cameras and canvasses, or out in nature with flies and mosquitoes and various plants and trees, Megan Fox looks at home.

In this picture, we are shown Megan Fox as she poses against the endless leaves of a blooming tree. She seems to be in the process of removing her top to reveal a black one-piece bikini beneath. Owing to the tactical positioning of her arms, her breasts are pressed together and look as though they are planning to burst out of the bikini in order to enjoy the bright light of the sun and enthusiastically greet the many singing birds, which would likely greet them just as enthusiastically.

11 In The Kitchen

Some of our more traditional readers may feel that a woman’s place is in the kitchen. Being a pretty liberal guy, I’m prone to disagree. I believe women should have the right to work wherever they want, wear whatever they want, and do whatever they want to do with their bodies. But I’m getting off track...

As I said, I’m a pretty liberal person, but this picture of Megan Fox spread across a kitchen counter is enough to make me reconsider my ideals.

Here, the perpetually 20-year-old actress is seen resting atop her kitchen counter. Her top half is just barely covered by a white top and leather vest, giving her a casual look which is contradicted by the amount of effort she seems to have put into her flawless makeup.

10 She Means Business


Many of those who criticized Megan Fox during the peak of her fame claimed that she lacked any acting real talent and had to strip down to her underwear in order to make men interested in her.

While it is true that there is no shortage of photos of Fox clad in bra and panties, this picture proves that she can pull off the powerful businesswoman look just as well. It shows Fox standing on the top of a towering building, wearing a revealing though perfectly respectable black dress. Her long legs run down into a very high pair of high heels while a ring rests on her finger, breaking the hearts of millions of men all over the world and making her husband a very lucky guy.

9 Princess

We can add this to the pile of pictures which prove Megan Fox does not, in fact, have to strip down to her bra and panties to look beautiful. In fact, this picture is probably a better example of Fox’s beauty than the last as she is almost completely covered up.

It shows the actress looking elegant in a sparkling golden dress while a white fur jacket keeps the cold from her arms. Her necklace matches perfectly with her earrings, which are on display thanks to the rare tying up of her hair. Fox looks so graceful in this picture that you would be forgiven for mistaking her for Grace Kelly, the American actress who became the Princess of Monaco following her marriage to Prince Rainier III in 1956.

8 Out And About


It is almost the sole aim of the paparazzi to score pictures of our favorite celebrities looking stressed out, overwhelmed, hungover, and just generally unpleasant. However, you’re going to have a hard time capturing Megan Fox looking any one of those things. In this picture, snapped by the paparazzi some years ago, we see Megan Fox as she is off the movie set and running errands. She is not the dolled-up hot girl we have come to know through her films, but she still looks incredible.

She is decked out in a simple yet alluring black dress and her eyes are hidden by a pair of blue sunglasses. In her hands, she clings to her phone and a brand of drink that I know I have seen before but can’t quite remember the name of. Oh well, that’s not exactly the reason you’re looking at this picture.

7 Mickey Mouse

This picture is definitely one of the best pictures of Megan Fox on the internet, mainly because it features two images of her in one. We see Megan Fox standing right next to Megan Fox, the former seductive and the latter a little more on the goofy side. The aforementioned seductive Megan Fox is clad in one of her many form-fitting black dresses, which is pulled in the middle to ensure maximum tightness. At the bottom of the picture, we can see the tip of a pair of thigh-high leather boots. The more goofy Fox is a little more scantily clad, though attention is drawn away from her almost bare torso by the Mickey Mouse hat which rests upon her head.

6 Simple


After a couple of images of Megan Fox wearing more conservative outfits, this picture takes us back to the theme of the Transformers actress being half-naked, which I’m pretty sure you guys won’t be complaining about. In fact, it can be argued that this picture takes us back to basics.

In it, Fox is displayed without any elaborate posing or background images. She is clad in simple lace underwear and her face shows little if any traces of makeup. Fox’s full body is almost on display here, with only a small portion of her abdomen being covered by her forearm. From that forearm, we can see the slightest hint of Marilyn Monroe’s face as the former Hollywood star cries out for one more on-screen appearance.

5 Flowerchild 2

We have seen multiple instalments of the Transformers films which made Megan Fox a household name. However, it is rare that we are blessed with a sequel to one of her photo shoots. This picture serves as a sequel to the Flowerchild photo we looked at a little earlier on.

Fox, decked out in the same black bikini and recently removed shirt stares seductively at the camera, challenging you not to look at her body. Of course, we all know that’s a fight no man can win.

4 Pure


Here is a picture which offers quite a different look at the star. We are used to seeing Fox in underwear and little more. Even in the photos in which she is fully clothed there is something of a “dirty” or “naughty” air about her.

In this picture, however, Fox looks as pure as an angel. In fact, she looks as close to an angel as a person can look without sprouting wings. Her nude lipstick blends perfectly with her pale face and the small portion of her white dress that we can see makes her look more like a model from a bridal show than a world famous heartbreaker.

3 On Top Of The World

It’s hard to say exactly when this picture was taken, but thanks to the editing job, we can assume it was sometime around 2007 when Megan Fox was essentially the queen of the world. The image shows a tanned Fox ripping off her clothes in a theatrical manner which would make Hulk Hogan proud. Beneath her torn vest, we can see that she is wearing a simple black bra. The fierce face she is making is more proof that this woman has everything she needs and deserves her place in Hollywood.

2 This Is 40


There are certain scenes in certain movies which we rewatch over and over again. We take screenshots and search online for stills of said scenes so we can really lose ourselves in those moments. This is a still from one such scene in This Is 40.

In this still, we see a stripped down Megan Fox in a pair of leopard print underwear and a bright pink bra. An extremely lucky necklace hangs down from her neck and nestles comfortably between her breasts. An equally lucky co-star extends her arm and squeezes Fox’s breast, though Fox does not look pleased. While Megan Fox is clearly not thrilled by the feeling of another woman’s hands on her chest, it is safe to say this scene has put a smile on the face of all those who have seen it.

1 Couch Potato

We all have those days when we decide we won’t be going into work and instead spend the whole day lazing around the house in our underwear. However, not all of us look quite as good as Megan Fox does when she chooses to spend her day as a couch potato.

This picture captures Megan Fox as she lies on a velvet couch, stretching her arms and legs to give the photographer (and us) a full view of her in her bra. It is a glorious image and is a better argument for the existence of God than all of the sacred texts combined.

The image is in black and white, proving once again that Megan Fox would have looked just as good seventy years ago, if, of course, old Hollywood had been a little more liberal.

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