15Charlize Theron Getting A Little Rough

While adopting a child is truly an admirable deed, there has been some speculation about whether it is really the best thing when a single person adopts a child. Taking care of another human being is hard enough even when there are two parents present, let alone when a single

person needs to do this two-people job all alone. Charlize Theron is one of those people who decided she didn’t need a husband in order to raise a child, so she adopted two kids, first a baby boy named Jackson, and a couple of years later, a baby girl, Autumn. However, when you are a parent, things don’t always run smoothly and sometimes you just lose your temper. This pic was taken by paparazzi when Charlize clearly lost it in a parking lot and she got a little bit too rough with her son. Many people agree this was not the best way to handle things.

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