Just 15 Pics That Prove Hollywood Has The Worst Parents

Most parents, especially new ones, have no idea what they’re doing most of the time. You have a whole other little person you need to look after 24/7, and that is not always easy. However, parents manage somehow and it gets easier with time.

One of the problems with being a celebrity is the fact that your private life is not always as private as you would like it to be. You can’t make mistakes in public like regular people do because someone will notice and the news will spread like wildfire. However, some slips are more or less allowed, for example, wearing the wrong dress on the red carpet never killed anyone, but when it comes to children, wrong and potentially dangerous moves are not tolerated by the public. And they shouldn’t be. Let’s face it, taking care of their kid is a parent's most important job in the world and it shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Unfortunately, some celebrities didn’t pay as much attention to their children’s safety as they should have, and there was always somebody capturing the whole thing on camera. Thanks to the fact that every person has a phone camera in their pocket, here we have 15 pics that prove Hollywood has the worst parents!

15 Charlize Theron Getting A Little Rough

While adopting a child is truly an admirable deed, there has been some speculation about whether it is really the best thing when a single person adopts a child. Taking care of another human being is hard enough even when there are two parents present, let alone when a single person needs to do this two-people job all alone. Charlize Theron is one of those people who decided she didn’t need a husband in order to raise a child, so she adopted two kids, first a baby boy named Jackson, and a couple of years later, a baby girl, Autumn. However, when you are a parent, things don’t always run smoothly and sometimes you just lose your temper. This pic was taken by paparazzi when Charlize clearly lost it in a parking lot and she got a little bit too rough with her son. Many people agree this was not the best way to handle things.

14 Kim Kardashian Isn’t Mother Material

Kim Kardashian has been accused of being the worst mother ever on several different occasions. Sure, no parent is perfect, but Kim took things a step too far with her daughter more than once. While numerous celebrities try to keep their children out of the public eye as much as possible for the children’s sake, Kim has been doing the exact opposite. She treats North sort of like an accessory and she always keeps her in the spotlight, sometimes in the venues that are not suited for kids at all. Not to mention she was ignoring her child completely on many different occasions in public, for example, when North took a nasty spill in the LA Museum of Art and Kim did absolutely nothing about it, or when she fell in the middle of the street and Kim didn’t even bother looking at her.

13 Beyonce Endangering Her Baby

There is a very good reason why people are not supposed to put their kids in a hot tub, whirlpool, or any other type of bath that has a high temperature. Babies have a way more difficult time regulating their body temperature than adults, so it can rise significantly very quickly, which can result in a number of metabolic problems. However, Beyonce either didn’t know that or she didn’t really care because she took her baby into a hot tub and she had it even captured on camera. This might make for a great photo, but it is actually a pretty severe case of child endangerment. The only logical explanation behind this could be that the water in the tub wasn’t heated, but what are the odds of that? It’s called a hot tub for a reason.

12 Michael Jackson Dangling His Baby Over The Balcony

If there was one person whose behavior could be considered the strongest in history, that person would be Michael Jackson. He was the very opposite of everything that is considered usual. From his plastic surgery addiction to pedophilia accusations, his life was full of scandals, controversial behavior, and some pretty questionable decisions. While none of the child sexual abuse accusations came from his own kids, he was far from being a picture-perfect parent. One of his weakest parenting moments was when he was dangling his baby over a hotel balcony with a blanket over the baby’s head. Who knows what he was thinking, but he obviously wasn’t thinking clearly about what he was doing. Millions of people from all around the world were appalled when this picture appeared on the Internet and for a good reason, too.

11 Dina Lohan Isn’t The Best Role Model

Dina Lohan is one of those moms who uses their famous children to get into the Hollywood hotspots, as she has proven on numerous occasions. When the well-being of your own child falls on your ladder of priorities beneath your own, there is something seriously wrong going on. Everybody knows Lindsay Lohan had a really hard time struggling with drug and alcohol addiction, so it was quite unexpected to see her own mother partying side by side with her even though she knew her daughter was in a really bad place at the time. It looked as if Dina didn’t really care about her daughter hitting rock bottom as long as she was able to use her for getting into the hottest parties. As far as role models go, Lindsay’s mother definitely isn’t a good one.

10 Kourtney Kardashian Picks All The Wrong Play Areas

Sitting on top of a car is not easy when you are an adult with good reflexes and fully developed motor skills, let alone when you are a tiny baby struggling to keep your balance even on the flat floor. Car hoods are made slippery and smooth on purpose to let the rain and the dirt roll off easily, and they are definitely not meant to be a play area for children because they could fell off with the smallest wrong move. To make things worse, Kourtney is pretty tiny herself and she would have a really hard time catching a kid about to fall down from the hood of a car as big as her massive SUV. There are a million different spots that are more suited for children to play in. For starters, how about the inside of a car?

9 Britney Spears Driving With A Baby On Her Lap

There is a very good reason why driving a car with a baby on your lap is forbidden by law. The baby belongs in a car seat. Period. There is no way to put a seatbelt on a baby and drive the baby safely unless it’s in the car seat. It is bad enough when one of the passengers in the car holds the baby on their lap, but when a driver tries to focus on driving while holding a baby, that's way beyond reckless. People were quite skeptical when Britney announced she was about to have a baby due to her questionable mental state and, unfortunately, now we have proof that they were worried for a reason. This kind of behavior is completely unacceptable because the child’s safety should always come first.

8 Hilary Duff Kissing Her Son On The Mouth

Different people feel differently about this particular picture. While some of them find kissing your child on the mouth quite natural, the others find it extremely inappropriate. The kiss in the picture also doesn’t seem like a quick peck that parents often give their children. In fact, it looks a bit more passionate than most people would consider a normal mother-son kiss. Of course, parents should hug and kiss their children as much as possible, and they do because they just can’t help it, but there is a certain degree to which it is considered appropriate and it looks like Hilary Duff stepped a bit over the line with this one. Maybe it’s just the angle of the picture or maybe she kisses her son always like that, we can’t be sure. However, there is something disturbing about it.

7 Kristin Cavallari’s Unusually Thin Son

When this photo first appeared online, many people felt the need to let Kristin Cavallari know that her son appeared to be way too thin. When you look at his back, you can clearly see his bones showing, and while Kristin is a little bit of health fanatic, she might have taken things a bit too far when it comes to the (mal)nutrition of her kids. Sure, it is a great thing to prepare healthy meals for your children, but there is a point when what we consider healthy stops being healthy. When asked about that, she stated that the whole family was on a smoothie breakfast diet at the time and she made them smoothies every morning with ingredients like spinach, bananas, avocado, etc. No wonder the kids lost some weight at the time.

6 Peaches Geldof: Drop The Baby, Save The Phone

You know how maternal instincts make mothers jump into fire to save their babies? Well, it seems that Peaches Geldof isn’t one of those mothers who would do that. She shocked every single person back 2012 when they saw a picture of her talking on the phone with her baby falling onto the pavement. The normal reaction would be to drop everything and try to catch the baby and to make sure they're all right. However, not only did Peaches not do that, she actually continued to talk on the phone while picking the newborn up to put them back in the stroller. She didn’t seem too stressed about the whole thing, which cannot be said about the people who witnessed it. It looks like she really needs to sort out her priorities.

5 Drew Barrymore Grew Up Way Too Early

Drew Barrymore got an early start in her acting career when she got a part in Spielberg’s legendary movie E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial at the age of 9, and while it was a big and important step for her career, it was the early end of her childhood, mostly thanks to her parents who dragged her to the Hollywood parties and nightclubs at such an early age. She was only 9 when she had her first drink, she started smoking marijuana at the age of 10, and by the age of 12, she was hooked on cocaine. It all led to her being institutionalized when she was 13 years old and she had to emancipate herself from her parents in order to get out of that terrible cycle of alcohol and drug abuse.

4 Jamie Lynn Spears’ Daughter Driving An ATV

You know how sometimes you see a reckless parent and you immediately think of all the things that could hypothetically go wrong with their kids? Unfortunately, in the case of Jamie Lynn Spears’ daughter, things didn’t stop at the pure hypothetical guessing. She had posted a picture of her daughter driving an ATV and soon after that, the child got into a terrible accident and almost didn’t make it through. First of all, the type of ATV she was driving is not recommended for kids under the age of 10 (little Maddie was 8 at the time she got into the accident) because they cannot successfully operate such heavy machines. Maddie lost the control over the ATV and she entered a pond where she was submerged in water for over 2 minutes. She was then taken to a hospital where she spent two days unconscious but, luckily, she made a full recovery.

3 Coco Austin Treats Her Baby Like A Doll

As obvious as it seems, it looks like some people are still not totally aware of the fact that a child is not a toy. Coco Austin was publicly bashed in 2016 when she posted a photo of her newborn baby, Chanel, wearing heels. But the problem doesn’t really end there since Coco’s explanation is even more disturbing than the picture itself. She stated that she thinks of her baby as a doll and it is her first doll ever, so she really enjoys playing with it. She never owned a doll so now she makes up for that with her brand new real-life doll that just happens to be her baby. Sure, women love to buy cute, tiny clothes for their little babies, but how many women out there would actually compare their kids to dolls?

2 Victoria Beckham Kissing Harper On The Lips

Every parent enjoys kissing their children, it’s as natural and normal as it gets. However, people have different takes on how those kisses should look like and many of them agree that kissing your child on the lips isn’t totally appropriate. When Victoria Beckham posted a picture of the kiss she gave to her daughter Harper, a number of her followers felt quite uncomfortable about that. Some of them even stated that it was disgusting and wrong. The picture has thrown the world into a massive discussion and the arguments went both ways. Different psychologists also had different takes on it. Some believe it is perfectly harmless and natural, while others think it can cause confusion, especially if you stop kissing your children on the mouth when they’re older (or if you don’t).

1 Gisele Bundchen Risking Safety For Fashion

Well, isn’t this a lovely picture of a mom and her baby? Sure, it’s wonderful until you take a closer look at it. Do you see those tiny little earrings baby Vivian is wearing? That can, in fact, be a very dangerous thing for a baby her age because it’s a serious choking hazard. You know how even adult women lose their earrings all the time? That is because those things come off pretty easily and a child could take them off unintentionally at any moment. And you know how babies are; they tend to put everything they get their hands on into their mouths and they could easily choke to death on an earring this small. When you are a parent, you need to think 10 steps ahead in order to prevent accidents from happening and Gisele definitely wasn’t very cautious with her newborn.

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