Just 15 Celebrity Photobombs That Are Perfect

Celebrities. They're just like us. When they see an innocent group of people posing nicely for a photo, the urge that lies in us all, rises up and sometimes resisting the urge to jump into the background and make a silly face just before the shutter clicks is just too much to bear.

Photobombing is nothing new, just a relatively new term assigned to a practice that's as old as the hills. Black and white photos with photobombers are abundantly available with a simple Google search. A Bayeux tapestry from the year 1066 has been discovered that shows an embroidered man "tapestry bombing" a scene. There might even be hieroglyphics and cave art depicting some ancient ancestor bombing Cleopatra or a dinosaur. Who knows? Animals have been caught photobombing photos of humans or other animals. So it's only natural that celebrities, who are just mere human beings after all, participate in this time-honored tradition of ours that is as old as time itself.

Maybe deep down, the reason we love photobombing so much is because it's a way of feeling connected to a larger circle. You see a family of five having their photo taken while you're alone in the park. If you can't help but to run over and leap into the background while sticking out your tongue, maybe it's just your way of saying, Hello world. I was there, too. Here are fifteen celeb-bomb-tastic examples of people who have felt the exact same way.


15 Jon And Jimmy Piggyback Their Way Into A Family Photo

This lovely family of four got much more than they bargained for when they posed for a family photo on the observation deck of the Empire State Building. Little did they know that while they were smiling away and making sure this perfect family moment was captured forever, two celebrity pranksters were up to something behind their backs. Jimmy Fallon jumped on Jon Hamm's back and they both hammed it up behind the grinning unsuspecting family, making the most of this photobombing opportunity because all expert photobombers know that the best bombing comes when people are posing in front of something. They're likely not to turn around as they make sure they flash a big smile for the camera, giving the bombers enough time to get into place. Jon and Jimmy know this firsthand and though this was not a natural photobombing experience (it was a set up for Jimmy's show) the family had no idea it was happening and it's super funny anyway.

14 Angelina Gets 2 Photobombers For The Price Of 1


Back in the day, a pregnant Angelina Jolie posed for the paparazzi at an event while Dustin Hoffman decided to get sneaky and hide behind a pony wall so that just his head would stick up behind Angelina's pregnant perfection picture. But obviously, that is not where this story ended. The plot thickened when Jack Black got into the mix. Judging by his glance at Dustin, Jack either had this idea first and was annoyed and surprised that Dustin stole his grand plan and beat him to it or Jack and Dustin planned the photobomb attack in advance and this is just Jack's signature photobomb style of expression that we're seeing. Jack Black has photobombed pregnant Angelina solo before so maybe he didn't appreciate someone else stepping in on his turf but personally, we prefer to believe that Dustin and Jack were working in concert. What a cool odd couple these two make!

13 Tom Hanks Photobombs You While You're Sleeping

12 Chris Rock Approves Of Rihanna's Outfit


Rihanna probably didn't need Chris Rock's approval for her gown of choice – the lovely dark green halter dress that it is – but it's always nice to have someone's approval, isn't it? Unless that someone's approval isn't directed at your outfit but at your assets. And judging by the comedian's past comments towards the singer, it looks like he may be just one of many men dazzled by the star. In 2016, while hosting the Oscars, Chris said, "Jada said she's not coming. Isn't she on a TV show? Jada boycotting the Oscars is like me boycotting Rihanna's panties. I wasn't invited."

Rihanna's "people" later commented for her, "She thinks he's funny and one of the best comedians of all time, but she's not looking to laugh in the bedroom." Ouch.

11 Zach Braff Is The Surprise Wedding Guest

Color this couple and their wedding photographer surprised when they reviewed their sweet urban post-I do wedding shots. The photographer was probably too busy making sure the settings and lighting were perfect and didn't notice the smiling star crasher until it was too late. But it wound up being a picture that the bride and groom likely consider themselves lucky to have and brag about to this day. Not only is this a celeb photobomb but it's a perfectly timed photo as well. Zach Braff just thought he was out and about as usual, walking the streets of Time Square and sipping his coffee when - bam! There's a random bride and groom standing in the crosswalk, pretending like no one else exists. What to do? For Zach, the answer was as simple and it was obvious. Turn and smile! One thing is for sure: this photo deserves a frame in the lucky couple's home.

10 Bieber, The Creeper


Justin Bieber is not unknown to the world of celebrity photobombing. In fact, he's working up quite the resume of great photobombing shots, to his fellow celebs and us regular Joes and Janes alike. But this one is pretty much celeb photobombing perfection as far as we're concerned thanks to the extra creepy look on Justin's face. He really went above and beyond to give this photobomb that special touch. Not only did he take extra care to make sure that his face was aligned right in the empty space between Russell Brand and Katy Perry but he also got in touch with his inner actor and pulled out a desperate expression that reminds us of the overly attached girlfriend meme. And Justin's eyes are only slightly more unsettling than Russell's.

9 Tricking Trump

When Donald Trump and Tyler The Creator were booked as guests on the same night for The Late Night Show with Jimmy Fallon, the man with the most famous hair in America next to only Fabio probably thought nothing of having his photo taken in the green room with someone who claimed to be his biggest fan. Little did Donald know he was being set up and not even the United States Secret Service could save him from this horrendous photobomb. While Taco distracted Mr. Trump, Tyler The Creator proceeded to put on an embarrassing little show in the background. Later, after Donald saw the photo he tweeted, "…..Guy in front asked for picture- said he was the biggest fan, never saw the guy in back." The cringe is real.


8 Jennifer Lawrence Unleashed


Apparently, the atmosphere at the 2014 Golden Globes had Jennifer Lawrence feeling a bit bloodthirsty and while it's not clear whether her wrath was directed at Taylor Swift or Ryan Seacrest, one thing is for sure, she nailed this quirky celebrity photobomb in spades. It looks as if she might be mad at Taylor for wearing the dress that she originally wanted to wear or taking too long answering the question which is cutting into her interview time (this was taken during the height of her The Hunger Games fame, after all). Or maybe she was pretending to be angry at Ryan for spending too much on Taylor. Whatever inspired her to create this masterful photobomb, we're glad that Jennifer was able to work up such a rage-filled expression.

7 Seacrest's Got A Secret

The 2012 summer Olympics in London was a big time for the likes of Gabby Douglas, McKayla Maroney, Ryan Lochte and many other stellar athletes. But another Ryan was ready to shake things up before everyone packed up and went home. Ryan Seacrest was spotted attempting to steal the thunder from a BBC commentator during the closing ceremonies. He later tweeted,"Photobombing my friends at the @BBC. Whatcha doing over there @GaryLineker?"

"Fearing for my job #handsoffRyan," Lineker tweeted back.

At least they both have a sense of humor about the incident. Ryan's grim facial expression looks a little too similar to those demons and demented clowns from the "when you see it" memes. Doesn't this guy get enough air time as it is? Let Lineker have his space, we say!

6 Lunch With John


We're thinking that the scenario played out in this kind of fashion.

Girl 1: Well, I'm full. What a great lunch that was!

Girl 2: It was so much fun catching up. I'm glad we got our picture taken for Matching White Hat Day.

Girl 1: Definitely. Make sure to send me a copy of that, okay?

Girl 2: I'll do it now. Wait...what the fedora?! Is that... it is! John Mayer is in our photo!

Girl 1: Let me see that! It is him!

Girl 2: He's gone now.

Girl 1: He couldn't have gotten far. To the parking lot!

Something like that considering this picture was snapped during the height of John's career. We love that he looks so unassuming. Just a regular guy, out enjoying lunch. Just a regular guy with seven Grammy awards to his name and a string of famous starlet ex-girlfriends in his rear view mirror.

5 Who's That Hiding In Our Teepee?

Why, strangely enough, it's Robert Pattinson. Why Robert Pattison chose to bend down and grab onto the legs of his fans to pose for a photo op is beyond us. Was he hiding from the paparazzi and thought the person taking the photo for the girls was a better option? Was he hiding from Kristen Stewart? So many unanswered questions. What we do know is that this photo was taken during his golden ticket days of Twilight mania. We also know that while the Twilight madness made him a household name and rich beyond belief, he wasn't particularly fond of the excessive attention. He has said, "I didn't go into a supermarket for about six years. But now I can go in and chat to the guy who's working there about his kids, or where he's going on holiday, and not be thinking, 'Is he gonna sell me out?' I just don't have to think about that stuff anymore." So maybe he was hiding from the paparazzi after all and not performing an awkward photobomb.

4 Adam Lambert's Signature Selfie Bombs


It would seem that running over and posing above his fans with a peace sign right before they snap a sweet concert pic, while they are hoping to maybe catch a glimpse of the singer, is Adam Lambert's signature photobomb move as he has been captured more than once giving his concert-going fans a special selfie surprise when they were least expecting it. It looks like he is even willing to pause mid-performance just to brighten up his fans' photo. That is the mark of a true photobomber. Let nothing stand between a normal photo and the chance to bomb it. If you ever find yourself at an Adam Lambert concert, make sure to get as close to the stage as possible and pose for a selfie. You might just wind up getting one extra person in the photo.

3 A Cagey Wine Run

Imagine the scene. A new mother takes her baby out shopping for beverages when suddenly, like what all new parents experience, the urge to take yet another baby photo randomly presents itself. Baby's first wine run must be remembered. The mother asks her husband to snap a photo to capture the moment when suddenly a photo intruder steps into frame. His height happens to give him the perfect edge that a photobomber needs. He's wearing two pairs of sunglasses on his collar and a happy-go-lucky smile as he passes through with a friendly wave. It's none other than Nicolas Cage! The man of the meme himself! Famed actor. Shopper of fancy beverages. Add legendary photobomber to his resume..

2 Rock On The Run


This photo is half cheating. Half cheating in the sense that the fan of The Rock saw him passing by and took the photo hoping to intentionally include him in the shot. The Rock didn't have the idea to crash the photo. But it's also half of a true celebrity photobomb in that The Rock took it upon himself to do a photobomb-esque pose. So he agreed to crash the photo. He also did that photobomb-esque pose while walking, rather briskly from what it looks like so he gets extra photobombing credit for that. Taking all of these facts into consideration, we dub this a bonafide celebrity photobomb and a pretty funny one at that. This celebrity and fan need no words to convey their respective fanboy/appreciation to each other. Just some pointing and open-mouthed silent yelling and it's all understood.

1 Rihanna Squeezes Into A Full House

In 2014, three friends who happen to be the men behind one of the most famous houses in San Francisco, the Full House crew – Bob Saget, Dave Coulier, and John Stamos gathered at the Good Morning America studio to promote their new commercial which was set to air during the Super Bowl. Rihanna happened to be in the studio for an unrelated appearance but when she saw the three gentlemen (who probably played a role in her childhood – what kid born in the 80s wasn't a fan of Full House?) she jumped at the chance to photobomb their pre-interview selfie taken by Bob Saget by giving bunny ears to John and Dave with a serious/worried expression. The guys were all too happy to later take regular non-bombed photos with the singer before their interview. It's probably not too often that Rihanna gets to fangirl out when she meets new people.

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