John Cena's Messy Divorce: 16 Of The Worst And Most Expensive Wrestling Divorces

Anyone who has been watching wrestling over the past two decades will know that relationships rarely ever work out in this business and while there is seemingly a break-up confirmed every week on Instagram or social media, there are also a number of relationships that made it down the aisle and then sadly ended in divorce merely months later. The saddest stories centre around the marriages that have lasted for a number of decades but one bump seemingly decided the future of their entire relationship.

Some of the biggest names in the wrestling business have been dragged through long and expensive divorces over the past few years, ones that have seemingly cost them much more than just money. While John Cena's divorce back in 2012 was the one that made all of the headlines, it seems that there are a number that have been much more expensive than the former 16-time World Champion. There have also been a number of these that have made headlines as well, much like WWE legends and Hall of Famers Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan. It seems that no one is safe in the wrestling world.

Relationships in wrestling don't have the best record, but it seems that some couples still feel as though they can defy the odds. The following list looks at John Cena and 15 other of the worst and most expensive wrestling divorces of the past few decades. These divorces alone should be enough to stop many wrestlers from deciding to start up relationships with their colleagues.

16 Bray Wyatt Betrayed Samantha Rotunda And Shocked The WWE Universe

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The latest WWE divorce to be brought to the public's attention was between former WWE Champion Bray Wyatt and his wife Samantha Rotunda. The divorce was made public last year when it was revealed that Wyatt had been cheating on his wife for a number of years with WWE Ring Announcer JoJo Offerman.

The couple has two children together and it seems that his wife of five years was ready to take him for everything he had. The divorce was finalized last year and while the details haven't been revealed publicly, Bray's ex-wife has been very outspoken about the way he has destroyed both her life and her kids' lives after she stood by him throughout his budding wrestling career. This divorce was shocking news for the WWE Universe, who saw Bray as the perfect family man. This has changed the way that many of his fans have looked at him ever since.

15 Batista Wrote About Backstabbing Angie In His Autobiography

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Batista was seen as one of the most popular stars in WWE for a number of years, before it was revealed that he had cheated on his wife Angie with WWE Diva Melina back in 2005. Melina was just the latest in a long line of women that Batista had cheated on his wife with throughout their marriage because her ovarian cancer diagnosis had left her unable to give Batista what he needed.

Angie battled cancer but Batista later decided to write all about his exploits in his autobiography that was released back in 2006. Angie and Batista divorced and it seems that the two were finally able to go their separate ways, but poor Angie now has knowledge of all of her husband's affairs, along with the rest of the world, thanks to his book. It seems like a harsh way for eight years of marriage to come to an end.

14 Drew McIntyre And Taryn Terrell Separated Shortly After Marriage

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Drew McIntyre and Taryn Terrell met while they were working together in WWE. Drew proposed back in 2009 and the two were married by May 2010. As quickly as the two were married, it seemed that they were divorced since it was announced in May 2011 that the two had separated.

The first signs that the marriage between the couple was on the rocks was in August 2010 when Taryn was arrested for assaulting her husband. She was suspended by WWE and later cleared of the charges, but it left quite a black mark over their marriage for a while. McIntyre was seemingly being punished by WWE as his position on the roster became lower and lower so it was thought that their ill-fated year of marriage was at least a relief for Drew, who could finally get his life back on track as soon as it was over.

13 Alberto Del Rio Left Angela Velkei For Paige

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Former World Champion Alberto Del Rio was making all of the headlines last year thanks to his relationship with former Divas Champion Paige. The two became engaged in late 2016 but there was one issue their impending nuptials and that was the fact that Alberto Del Rio was already married.

Del Rio and his wife have three children and were married back in 2012. Angela was forced to file for divorce back in 2016 when she read about her husband's relationship with Paige and previous relationship with Charlotte. It seems that Del Rio hadn't bothered to tell his wife that he had moved on. Angela filed for a restraining order against her ex-husband and the two have since been part of an ongoing battle when it comes to their children's full custody and properties. It seems that this divorce has indeed become quite a mess for not only Angela and Alberto but for their children as well.

12 Bret Hart Had A Sad End To His Marriage With Julie Smadu

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Bret Hart is still seen as one of WWE's biggest legends but it seems that his personal life over the past few decades tells a very different story. Bret has been married three times but it seems that his first marriage to Julie Smadu will always be seen as his most famous.

Bret and Julie were married for two decades when they finally filed for divorce in 2002, despite being separated since 1998. Bret wrote in his book Hitman: My Real Life in the Cartoon World of Wrestling all about the time that he had been unfaithful to his wife before she went on to publish a book of her own and pulled no punches when it came to their issues throughout their 20-year marriage. Bret suffered a stroke merely hours after their divorce was finalized, which was just another sad fact that came out of a story of two people who many people thought belonged together.

11 Diamond Dallas Page And Kimberly Divorced After An Unfulfilling Relationship

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Diamond Dallas Page was a huge star throughout the 1990s who has gone on to become a legend and a WWE Hall of Famer. His DDP Yoga managed to help out a number of legends from the company who have lost everything through addiction or bad decisions.

Page was married to former model Kimberly when he was signed to WWE back in 2001 but she didn't come over to the company with him in an era when models were what WWE was looking for. It seems that their marriage was more about the benefits that each member could give the other, so in the end when they filed for divorce back in 2005 and there weren't many members of the WWE Universe who were shocked. It was also reported that it was Kimberly who pushed Page into yoga to help him and he has since taken her idea and made it his own.

10 Randy Orton Divorced Samantha Speno After A Lot Of Bad Behavior

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Randy Orton was married to his first wife Samantha Speno for six years and the couple had a daughter together before they announced that they were filing for divorce back in 2013. Orton was known for his childish ways backstage in WWE throughout the years he was with Samantha and many fans were shocked to realize that he was married.

This ended up being quite an expensive split for Orton after it was reported that his wife was awarded a six-figure bank account, one of the couple's houses, her $99,000 engagement ring, as well as her wedding ring. Samantha was also given sole custody of the couple's four-year-old daughter but Orton was given visitation rights and was told to pay $4,500 a month in child support. Orton has since gone on to remarry but many from the WWE locker room have spoken out about how much more mature Orton has been since the divorce, so it seems to have at least helped the former World Champion in that respect.

9 Dustin Rhodes And Terri Runnels Had So Many Issues That They Had To Split Up

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Goldust and his real-life wife Marlena definitely turned a few heads throughout their careers together but it seems that the couple had their own fair share of issues in their personal life outside of the ring.

The couple's six-year marriage came to an end back in 1999 after years of substance abuse issues that led to Dustin's father WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes labelling Terri a gold digger, as well as starting rumours about her infidelity while they were married. It seems that their relationship was doomed for a while, but the couple tried to make it work through their problems, which led to even more issues. Terri and Dustin later went through periods of time where they were unable to be civil while raising their daughter but it is reported now that the couple has since been able to rekindle their friendship over the past few years.

8 Undertaker Left Sara Frank For Michelle McCool

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Many of the WWE Universe are unaware that The Undertaker has been married three times throughout the course of his career but one of his most publicized marriages was to his second wife Sara Frank. Sara was seen on WWE TV a number of times and involved in some of her husband's storylines before their divorce back in 2007.

The WWE Universe was rocked by the news that one of the best-known relationships had come to an end since there were also rumours that Undertaker was having an affair with Michelle McCool towards the end of their relationship, which could have led to the end of their marriage. Undertaker had his iconic "Sara" tattoo on his neck covered up and moved on to marry Michelle a few years later, but the WWE Universe still remembers the heartbreak that came with the end of their seven-year marriage more than a decade ago.

7 Kurt Angle's Personal Problems Let To His Divorce From Karen

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Kurt Angle and his first wife Karen were married for more than a decade before they decided to file for divorce back in 2007, with rumours of Kurt's addiction being one of the main reasons why their marriage wasn't working after his release from WWE.

The marriage became a huge storyline on TNA TV the following year after it was reported that Karen had been cheating on Kurt for a while with Jeff Jarrett. When it was revealed that Karen was actually linked to Jarrett romantically, he was suspended from the company and Kurt threatened to quit, but it seems that this was all later figured out and the two were able to work together for a number of years afterwards. It was well-documented that Kurt had a number of personal issues following his WWE release back in 2006, which could be why it took him more than a decade to return to WWE.

6 Randy Savage And Miss Elizabeth's Relationship Was Very Different In Real Life

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Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth were seen as one of the best wrestling couples of all time on-screen, but in reality, it seems that their marriage was quite different. The couple married back in 1984 and were seen together on WWE TV for many years as rumours flew around about Savage's jealousy and how he would lock Elizabeth away in her own locker room because he didn't any other wrestlers speaking to or even looking at her.

Their marriage finally came to an end back in 1992, even though they were seen on screen for years afterwards in WCW. Elizabeth later went on to start an ill-fated relationship with Lex Luger, by which point she was already in deep with her addiction and sadly passed away back in 2003 from acute toxicity. The saddest part of this entire relationship was that the picture that was painted on WWE TV was so different from their real-life marriage.

5 Sting's Bad Behavior Led To His Divorce From Sue Borden

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Sting has been seen as one of the best-known faces of WCW and TNA over the past few years and even made his way over to WWE back in 2014 and faced Triple H at WrestleMania 31 in a losing effort.

Much like many other wrestlers who were part of the business in the 1990s, it seems that Sting was dragged into a world of adultery and substance abuse throughout that period and when he became a born-again Christian back in 1998 and he was forced to confess all of his previous wrongdoing to his wife Sue. After 24 years of marriage, it seems that Sting's wife saw their entire relationship as a lie and filed for divorce in 2010. Sting has since moved on and remarried in 2015, but he is probably still haunted by the wrongdoing that ended a marriage that lasted almost a quarter of a century.

4 Stone Cold Steve Austin And Debra Marshall Had A Tumultuous Relationship That Led To Divorce

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Stone Cold Steve Austin's marriage to former WWE Diva Debra makes the list because of the circumstances surrounding the settlement rather than the expense. The two worked together on WWE TV for a while and seemed as though they fit quite well – that was, until they were legally married.

It was only after their divorce was finalized back in 2003 that Debra was able to speak out about the abuse that she had suffered at the hands of Austin. She alleged that Austin had become violent three times throughout their relationship and described illegal substances as the reason for many of these incidents. Austin was a huge star in WWE at the time, so the company tried to cover much of this up to maintain his image, but it seems that the full details have been released now and both Austin and Debra have moved forward with their own lives separately.

3 John Cena And Elizabeth Huberdeau Was Extremely Messy And Expensive

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John Cena is the face of WWE, so when his three-year marriage to his high school sweetheart Elizabeth Huberdeau came to an end back in 2012, much of the information regarding the reasoning was made public. It seems that Elizabeth had left the couple in a lot of debt when it came to the improvements that she had made on their property and even though Cena was cheating on his wife at the time, he filed for divorce.

His wife tried to block the paperwork and refused the divorce based on the notes that he had written, but incredibly, the divorce was quickly over and done within two months, just in time for Cena to take centre stage as part of Raw's 1000th episode. While all terms of the settlement remain private, there were reports that Elizabeth brought Cena's infidelity into the proceedings and WWE stepped in to speed up matters, but it was very costly for Cena; no wonder he was against being married again.

2 Ric Flair's Divorce From Jackie Beems Made The WWE Universe See Him Differently

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Ric Flair has quite the reputation when it comes to his personal life, having already been married and divorced four times. It seems that the WWE Universe found out a lot about Flair's life outside of the ring when he was going through a divorce from his fourth wife Jackie Beems back in 2013.

There was a lot revealed about how Flair and Beems would fight and his wife was arrested a number of times for assaulting him. Flair was struggling financially as well at the time, which means that even though the divorce settlement was reached, Flair was unable to pay the $32,000 to his ex-wife. This went on for so long unpaid that a bench warrant was issued for Flair's arrest. Flair's history of cheating and opening up blade wounds to make himself look like a victim throughout his other relationships was also revealed, which made many of the WWE Universe look at a man they once saw as a hero differently.

1 Hulk Hogan Lost Millions In His Divorce To Linda

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Hulk Hogan was married to Linda for 25 years before the couple decided to call it quits back in 2009 when it was made public knowledge that the couple had filed for divorce. Linda seemed to walk away from the divorce in much better shape than Hogan since it was reported that she gained more than $7 million as well as receiving 40% ownership in all of Hogan's companies and $3 million in a property settlement.

Linda also took ownership of all of their cars – a Mercedes-Benz, a Corvette, a Rolls-Royce, and a Cadillac Escalade – as well as money from the sale of their $9 million mansion. Hogan later revealed that the divorce left him in such financial troubles that he thought about harming himself for a while. Luckily, Hogan was awarded more than $100 million in a settlement with Gawker a few years ago and has also since remarried since this incredible divorce.

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