Jessica Nigri: 17 Photos Of The Foxiest Cosplayer Ever

During the last decade, with the evolution of video games and e-sports, cosplay has become more popular than ever. For those who might not know a lot about cosplay, it is when people dress up like their favorite movie or game characters. It all started in Japan and it spread throughout the whole world pretty quickly.

Jessica Nigri is currently one of the most popular cosplay celebrities. She has been doing this since 2009 and in 2012 she also started modeling. She promoted a couple of video games, such as Overwatch, Gears of War 3, Assassin’s Creed etc. After she won IGN’s contest by portraying Juliet Starling (a character from the game Lollipop Chainsaw), Warner Bros. Games hired her to be a spokesmodel.

She regularly visits all of the biggest game conventions where she always dresses as some of the most popular game characters today. Her cosplay photos also often appear in media, as well as social media, especially Instagram. She often gets really creative with her costumes and she never misses an opportunity to show her newest creations to the public. The combination of a gorgeous girl and the new cool costume is always an interesting thing to see, especially for the really dedicated cosplay fans.


17 Getting Ready For Katsucon

This photo was taken at the time when Jessica was preparing her costumes for Katsucon 2017. For people that are not familiar with this, Katsucon is an anime convention. It’s usually held during February in Maryland, and it lasts for three days. It’s focused on anime, manga, and Japanese pop culture in general.

Since Jessica makes most of her costume on her own, conventions like this keep her really busy. However, she still manages to make time to post content on social networks. This particular picture was posted on Instagram and it features one of her creations. She really proved that’s she’s not just about posing in lingerie but she also crafts more complex stuff that she really can be proud of. Not that there is anything wrong with her pictures where she shows more skin.

16 Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas


Christmas is a perfect time for cosplay. Everywhere you go, you can see Santa Claus or an elf walking down the street. Well, nobody would mind running into Jessica Nigri in her Christmas-themed costume while walking to the nearest grocery store. Everything about this outfit is sexy; the extra short skirt, super high white heels, bra with little, fluffy pompons, traditional Christmas hat… It’s just all there. Another little detail that makes things even more intense is the red colored contact lenses. Who could tell that red eyes would actually look so good on somebody? The shorter blonde bob haircut also suits her perfectly. It would be fun to have a snowball fight with Jessica looking like this, don’t you think? All in all, great Christmas costume, and, of course, sexy as always.

15 Cute As A Button

When looking at this picture, it becomes obvious that not only is Jessica as hot as it gets, she’s also cute as a button. Just look at that lovely face! It really seems that she was born to be a model and she really did pick the best possible career for herself. The camera simply loves her and people really love her pictures. She has 2.5 million followers on Instagram and almost twice as many on Facebook. When you think of sexy cosplay, you immediately think of one and only Jessica Nigri. Whether she poses in different costumes, or she takes just casual selfies, or sexy photos like this one, she always looks awesome and people always seem to want to see more of her. Who knows what else she has in store for us?

14 It’s Hot In Hawaii


Jessica loved wearing island/beach themed outfits. This is one of them. She is dressed as Rikku, a character from Final Fantasy X, as well as the sequel (Final Fantasy X-2). For this costume, as the inspiration, Jessica has chosen the part of the game where Rikku stops wearing her Al Bhed combat suit, and she trades it for green shorts and hot, tiny, orange top. It is definitely a good choice since it is more interesting to see Jessica showing off a little bit more skin, as opposed to having her whole body covered with a diving combat suit. Her hair also looks great with Rikku’s famous braided pigtails. Altogether, the whole look is once again super-hot, since that seems to be Jessica’s specialty. She really knows how to make cosplay fun and sexy.

13 Looking Good In Black

No matter what people say, there is no “new black”. Black is the new black and it always will be! It just makes everything look even sexier, including our hot girl Jessica Nigri. The grey hair also agrees with her. While people have been sort of skeptical when grey hair became popular a couple of years ago and they often connected it with old people only, Jessica is the living proof that grey can be sexy too. But when you have such a lovely face as she has, there is probably no such thing as the wrong hair color for her. She would look great in everything. In fact, we have actually seen her wearing all hair colors imaginable during her cosplay career. She somehow always seems to pull them off and look simply gorgeous.

12 The Hottest Velma Ever


Velma Dinkley is a character from Scooby Doo and she is a genius fascinated with mystery. In other words, she’s a typical nerd with her famous squared glasses and her short, brown bob hair. In this picture, you can see Jessica Nigri’s version of Velma, and while she managed to keep her slightly nerdy look, she put her own twist on it and made it as sexy as possible. Who knew geeky glasses could look so hot? And while she kept Velma’s sweater on, she added sexy, red, lace panties that just make your jaw drop straight to the floor! Scooby Doo fans around the globe will probably agree that this is Velma like we’ve never seen before. Kudos to Jessica! She really knows how to turn every character into pure hotness.

11 Baywatch Girl

Do you remember the TV series Baywatch? People were mostly watching it because of freakishly hot guys and gals running around the beach in their swimming suits. But if you thought that Pamela Anderson was the hottest Baywatch star ever, just take a look at Jessica Nigri in this Baywatch inspired costume. How does she do that? How does she always look so unbelievably hot? In this case, maybe it’s the sexy, red swimsuit, maybe it’s the blonde hair or the heavy makeup, but altogether, the whole look is just awesome. Who wouldn’t want to be pulled out of the water by a girl looking like this? There would probably be people faking drowning just to draw Jessica’s attention (of course, if this wasn’t all just cosplay). Good job, Jessica! That is a hell of a costume!


10 Yang On A Piece Of Pizza


Look at Jessica enjoying summer on a piece of pizza! Yes, she’s literally laying and sunbathing on an inflatable piece of pizza and we have to admit that pizza has never looked sexier than now! She is wearing a tiny yellow bikini that covers as little of her skin as a bikini can possibly cover. While this probably wouldn’t be the best look for most of the people, she can really pull it off.

In this picture, she is actually dressed as Yang Xiao Long, one of the characters from RWBY. We can see that by her long, yellow hair and those aviator-styled sunglasses. Even the people who are not RWBY fans (or pizza fans, if there is such a thing as a person who doesn’t like pizza) must admit that Jessica looks great in this pic.

9 Meow!

Cat costumes have been popular amongst women around the world for a long time. You can see a bunch of different “cats” on Halloween; sexy cats, cute cats, fluffy cats, Cat Women etc. In this picture, we can see Jessica doing her cosplay version of the Black Cat – one of the Marvel’s characters appearing in Spider-Man. She’s dressed in a tight, black corset and mask, wearing a hot white wig that resembles Black Cat’s hairstyle. She added a sort of a romantic note to the whole pic by making the whole environment sensual. We can see a lovely fireplace and a bunch of candles behind her, as well as a fluffy white rug she’s posing on. It kind of adds a certain softness to the rough Black Cat’s look. Nicely done, Jessica!

8 Cinder Fall Bikini


In this picture, we can see Jessica in a lovely bikini that was made and sent to her by one of her fans. She often gets stuff from fans and she regularly uses them for cosplay. She always posts those pics on Instagram to let the fans know she appreciates the gifts, often with a nice thank-you note. It’s really a cool thing to keep in touch with fans in that way and that’s what makes her even more special.

In this particular photo, she’s dressed as Cinder Fall, one of the main characters in RWBY. Just look at those eyes with those contact lenses – they’re really hypnotizing. Of course, not as hypnotized as Jessica’s ripped body. She really makes the summer feel even hotter! And kudos to the fan who made this bikini, too!

7 Did Somebody Say Banana?

Look at Jessica in that awesome golden bikini! Man, what a gorgeous figure she has! And what about that huge inflatable banana by her side? A piece of fruit has never looked sexier! This picture was posted by Jessica on her Instagram profile and people went crazy over it. He has over 2.5 million followers on Instagram that regularly check her profile for updates and they really love her pictures. But then again, what is not to love? She is one of the hottest cosplay stars out there and she posts new content on a daily basis to keep her fans interested and always wanting more. Judging by the number of likes and positive comments she gets, she is really doing a great job. Well done, Jessica! Keep it up!

6 Sloth Kigu Looking Hot


If you thought there is no way for Sloth Kigu to look sexy, think again! Jessica has managed to turn this cute onesie into a really hot one! For those of you who are not familiar with Sloth Kigu, it is a costume made by Kigurami – a company that makes animal onesies and pajamas. You can find all kinds of animals and characters on their site, for example, pandas, unicorns, sheep, foxes, walruses, dragons, and our new favorite – sloths. And while these costumes are mostly just super cute, Jessica really took them to a completely new level of sexiness by showing off her lovely bosom. However, if you manage to take your eyes off of her chest, look at that cute face she has. She really is one hot lady.

5 Cubone

This is one of the images Jessica posted on her Instagram profile. She’s dressed as Cubone - one of the Pokémon introduced in Generation I. Anybody who’s seen Cubone before knows there is absolutely nothing sexy about him. However, Jessica has gotten extra creative with this particular costume and she made Cubone hot as hell! Just look at that body! She really has a perfect figure. This whole look just really suits her well because it shows off all of her sexy assets. There is no way that any cosplay star out there could make Cubone look hotter than this. Her fans really loved this particular costume, which is obvious from the huge number of positive comments that were posted the moment she put this pic on Instagram.

4 Good Angle For A Selfie


This seems like a perfect angle for taking a selfie because, in Jessica’s case, it draws attention directly to two of her greatest assets; her beautiful eyes and her lovely bosom. People have been asking her quite often about her workout routine since she really has an amazing body, and she decided to share her workout schedule on her Facebook page. Her fitness regimen consists of a variety of things; from dance classes, to running, to hiking, to bike riding, to swimming etc. She really likes to have different options and do what she’s in the mood for. Whatever it is that she’s doing, it obviously works for her really well because she has a killer body and she often gets compliments on it on different social media, such as Instagram or Facebook.

3 Looking Good In Uniform 

There is a reason why women are so often attracted to the men wearing uniforms. They are just sexy. Period. But it seems that it goes the other way around too, at least in Jessica Nigri’s care. The extra tight uniform that she wears in this picture compliments her beautiful figure perfectly. And, of course, there is that famous cleavage of hers that is just impossible to ignore. The big hat also suits her. She looks at the same time cute with her lovely smile, as well as a little bit dangerous. But maybe that’s just the effect made by that uniform – who could tell for sure? But one thing we do know for sure and that is that she, once again, looks perfectly lovely, as well as unbelievably hot.

2 A Teddy In The Woods


This is another picture from Jessica Nigri’s impressive Instagram collection. This time, she wears nothing but a sexy black underwear and a teddy-styled coat. The whole ambient is simply beautiful. She’s at some place that appears to be in the middle of a forest, with a nice river flowing behind her. And before you go all crazy over her wearing animal fur, don’t worry, it’s not a real fur. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s all agree that the overall environment and the look of this particular photo are simply lovely, especially with the nice context of a bear in the woods. It adds kind of an artistic touch to the image, as well as a nice backstory. Let’s just hope she wasn’t too cold during the shooting.

1 Casually Beautiful

This picture is not one from the cosplay collection. It is just a simple, casual, everyday selfie. Or is it? When you take a better look and you analyze this pic more deeply, you’ll see that Jessica is wearing a coat by Musterbrand. They specialize in pop culture apparel and accessories and you can find different collections based on big franchises such as Star Wars, Assassin’s Creed, World of Warcraft etc. They do a really good job in combining fashion and gaming, and they are wildly popular across the world. That subtle nerd stuff can be really cool because most of the people won’t notice a difference from just a regular clothing item (like the coat in the picture), but the people that share the same interests as you will know and appreciate the thought behind that particular piece of clothing.


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