Jessica Jones Exposed: 15 Steamy Photos Of Krysten Ritter Out Of Character

Krysten Ritter is one of those classic Hollywood stories - a girl from small town Pennsylvania who became an overnight success. As is usually the case with those overnight success stories, the reality is that Ritter put in lots of work and years of struggle to get the attention her talent deserves.

For a whole lot of the world, Ritter jumped onto the scene with the short lived Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23. Some of the cool kids knew of Ritter before that, maybe from her ten episodes on Breaking Bad as Aaron Paul's girlfriend, or possibly from her eight episodes on Gilmore Girls as Lucy. Some may even recall her as Gia Goodman on Veronica Mars. Even if you knew all of that, you still missed out on a whole heaping bunch of Ritter's pre-Jessica Jones success.

Ritter started her career as a model at just 15 when she was spotted by a modeling scout at the Wyoming Valley Mall in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. She didn't get her first acting job, which was a Dr. Pepper commercial, until she was 18. After that, Ritter had a flow of small nameless roles in movies and TV shows.

Luckily for us all, her acting career took off and now Ritter stars in the Emmy award winning series about Marvel's toughest private detective. But what is Ritter like when she isn't walking the dark streets of New York wearing all black and beating the tar out of bad guys? From the looks of it, she's a fun loving woman who can make just about any man fall in love with her just by giving them a look.


15 Motorcycle Mama

Give her a leather jacket and a blonde wig, and you could easily see Ritter as DC's siren of justice who also has a thing for fishnet stockings, the Black Canary. Sadly for Warner Brothers, Marvel got to the actress first.

Ritter uses her modeling talent to really make this picture shine. Her eyes are like steel traps, her lips on the edge of a smile, but is that smile the kind we all hope for, or is it the kind of smile someone gets just before they laugh in your face? Hopefully the former.

We don't know if Ritter can really ride a motorcycle, but we're pretty sure she wouldn't do it in that outfit if she could. At the very least she would want a helmet. No matter how hot you are, there's always room for safety.

14 Daydream Believer 


Her brown eyes look off towards nothing in particular, her mouth holds a slight grin, just enough to let you know that she is thinking good thoughts. Whatever Krysten Ritter is daydreaming about, it is enough to put her in a pleasant mood.

Maybe she's thinking back to her days on set with Alexis Bledel or Kristen Bell. Maybe she's thinking of something really funny that Bryan Cranston said while they were between takes of Krysten's final scene on Breaking Bad - it would have to be a pretty good joke to break through the seriousness of that moment. Perhaps she trying to figure out how Daredevil knows that his suit is red.

Whatever it is, the thought is Krysten's and she's keeping it to herself. We can only guess endlessly.

13 Pretty In Pink

Krysten Ritter wears a lot of black, even when she isn't playing an alcoholic superhero, so seeing her in bright pink is kind of shocking. She seems a little surprised herself, almost as if she is checking herself out in the mirror, seeing how the pink really makes her raven black hair pop and thinking, "Gee whiz, I look fantastic!"

And she really does look fantastic, even with that weird thing on her wrist. What is that? It kind of looks like she punched through a bucket of popcorn at the movies and decided to wear it as a bracelet. Not many people could pull off using a popcorn bucket as jewelry, but Ritter makes it look good. Maybe the photographer caught Krysten just as she was about to lick some of that yummy movie theater butter (that isn't real butter but none of us want to know what it really is) off her fingers.

12 Waiting Room Sleepiness


Here we seem to have come upon Krysten while she was trying to take a nap on a couch you may expect to find in a therapist's office or an overpriced dentist's waiting room.

We're sorry to have interrupted Krysten's quiet time, but boy howdy does she look stunning in that olive dress that carefully hugs her figure. If she is in a dentist's waiting room, then she really cleans up for a cleaning!

Whatever the case, Krysten looks like she wants to be left alone, and we should respect that. We'll just inelegantly stare for another few seconds before we excuse ourselves from the waiting room. Guess we'll have to come back and get that root canal done another day. Hopefully the dentist doesn't have a late cancellation fee.

11 No Pants Weekend

We've all had no pants weekends, two days where we have made sure that there is no reason, no need whatsoever, to leave our home. The goal is simple: forty-eight hours of lounging around the casa, eating junk food, watching movies, and taking lots of naps. Maybe order an extra large pizza with all the toppings. Hope the delivery guy doesn't mind seeing us in our lazy day boxers.

The thing is, when we do it, when we have our no pants weekend, we don't look nearly as hot as Krysten. If we did - if we could look so sexy with just a blue t-shirt and some black underwear - you could bet the farm that we would make every weekend a no pants weekend. Alas, only someone as beautiful as Krysten can take something as lazy as no pants weekend and turn it into the best day of the pizza delivery guy's life.

10 Shoes On The Bed


All our lives we are told by our moms to keep our shoes off the bed. The last thing you want is particles of dirt and grass and animal poop to end up on your favorite sheets, and the best way to keep that from happening is to make sure those sheets and your sweet kicks never get near each other.

Guess Krysten never heard about the bed and shoes rule, since she clearly has a pair heels pressing against those sheets! Or maybe she does know the rule and she just doesn't care. She certainly has a rebellious look in her eyes, and while that yellow pleated skirt may make you think she's all prim and proper, that sheer black top says otherwise.

Krysten knows what she's doing, and she does it with reckless abandon. How can you not love her?

9 Pool Time

You may think that Krysten is too big a star to spend her free time cleaning her pool, you may believe that this would be a job she would leave to a professional pool cleaner or her assistant, but that just isn't how Krysten Ritter rolls.

This hard working girl from Pennsylvania does things for herself, and that includes getting pesky leaves out of her pool. You may not believe this, but Krysten doesn't just clean the pool herself - every year, just after Labor Day, Krysten closes down the pool herself. She puts the tarp over the water, securing it nice and tight to make sure that no birds or little critters end up stuck under it and perish in the chlorine filled water.

We do have to say that some of those plants look like they could use water. Better get on that, Krysten!


8 Cosplay Krysten


While it isn't unusual to see people cosplaying as Jessica Jones at comic conventions these days, you may not know that Krysten Ritter is into cosplay herself. She doesn't do superheroes, though - when you play one on TV, dressing up as one is more like work and less like fun. What Krysten likes to cosplay as is corporate logos.

She was dressed as the Arby's logo at Motor City Comic Con in 2014 and the Little Caesar's logo at San Diego Comic Con in 2016. As you can see above, she even did the Windows logo once, but this one didn't make it to any conventions because the colors are in the wrong order! Points for originality, Kristen, but we have to fault you for your lack of attention to detail.

7 Rainy Day Krysten

It is a little-known fact that Hollywood law demands at least one photo of every hot celebrity standing in the rain without an umbrella. If you don't believe us, feel free to Google any hot celebrity and rain. Beyonce rain? Checks out. Katy Perry rain? You bet your butt. Natalie Portman? You know it.

Why this law was made is anyone's guess, and how many of these celebrities ended up getting colds from having to stand around drenched is anyone's guess, but it must be an important part of becoming famous since they all seem to do it.

Here, Krysten stands in a downpour, only a fashionable black jacket to protect her from the elements. Based on how wet she is, Krysten is either about to get into that taxi or she's been standing outside it for a bit trying to figure out the right amount to tip the driver.

6 Time Traveling Krysten


On Jessica Jones, Krysten Ritter plays a hero who has a whole bunch of powers. She's invulnerable, she has super strength, and she can fly (though not well). In reality, Krysten has a very different power: she can travel through time.

Now, like any good time traveler, Krysten doesn't use her power all that often, playing with the time-stream is dangerous and Krysten makes sure that she never alters anything that could lead to a horrible change in the course of history. She does little things that just help make the world a tad bit better.

Here, for example, you can see Krysten hanging out in 1986. She's dressed in the appropriate outfit, a stonewashed jean skirt, a red pleather jacket with a men's necktie for a belt, and a big old scarf. What is super interesting is what Krysten is doing in 1986 - she's convincing Slash from Guns 'n Roses to get a new hat! Music history is saved!

5 Post No Bills

That freshly painted wall behind Krysten took a lot of work, and she and her dog, both of whom spent all day painting said wall, are standing guard making sure that no lousy kids come by to do some tagging.

As you can see, Krysten and her pup are deadly serious about keeping this wall free of graffiti and haphazardly placed posters for clubs looking to promote their "Dollar Shots Saturday" incentive. This is the third time in a month Krysten and that pooch have had to clean this wall up, and as neither of them is named Jon Snow, they aren't happy about having to ward off miscreants all day and night.

Word is that ten minutes after this picture was taken, famed graffiti artist Banksy showed up with his gear. The dog bit him and Banksy ran off crying.

Good dog.

4 Break Time


After chasing off Banksy, Krysten and her cute puppy Mikey Mohawk decided to take a break from wall watching duty and head to the pool. You may remember that Krysten just cleaned the pool not too long ago, so it was only right that she use it sooner or later.

While Krysten wears SPF 10000 to keep her porcelain white skin, Mikey Mohawk is looking to get a tan, so he's letting the sun's rays do their work for a little while. You may have noticed that Mikey has his eyes locked onto something off camera - this hard working dog may be taking a break, but you better be sure he's still got one eye on that wall. Now that Mikey Mohawk has the taste of Banksy on his tongue, he's looking for more street artists to take on.

3 Got Her Hair Did

Some people only look good with long hair, while others need a short cut to be as sexy as they can be. If you're Krysten Ritter, you can make any length of hair work.

Here we see Krysten with way less hair than we're used to. The Netflix star's long dark hair is certainly one of her defining traits, but like Keri Russell during her Felicity days, Krysten isn't going to let us pigeonhole her based on one look. Ritter will straight up shave her head bald if she feels like it - though we hope she doesn't; hair that luxurious shouldn't be used just to make a point.

You can also see that the SPF 1000 did its job - Krysten is still almost as white as that shirt, which just makes her hair stand out even more.

2 Red Carpet Cutie


Red carpet walks are part of the celebrity life and boy oh boy do we feel bad for whoever was next in line after Krysten on this day. Wearing a sleek, stunning, and all around sexy silver and black dress, Krysten surely stole the show at whatever this event was.

In the course of time, there have only been a handful of women who could pull off this look - Helen of Troy, the beautiful daughter of Zeus for whom the entire Greek army went to war over, would look like Patty and Selma from the Simpsons if she were to stand next to Krysten in this dress. If you put a stethoscope up to that picture, you can hear millions of hearts breaking as we all come to the same realization - we aren't worthy of such beauty.

1 Bed Time

Finally, home from cleaning pools, painting walls, Quantum Leaping through time to convince rock stars to get better hats, and walking red carpets, Krysten has certainly earned a good night's sleep.

As she does every night, Krysten puts on her sleep wear, which may or may not be made of doilies, and gets into bed (don't worry, Mikey Mohawk has his own little bed) and thinks about what she has to do tomorrow. Maybe she'll be on set filming the second season of Jessica Jones. Or maybe she'll be off on more adventures that require a wide array of different dresses. Maybe it's Saturday and the time has come for another no pants weekend. Whatever it is, wherever she'll be, the one thing we can all be sure of is that Krysten will look fantastic.


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