Jessica Alba's Cute Pregnancy Reveal (And 15 Others You Wish You'd Come Up With)

Years ago, expectant celebrity moms had their happy news told for them with a paparazzi snap of their baby bump while on holiday or out grocery shopping. Now, thanks to the invention of social media, every celeb mom-to-be can choose how and when to reveal their baby news in real time, and it has allowed some of them to get quite creative about it!

Since Snapchat and Instagram came on the scene, famous and regular women alike have found cute and fun ways of expressing their excitement for their new arrival, and it’s always interesting to see how the rich and famous choose to celebrate the news. Some go for a super romantic shot with the proud father-to-be, while others get a little more playful and post a funny pic about the scary realities of becoming a parent.

There may not be much about a celeb’s life that is truly private, but it’s good to see that famous mommies are having the chance to announce their pregnancy on their own terms. In a way, it almost makes them seem like one of us (apart from the designer maternity clothes and uber glamorous Instagram shots, that is). Here are 16 adorable ways the other half chose to celebrate their bun in the oven!

16 Beyonce - So Many Epic Reveals

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Queen Bee has had so many epic pregnancy announcements on social media up until now that it’s hard to choose between them all. We could talk about her dramatic ‘unveiling’ of her twin pregnancy with the flowers and lingerie, but we decided to go with the simplest (her first pregnancy with Blue Ivy) and that cheeky but the oh-so-adorable reveal at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards. Right after performing a bouncy rendition of her hit ‘Love on Top,’ Bey treated us all to far more than just an encore.

She dropped her mic and opened her blazer revealing the tiniest hint of a baby bump,

making the audience (and the entire world) briefly lose their marbles. When a glam photo shoot won’t do, announce it live on national TV like Beyonce did, of course.

15 Chrissy Teigen - After A Struggle, It Was All The Sweeter

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Pregnancy is always a beautiful thing, but it must feel extra special if you’ve walked a long and painful road to get there. Fans of Chrissy Teigen will probably be aware that herself and long-term partner, John Legend, struggled to conceive a child for a number of years, so when they finally made the big announcement on their Instagram, it was all the sweeter for them and for Teigen’s loyal social media following.

The stunning model looked blissful beyond words in this moving Instagram pic from 2015 when she could finally share the news she’d been waiting for.

After the romantic and emotional announcement with her first child, Teigen went with a completely different tack with the news of her second bundle of joy. Making it as funny as it was sweet, she simply captioned the pic: “It’s John’s.”

14 Jessica Alba - As Easy As 1, 2, 3

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Jessica Alba let slip about her third bundle of joy in the cutest way ever last year. With her hubby, Cash Warren, behind the camera, the brunette beauty showed us all that making a pregnancy announcement as adorable as humanly possible is as easy as 1, 2, 3! The proud

momma-to-be had her two daughters, Honor and Haven, hold up number one and two balloons while Alba held a number 3 and caressed her baby bump.

Sure, it might not be the most cryptic way of revealing a bun in the oven, but there’s no denying that this picture is #familygoals. After being blessed with her two beautiful girls, 9-year-old Honor and 5-year-old Haven, the Alba family welcomed baby boy Hayes just hours before the New Year. Sweet!

13 Jenny Mollen - Brilliant Caption And Photo

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The comedy actor Jason Biggs and his wife, Jenny Mollen, are known for posting some pretty bizarre stuff on their social media, so naturally, their pregnancy reveal was not going to be any different. When the two heard that they were expecting their second child, they wasted no time in coming up with this hilarious yet gross “we’re pregnant” pic. Ever the romantics,

the couple announced their news of baby number two on Jenny’s Instagram by posing with an infant “SnotSucker” by NoseFrida.

Biggs has one end placed in his nostril whilst Jenny (hopefully) pretends to suck out the snot from the other end of the tube. The parents-to-be topped this off with Jenny’s brilliant caption which read: “This is how I told my son babies are made. #numbertwo.” Perfection.

12 Olivia Wilde - Sweetest Baby Bump Photo

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The stunning model and actress officially takes the crown for the sweetest baby bump photo on this list. To mark the news of her second child with her partner, Jason Sudeikis, Olivia Wilde shared this picture on her Instagram, and it’s just too adorable for words.

Wilde is sat on the bed with her little boy, Otis, and they’re comparing bellies together, hence the super cute caption: “Matching baby bumps.”

By the sound of things, we could be seeing a very similar photo like this one popping up on Wilde’s social media sometime in the future because Olivia and Sudeikis plan on creating a lot more bumps. Wilde confesses that she wants Otis to have “lots more siblings” since she and Jason had so many as kids too. Okay, now we’re picturing a long row of adorable toddlers comparing bellies. Too cute!

11 Kelly Rowland - Tiny Pair Of Air Jordan Sneakers

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The shot of tiny shoes next to adult shoes might have been done a million times before to signify a baby on the horizon, but there’s no denying that this was a super cute and fitting way for Kelly Rowland to celebrate becoming a mom. The stunning singer posted this adorable Instagram snap of her

hubby Tim Witherspoon’s Air Jordan sneakers alongside a teensy pair with the caption: “I’ll be stuntin’ like my daddy...”

It was always gonna be obvious that the child of Kelly Rowland would have swagger, but this just confirmed it—the kid already had his future classmates jealous with these super stylish Jordans waiting for him. Kelly finally welcomed her gorgeous boy, Titan Jewell, in November of 2014. And if these were his christening shoes, we’d hate to see how much his wardrobe costs now!

10 Danielle Jonas - Food Cravings!

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Kevin Jonas and his wife, Danielle, released this perfect pregnancy pic back in April of 2016. It’s fair to say that every mom-to-be can relate to this scene—the woman craving food and the daddy looking absolutely terrified. The Jonases were preparing for the arrival of their second bundle of joy this time around, as you might be able to spot from the book Kevin is reading, ‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting Again.’

Kevin’s gorgeous wife doesn’t look worried about the prospect of baby number 2 on the way.

And why should she? She knows what to expect and is just enjoying the ride of food cravings and, perhaps best of all, 9 solid months of eating for two again. If this isn’t the true face of every couple expecting ever, then we don’t know what is.

9 Alicia Keys - 'Angelic Glow' Pic On Instagram

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Whether she’s going makeup-free or going for a fierce look in one of her music videos, Alicia Keys always manages to look stunning. But with a sizable baby bump in tow, the singer looks even more beautiful than usual. We guess it has something to do with that proverbial pregnant lady ‘glow.’ Keys is looking like a Greek goddess here, as she poses with her rapper hubby, Swizz Beatz, in an angelic white dress to celebrate their second blessing.

Posting the gorgeous pic on her Instagram on the same day as their anniversary, Alicia shared in her husband’s joy with the added caption: “Happy anniversary to the love of my life!! And to make it even sweeter, we’ve been blessed with another angel on the way!!” These guys are true #couplesphotoshootgoals.

8 Sisanie - Double Morning Sickness

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The warm and witty co-host of the hit radio show On Air With Ryan Seacrest was dealing with a different set of waves altogether when she discovered that she was having twins. Radio personality Sisanie and her husband, Michael, announced the awesome news on their social media, along with this jokey pic of both her and partner Michael suffering equally with morning sickness!

This was Sisanie and her hubby’s second try at getting pregnant after she sadly suffered a miscarriage the first time around. 

In this case, it was second time lucky for the cute couple, and they got blessed twice over which could explain why daddy Michael feels a little green around the gills. These guys have a lot of happy (but let’s face it, mostly crazy) nights ahead of them!

7 Rebecca Hall - Silly And Sweet

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Living proof that it’s not always about the woman when it comes to making a pregnancy announcement, men sometimes like to get in on the action too, as evidenced by Rebecca Hall’s sweet reveal on Instagram. The pretty British actress and star of Christine showed off her modest but proud bump in a t-shirt and jeans, and her hubby, Morgan Spector, clearly didn’t want to be left out of the bump reveal. Shortly after Hall uploaded her baby bump to her Instagram feed,

father-to-be Morgan didn’t waste time in snapping this adorable copycat pic.

Pushing out his stomach, the Boardwalk Empire star captioned his fake bump photo with the words: “As the bearer of the first fruitful male womb I’m asking everyone to just be cool for the next hundred years or so.” Silly and sweet. This dude’s born for fatherhood, alright!

6 Jessica Simpson - "Big Sis" Twitter Announcement 

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Most celebs choose to make their pregnancy reveal the main focus of their pic, but if you’re anything like Jessica Simpson, you like to combine the news with another occasion—like Halloween or Christmas, for instance. While dressing up in Halloween costume back in 2011, a newly pregnant Jessica posted an Instagram pic with the caption: (you guessed it) “It’s true – I’m going to be a mummy!” Simpson kept to the holiday-themed pregnancy reveal again a year later with news that her second bundle of joy was on the way. On Christmas Day of 2012,

proud mom Jessica let her adorable baby girl, Maxwell, do the talking for her

when she posted this cute Twitter pic of her daughter in Candy cane attire sitting above the words ‘Big Sis’ drawn into the sand. Merry Christmas, indeed!

5 Chanel Smith - We're Prego

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When you don’t want to say it with traditional words, say it with food, specifically with pasta sauce if it happens to convey something very similar. This is the rather genius way that pro-NFL player Torrey Smith and his wife, Chanel, chose to break the news on their social media—

with the aid of a Prego pasta sauce jar (and a pre-typed “We’re” sign stuck on top of it).

Torrey’s wife Chanel looks every bit the mom-to-be tucking into her spaghetti with her newly-acquired appetite for two, but Torrey himself has that wide-eyed look as if to say, “Life’s never gonna be the same again.” Still, as head receiver for the Philadelphia Eagles, Smith already has great reaction skills under the belt so that should come in handy when staying one step ahead of the baby spitting up and dropping food on the floor.

4 Blake Lively - Your New ‘Bump Photo’ Inspiration

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Hilarious pregnancy reveals are all well and good, but if you prefer a more understated and graceful approach to celebrating the news, Blake Lively is most definitely your new ‘bump photo’ inspiration. Despite being married to the dude who brought us all Deadpool, there’s nothing comical or in your face about Blake’s bump profile pic. In fact, it’s the complete opposite of her hubby Ryan Reynolds’ dark humor.

The stunning Gossip Girl star looked effortlessly angelic cradling her bump in the soft Instagram-perfect light. The gorgeous picture was posted on Lively’s own lifestyle blog, ‘Preserve,’ in a post all about her baby shower and featured this pretty shot at the end. Blake’s followers went crazy for her cute outfit in this pic, but it was mostly the bump that stole their hearts (and ours!).

3 Julie Cousins - Let The Dog Do The Talking

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The Washington Redskins player Kirk Cousins and his wife decided to forego the usual tradition of getting a child or inanimate object to announce their pregnancy and

elected their dog to do the talking (or sitting patiently) instead.

Their adorable Goldendoodle Bentley had the honor of announcing their proud baby news by wearing an adorable chalkboard sign around his neck that read: “Mom and dad are getting me a human!” Adorbs! Kirk’s wife and proud mother-to-be, Julie, shared the cute doggy pic on her Instagram and finished it off with the happy caption: “Baby Cousins coming in September!!!” Too bad their pooch Bentley doesn’t seem to be filled with the same pre-parenthood joys. Although, maybe this was the 10th take of the photo and he was beginning to get a little bored.

2 Cheryl Cole - Beauty Ad Campaign For L'Oréal Paris

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Talk about stealing the show. The stunning former talent show judge may not have broken the internet with her pregnancy reveal a la Beyonce, but when she casually dropped this photo of herself in a beauty ad campaign for L'Oréal Paris in the UK, let’s just say she didn’t exactly blend into the background! Rather than post a separate pic of her pregnancy reveal, singer Cheryl Cole

decided to showcase her glaringly obvious baby bump in an advert instead and, in the process, stole the spotlight from everyone else in the photoshoot (including Helen Mirren).

When Cheryl posted this to her Instagram in early 2017, this was the first anyone had known of her child with former One Direction singer Liam Payne. A classic case of pregnancy photobombing if ever there was one.

1 Gwen Stefani - Fierce Gender Reveal

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The flamboyant legend of pop let us all know the s*x of her third child in feisty fashion back in January of 2014 when she took to social media to share this bad-a*s pic of her hanging on to the crown. A few days after announcing that she and her partner, Blake Shelton, were expecting baby number 3, Gwen Stefani followed it up with this fierce pic on Twitter to reveal the gender—a boy.

Holding a crown and looking as stunning as ever rocking her signature red lips, Stefani captioned the image: “I was ready to hand over the crown. But I guess I am still Queen of the house. #itsaboy #surroundedbyboys.” The platinum blonde beauty might be outnumbered by guys from now on, but we’ve got a feeling they dare not ever step out of line with Miss Stefani in charge.

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