J-Law's Humble Life: 20 Photos Of Her Style That Make Us Question How Rich She Is

There was a time when the world loved Jennifer Lawrence for how much of a regular person she was. Look at her, they said. She's just so down to Earth. But we all know what happens to people who become universally popular and loved. Eventually, the internet turns on them. The dogs, the fangs, and the venom come out. The contrarians see everyone having a good time and they want to join in. Why would you love someone that everyone else loves? Why would you agree? It's much more fun to show that you're informed enough to run counter to the mainstream. You're not a sheep. Jennifer Lawrence is scum, you shout.

She's not though, is she? Lawrence is an incredibly talented young actress. Is she going to be in some movies that underperform? Sure. She might even say some stuff you don't agree with. But she's a fantastic role model for young women and she seems like a lovely person. But this isn't about her personality. We're talking about something much more important. We're talking style.

Lawrence is believed to have a great fashion sense. She's all Boho Chic and peeps love it… for the most part. We think there's a fine line between Boho and Hobo. Sometimes, despite being one of the richest actresses in the world, earning more than $24 million in 2017 and being worth more than $110 million, Lawrence goes full hobo. We've heard about Lawrence's humble lifestyle before. There is talk that she is frugal and doesn’t employ an assistant or a bodyguard. She does all her own shopping and even dresses herself in the morning! While we commend her on being such an independent spirit, there have been times when she probably should have double checked that mirror or asked someone how she looked. Here is Jennifer Lawrence's Humble Life: 20 Photos Of Her Fashion Style That Make Us Question How Rich She Is.

20 Passengers Premiere

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There may be something more to Lawrence's outfit from the Passengers premiere. There is a star on the top and the film takes place in space. Coincidence? We think not. Lawrence seemed to be onto something. Now, during this time, there was also a lot of rumors swirling about an affair between Chris Pratt and Lawrence on set. It's possible that Lawrence borrowed this space shirt from one of her poor friends to make Anna Faris feel less threatened. This would make a lot of sense. But in all seriousness, this top looks like something that came from an at-home shirt press kit. We kind of like it, but Lawrence's fashion shouldn’t be accessible to our demographic.

19 Late For A Very Important Date

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Honestly, we're not sure what Lawrence was late for in this picture, but it must have been important. Otherwise, how could we explain her horrendous outfit? It's fine to look plain once in a while, even if you're a celebrity, but this outfit is inexcusable. A pair of faded jeans, checkered shoes and a very plain white tank top. Is she a savage? Lawrence looks like she just rushed off the set of that Mom Jeans commercial from Saturday Night Live and stole the wardrobe. It could be worse though. Lawrence's friend coming in behind her forgot to even put on a pair of pants.

18 What?

perez Hilton

There isn't much that needs to be said about this outfit. High-waisted, ripped black shorts against those pasty-white legs is a sight we don’t ever want to see again. It's cute that she borrowed her dad's denim jacket to cover up most of that dreadful getup, but the message on the back was confusing. Is she calling people pervs for looking at her? That's not fair. We feel compelled to look. Imagine someone standing nearby a car crash calling all the rubber-neckers pervs. That's unnecessary. We're not looking because we want to. We're not thinking, damn, look at the way those ripped shorts accent those fleshy legs. We're looking because we're wondering what this new gross role is that Lawrence is preparing for and if those gummy legs glow in the dark.

17 The Band Of Misfit Tools

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When you're a celebrity, you can't have off days. Well, you can, but people are going to judge you if you let yourself go during them. This picture was taken during an off day for everyone involved. You know how they say that women who hang out together end up getting on the same menstrual cycle? Well, this group of friends all got on the same laundry cycle. That might be the only reasonable explanation for how Lawrence, Amy Schumer, that other girl (Sister Schumer or whoever that is), and Aziz Ansari all got caught wearing such disgusting clothing. Well, Aziz looks alright. It's totally possible that he just took all three of these women on one of his classic dates.

16 Dis-Jointed

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When you're in the public eye all the time, it can be a real challenge to get away. Even when Lawrence is in a hotel, looking to unwind on the balcony with a bottle of wine and a sloppily rolled marijuana cigarette, the paparazzi are there snapping pictures. In this shot, Lawrence clearly wasn't expecting to be seen. That's why she felt comfortable enough throwing on a Walmart tuxedo, a sleeveless shirt and loose-fitting track pants. She deserves to be comfortable too, so who are we to judge? Still, if you saw this picture and didn't know Lawrence was a multi-millionaire, you would probably assume she still uses a calling card on her cell phone.

15 Out With Nicholas Hoult


At some point, you have to blame the star. Jennifer Lawrence knows that she can't leave her house without photos being snapped of her from every angle. This isn't new. The attention is intensified when she's out with another celebrity, particularly when that celebrity is her boyfriend at the time, Nicholas Hoult. On this particular day, Lawrence chose to wear an enormous coat and a purple cowboy hat. We get that she's from Kentucky and is repping her cowboy heritage, but she looks like she's wearing a Halloween costume. Maybe this is a disguise. We hope for her sake that she didn't put on the hat thinking she was crushing it that day because she looks ridiculous.

14 Dog-Walking Attire

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It's probably not a coincidence that Jennifer Lawrence looks her worst whenever she's walking her dog. She appears to use this time as a workout of sorts, so she basically just throws on whatever she has lying around the house. This day, she happened across these spotted tights in her dirty laundry bin and thought, what the hell, why not? Throw on a regular sweater and throw the hair up in a ponytail. You're a frickin' megastar. Can't nobody hold you down. No one is going to see you anyway. Do you Big J. At what point during this walk, we wonder, did she realize that she looks like she's wearing old pyjamas?

13 Black Shorts/Dress

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When we were kids, we could wear whatever we liked. Little girls could wear outfits like Lawrence is wearing here and feel great in them. Maybe Lawrence was having a childish kind of day, but that isn't reason enough to dress in a shorts/dress combination. We don't even know the name of this type of apparel and, even if we did, we wouldn't use it because that would only give it power. This is the type of thing that should be burned and forgotten. Fast. Lawrence is rich enough to buy dresses and shorts separately. She doesn't need to combine them to save money.

12 You're Doing It Wrong

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You would think that someone as rich as Jennifer Lawrence could afford a regular hat, but not on this day. Maybe she was trying to start a trend. Who knows? While she was likely just trying to cover her face with the coat, we can never be sure. Remember when Jared Leto wore that green thing to that movie thing? Actors are weird birds. Lawrence should have been more concerned about covering up that outfit. Just terrible. Short-legged track pants and a shirt with a sweaty design on it is not a good look for a celebrity. Maybe that is real sweat? We can't be sure. Also, is it just us or is that woman behind her staring into our souls?

11 Poncho Time

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Listen, we get that this whole poncho-style is kind of in right now, but we are firmly against it. This is a brutal look, even when you're as attractive as Jennifer Lawrence is, a poncho just sullies it. The poncho top thingy she's wearing makes Lawrence look like a linebacker. She's box-shaped. This is about the least flattering thing that could be worn. The purse with little bedazzled beads on it would be sweet if a small child from the Make-A-Wish foundation made it for her, but we're thinking she paid money for this and is wearing it out unironically.

10 Roots And Boots

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This was just a bad day for Lawrence's entire look. Sure, it's petty to mock the fact that her roots are showing through when that blonde hair had to grow out sometime, but it's the whole package we're talking about here. The roots, the pants, the shirt. Nothing about this look screams money. In fact, it screams just regular person, which might be what she's going for, but who can say for sure? If you break it down, we bet each item of clothing here is probably expensive, but it shouldn't be. These are all items which could have just as easily been found in a discount bin or a thrift store.

9 Tiger Print

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What the hell Jennifer Lawrence? What is this? We're thinking that maybe Lawrence's grandma knitted this tiger-print sweatshirt for her and she's got to see the old gal later this afternoon, so she's thrown it on like Ralphie and the rabbit suit. Speaking of small animals, it appears that some rodents have been nibbling on the cuffs, which might hint at a bigger problem at her apartment. But none of that helps explain those boots. These were in during the late-90s when Marilyn Manson was putting out smash hits. Half combat boots and half platform boots, these are all wrong. Oh and look! Her friend is wearing J-Law's checkerboard shoes from earlier. Gross.

8 Picnic Basket

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To be frank, we actually kind of like this look, but it's pretty basic. Again, there's nothing wrong with a classic look, but celebrities dressing down like this can be strange sometimes. We need to knock them down a few pegs so that they don't get too full of themselves. Here, the biggest offender isn't Lawrence's top, which is a plain low-cut grey T, nor is it the sheer negligee-like skirt. To us, the biggest issue is the pink picnic-basket shaped purse or whatever the hell that is. Even if Lawrence was on her way to a picnic right now, that purse would not be a good choice. Retire it and quick.

7 Long Johns

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We get that Jennifer Lawrence is probably just jumping out of a makeup chair and visiting with some peeps outside, but shame on her. Shame on her for wearing loose-fitting and nasty long johns in public. There are bulges in strange places and sagginess all over. Enough with the weird off-colored johns, Jennifer. We get that you're just a regular girl. The slippers are dope as hell though. While we think these people know Lawrence personally, it's lucky that they did. If random strangers passed by, they would probably throw Lawrence a few bucks mistaking her for a homeless person. Smarten up and look rich all the time. You're throwing your life away.

6 She's The Man

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We're not sure why, but Lawrence looks like Amanda Bynes mid-breakdown in this picture. Which is harsh considering Bynes would wear whatever she could find during that time including trash bags and soiled napkins. Here, Lawrence is wearing some sort of black pants. We're actually not sure what they are, track pants or karate pants, but they are hiked up to her boobs and they still can't meet the bottom of that strange pink sweater tank top. And surprise, surprise, she's found another poncho. Nothing about this outfit works. It's hideous in every single way.

5 Carmen Kentucky

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We can respect the fact that Jennifer Lawrence has to dress up in a disguise when she goes grocery shopping to limit the number of people who recognize her, but it seems that Jennifer got confused between a disguise and a costume. On this day, she decided to go out as a purple Carmen Sandiego. In truth, this is actually a pretty good strategy. People would be less willing to approach Lawrence while she is wearing this because they know she would be embarrassed about how she's dressed. She looks like one of those street people who layer endlessly trying to stay warm, but Lawrence is rich, so what's the big deal?

4 Ariel Dress

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Lawrence's fashion mistakes don't only come when she dresses herself. Sometimes, even when she goes to award shows like The Golden Globes, she gets all done up in awful clothes. We probably all remember this one. Inspired by Ariel wearing the sail and rope in The Little Mermaid, Lawrence threw on a white dress and wore two belts. Not only was this the least form-flattering dress, it made us feel bad for Lawrence, like some fashion designer conned her into thinking this was a hot look. This probably wasn't even the worst look on the red carpet that night, but it was Lawrence's worst ever appearance.

3 This Shirt

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Looks like someone let Jennifer Lawrence get her paws on a t-shirt press again. This time, instead of pressing a plain star on her shirt, she went and pressed a colorful picture on it. The skirt is actually pretty nice, and Lawrence looks as beautiful as can be, but what is that shirt? Is she going for a childish and playful look? Well, it's kind of cute. It's also kind of like Lawrence became an honorary member of the Care Bears and her power is sending you terrible hand-painted landscapes. You know what, on second thought, we kind of like it now.

2 Lingerie Day

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Anyone who has ever had to do the walk of shame knows Jennifer Lawrence's pain in this photo. Most people do this in last night's clothes, but, here, Lawrence had to walk her dog in last night's lingerie. We're not sure that this is exactly what we're seeing here, but it must be old nasty lingerie. That's just a horrendous outfit if it isn't (so it's probably better if we assume it's a walk of shame). It's so off-white that it looks almost grey. It makes Lawrence look like she's a few months pregnant. There is nothing good about this.

1 Toque And Bathrobe

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When Lawrence decided to walk outdoors in a ratty old bathrobe, she opened herself to being criticized. The slippers, the nasty robe, the toque. This day was unplanned. Something happened, and Lawrence was forced to evacuate immediately. She grabbed her sick uncle's old robe, threw on a toque and slippers and out she went. Crafting this scenario is our way of protecting Lawrence because one of the alternatives is that she planned this outfit, that she was proud of this outfit. Maybe the robe is a hand-me down gift and Lawrence wanted to show her fans that she's not above wearing musty old cloaks from the 50s.

Sources: Variety; Elle; Hawt celebs; TMZ

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