Jennifer Lawrence's Hair And Makeup Evolution In 20 Photos

Jennifer Lawrence is still considered a newbie in Hollywood. She wasn't truly on the map until The Hunger Games series dropped. Seven years later, she's one of the world's most adored faces. Jennifer has always been a beauty. There hasn't ever been an awkward phase in her life. (Us normals who did have an awkward phase in life are quite jealous of that fact.)

There have been many transitions for her, though. From her high school years when she was fresh-faced and sweet to the first time she appeared on screen; from her hippie vibes into her rebellious, edgier years; from when she first became America's sweetheart to when she turned into an alluring spy by 2018. Jennifer has kept us holding our breaths.

She has not had many "lows" (except for the moments she's biffed it on stage at award shows). Her beauty news consists of her ever-changing hair, style of dress and attitude to match. No wonder she's such a great actress, she can pull off anything and everything. Here is the beauty evolution of our beloved Jennifer Lawrence from the year 2004 when she was first discovered, until now. Browse through her hard-to-keep-up-with style and choose which Jennifer you prefer. My personal fave is the "I'm not the girl you bring home to your mother" Jennifer, but your favorite Jennifer might be "the girl every mother wishes her son would bring home." Let's take it all the way back to the beginning when she was barely a teenager. That's where this beauty's story first evolved.

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20 Her Childhood Years Were All About Tomboyish Style

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Jennifer Lawrence was born in Indiana Hills, Kentucky on August 15th, 1990 (making her 27 years old). It isn't easy growing up in a small town when you're easy on the eyes. It caused Jennifer much anxiety so she rarely hung around other girls. She turned herself into a tomboy and hung out with the fellas. She cut her hair short and never wore makeup, because she hated drawing attention to herself.

She felt like she didn't fit anywhere so she used drama classes and acting opportunities to help her escape her feeling of inadequacy. People started to take notice that there was a serious gift in Jennifer that a little town in Kentucky couldn't develop. So they helped her find her path and she grew to a place of confidence that made her happy to stand out.

19 Before Fame: High School Was An Adorable Cheerleader

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In high school, Jennifer let her hair grow out and even joined the cheer squad. She had many friends and was comfortable in her own skin. She made it a habit to brush off comments about being the "pretty girl," because she wanted to be known for so much more than that.

She was definitely a daredevil, like the time she jumped out of a moving car then convinced her school principal not to suspend her because she was dared to do it and as a result, suffered PTSD. (She ended up getting a week off of homework.) Daredevil and all, she still had a softer side to her, the side that loved to wear bright colors, flashy jewelry and bright pink lipgloss. These photos of her were taken right before the greatest surprise of her life.

18 Her Modelling Years

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Before she landed her first role on screen, Jennifer modelled. Chris Kaufman, a Kentucky-based photographer and talent scout, noticed that Jennifer was "mature beyond her years" and ran many photoshoots with her as his leading lady.

Chris kept Jennifer in her natural state with her naturally blonde, wavy hair. He also chose to keep her face innocent, making sure it stayed natural and barely touched with makeup to keep her true to her age.

Jennifer's been undeniably stunning from the start. When she started modelling, she felt as if she'd have to choose between that and her love for acting. She soon learned that wouldn't be necessary. On a trip to New York City at the ripe age of 14, Jennifer was approached by a photographer who asked if he could take her picture and set her up with ad and television agencies. Her parents weren't excited at all, but after some formal meetings, they signed a contract with CESD Talent Agency with the understanding that Jennifer wouldn't start her career until she'd completed high school (which she did two years early).

17 Her Awkward Phase Including A Lot Of Red Carpet Mishaps

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Jennifer's acting career started in 2005. With high school behind her and a promising career ahead of her, she dove right in, somewhat awkwardly. Unlike others of our rich and famous who have been groomed since basically birth, Jennifer was all about "winging it," in her public appearances.

She might not have thought things completely through in the beginning. There were quite a few wardrobe malfunctions that happened, but when you're that cute, it's only good press.

She loved rocking the smokey eyes and she kept her eyebrows dark to contrast her golden-blonde hair. We are not sure what the short bangs parted down the middle were all about though. That was so 1990 of Jennifer (or her hairdresser), but her next fashion phase bumped her back even further into time, back to the 70s.

16 She Was Channelling A 70s Bombshell On The Bill Engvall Show (2007-2009)

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Okay, Jennifer didn't literally take a role that was set in the 1970s, but her style for awhile was like something off That 70's Show, and that goes for both off and on set. She'd flip out her blonde hair everywhere she went. She'd wear tight shirts and baggy pants and keep her makeup simple.

She might not have wanted to be too flashy at her start. Some say only those who have worked the industry many years deserve to make bold statements. Amateurs with crazy fashion sense are considered cocky.

Some say that actresses earn their right to dress boldly, but that's complete garbage, and we are glad Jennifer decided to ignore it. Her style flipped as soon as she left The Bill Engvall Show in 2009. But first, there is one more phase we can't ignore...

15 She Went Full Hippie In 2008

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Jennifer had this hippie child feel in 2008. This was the year she landed her first movie role. Her debut was in Garden Party, but she went on to act in both The Burning Pain and The Poker House that same year. It was a busy handful of months for the teen.

She was still flipping out her blonde hair, but she let it grow long and started wearing head pieces. Towards the end of the year, she cut in bangs that shockingly matured her look. The roles she played that year probably kicked out the kid in her and challenged her to evolve.

White was her preferred color for a while, which kept her innocent look intact; that's why her style choices of 2009 came as such of a shock to her fans. Oh, the difference a year can make. Jennifer lost her innocent look pretty quickly.

14 She Debuted An Edgier Look By 2009

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By 2009, Jennifer was re-introduced to us. She lightened up her hair and left behind the golden undertones that added a sweetness and a girlie feel to her look.

She stopped flipping out her hair and started straightening it. She almost always chose deep, dramatic eye makeup. She wore edgier clothing and darker colors. Her look became "louder," if you will. Her eyes had a new message. They no longer said, "Hi, I'm the new girl. I hope you like me," and started to scream, "I'm here and I'm taking over. You'll soon love me."

I think it worked, because the following year, Jennifer was nominated for her first Oscar for best actress. A few things changed by 2010.

13 She Settled Back Down With A Classy Look In 2010

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She must prefer her golden tones, because it wasn't too long before she returned to them. 2010 was a big year for Jennifer. She filmed Winter's Bone, Like Crazy and The Beaver, which caught the attention of producer/director Matthew Vaughn, who casted her in what would be her biggest movie yet: X-Men: First Class.

The world of endless opportunities had just opened up to her, so she wanted to play it safe, and image has everything to do with playing it safe.

She softened her hair, peached up her cheeks and for the first time, started letting her hair curl up like she had as a young girl. She became America's sweetheart once again, but there was one beauty trait she decided to bring back in 2011 – and it's all in the eyes.

12 Her Retro Look In 2011

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2011 was all about bright colors, dramatic jewelry and heavily made-up eyes. This was the year that the rest of Hollywood's actresses started to size Jennifer up. Everyone was shocked when Winter's Bone was nominated for an Oscar and Jennifer was nominated for best actress. She didn't end up winning, but everyone realized she was now the one to beat.

She might have had some years of practice in acting, but she hadn't yet had much practice navigating celebrity events. Other celebrities found her "refreshing" and "hilarious." This was the last year Jennifer would be known as Jennifer. The following year she would star in The Hunger Games and a part of her would remain Katniss Everdeen forever. Towards the end of this year in preparation for The Hunger Games, Jennifer went through a major transformation.

11 She Went Dark And Dramatic For Hunger Games In 2012

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This is how most of us remember being introduced to Jennifer, with dark hair that brought out her piercing eyes. She had to go dark for her role as Katniss Everdeen on The Hunger Games, but she stuck with it, maybe because it was now how the world recognized her.

She toned down her makeup since she'd darkened her hair and she kept her wardrobe earth tones to best match her new do. For those of her fans who had followed her since her modelling days, the dark hair wasn't as appreciated. It took away her "sweet look" and pushed her into a more classic look that didn't quite line up with her signature style. It took some getting used to, but she was stunning, as usual. Jennifer rocked the dark locks until her hairdresser told her it was time to let go.

10 Her Hair Dresser Said Her Hair Was Ruined And Made Her Strip The Color

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Jennifer dyed her hair so much that it began to break and look damaged. Her hairstylist suggested she let her hair breathe, strip it and go natural. Jennifer did not want to do that, but she wanted even more to keep her hair long and thick.

"Her new color is actually a happy accident," said her hairstylist, Mark Townsend. "It's been colored and re-colored so many times I told her to give it a break and use stripping shampoos."

She dyed it back dark to film the second Hunger Games, but then cut it shoulder length and began stripping it again as her hairstylist had advised her to do. Either Jennifer got tired of the process of getting her hair back to health, or she has serious impulsive behavior, because what she did next shocked us all.

9 She Cut It All Off In 2014

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In 2014, Jennifer cut off all of her gorgeous locks and the world let out one big GASP. Some found it quite defiant, given it was right before she'd be playing Katniss for the last time.

Her short pixie cut matured her face and drew more attention to her beautiful eyes. All the dead hair was now gone and she could start anew. She added blonde back into her hair and lightened up her brows, but as stated before, she did have to play Katniss in one final Hunger Games film, so she had to wear a wig. It was sometimes noticeable because it fell back further than her natural hair line, but it did its job.

Unlike other actors and actresses, Jennifer does not care about staying in character. She has her favorite looks and she sticks with them. The golden tones in her hair and smokey eyes are her go-to beauty looks.

8 She Soon Got Sick Of The Pixie Cut And Put In Extensions

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By 2015, Jennifer's fans started to view her as a bit fickle. She cut her hair off right before taping the final Hunger Games where she'd need long hair, then as soon as she stopped filming, she had blonde extensions put in.

Of course we know Jennifer doesn't take herself too seriously. She's fun and likes to joke about the extreme measures she adheres to when it comes to beauty. She's assured us we can count on her to shock us with a new look every new year, like clockwork.

If you'll notice, by the end of 2015, Jennifer started to become obsessed with darker lip colors. Her makeup artist, Jill Dempsey (wife of Patrick Dempsey), started experimenting with her. The two of them together struck gold the following year with one of Jennifer's hottest looks yet.

7 She Went Platinum Blonde In 2016

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When Jennifer dyed her hair platinum, it was more than a hairstyle change; she changed her entire look.

She started wearing sleeker looking gowns and tops, parted her hair to the side and wore it in loose waves. She wore deep red on her lips often while her hair was platinum and pulled out the eyeliner to accentuate her gaze.

She kept this look in the 2016 flick, Passengers, and believe it or not, hung on to it longer than she has any of her other looks. Maybe she did so because that year was good luck. That was the year she became Hollywood's highest paid actress, making $46 million in 12 months. That's nuts! This classic look was working for Jennifer. After a while, we felt she was channeling one of Hollywood's most remembered faces.

6 She Turned Into Marilyn Monroe Overnight

via: theindependent.co.uk

Jennifer Lawrence as Marilyn Monroe? We can dig it. In May of 2016, when Jennifer attended the X-Men: Apocalypse fan screening, fans and the media started to whisper of how much Jennifer resembled Marilyn Monroe. Coincidence or no? Her ’50s starlet gowns, icy blonde hair and red lips had Marilyn Monroe written all over them.

She might have had the look down, but she didn't quite have the walk down. She tripped in front of her fans, as she has many times before.

The Ms. Monroe look was amazing while it lasted, but how long can one ride that train before it starts getting boring and old, not to mention unoriginal, as so many other celebrities go for that same look. Jennifer darkened her hair, darkened up her makeup and even darkened her soul, coming into the year 2017.

5 Back To The Dark Side By 2017

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In 2017, Jennifer stripped her hair of the platinum blonde and let it darken. For a girl who's been known for keeping her face fresh, her turn to heavier makeup took some getting used to. She kept her eye shadows dark and her eyeliner cat-like.

Jennifer also dropped some pounds last year that caved her cheeks in a bit more. It only added to her newly dramatized look.

Everyone was sad to see that she didn't attend the 2017 Oscar Awards, but it wasn't because her films weren't nominated. She was busy filming her soon to be released film, Red Sparrow, in Budapest. While she was in hiding filming, a bystander caught her emerging from her hotel and snapped a pic. When that photo leaked to the press, we barely recognized her.

4 A Return To Platinum, But This Time With Bangs

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Jennifer changed it all the way up in 2017 when filming Red Sparrow. She bleached her hair and had thick straight bangs cut in. She went almost a black with her eyebrows to contrast against her new hair and to add definition to her eyes. She stayed away from darker eyeshadows but held on to liner to keep a depth to her eyes.

Her fans hardly recognized her when this photo leaked, but they didn't get attached to the new look because, well, it's Jennifer. Things are going to be ever-evolving.

She dove into a look that we'd never seen her immerse herself in before, that same year, and there's a cool story behind it. We have to admit, this one is not one of our favorite Jennifer Lawrence looks, but you might beg to differ.

3 Her "Wet Look" For Mother! In 2017

via: usweekly.com

Jennifer worked on a film with her boyfriend at the time, Darron Aronofsky, called Mother!  She claims that she fell for Darron the moment he pitched her the film, but the two didn't make their relationship official until they were finished working on the movie.

"He was a professional, which only made it worse for me," said Jennifer to the Hollywood Reporter. She rocked waves in the film and hung on to them while promoting it. They were blown out in the movie, but she added a wet look to the curls in her public appearances. It was totally 80s-style.

She lightened up her eyebrows, kept her makeup natural and seemed to be obsessed with wearing floral patterns. It was a great summer look for Jennifer, which was when she rocked it. It might not have been her best look this far, but she's still a doll.

2 Jennifer's Look For 2018

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Jennifer is currently on break. She just finished filming X-Men: Dark Phoenix and after filming three movies back-to-back, is excited to exhale for a bit.

She wanted to go to the 2018 Golden Globes and even had tickets to a handful of after parties, but her side-kick, Emma Stone, totally ditched her. As a response, Jennifer posted a hilarious video of her face half done-up. When Emma called to tell her she'd rather stay indoors and chill, Jennifer sent her makeup artist home and left the house with half her makeup done to be funny.

Since she's on break, she's returned to her favorite look: golden blonde hair with air-dried waves and natural makeup. Can you guess what look might be her next? There have been so many! But let's take a stab at it.

1 Jennifer's Suspected "Next Looks"

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Jennifer has three films in the works: Bad Blood, a movie about a blood-testing biotech company that gets investigated by the federal government, It's What I Do, a photographer's life of love and war, and Zelda, a 1920s flick based on the life of Zelda Fitzgerald.

So there are a few looks we can assume. Bad Blood will bring out Jennifer's edgier side. Her hair will probably be dark and straight and her eye makeup intense. It's What I Do will bring out her sweet side. She'll probably have her hair golden and free-falling and keep her makeup natural. She'll surely have a platinum waved bob for Zelda and her makeup will be natural because of the decade she's portraying. We cannot wait for all of Jennifer Lawrence's new looks. Keep shining, girl. Keep surprising us!

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