Jennifer Aniston's 16 Hottest Moments On Friends, Ranked

Jennifer Aniston is hot. There is absolutely no doubt about it. Whether she's playing a stripper in We’re The Millers or an outrageously inappropriate dentist in Horrible Bosses, she’s just eye candy.

Jennifer Aniston is hot. There is absolutely no doubt about it. Whether she's playing a stripper in We’re The Millers or an outrageously inappropriate dentist in Horrible Bosses, she’s just eye candy. However, Aniston was hot years and years before she turned herself into a legitimate movie star. While starring on the hit show Friends, audiences all over the world were introduced to Jennifer Aniston through her portrayal of Rachel Green. Let us just say, Rachel Green was hot.

Of course, it was an NBC show in the ‘90s so there wasn’t much wiggle room in terms of gratuitous raciness. If you pop on Friends, you aren’t going to see a Sex and the City level bedroom scene. Rachel Green was no Samantha Jones. Still, Aniston didn’t need superbly steamy scenes to be hot. She was always hot, even when she was just rocking her Central Perk uniform. Actually, she was especially hot when she was rocking her Central Perk uniform.

We’ve put together Aniston’s hottest moment throughout the whooping 236 episodes of Friends. Whether she was dressing up as Princess Leia to fulfill Ross's fantasy or dressing up as cheerleader to seduce Joshua, Aniston always looked good while going it. Hell, Aniston looks good in the friggin’ Smartwater commercials. There’s no stopping her appeal. Below are the Jennifer Aniston’s 16 hottest scenes on Friends. Rachel Green lives on, guys!

9 That Time She Didn't Wear Any Underwear


This mint green dress has ‘90s written all over it. It’s not exceptionally fashionable now, but fashion aside, the dress still looks great on Aniston’s body. It hugs all the right places and has a high slit, showing off her amazing legs. The dress is only part of it, though.

In this episode, Ross had an important dinner to attend for work and no one was ready. The episode is actually called “The One Where No One’s Ready.” During the course of the silly sitcom antics, Joey puts all of Chandler’s clothes on his body then reveals he’s commando, aka not wearing any underwear. Eventually Joey puts on underwear and everyone else gets ready too, even Rachel who had fought with Ross earlier. When she walks out in her stunning green dress, Ross tells her she looks fantastic. Rachel then informs Ross that Joey isn’t the only one who is commando. Ross reacts like any guy would... y'know if someone, who looked like Jennifer Aniston, told him that she wasn’t wearing any panties under her sexy dress.

8 When She Only Wore Underwear


We're going from Aniston not wearing any underwear to only wearing underwear. For the record, Jennifer Aniston should probably only wear underwear all the time. If we had her body, we’d walk around in lingerie all day, every day. Of course, Jen doesn’t walk around in lingerie all the time, which is why this scene was so special.

Trying to seduce Joshua, Rachel lounges on his couch in her little teddy. To her horror, Joshua’s parents walk into the room for an impromptu meeting. Instead of telling them that she was trying to hook up with their son, she tells them that this is actually a style from Milan. As part of her job, she’s seeing how an American audience reacts to Milan’s newest trend. Because of her lie, she ends up wearing the lingerie to dinner and later tells Monica that her nipple popped out at the table. Whoopsies.


If you think Princess Leia is hot and Jennifer Aniston is hot, we bet Jennifer Aniston dressed as Princess Leia is right up your alley.

Most guys are into the Princess Leia fantasy, but self-proclaimed geeks really love the fantasy. While Ross often defends his passions, he also seems to be aware that he’s a total nerd. He works at a museum for cryin’ out loud. When Rachel asks him if she has any fantasies, he tells her that Princess Leia has always been one of his, because duh.

Ross is embarrassed to find out that Rachel told Phoebe about his Princess Leia fantasy, to which Rachel tells Ross that he should share with his friends more. Ross takes her advice and tries to share intimate details with Chandler, who reveals that he sometimes imagines his mother when he’s having sex. Yeah, we know. Totally weird. At the end of the episode, Rachel appears and she totally rocks the Princess Leia costume. The only problem is that Ross now imagines his mother’s face on Rachel’s body because of what Chandler had told him earlier in the episode.

7 The Runaway Bride


This is one of the oddest additions to the list, but Jennifer Aniston really does look hot when she runs into Central Perk, wearing a wedding gown and dripping wet. This particular runaway bride scene happens in the pilot episode and it’s how the audience meets Rachel Green. It’s also how many people met Jennifer Aniston, as she was basically an unknown before becoming Rachel Green. Before Friends, Jen had a few stints on unsuccessful television shows and a role in Leprechaun that she probably wishes everyone would forget about.

This scene begins with Ross talking to the gang about his lesbian ex-wife. When Joey tries to cheer him up, by telling him to date around, Ross insists that he just wants to be married again. At that moment, Rachel Green – wedding dress and all – enters Central Perk. The pair were totally meant to be from the first moment we met them. Of course, the actual wedding dress is seriously dated. Look at the head piece! However, she’s always had the same great face – even back in 1994.


There was clearly no dress code for Central Perk employees. Rachel Green wore whatever the hell she wanted to wear to work and, for that, we should all be thankful. She was basically the hottest café waitress ever, even if she got everyone’s orders wrong all the time.

Her typical uniform included a tee shirt, a short skirt, a festive apron and heeled booties. Her outfits were almost like a fetishized version of a waitress outfit, as real waitresses rarely spend their time in skirts and heels. Serving tables is hard work and typically, you wouldn't want to make it harder by wearing heels of any sort. Not Rachel Green, though. Rachel wanted to show off her legs, which we won't really complain about since Jennifer Aniston does have amazing legs.

Unfortunately for audiences, Rachel quit Central Perk during season three so she could pursue a career in fashion. Her waitressing outfits will always have a special place in our hearts.


Rachel Green was all about the lounge wear. She loved sweatshirts, raggedy tee shirts and plaid pajama pants. The thing about her pajama style is that Jennifer Aniston looked better in pajamas than we all look in our regular clothes. She even looked better than most of the other cast members, all while she was in some sloppy tee shirt and pajama pants.

It is honestly refreshing to see a fictional character in clothes that people actually wear. Instead of wearing $600 shoes just to go get a coffee, like Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City, Rachel Green would slob it up. If it was between looking chic and being comfortable, she always picked comfort. Of course, she still looked chic because that's just the power of Jennifer Aniston. None of us look as hot as Rachel Green did in pajamas and that's just something we have to live with.

6 As A Cheerleader


Jennifer Aniston in a cheerleading uniform is actually much hotter in theory than it is in practice. To woo Joshua, Rachel Green tries everything. She wears her lucky dress. She even convinces everyone to play spin the bottle, even though they aren't prepubescent kids at their first boy-girl party. Unfortunately, nothing works. This is clearly one of the most far-fetched things in the show because, when would someone who looks like Jennifer Aniston ever have trouble getting a guy? Uh, never.

At this point, Rachel puts on her cheerleading uniform, citing that it worked for her all through high school. Instead of working for her now though, it fails. It fails hard. When attempting a cartwheel, Rachel ends up giving herself a fat lip. Hey, at least she looked great in the uniform before the fat lip and all.

5 All The Times She Forgot To Wear A Bra


Apparently none of the women on Friends wore bras. Ever. There are countless scenes in which you can clearly see the actresses's nips through their shirts, which makes it seem they like going braless. More power to them, even though it seems a little out of character for both Monica and Rachel. Phoebe, on the other hand, would totally be braless a lot. Her character might not even own a bra. We get that one, but we just think Rachel and Monica would wear bras, especially under clothing that highlighted their forms.

Whatever the reasoning was for all the seemingly braless scenes, we don’t know. We do know that if you go back and watch Friends, you’ll totally notice that Jennifer Aniston rocks a tee shirt sans bra quite frequently. NBC may not do nudity, but apparently they do do nipples.


Rachel Green attempting to play football may be the most adorable things in the world. The outfit she’s wearing for the occasion looks like she opened her closet and thought, "Hm, what do people wear to play football?" She’s even rocking pigtails and a backwards baseball. The ‘90s were a time before yoga pants because an essential piece of clothing for any woman participating in a physical activity so she’s rocking sweatpants instead. We all know from Jennifer Aniston's real life that she looks great in yoga pants.

With how cute she looks, it’s almost hard to believe that she was picked last for teams. Yes, Monica, her best friend, and Ross, her boyfriend at the time, both picked other people before her. Did they not see the pigtails?! In the course of the game, Ross, who ended up with her on his team, doesn’t utilize her as a player and constantly tells her to just go long. Poor Rachel Green. At least she looks good while being cast aside.

4 Her '90s Style


If you look back on almost any show in the ‘90s, it looks so very dated. That’s because the style at the time is a dead giveaway. Between the denim vests, denim overalls, denim everything, and plaid everything, a ‘90s show sticks out like a sore thumb. However, Jennifer Aniston somehow managed to look hot while rocking these fashion trends. In fact, it really suited her. It’s quite possible that no one in the world looks better than Jennifer Aniston in a pair of denim overalls – mostly because no body really looks good in a pair of denim overalls but that’s besides the point.

Jennifer Aniston’s beauty somehow transcends the quirky fashion during the time of Friends, making her still look hot while rocking some truly interesting outfits. You could also put a brown paper bag on Jennifer Aniston and she'd look hot so there's that.

3 Specifically, This Schoolgirl Outfit


We may have mocked ‘90s fashion in the previous entry but this outfit is so good. Jennifer Aniston is rocking a turtleneck crop top, plaid miniskirt and knee socks. She was Britney Spears in “Baby One More Time” before Britney Sears was even a thing. Sure, the outfit is kind of goofy, considering the fact that Rachel Green was not a 16-year-old prep school student, but she looks so damn good that we don’t care.

This episode appears way back in season one before Ross and Rachel ever hook up. Ross was secretly in love with her (because duh – it’s Jen Aniston) so we’re thinking his character was probably about to pass out when he saw her prancing around in this. The outfit is so hot because it is not grossly revealing. Sure, she’s rocking a miniskirt but it’s high-rise. She’s also rocking a crop top but it’s a turtleneck. She’s showing the perfect amount of skin to entice you but not look too slutty.

This was probably the point in the series when the producers realized how hot Jennifer Aniston was. Like, why wasn’t her character dancing around naked all the time in the previous seasons? Well, we don’t know but we’re happy she finally did.

When Rachel realizes she’ll have the apartment to herself, Phoebe assumes that she’ll be walking around naked. Rachel is shocked by that assumption, as she hadn’t planned on doing such a thing. After Phoebe’s suggestion, Rachel tries out the whole embracing her birthday suit thing. At first she’s hesitant but then she sings and dances around the apartment in the nude, all while Ross is watching from across the street. This is actually a great lesson for viewers, too. Whenever you’re rocking your birthday suit, make sure your curtains are closed.


This may be one of the oddest moments that we included on this list but Jennifer Aniston looks amazing while eating cheesecake off the dirty hallway floor in her apartment building. Yes, we totally know it’s weird but look at her! While rocking low-cut jeans, Rachel gets on all fours to eat pies off the ground with Chandler. It's hot.

This episode (aptly named “The One with All the Cheesecakes”) appears in season 7. This was the point in which Jennifer Aniston started to really tone her body. She, of course, always had an amazing figure but you can really see the evolution of her body through the course of the series. When the series started, she was just 25 years old. A hot body is easy to maintain for a 20-something but gets harder as the years tick on. Jennifer Aniston has made staying in perfect shape look like the easiest thing in the world, even if she eats cheesecake off the ground.

2 When Rachel Crushed The Poker Game


Who doesn’t love a girl who can play some poker? In season one, the guys and girls play a game of poker in which the girls are not great. Phoebe even throws away a joker because she felt like it looked sad, which that is totally a Phoebe thing to do. The girls enlist help from someone who teaches them to play poker well and surprise the boys the next time they play together.

While all the girls are tough opponents, Monica and Phoebe eventually get eliminated, leaving Rachel to hold down the fort for the women. Hells yeah, Rach! It comes down to just her and Ross playing poker, she really wants to win and does – even though Ross totally folded his winning hand to just give it to her. Ah, Ross giving us all the feelings. Furthermore, Rachel looks amazing as always. Rocking a large button-down shirt, she’s doing the whole menswear thing. We have to say, when a hot girl wears men’s clothing, this oddly sexy.

1 When The Geek Gets The Girl


Ross and Rachel were the love story of Friends. Sure, Monica and Chandler gave them a run for their money but Ross loved Rachel since they were in high school. Of course, Rachel didn’t notice him back then because she was a hot, popular cheerleader and he was… well, Ross.

When they finally get together in season two, Rachel is at her hottest. It’s not just because Jennifer Aniston was 26 and beautiful. It’s also because the geek gets the girl. We assume that someone who looks like Jennifer Aniston could have her pick of men and yet, she picks the dorky dinosaur guy. The fact that someone who looks like Jennifer Aniston ends up with someone who doesn’t look like Brad Pitt makes us all feel like maybe, just maybe, we could get a girl like Jennifer Aniston. It’s a long shot but if Ross can do it, maybe we can too, right?


Jennifer Aniston’s hottest Rachel moment comes at the end of the series. It’s not just because she’s gorgeous and has a knock out body. That's always the package with Jennifer Aniston. It’s because of how her character changes.

Rachel Green grows immensely from the dependent girl in a wet wedding dress we meet in the pilot episode. Back then she depended on her father for money and would likely graduate to depending on her husband for money, had she married Barry like she planned. Instead, she runs away from that easy life to pursue her passion. She works her way up from horrible assistant jobs to an important position at Ralph Lauren. She even gets her own office and her own assistant and everything! She doesn’t depend on a man becomes a self-sufficient single mother. That is the hottest Jennifer Aniston moment in Friends.

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